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Steve Simmons of the Toronto Sun with Salk and Holley

Apr 30, 2013|

We talk Sox and Jays AND Bruins and Leafs with Toronto Sun columnist Steve Simmons.

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You know that's the pride of Toronto right there forget the Maple Leafs. Forget this pink and blue jays who stayed by the way -- risky Simmons on here to -- from the Toronto SARS is crossing the border which -- don't take awhile. Her -- it but. The leafs anyway shouldn't be believes to be that leaves port to the Maple Leafs that a Canadian thing. I'd jingoistic this week Michael I will -- -- if I have to -- On a week with a Red Sox play the blue jays and the Bruins play -- the leafs or believes. The Maple Leafs. Just sit in just the -- makes sense right. A great logo -- dumping. Well now they don't like -- logo think. That's why they had the white on white cupcake are trying charter you don't have I am or I'm arousing some doctors tried to you don't have any hatred now and that's that's what's that's what's so interesting there's no hatred for the Toronto Maple Leafs. The least there's no hatred for the Toronto Blue Jays. The blue jays ever do -- you what the blue Dave -- take from you. One would Roger Clemens went with the play for Toronto. You didn't hate Toronto yeah dead cat they had that time had that ten nothing game in the eighty eater so 1990 -- was in the Red Sox are up enough bang but with a ten run lead against the blue jays Marty Barrett got -- never played again. That was -- I hate them for that Richard and yet you know I hate them Michael I ain't trying to really. It's not working I'm -- able to pull it off no way for Toronto I don't and is it any more believable than they hate it Steve Simmons and they have up there for John Farrell is that didn't seem believable to me either. No I think they really ought to -- they felt that that was that was real. And maybe. Maybe it wasn't. John Ferrell. You know just John Ferrell a vacuum it was John Ferrell wanting to leave Toronto to go back to Boston in the American League east. So I just didn't like it one I'm. But that it -- and wanted to go back to Boston in and laugh at them. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's just the irritation. That other teams especially in the AL east feel. When Red Sox or yankees fans take over their home ballpark and start chanting let's go Red Sox -- let's go yankees some longer is that all is it just based on the app. And I get some of that I certainly witnessed it in Seattle were people on in the the hatred for Boston sports is culpable. Mean I hate Boston sports. In a way that they don't need anything else even more than New York where they hate the Boston Red Sox that because they felt. As of all these fans kind of showed up right after 2007. And they were bandwagon jumper I don't regional Red Sox probably I don't know another round. Iran well no I'm Mary -- are you surprised. And -- people would come people who would have read is Rashid and the whole life. All of a sudden became Red Sox fans after they want -- -- like cowboys fans around the country are Steelers fans they just. Big join me and -- -- -- what they've always played well on the road and that played well on the road but we're always patty good good crowd which I went beyond that is -- -- people who never been to Boston in their life. It happened I mean I watch the phenomenon. People who would never been to Boston their life that never identified with the Red Sox decided it was the cool thing to deal until they jumped aboard the band was to hit about that. Wolf for -- nothing but for people in Seattle. Or in San Diego forever -- it was infuriating. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We're coming down through the lead suspect. It's very expensive to live from Toronto to bought into our prosperity carpet -- flying from ball about it bought. All right we'll let the -- ball that's how we know you work for newspaper Toronto star Steve Simmons of the Toronto star on his way here to Boston. But let's talk some John Farrell Steve we'll start there because I know you've been impassioned about them and and and talked about how much. He's just like the diocese are sentiments on skis. I know you've talked about how how how problematic he wasn't Toronto what is been the reaction to the Red Sox pop -- Well I think there's almost been no reaction because people that the ground be so much about the blue jays start. There is that -- the other political shock and there's a little bit of although the thought of all the terrible big -- that happened -- -- blue -- -- him. But the GA distinct and -- bought it to be running away with the heat with John -- you know looking like super manager. You couldn't you couldn't make a list of big -- possibly go wrong that they've done so far. Or do you blame a man who do you blame for Toronto now before it really easy target you did it well you know he called out -- you weren't impressed but. Now that the blue jays are and then in the basement who's to blame. This is this is I'm one of those