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Curt Schilling: John Farrell vs Bobby Valentine, it's night and day over on Yawkey Way

Apr 30, 2013|

We talk Sox with former Sox ace Curt Schilling and find out why the Sox are the best team in all of baseball right now. We also check in for Curt's thoughts on the first player to come 'out' in professional sports.

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Rafa showed today and said very simply the Red Sox -- the best team in baseball right now the question though. Is can you remove those final two words. The Red Sox -- the best team in baseball right now can you just say the Red Sox have the best team in baseball. Period. Curt Schilling baseball tonight course former Red Sox pitcher joins us via the AT&T tax on occurred at some point you think you'll be able to remove. Those last two words and just period at the end of that statement. Well I mean much late boss immediately want to be above five months early but the blueprint. This was when you look at this and and and I people I think we're looking at me like I had a third higher in spring training when he walked through the east. And YouTube looked at Colorado the -- said OK if somebody's got to win and run away at that division and everything worked perfectly would be down right. Tampa -- -- -- where they're gonna get their offense. Baltimore probably get a pit where they get their opportunities. Are those who support the surprising in the game I didn't expect I -- expect them to be Europe. But it made possible with the wild card because they can hit. Possibly they -- hit -- and they put a pretty healthy bullpen together. I would tell you right now it -- not what I guess I would look at it if this defense today. Who would be the two best teams in the in the American League event -- about the American League -- to -- the World Series I would have it would have been bought -- and -- Detroit's starting eat out but. This is a good team this is a very good. Is there anything about him that surprised you so far -- the Red Sox. While I would have told you that Dustin Pedroia went and people know home runs and will notebooks would be -- 202 -- the guy you started your closes you know quality is gonna have a 77 ERA. He would have the best record in the game at the end of April you what do you would have taken -- right. Our knowledge technology not. But but that's it's it's it's. Business. -- put your opinion what is nothing really surprised because I don't know that anybody's -- -- -- where you can except I think David's unbelievably right now. And and that's hard to do it's hard to miss that much I think. And come back and be that good that document I don't obviously argument 500 for the year by. You know I would expect him to finish at 335. And a 10515. Outplayed -- the one thing. Well I think I was trying to think back to the things that I remember from being on the have a good to great teams and it it might. The something EU EU might not recognize that -- front. But the one after the Houston series by our body and because they pounded a really bad seemed like a good team supposed to. And I -- on good teams where you know those those wins against Seattle's -- top. But like the angels right now every win for the angels is a blood -- get you know -- probable -- kind of experience. And the Red Sox walked over Houston pretty comfortably debate -- they hit it did all the things didn't do anything unbelievable they just played really good based. Heard he had been in charge of the Red Sox this past offseason and you lose your job to find a manager without naming a name OK before you got to John -- you would have had to create a group of you -- had to come up with a group characteristics. That you wanted in a manager what would have been on the analysts. Well I don't know if you guys have heard me talk I have I think he's the best baseball men I've ever been around. Front to back I think he's over qualified -- job he has in the game. The baseball managers today and in this that I heard department earlier it was but -- be replicated. From school the on the field x.s and knows the guys that he'd be really Smart guy that's done that doesn't that's not the manager anymore doesn't have to be empty. It doesn't have to be your job as a manager is it's in Boston it's different tenor and them as it is that is and other markets. You have to be an enormous an incredible communicate her you have to be honest you have that players trust you have to deal with the media to view especially here. All of the things that I think he does exceptionally well. It occurred he always here people say this about the media and and I know you've had your run ins with the media members here over the years. What is it what is it about. The Boston media we always say they want says top in this town have done. The bottom in the mica. I did have somewhat of repetition of calling into radio shows at that time I get mad. When I hear people talking about things they don't know they don't understand that trying to explain -- the people that they don't know about and no wrong and they are there making stuff up. And a lot of times that's what happens if it's I I I have visited Nicole people wires that people make stuff up and that it we've gotten into an agent and I mean my Tennessee you'd hear -- -- -- relic from the Christian where. It's as much about being a part of the story as it is about writing -- story. This Shaughnessy is it is it is someone who I I I generally dislike the guy I don't hate it and never treated anybody I just like him. I -- like him for a lot of different reasons than most of them have to do for me -- integrity. What would you think of his book with with either you know I I put it like two chapters of it and I realize that I -- -- -- -- And and move all the good stuff what we going to be there. Is a pretty good stuff -- -- -- -- with him. -- give people full. Monty of many Ramirez. Would have been its own book. -- -- -- -- Just for the record I would read -- -- no matter who writes I would read that book. But. So so