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Former Celtic and current Knicks analyst Wally Szczerbiak on game 5

May 1, 2013|

Wally Szczerbiak joined the show and told the guys the series is not over quite yet and that he has a lot of respect for the Celtic players and Doc Rivers. Wally also said that he would have no problem playing with Carmelo Anthony even though he is a ball hog.

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I joining us on the AT&T outline AT&T forgy LT -- the post game on chemistry for the New York -- bunkers former Celtic Wally Szczerbiak the morning Wally how aria. Oregon -- are doing very well hit when you look at this version of the Boston celtics' Wally do you see -- overmatched aging tired basketball team or do you still see one that is a little bit dangerous. Have a lot of respect for the guys -- never -- played with a lot of home I played in the Doc Rivers show. You know I would never want to you know give -- KG and Paul Pierce and Doc Rivers -- great coach likes. And they came up with a big time victory in game or. And they're going to be ready to play game five Nixon didn't cover out very focused and play good brand of basketball elected not all series you know they're definitely dominated the series. But I got to do it on the defense then collective coverage on the abilities out there on the south that often. You know without a true point guard helping them get their spots especially in the second -- open to visit Dave and I gave. Well we use this analogy a couple of times to the 2004 Red Sox when Kevin Millar Kolb but cowboy up guy said when they Red Sox were down three games to none to the Yankees. Said don't let us win tonight's game just don't let us back into the series ultimately they won four straight in an historic comeback. Does do things change for game six in Boston does the psychology of this whole thing changed the Celtics somehow pull this out tonight. Of course you know on momentum the big thing in this seven game series and you just take one game at a time and each game takes a completely different identity. You know I haven't said that it's never been done in the NBA right now being down 30 so so -- definitely -- up against that. And that's the reason why the Knicks took a three game lead and almost up the stop them they look like the better team for the first. Regain especially in. You know almost were able to pull out another game of Boston's another series shifting to the garden by an you know each game -- totally different -- -- -- -- and you know so it's one tonight. You know that they have all the momentum coming back home hopefully they can you know play well in game six are. You know look look ahead of the players that are -- that coach you just pick one game at a time you know the Knicks have the advantage with the game being vulnerable -- -- -- going to be loud rock in rocking. And they got to have the mentality that hey we need to put the series the way help you going to give itself it's any more life in any more confident. That we did in game four and know you have a. Well in this in say it's a different game but it is the -- said the same promise him you you mentioned earlier I assume you seat to wall that they don't. Have a ball handler -- and get the ball over half court they don't. Have anyone it's the boards they don't they don't have any big man and they don't really have a small man. Other than that they're in great shape. There's yet there they you know they you know -- glaring in the first couple games not that bridge on Ron there. You know Paul -- -- -- little. Out of -- comfort zone haven't run the offense in the turnovers were pretty inexplicable and you know Avery Bradley. You know he's he's a great role player but he definitely not a go to that point guard -- really seen that the series. And Raymond Felton really gun at him and attack them. And played very well in the series overall so. You know they're gonna have to do more of the same if they want to close out match you know they gave itself a little bit allies in the fact that Jason Perry got -- And that -- that overtime. We paid for itself experience. You know carpet from wrong the other had a great year no I struggled a little bit this year so far in the Connecticut that swagger back so to speak and play well and get that confidence that they it was a good time so the experience so we've -- -- tournament. Tell us what has that happened for the Celtics to pull the upset -- specifically what do you think. Has that happened tonight that we haven't seen the last four -- they were lucky to win game four wall you know they scored thirty points in the second half and and a -- Carmelo was awful so I mean there really were lucky and and Jim Smith was out so that collect in game four they really do have to. Turned things around tonight but what do they have to do specifically. What specifically they have they have something they can draw on game one pitch you know Vick played well -- -- seven wood in the third quarter against the -- in the garden came through there up six stone and a half so they definitely have shown the ability to play with conviction especially in Madison Square Garden. They have to figure out there you know down the stretch of games when it comes to real you know crunch time in the defense wraps its. They'll find a way to put the ball in the basket and you know I've just been shocked at how you know KG hasn't been able get more shot attempts laden play with him for seven years and Minnesota and watching him play and played against the men when I was with Cleveland imposed a lot more aggressive I know the Knicks have very good defenders and Tyson Chandler and Kenyon Martin but you know seeing KG go five for seven. You know normally he's got a he's more he's got to be more aggressive especially playing upwards of 38. To forty minutes. You know you wanna see his shot -- and get a little bit higher. And I think they'll take the pressure off a lot of the other guy that's because. You know he should not percentages and I just have never seen him differ so much and we'll see if he gets a little bit more aggressive tonight but he needs to be back and I. That can take pressure off -- teammate and also maybe get the ball on the posts and created few double teams and get some easy shots first ten minutes especially down the stretch in. But you know ducks got a lot to -- are they played well in the garden you know at the end spurts they've just had really really bad drought. And they can minimize those routes you know he's -- it it feel like they have a chance. We're talking with Wally Szczerbiak who handles the MSG post game for the New York Knicks if you look at the first half stats -- vs the second half stats in all four of these games is remarkable. The Celtics are scoring sixteen points fewer in the second half than they did in the first. Off field goal percentage is down 18% in the second half vs the first. Three point percentage it's down 12%. And rebounds or just a little bit worst what does that say to you is -- a coaching adjustment is that an old team getting tired and can't sustain it for four quarters or something I'm not sitting. I think it's an old team getting tired and you look at the minutes -- the guys to play and then. You know the Celtics are very deep they'll go very deep in the their bench and you know KG and -- have a lot of miles on them and you know when he reports in the second half of 125. In the second -- about the -- its thirty -- that. Then in the second half of another game and those are pretty putrid numbers when it comes to offense in the second half the games so. -- set to have the mindset coming that they would wanna put the game away early yet but when it comes to. You know having to buckle down and get stops we know we have the ability to do it against the -- well pitched game and have to carry that through tonight. In the garden and just have that kind of killer instinct to put the more it. If your Doc Rivers and somebody told you you'll have the ability to shut one of these two guys down completely tonight who would you choose belted RJR Smith. Who -- good question I think Elton I mean I think Elton. When he played well also the next he is there real X-Factor is terrorist that has been really really good all year long. You know people -- inconsistent but he found a way to averaged eighteen court off the bench. You know he's been a consistent number two optional -- yet done -- You know mellowed in an -- line up here and there and there was able carried the team charity off and so you kind of know what you're gonna get added JR Carmelo. But Raymond Felton the way he can play him when you get that third -- at a guy. Playing well. That's in the next elevate when the levels so. That the Celtics -- they wanted to do one thing you impeached by the slowdown in. Tom JR Smith when JR Smith opened his mouth and provided some bulletin board material not that it matters of the Celtics Arabia a tired basketball team. He said and I've been in that previous game -- swept them and -- be playing golf Witten for our next series talk about Jason Terry he's a Jason who I don't know who that is. The teammates appreciate that when a team mate provides bulletin board material for the other team. It depends you know everyone -- there's you know -- -- -- and I've played it's one about my business he did my job but you know certain players certain things to motivate themselves and you know Jason Terry has been known to be. You know little little bit of an investigator and a little bit of a fire starter. You know he got there are going a little bit but there are that the guy you're not gonna back down. And you know that's how he handled business. Either or it's fun for us to debate and talk about that makes makes for great talk radio. But it's hard ball -- board material. Woolsey if it serves a purpose depending on how he plays tonight and the Celtics but it you know it all decided on the floor that's one thing about sports. Dalton they have earned -- leading up to. You know the game starts the games start and invest in what. -- you like to play or like to have played with Carmelo Anthony guy average -- 28 shots a game in this series 35 last game. To me it seems like he's a little I notes that tired old cliche just a little bit of a black hole or a ball hog. I went out I would just -- do I look I had the mentality of a scorer and I was more. And when you're teammates or what when the game -- in the right way I see you're down five down ten early. You know at the go to guy in the guys who knows the capsule he ultimately you put everything on his shoulders he's a better take over the it would trigger out a way to get back into. And what the beauty about the Knicks this year -- Carmelo has been surrounded with. You know a lot of good players which has helped him. You know do his job and score the basketball but the other guys know -- also contribute and help the team win. With a dominant scorer -- being you know that their. -- mentality -- -- Jason Kidd Raymond Felton and even JR Smith you know and Aerosmith comes then you know look I'm time mellow about it might just shoot. That nose job the kind of you know you don't just get it wrapped in the one -- comes back when no one in the offense -- Melo we know what we're getting from them. That's his game either dominance or did you look at the positive you don't look at the fact that. You know -- don't like to get himself into a rhythm and you know is a little bit of volume shooter because when he does get a college you have the ability to carry teams that are. A ball when you retired at one. I like that volume shooters is your word for ball hog and I like that it worked take a web but only this when you come out of a timeout. Would you rather have a play Ronnie play as opposed to just an isolation two year. The volume shooter. Now I mean into the NBA is about our situation you could go either you can give the ball in the fourth quarter. And he can their guard down and say I'm scoring or drawing a double in get -- wide -- -- for McCain. And you know that's the Carmelo Anthony can do and he's helped the Knicks win a lot this year and help the Knicks get to really lofty level -- anytime you know the Celtics play good defense in the first couple games -- the garden. And Carmelo Anthony Hewitt against the shot clock with five seconds left that one dribble pull up with five guys look at -- and knocked down right in the guise side. But very demoralizing would be for him in the NBA in the playoffs you need a guy who can make shots like that. And he has the ability to and he's not gonna -- last game he shot awful. And he didn't make shots that normally he mentioned that happens every superstar had bad games. But if pundit in me and I want him to continue to play aggressively could raise an MVP candidate for leading scorer in the league and you know off figure out a way to score often and do the little things in order to help the team win and that's worked for a while yeah. You think there are contender that the next. Absolutely and if you watched him play that he I mean they have to eat chicken in their boots in the meeting that they played against them. You know I've seen the team that spread to eat out and had them confused. On the defensive end of the floor of the -- or Amare Stoudemire was walked into the lane getting dunks you know the Knicks were knocking down trees right -- left. -- on the next play at a different brand of basketball you know they're not afraid to go small. -- not afraid to go unconventional. And they confuse -- defensively as far as their normal B -- accomplished. So if anything can knock -- I eat I think the -- -- on the way they play them in the regular season that are capable. It -- final question the Celtics are one loss away from joining that other storied franchise the Lakers on the sidelines for the summer. Which is further away from getting back to where they wanna beat the Lakers -- the Celtics. Aren't a good question. I guess it depends on what to do -- Dwight Howard for starters I suppose. Yeah. That's the great question. North Rondell coming back in I think pierce and KG still a little bit Latin you know I think that the Lakers are a lot and you see what they played like. You know whatever when healthy down the stretch in order to get in the playoffs -- it they can retool that team. Get Steve -- helping next year. You know maybe get Kobe back midway through the season that can be a very formidable dominant teams I would say the Lakers if they keep all the pieces together. You know I'm a little bit an opportunity -- Good stuff Wally Szczerbiak we appreciate the time enjoy the game tonight talking down the road. What Szczerbiak -- Callahan he from the MSG network just post game for the New York Knicks joining us on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LT he.

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