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Salk and Holley's Four at Four - 4/30/13

Apr 30, 2013|

We check in on four topics we haven't yet talked about... carnival scams, Tim Tebow, David Stern and more are on the table today.

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-- Now -- -- -- tolley store already roller board or the four. Fun game. Green card. Well we solved it currently on radio and WB. David Stern applauded. Jason Collins for his courage to come out. We're -- -- as everything -- a good way if they haven't done it. He's -- great. His family is great he's a great member of our family. And AM at the immediate media friends the if the media can always be dependent upon a frenzy. There's going to be all right so what we'll help the next athlete that was. The way David -- handling the situation does it change your opinion on him at all. No nothing will change my opinion David Stern why can't stand and certainly I thought the decision made by the relocation committee yesterday to keep the team in Sacramento was another joke and bad for business. In the NBA but beyond all that. Why isn't why isn't believing the media here why is talking about a media frenzy. The media anything has covered this any mature. And positive manner respectful funny at times you can blame the media called the media jerks it's the media's making a mountain out of a mole hill this is. Is not one of those times I thought the media handled this incredibly appropriately well. Eight it it changes it it it makes me think about the -- David Stern that I used to know. With that answer him in the media stuff aside it was gratuitous -- the necessary put the -- David Stern used to be the best commissioner in sports and used to be thoughtful he has give him credit for this. He has built a league where. This could this could happen where a player felt comfortable. Coming out and he got support from players and coaches and executives. And owners. Across across the league but. My question a follow up on the question. That that I was -- the -- how do we get to this point. I don't get to this point we thought it wouldn't be possible -- we allow ourselves to believe. No responsible. Mature professional athlete yes they do exists. No professional athlete would say okay it's cool that's fine why do we think that it was impossible because we knew that they were playing guys that were -- didn't come out and we assume they weren't coming out because they were afraid of the reaction of their team. I'm a bit but look at -- look at this reaction is this reaction. Is this reaction no one is just don't know one don't know or is it the one. That's gonna come in October November when it's real for Jason Collins when he's if he's on another thing. It. Josh Hamilton is off to a terrible start and his team last year the big name free agent Albert -- started off terribly with his new team both the angels will we ever see anyone signing 25 million dollar per year contract again. Yeah and are all. In honorees and other. Yes yes yes we will see it and we will see. And that November or December. As long as there's money. As long as there is an owner who wants to put its franchise on the map as long as there's a free agent a big time free agent -- guy's gonna -- paved the way it is Robbie canal. -- can no Jacoby Ellsbury out Ellsbury is gonna make 25 I don't know year well how much how what this season going to be like. This year in -- 25 million a year in the offseason but I understand always they're still going to be huge contract I totally agree on map but. I wonder at some point if its owners and general managers will start to realize that guys who were thirty -- are not the names to be spending huge money on that you're spending on past performance instead of what you're going to get in the future when you see. Alex Rodriguez start to break down physically and you know that the steroid Europe is now over. And when you see something like Josh Hamilton has had all kinds of problems with leadership forgetting about drugs and alcohol leadership. Age injury rehab camp for leadership which got him you -- we pay 25 million dollars a year now you are in some way painfully yard got leadership when your team -- already got that with Albert Pujols he got it would you know -- got other good players on the team with Josh Hamilton. Which are paying for is to production and again and and I didn't right now. -- pretty. Henry grip -- says he lost his life savings 2600 dollars on a carnival game like this one. -- only have to show for it this stuffed banana with dreadlocks. I think that. That's they've had victory last bit of audio -- cover it but so as you heard in Manchester union. Hampshire Maine is that when he 600 dollars losing it all playing bucket cost him the carnival. -- says he attended a Manchester carnival run by fiesta shows and wanted to win an Xbox connect at a game called tubs of fun. Our contestants -- falls into a tub. I think when he practiced he says it would be easy but something changed when he started playing for the rise and the balls kept popping out. It's not possible. -- what that rate. Go home get a mister bucket in practice but Xbox connects are selling for a hundred dollars and orders by the way. Have you ever been drifted out of that -- substantial amount of money before. Carnegie built this country the carnival part of it anyway. And don't they may be right like you did here and they are truly being dumb -- -- Who -- the scoop for you here. I would say the most amount of money -- agree that that was any time I've ever gone out for office. Any time somebody convinces you to go out for top what you are being -- in some way this place is only four dollars -- small plates. So either you -- starving. Which just happened to me I've left the proper restaurant gone directly in the minority -- War. You leave broke any time right in and -- Obama is square. Artwork there are a lot of people still on top news or small plate falsely funeral program and it's eagle it's a topic is pretty good that would -- And you would not like it at all I promise you eat just one more you always -- sharing thing can they bring out a little thing you know rules some of the bacon wrapped dates but there's only one and a half of them. Great thanks -- you -- -- war but I'm sure people have asked for money. People only money from like five years to America appealed to your sense of goodness or money. It is. Absolutely. Horrible all the time -- -- -- lose its and it's. Where the or -- people now how you feel when you see people -- or you're at the garden -- something your north Asian. If somebody after you for money. Know generally what. Generally generally what you're generally I don't do it you know it -- -- the dollars on the make -- -- contributions. In the past. -- -- -- Now it just depends on what the stories that they what's what's hot now listen to the story I'll listen to this well sometimes it was garbage sometimes you know. -- this Bradenton which is a story that I've heard lately the last few years. -- You know what -- I ran out of gas for my car I and I had a breakdown now wanted to get to. Lol. Payroll somewhere errors off his classic ever have you know if you can -- -- give me five dollars. It those are satisfied dollars -- balls that is extra dollars -- they work better they're more outlandish or if you've heard them before like if it's the same thing over like that yes I -- -- -- -- now the Nigerian prince thing is actually more effective than some -- and because we eat out. Everybody who's not gonna fall for scams the only people that would possibly fall sports instantly fall. It's usually quicker and they make more money so it's better to be outlandish then just to -- you or to use a scam it's been used for Everett Everett. Just to be creative with your that I Reynolds Reynolds -- changed in me and Aaron as we've all heard by now team team. The jets. What are the chances the patriots -- I think darker side -- it won't sign him I think give -- a percentage. Zero. 11 person one percentage that in. It doesn't make sense for them because they understand it Tim Tebow the quarterback. He can play quarterback in the National Football League -- you don't believe that when this the F -- it is odd that the Canadian global day. Nobody had about what the I hear you -- -- -- days just declaring victory now once and for all over skip Bayless and I think. He's a quarterback that's won his quarterback who doesn't play. They they want all of their quarterback played the classic thing that you don't have Tom Brady. In the end of Tom Brady. Poverty goes down -- you bring an attempt to blow you'll be able to run your offense so I think he's a fit for somebody does not here. Why he's -- fit for one of the teams as some sort of read option system in and we talked to Pete Carroll about that last year asking him about -- he just kept symbol I find it easier quarterback but. You now have to have everyone on that same page you don't wanna be running two different offenses and practice. Just as you said Michael you be surprised actually think there is still room for Tim Tebow as a quarterback I won a playoff game is very few who did I mean. There's something to what he's been able to look -- But I'm not sure anybody's gonna give -- shot this year and I don't think it's gonna be the picture tells they would view. Less than 10% that is today's four at war. So Paul Pierce Kevin Garnett everyone being asked about Jason Collins and if Curt Schilling is right about his view with the media I'm sure their people. We're hoping desperately that someone trips up. That somebody says something awful that somebody rips and that they'll have that piece of audio and it'll launch an entire another day of Sports Radio that's you're looking for -- get a from the Celtics that's an -- and Paula WEEI.

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