that would so as you said you despise people who make things up and who lie and are accountable. It's still it's not necessarily a Boston media thing when that happens more here than another places or doesn't happen here more than another. Far more here than other places because of the fans the fans here our -- the reason why this is the greatest one of the greatest place or play any sport. That the script make this this place what it is and they tried the media I mean you guys are about getting people publicity you guys are about getting callers and listeners. You have that they think of inflammatory and Boston band they don't let -- -- it. They get -- look a bit this is a 162. Game football season. There's no way to put it there every game is dissected like a football game. And and very it happens in New York it happens in Philly when they're winning it doesn't happen very many other places. But surely is certainly the NFL we're talking Curt Schilling -- alcoholic WEEI the the the NFL is the only sport across the nation that is viewed that way baseball is is Dorsey regional sport that's probably unfair but it's gotten. There I mean -- becoming much more regional -- and obviously it's a bigger deal in this area than anywhere else. I understand how that can be problematic to some players and also -- -- two players in the team at the same time but but you seem to all your time I mean that. And the media as part of that maybe it feeds on it may -- upset at some people from making stuff up but it's not all part of the environment you'll love. I'd like I I loved it I'd love that put food aid capped for the most part -- need my teammates accountable. I looked and I'd I'd I'd have a hard time shutting up and it's always been the case. People are requests are not yet know god. I'm gonna they think I'd have said things I will say things in the future that I will say and -- go you know what can I probably shouldn't have that. But you're I was I was always more concerned about. I played in places where guys and we're less than what they should have been the end. Even if you talk to with a teammate like I would and did. Until they publicly get humiliated. Did nothing worked and here it doesn't take a week particularly anything. The hustle ball out. Do something stupid on the field and you will be the center of attention for 48 hours in the very unwanted way. There's occur let let's come back to John Farrell from and who you who you just said it would be overqualified for any job he has and certainly if you listen to Michael and I you know the we've showered him with praise over the first column for -- here of his Red Sox managerial tenure. We're gonna talk to a guy in Toronto coming up at 430 today and they -- him -- there and I think he is the worst thing ever a disaster is a manager why did it go wrong for him in Toronto if he is as good a manager she says. First of all I can tell you quite honestly would accept and want to read is that them that media market so. That that there's nothing that is that is if if they're not winning the World Series it is not -- to be there and that that permeate the stadium no shows up it's in the media. I would tell you you know here's what I would say would you agree or disagree that in 98 and 2000. When Terry Francona left the Phillies he was the best manager in baseball. It I don't think anybody -- that which you would you agree or disagree that he was one of the two or three past ten -- in the game when you left Boston. A -- He. While he got a little bit better I would imagine you learn just like John has -- players. You have to have good players. And while that I don't wanna make -- down that easy that's the beginning of all of this. Would you have good players you have to take the next step. And then the next step for me it is simply program managers perspective communication you have to be you have to. Demand respect what he does physically and emotionally. You have to do you have to make your players accountable. Yeah I could ask you might secure here to Googleplex and you could you seen any Ramirez doing some things he did. -- -- -- No no no -- out and you do you think the players not that. -- the players yen in the particularly in and that's a good point because with. With Tito. Tito went to those guys since it okay this is what happened I know you guys ought not and I'm I'm dealing with it. Now I can sit Manny down do you guys want that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Here's the thing here is that they that they would go bad they go about things very differently but -- end up with a pretty much the same result. The one thing they that they have been common in -- -- I think you always see is. They will not there there laundry. Valentine like. Everything happens behind closed doors you wanna get on a player you get on a play you don't do it to the media or through the media with -- but it. When he sent an operator -- they would have sent down the other day. Based on what I do know John -- and this is me I haven't talked to him about it evidence about it I would be stunned if you ever see him again here. That was that was to be as strong as Sean Carroll could put it that he was unbelievably test. Well it should be the other actors should have been. Ask them to switch gears a bit and you're you're you're in the media now and you've played team sports. And I know it's different sport but Jason Collins and I came out yesterday. And and he's got unbelievable support from the NBA community and really -- around the sports world. How do you do you think you would play out any differently in baseball. I don't. And it will we will -- -- -- for the last night you know and my first response was look and I would put that last might not caring about Jason Collins sexual preference and -- go to bed right now caring about either. You know I'm a Christian and and those are my values they're my values -- for my home and my family and me. However people want to live their -- that's their choice. Since we and we talked I've I've played gay players I played against these