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Jerry Remy on the red hot David Ortiz

May 1, 2013|

Jerry Remy joined the program to discuss the latest news on the Sox. Jerry said that in all his years around baseball he has never seen a player come back as quickly and effectively as David Ortiz has to start the season.

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Are we -- conversation. With Jeremy is brought -- you by Lexus of Watertown new England's number one volume Lexus dealership online at Lexus of watered down dot com and -- Newton Wellesley hospital and as always the red dog joins us. The AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE good morning Gerri how -- It started going to run very very well if you told me Lester was gonna pitch the score seven runs let's say nine out of ten times they win that ball game. Yes exactly writing in Egypt and have good stuff last night it's one of the few times this year that you could tell right in the beginning. That he just wasn't shop you know and I think the thing that was missing mostly. From the hospital last night was the cut about volume which is you know obviously -- best pitch. And he didn't have control that all might they weren't chasing it you know down his -- -- That limited to a just a few other pitchers that could -- so it was a struggle forum all night long but in -- excellent chance to win again into the score a lot of runs but. It was one of those outings such you know you know you BM had so far this season happened -- last night and I could play -- that they have a different lineup a bit and they did the first time. Because they got Batista read Danielle -- and as for the much better up as a -- ballclub. -- based on what you just said about Jon Lester I think I know the answer this question which pitching performance was more disappoint you Jon Lester -- -- solace. Both dissolve because he he he -- the spot I mean they would try to stay away from it cannot you know and he's a dead pull it like the -- middle and and they had everything away from him and added -- and finally the -- one -- go over the plate and -- an -- and jump all over who's been really hot. Over the last 567 games and when you do that to a guy that's been -- you know that the kind of Polly's got. That that's that's you know a recipe for disaster and that's exactly what happened. In that at bat last night they were trying to go away from him that was set up away but the ball league back for the bill will play than us deal -- and that was pretty much the end of the ballgame. I Rem dog found Bailey continues to close effectively close well can we'll hammer him. Remain in the eighth inning and -- he be good -- it really be happy and that role. Well I I don't think either they think that right now if they have the lead. That they have believe right now it's going to be it is power and you -- our gore and -- you know leading up to Bailey. They went and got a humorous situations last night when there might be down a run down two runs. Until they get his feet on the ground I think he's a long way from becoming the closer right now I think. You know Bailey as long as he continues to pitch well will be the closer look and Hanrahan and have to prove that he can you know get back on the right track. He's been erratic you know since joining the Red Sox with this fastball he can't control -- fastball and use. You've fallen behind in counts and not able the use what is his best pitch. His slider. And you know his slider is put away -- but the fact is inevitably get to that point. So you know he's got a lot of work to do before he becomes you know back in the mix in games and right on the line in games that are you know when they got the lead. And you know talking about yesterday that probably plan to get him. Straightened out before they you know jump into the and into a place where they can put him in in the eighth inning and become that eighth inning guy appointed Bailey. You know Jerry asked middle Brooks was pretty good against. Against the Astros against five or six it's -- -- I look at them though now and I begin to be good player but his career. He's walked seventeen times -- hundred Q strikeouts and three and 65 at bats thirty strikeouts this year. In 94 Apache look at him in the walk number walk strike our numbers -- -- that some pause you look at him longterm -- something it's been sort of apple with experience. Well hopefully the experience you know he's -- he would have been the kind of guy that's been pretty much -- -- -- -- that he came up -- And we came up last year we saw a lot of it is middle and which uses you know sweet spot. And what they've done one this year they're throwing him a lot of pitches away. And he's not been driving the ball but the opposite -- a little bit a few occasions where he has. But for the most part that bothered -- getting him out and then you know once they set up outside set up outside the consistently thinking that way as -- head up. You know that they budget inside you're not ready for and that's been part of his problem. There have been times where he's gone through a stretch it to a three days -- looks like he's back on target in -- -- -- -- back the other way but he's not a very patient get a and you know those numbers bear it out and you know found our little side -- the guys when -- He's either he's appalled head above you yet attempted to change that pitches. And then and that goes along with you know not getting hit I mean eat frustrated. You're angry that you're not you're not producing the way that you should produce. -- and you have a tendency at times to expand the strike zone. And you know that's something he's gonna happen with maturity and and and more you know experience of the big league level realize that. You know you can't come up here and swing -- -- that a lot of us like going to be successful -- You know they've they've -- out of other out of pitching him now he's got to make an adjustment back. The figured out how can I handle list how to handle these pages the way. Inside driving the ball the other way -- that of those fly balls up the right field. And that's company continues to work on -- it was a very out work but he species continue to do that. The good thing about it yeah and take this on the field with a minute played -- better defense. That he played last year -- Boston I think he's made some big improvements. And big strides that way but I mean we -- You know he's gonna have a Shiller home runs and he's -- -- he'll make that adjustment I'm sure are and you know you've got a pretty good third -- from there but you know he's -- fighting himself right now. A jury and all your years of watching baseball playing baseball have you ever seen a guy come back for -- serious injury as David Ortiz