monumental collapse beings. You know everybody. Everybody is it wrong here. Of their pitching badly this starting pitching is in good. The -- hitting has been terrible other than -- solo home run. And -- defensively the team has been able. You know if you look back at last year's team without all these new guys. You know maybe we should have a new appreciation for John -- -- baseball bat and then they played so far under John Gibbons that would all the expense of doubt. Well maybe they -- play better if they still have Farrell. Well I mean it just boy who knows what the answer is. All it you could not Arabic and I'll make anyone's got a governor. Well I don't know whether -- -- of the Bruins fans saw what happened to their team over the last month or so coming either mean that. The beginning of the season what's so great for the Bruins and for the last month or sell. They've been lousy go into five and two in their last nine games of the season. Meanwhile beliefs and we got to ask you why their beliefs and not the leaves we'll get to that. Believe supports a pretty good hockey recently what is changed. Well actually both team traders try to -- Source code is -- going to be up whoever gets going deeper. But you look at the Bruins and they just don't look like Stanley Cup champion -- two years ago they look like. So our -- that they can't portable. Not scaring anybody you know mile route should like -- set up in the balloon. In and something happened there. I'm not exactly sure what happened to about eighteen but -- -- out to be going in the wrong direction. The people most of the year played pretty well for what they are. -- and they're still sort of you know they're they're barely a playoff team and they're gonna. Probably have to work awfully hard you do compete and and and do well in this series. But yet I I get it and that they've got shot because frankly the -- are you right now. So you are you got to pick the -- to win the series that your prediction. I'm not picking the -- do well I'm picking Boston to win but I think it's I think it's doable. I'm not convinced Vick you do it but I think there's good opportunity here because this team that looks ripe for the picking. Think about Claude -- up there. What do you think about -- Julianne what's the what are the epidemic Toronto got an opinion on everything and hockey what they think about -- Julian. I think he's an exceptional coach. I think he got -- a great job with that franchise for the most part. Or what happens to a lot of keys you'll win that Stanley Cup. And when you win everybody on your roster is playing a level together competing in an idiot. It -- kind of a magical time work every -- and everything comes together. And then the hard part comes afterward what do you do off or an -- is nine years in a row. Somebody won -- Stanley Cup and then not -- I don't want the next year. It's been nine different winners over nine years very hard to win their stroke. They know their Artest will be in sports to wait I believe that to be true. It it takes so much coming together together at the right time. -- you do it hard to get back about horse and do it again I think what we got some ball in the back on top of a short season. Is -- they thought that. You know that intensity that special thing that made them so difficult to play again. We'll see we appreciated. Continued good luck on your trip we're glad you cross the border safely and I enjoyed Boston for a few days and back to Toronto thanks. We get our restaurant notebook or -- or out getting Lapierre. All what are you looking forward kind of food are you looking forward. -- he created a little earlier downtown. Lines north and north and I just want to place went to the north and on Saturday night as a matter fact when debris we've been there you are right -- -- -- cents upstairs was -- How's that. What do you like Michael. Nine if you go to the north then you can't lose if you go if you just go to north then. Just -- you walk down Hanover street in Salem just walk around north street all around the north then. When Italian food you'll you'll you'll smell plates and place down just a place builds great go there. An expensive. And it -- expensive especially since you drove into my bro I gotta get them Dexter income what do you need -- time for you to go to the foresee what's the restaurant the four seasons ago there was that we should we. -- at least at about 300 dollars a person as you drove and I don't add onto -- ground or he can't get away with that not even at that -- that are atmosphere thanks -- They are immense -- Simmons. Of the Toronto signed a lot of taxes as is are things sounds like force capital outcome that -- -- is all forms. Just a little bit. It was a little Forrest Gump with with. Canadian. Born there. -- -- on Tony and get back to the front Tony and accidentally back to the Red Sox in fifteen minutes and whether or not they are truly the best team in baseball not just right now but in general. But I ask you about your guy like I ask you about your guy next -- alcoholic WB.

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