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Salk and Holley's Miked Up - 04/30/13

Apr 30, 2013|

We tend to focus on the negative, screw that, the Sox in FIRST

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And you won't -- that god I. Analysts negativity that's in this town sucks it's my job yeah. -- -- -- -- Dial 6177793535. And they sitting room and now my job away from the government being allowed to rephrase -- maybe don't really -- us we solve -- holly yeah. And Mike -- brought you by AT&T WEEI alive available on your iPhone or android device brought you by AT&T they've set up a text to donate line. To benefit the victims of the Boston Marathon bombing text the word Boston. 80108. Donate ten dollars to one on Boston message Gatorade may apply full terms and am give dot org slash T. One fund Boston is really doing great saw a story on it. Earlier today. Just keep giving keep giving him and the numbers are the numbers are good the numbers are strong. I can't hesitate to give the number because. I don't want anybody to think oh. We're that's that's plenty of money out -- need to give anything yet she you do need to get there a lot of people individuals and businesses. That need help. But I'm just really proud that. One fund -- doing so any. Did you guys contribute things like into an all the the vocal but he introduction so forth about the same guy is it. -- We're gonna have you know he should he should give himself for the introduction my. And in concert. Like on the drums. -- America here on the basis. You should give himself a shout out to shed introduce yourself to Cutler do that's what did you people know his name. Now okay they just knew his voice the people. But people are asking now they're asking Hui who wish to -- to we want to go ahead and give yourself -- -- -- some very good that we need to write that foremost is that the only thing about big boys are now just about how to write whatever he says we can't just about starts things this disembodied voice. May have a little bit of a -- if that's possible. By now as a straight man I'd love it. I can shed any light despite -- people that. Understand. My guess -- you don't have to understand. It's happened with that in just. It was a funny that was to -- okay. All right so how different slot is topic editing table bring any thing goes they are here we can't any submissions yet through the through the app. That's frustrating to go right. Touch it is there were waiting on the -- -- almost put on iPhone that works right. Believes if you go to the the new download the new WEEI -- on the iPhone -- on the android. You can record the second message there -- senators you don't have any of the alignment static sound that you would get the phone line is they're doing that sent him in emails right to -- You can put right into my ten seconds companies any of the 102 Matsuzaka and -- how's -- being added that's right well that's better nothing should be wanted to attack that. Nothing well. -- -- What I really love about people who fight the Bible to support there are ways of marginalized and other people never -- to remember that little -- -- -- got a lot less. Yes that doesn't predict what their belief system. -- -- More serious. -- -- thoughtful but yet yet another thing peace there. What -- -- you are right about been well guys were talking about it's about them. I -- it back. Up but that's -- my final. And it took me a month you know that is those that to board Tony gradual now aren't -- where I got offended and they -- when I called him buddy Buddy Holly don't call me body. -- -- that grudge forever. If you don't see how -- do I you're glad you people. I heard an important role as being given what you live that I let me and I -- more pro growth going forward please. And after only today. Was that owned discount -- scolded you a little bit didn't get the full. -- a car experience what that that's been ranting and ravens coming out of college away the next couple weeks I'll be looking for they'll be a B a B. Up all night waiting for that every night. Probably. People and I. Not -- probable that a related. If it's how it is. -- Those disorders related Oscars I guess that's a joke you could always used to could always go back to that feeling in the history. Always -- all -- -- guys crack me up bad but it was still. And even -- can be able to death. They brought the data will die and then he had that in Europe. -- -- a lot of rock. Could be a great. It. And -- was very upset attention -- -- like you've got to reducing may have to come up with a Curt Schilling Rhode Island song or something. We can do their songs about Rhode Island. There's got to be literally saw out of there Massachusetts and as -- Saunders got an island is series -- -- the better question is -- state. That doesn't have a song. There's got to be a song about everything. I don't know I've never heard -- road and it's got to be in Nevada saw Bryant. I'm in this -- songs about Las Vegas. In the last -- in Las Vegas the Las Vegas Rhode Island states is tolled road not the state saw it's close -- Rhode Island. And its for me. I'm talking about and -- pop culture. Like I can't talk there's a top forty Rhode Island -- -- your pastor once upon a time somebody can come up with a and you can text but you Wyoming in Delaware. In Louisiana Louisiana we know it pundits on every state has its. It government dorks like Rhode Island there -- Providence is that -- a song like about France and somebody dead as a follow what the follow up to Georgia in my mind was the Rhode Island Obama event. This credit. He was told -- a moment. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But. All but although it was walls they've got the gold robe and everything you've got to work right don't quite see that. But what was that you hear the whole last week she like every day. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You were much more. -- relax you're much more relaxed the past week I'm Alina good guys did notice that in the difference. Don't ask them now question what was frustrating so that's right they're just funny is I would actually argue that. Canisters to suggest otherwise a lot less a -- More relaxed relax -- So they'll lose five that is that we can't let me. Paul Pierce walked because you think about that. We got this far without -- though that the airport -- -- with this might be attributed to again -- -- These people are -- The people that work after 7 o'clock state. Most people were after some problems in Basra -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You had me -- you have your -- -- On the side guard have been taught at all -- -- dot. -- what I've heard. But all of Bob -- -- that's not sure I am. I've heard Bob I thought that they won't play. But throughout those. Are probably not what -- what the problems -- probably brought. I. -- -- And he did that that direct before right but it was a July 1 the first time he -- more than a different day wasn't may first -- and I changes -- -- -- over wasn't may first. Are we get to meet frank last week currently tied it yet you did that was that was fun I'll say this for frank. He's got that ugly yankees jammies disgusting that it -- jacket but he did put mark Richards name on this critical. The Eagles wasted time she came from Providence. Yeah right illegals and a little bit and I song I don't know wasted time wasted time. I did -- stand on a corner Tucson Arizona just to do it but I I don't know that. They. They -- Burton went. They are the best -- in baseball right now. The problem -- that they are probably always elevated up there Floyd what a welcome thing as a setback in 2000 more. Yeah he's got up yeah you got up and what happened yankees. Let's are here now and there are a lot of ball. And no one else. I don't -- every. Game. They way they went great report. Bomb -- but they're so birth weight and right now I'm Mormon states ball otherwise -- think we're our disappointment from the crowd. And some other things. I've -- about probably. -- last resort. A lot of reports yes I out of four I got -- a song that everybody here knows and didn't via text -- can't take credit art I've got. I've got the answer for you right there what is. Rock and roll band by Boston you know the song we have. The third verse. Play in for a week in Rhode Island a man came to the stage one thank. Mary how he smoked a big cigar drove a Cadillac are instead boys I think it's been so you're not writing music and lives. You have some -- A -- every state in the country. Now if I -- -- has -- about it every state until he was there again to. We do we jewels. So. I'm accents that lets users deal. I don't I don't commercial. Trevor. Trevor that would but what can only because well. What are we supposed to do what they expect that and it kept her heart. Heavy weight they had ever. And there have -- -- what you want but you're. California our panel -- the boy after our. So that is my parent I hate seeing that the official wireless provider of the Boston Bruins at most four G coverage. In New England does Tucson I was in that was -- its stand on a corner in Winslow Arizona. You know you talk about music is such an -- site is easy it's a girl my lord and a flatbed Ford slow down take a look at its own. Genes take it easy I don't know there's that commercial Wrangler commercial ticket -- some news. You would never -- Wrangler. Say that our culture our. Apparently harassment live in Connecticut that's a song or is it just tell you. -- Hold -- have to do that my whole freestyle what we rated doing to the question -- on -- think about now and he got a question in the meantime Texas 3793 sevenths alcoholic Emilia.

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