has effectively. Never I've never -- like this in my life I mean there's this guy goes basically with but -- spring training did not play when apple last year. -- -- with a minor leagues and has eighteen at bats incumbents in swing and about as good of others in swing it I mean he's done everything. He is just amazing the wasteland and about right now and in the great thing about it is. You know he -- being made the adjustment a couple of years ago abuse in the opposite it would just talking about middle Brooks. And you know any time he goes into a little bit of a dip. You know he finds left field he'll take that fastball away and instead try to pull it and pull it -- -- -- He'll drive when the other way and this has been remarkable to watch him. You know hitting all over the ballpark. And if you would be wanted a home run he can hit home runs like he did last night. I mean it's been it's been I've never seen a guy with so few at -- coming into this season and has let me minor league at bat eighteen of them. And describe the big leagues and -- about the way he hasn't. You just feel every time -- give up there's got to put good solid contact on the ball last night. Was a great example he had a fastball that he he could have crushed -- bobbled off Willie got another fastball that about eight to get -- -- -- home -- so you mean. You know all we want but don't -- -- twice in the it was it was. And he doesn't look like he's in good shape if he doesn't look it look that more memories looks a little. Heavy but he sworn in the back -- -- is -- -- -- -- probably little that allowed you the way he is right now but all that time off you know and because of the type of injury that. There's very little you can do -- mean EEE it's it's -- to work out when you got problems with your feet yeah. You know and and I think that that's part of the problem but I they get the plays more you know in the in the interview from back into -- The kind of shape that he was in last year but I don't get -- as way as monkeys play in the back. Any day now Rem dog he's gonna demand the contract extension just be ready to -- that it's come they do you think all all everything considered Saltalamacchia is better than Ross I mean clearly better. Well I I think they're pretty even you know by I mean what will we see from Ross has been pretty impressive. And you know for a guy who would not be an everyday catcher in command in the you know like the last in the -- up more home runs -- -- in the game. He does a nice job behind the plate that he -- in total control behind the plate he throws very well at second base and about a fact that -- -- the next two games in a row. You know he's he's he's a veteran guy that knows what he's doing one and he's got a lot of power I mean he's he's as strong as anybody. And you know the problem is getting him enough back right now and you know they've consult -- you obviously as the number one catcher. And and Ross as the back -- but bit bit hasn't been at all. That to put him in the lineup he looks like he handled the pitches that very well so. I think we're gonna see him for the next tonight the thought that's what he said last night. And you know they -- -- going tonight he'll definitely be in the lineup tonight against left in the. On these Saltalamacchia pick off attempt that went into right field he after the game said his elbow hit the umpires mask should that have been a dead. Ball play at that point. The actual event that ball you know we -- Farrell talked to the the armed by between innings. Nobody can out argue during the play and so what I thought well why wasn't quite sure we just talking about it and we ran some replays. And there was no clear evidence you know that that happened. And but there had to be some reason for the bad brought -- it was just so far -- are right. And so if there was contact with the umpire than it should have been a dead ball and everybody returns with a bases. Should not have been Saltalamacchia is obligation to say something at that point if you thought I don't. I don't play that's why it's kind of surprised me that you know nobody came out right Tuesday evening at that point maybe -- now. And you know we lacked in the dugout that the real I think was the guy that -- it. You might start on a television replay you know while the visiting feet. It came back out of the dugout to tell Farrell and and and I think that's when without. Between in his talk with the umpire but at the time I -- sure exactly what they're talking about it had nothing to do a pitching we knew that. And then -- we look that I -- replays and it was nothing close there about you know him he's hitting the umpires so. Compliment element that in the a look at it when we get back to the ballpark supplemental. Big victory -- winds up on the ideal. Who's got -- during -- I got a feeling he does -- he's made improvement allies you know I don't know how would work out -- yesterday. They said that he went into the batting -- and took some swings at some growing. I know they really don't wanna play -- -- Arafat here in the in in in Toronto. And the big thing is you wanna make sure it's on purpose and lit up you know you don't need 95% and 90% right now. Mean you don't want this to be a lingering problem throughout the season so it would surprise me at all let you millions upon ideally -- halfway through it now right. So the fact is that they've put him on the DL it's only going to be for about to a six days and so. And are hoping that gives him the time to get it back to where it should be because. You know back problems can be can be lingering and that's something you you don't need him you know to -- in and out of the lineup with -- kind of probably along -- You know you read a good spot right now you were in first place in my out of we'll get a big -- of the -- away. And you know not worry about it for the rest via. So it's Buchholz and early tonight at sort of the tortoise in the hairs and a -- -- my hunt. Douglas gave up a little bit slow our journal opted out of three allegation that it could let that be good -- our doctor Donald wrote -- Migrate our conversation -- Jeremy brought to you by -- Watertown new -- number one volume Lexus dealership online at Lexus of watered down dot com and Newton. Wellesley hospital -- is on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE we should point out the beginning tonight. Every game of the Eastern Conference quarterfinals. Will be live on -- joined dale and -- and gore tonight at six for a full series preview before the puck drops on the Bruins and -- at the garden the Bruins on NASA and you can find the Sox jays game on NASA and plus channels -- your -- and plus channel at NASA dot com slash -- and us.

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