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There's no question, the Bruins SHOULD beat Toronto in Round One of the playoffs

Apr 30, 2013|

We talk some pucks as the Bruins prepare to fight the Maple Leafs in a 7 game showdown. The Bruins are the better team, and anything less than a win in this series would be considered a let-down.

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Love this text messaging TT Tex lines some people just wanna hate the Red Sox 'cause the last couple years on this team plays an -- the opposite of the last -- So fans wanna still be miserable additional bat fourth -- I'm enjoying this team even if it is April 30 two good attitude to have is -- more fun to enjoy your team than to beat. Curious happened. It's one thing when they're playing badly by all means express your anger I'll be right there with the -- lead the charge but. Why would you be angry when your team -- playing well and playing Smart and plain fun why would you be angry about. -- aggressively to run and a bases aggressively 860 techsters says. It the long as sort of -- injuries injuries is the reason this text to believe that the Red Sox were falloff. If they have a couple of injuries they don't appear to be as deep. As the rays. Are Orioles are not right now the Yankees -- to say the Yankees given credit for their depth. They're hanging around. Have you -- hate the Yankees and say it's only eat there and they're -- or three years -- it's only eight. They'll say I still don't know they're pitching -- the long love what the what's happened with some of the injuries in the old guys on that team and when I look at the Yankees their specific reasons why don't trust it. With the Red Sox C a new team that's been put together and I think -- I think also at the Yankees when you talk about you know getting some of these guys back to got one guy. Who was not coming back Martinez Alex -- has not -- back coming back agreed. And then you look at Derek Jeter. Consummate pro. -- you could be the Red Sox loyalists and still have a lot of respect. Offer for Derek Jeter. One is so -- you wanna give him credit and you appreciate his career and his leadership and -- those qualities that he has. But that but the fact is an aging player like that with an injury. That with the injury that he has is no guarantee even though he says I'll be back after the all star break maybe he doesn't come back either. So they have depth right now on their depth is allowing -- hang around but let's say they get granderson back. And if they get big they get granderson back and Teixeira but they don't give back Iran nickel and they don't give Derek Jeter what does that do. They should be better but at the same time I don't know me and it again it goes. Older guys and and you start seeing some of the injuries pile up I don't know that they're just gonna go away when those guys come back. It seemed and again I'm I'm trying to extrapolate into the future so we don't know just trying to predict where I could see more injuries as those guys comeback -- -- -- taking over like this text as well so all you stole. You stole that -- is able line from the program and just look at as Euro. If I was gonna steal stuff from the program which I'm known to do what would you steal I would steal their simply starting defense. Pleased at that table. Starting defense. -- All that's the best in the movie enough and school Latimer is one of the greatest forces. Everett -- -- -- steal something from program via FI we're gonna steal something from -- -- so what you're saying if you steal that that was to celebrities came up it's joked it was evil in the program at the signs. -- I would steal starting defense plays that they Latimer the past and say to me and I thought it was a good turn of phrase on your part right there on the run. I'm sure -- -- -- book tour. Down before the program I don't think the writers of the program were such great geniuses and they are the first whoever put in an -- together and sentenced parts of these cupcakes. Delivered to us here at their studio there from one NHL network CNBC. Exports and an NBC network okay. They are -- cupcakes. And it Stanley Cup cakes and stole somebody and Phil from amazing and they have they have one for each of the of the teams -- The Bruins. Have a solid Vanilla cake with chocolate frosting and -- -- okay after the Bruins. The Maple Leafs have a Vanilla cupcake. With Vanilla frosting. And white -- Which argument -- sprinkles so this is terrible. There's no way. Eighteen that is going all -- could possibly beat the Bruins. Which is half -- half combo is halfway to being great if they were talking target on chocolate that I would feel better about the -- we're talking cupcakes. Talk about cupcakes here. Is there anything about this this series. That that frightens you that concerns with them with the Maple Leafs still thinking about these -- one know if -- -- -- -- and I -- -- you like of Manila on Vanilla while maverick optic. Regular cup you've done in this that you -- to happen in the yesterday with a cup -- that I got. Now -- got these Tokyo when it the Bruins -- second quote -- and just how important series is for him to what you try to -- you think the Maple Leafs are kept it a while little -- if they're gonna go Vanilla on Vanilla with white light sprinkles on top suite. -- -- One problem that I mean maybe the Bruins are chocolate on chocolate -- -- -- to about motivating to organize and motivate the Bruins as the perfect first round opponent for the Bruins the Toronto Maple -- They hate. Mean these hate -- The bottom yeah Jeremy Jacobs hate so castle. Him really hate them. Sure rally hates them the equipment guys hit the ice girls hate Phil -- they all hate Phil Kessel if you wanna motivated team. This is what you do you bring in the Toronto Maple Leafs and you say go get them for one. Watched now right everything everything you've been complaining about from the Bruins and they don't like you know hit somebody with him in Milan Lucic had somebody go out there -- -- It's hard. You'll see it against this team there are two teams that they match up with brilliantly. One of them is -- is the law senators. And the other one -- Toronto and the that great records. Against the Ottawa Senators now of course those two losses came in the last two games they played against those teams because the -- Bruins have been to -- For the last month and a half and even worse for the last couple weeks finishing finishing the year 25 and two in their last -- is really to accept. The Bruins went to win seven in their final nine games of the year. -- seven. That's not good. That's not playoff pocket and -- lousy play lousy hockey and it's backed up by what our eyes have told us those two wins. Came against two awful teams the worst and third to worst team in the league both in Florida. The Panthers and lightning those are the only two wins they had in the last nine games of the year against awful awful teams. When you put them up against good teams they're numbers haven't been especially in the last couple weeks the last month and a half terrible Tigger right Michael. Playing Toronto should be boon for them. They should go out there beat the may police with their Vanilla on Vanilla they starting motivated by Phil Kessel who in typical what's. Phil Kessel fashion docked to the media yesterday you -- it. You're black guy talking about right Lloyd -- Against. Against the Mayweather graph format or -- can you duck and he's rude Jude is the dudes name. All those things should motivate you should beat a bad team. And if they do great need to get their confidence back me -- go on win a -- series and we'll have a great bruins' top the next month or so. What they don't. I mean everything you said is true but I'll go back to what we talked about last week and and see it puts even more pressure. On them to win this series -- the pressure from so pressure from everybody because if you have to beat the -- and if you don't want. Carnage. Here amid you don't -- the -- you're not a good team lose to Pittsburgh I lost a really good team you're close maybe not as good as them. While Montreal are find things happen but in the would you talk about that and the National Hockey League and eight is capable of beating a one. So the Bruins out of line and the Toronto Maple Leafs are not -- eight. You don't even have to pay more you beat them three out of four times this year you've got all of them for a decade and I hate Phil -- they don't really have a goalie you should win this. You should not -- should not play it like dark edge for the last and it passed an eight should be no one showed -- -- every don't want to be an eight theoretically and then don't think I don't happen unless you really like. Global -- a one seed is great like Chicago this year is a great team right. We both agree the Blackhawks are great JR could lose to an eight seat can be embarrassing. But at the end of the quote shocking opted to bad -- or hot goalie or something out of the ordinary happening around -- at Chicago's a bad team because of because they play great hockey all year. The Bruins have not played great hockey all your as a matter of fact -- great hockey and months and if that continues and we still see the listless play we've seen the last month. Into the playoffs. Michael app you're gonna have to look at somebody and -- what changes. And my guess is they can't easily beat the kind of guy that he has appointed as general manager that is coach there right. -- need to make a change year. And if the issue is vs motivation. Mostly what we certainly had the talent early in the year. I am looking down there and I -- rich Beverley may be scratched. App for the playoffs -- this team has become. Doug Hamilton has been starting defense all year make it scratched in the playoffs because of whatever -- problem is rookies and offensive defenseman whatever else fine. Well because they have so much talent. Hard decisions have been cremated the play -- and not look at the clintons got a look at the coach receives a lot of motivation -- you can't you just said two different things here he said if it blows to. They lose to Toronto than their bad team. So there -- bad team. -- -- turn around and fire the coach -- -- a bad thing. Well at Italy Italy is gonna say I'm doing is looking at that and -- you -- If you think if they would want to Tony got that talent I mean they're bad in his affairs art you can have a lot talents will be a bad teeth aren't so funny or bad team that is -- general managers issue not only saw I think it's all right it's not mode and not and not giving not firing general manager firing the coach it's looking at it. If this is what grownups do okay look at a problem. And figure out how -- we solve it instead of being reactionary. And saying okay well we lost in the playoffs and the first round two years in a row. Off -- the -- Obama just saying that though there's more to the argument that just lost in the playoffs two years -- -- round struggled struggled down the stretch you you played in -- talk -- you lost your weight you stop hitting you stop fighting stop doing everything that it makes you you. You stop playing Bruins hockey and when those things happen. Usually say they tuned out the coach usually he -- the coach has lost the room now you're the squabbling and bickering all the other crap that can go with that and that's certainly a sign includes favor on the trying to make stuff that happened anybody else this year. That happened any other good teams in the national document or teams that were expected to be good. In this -- the rain we're supposed to get up and I want it I want it taken away from. The Bruins -- just making excuses for the Bruins. Any other teams in the NHL with his very short season this 48 game season. Who worked. Who we thought they were willing to that question pleasure call 6177797937. Bruins. About to get underway with the playoffs how important is this series alcoholic W the.

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