players and permit the litmus test -- to interpret and bronze. Can you get about maintaining. OK I don't care who you sleep with. A look at my life but I mean. And I tell you honestly most personal cannot -- the cabinet that it. I would be naive I think it would be life -- so they're probably would deprive my career -- -- -- then I would have been comparable. It would have been awkward returns. I I think that becoming a father I think changed everything for me. It because the first thing that goes through my -- that's somebody's -- and and then didn't go back when I was -- I would I would I would be disappointed I guess. Because -- but all the beautiful wonderful things that might wipe them they've given me and it's it's it's it's it's a different counting local -- it. I wouldn't how many less. And mostly I I won't -- You want your kids to be there if you want to have a great what you want to define success you want to define happiness I feel about it and we think about this because. Were not put into it but. Can you imagine living your entire life lying to everybody -- Brothers and brother just found out last year -- mind boggling to me and. Jack and I think he's expressed very much those exact same spots that occurred I just. Some of what he -- very interesting to me and I think I agree with you that did when you become a father you look at the world little bit differently and they also the world has changed in the last ten or fifteen years as well and and we've grown up and that's part of it as well but. Baseball clubhouse is -- a little different is you obviously know from any other locker room. Guys -- together so much in many ways the guys are less educated than in other sports there are fewer guys -- go to college. You don't think that it would be more of a problem potentially in baseball and -- You know I'm not -- -- anything I would -- would be I don't know yeah I -- -- -- configured the club out of the I was then it would have been. Well I I did and I played with you guys that there were today. Who didn't come out because and I I when I think back double -- -- there was probably a wise decision they didn't. To the places where they weren't where I want it would have been. -- Did those called us -- change by the end your career. Outweigh everything changed everything -- you know and it's it's it's changing for the better offer I don't know which went public -- that you know available. The world weightlessness eating at a pretty dramatic pace right now but I mean. I'm just glad this I'm glad I didn't that this had happened. I commend him for being the first guy. To do it you know but here's the thing that it -- We live in a world of unbelievable. Double standards and lesbian athletes do we know. Many many. -- We don't know why. In a game and -- I think we talked ourselves in the making that or into believing that it just wouldn't fly. -- but with with no. Without good reason I mean of course you're always gonna have people who say things. You're gonna have some fans who say things but just overall. In sports I think if that happened in other industries. I I think it probably could have put into words we -- years ago the word we used yesterday Michael macho is that the re mean that maybe that's the difference. It is not developing my ego thing about. That lifestyle. It is it's -- I would I would equate playing in the big leagues to. Polluting our paternity getting paid enormous amounts of money in not having to go to school. The whole lifestyle. Before you get married and put something of -- America is about going to the role playing games iguana hanging out sparse. And -- and women. Can you imagine being in a game and an -- and and trying to be part of a team when you wanna be part of the team -- -- teammates. How how awkward would that have been different broker. We have to get deployed now before we let you go you denied -- the curtain a car experience a few weeks ago. We had joined the line you were fired up about I think was framing pitches it was tightly. -- -- -- So what what what. What did you what you're never practiced what wasn't what what would -- -- to us -- that he was here at the some important outcomes. But it. We're talking about Dokic like instead of back up we were talking about in her hands blown save against what I call right and so it was stupid optimize. I was going based on what I had heard from other ball players -- wasn't just making it up myself I was. And I'll talk to pro ball players -- talking to talk to high school guys. Catchers and it was. And obviously I mean I -- bit but the appointed editors catch it can help. -- it's hard to them you are playing a pretty good example. One of the guys who who won a gold -- multiple gold gloves. And then put the entire baseball world for years was Charles Johnson. He might have been the worst catcher in it and umpires despite having him behind the play. Because he made it ten times article game. That that that's what you have to be really bad for for umpires that for tougher for her mom why would he do what what made it harder it. Box everything he was a great blocker neglect our. But he had yet yet so can't -- -- Any kid didn't bring pitches he was hard that it is hard to see around and he was very appropriate to be an -- to the couldn't have him back there. And -- and you look at one -- ballclub. While we were talking more gold gloves were talking about a couple plays where it looked as if salty could help them out a little bit if you haven't -- the global over. May -- they would call that a strike and I and I talked to. That bad the other mistake you make him at all umpires for the nine being the good ones which is most of them the club has nothing to do with them calling balls and strikes. They I don't know I don't believe there they're calling during a particle called -- on presentation. And generally it's about one's -- while you watch the game marked -- Tim McClellan was kind of play last night. Tim McClellan one of those guys who literally throw the pitch in the balls coming back to the mound and if he decides to make his call. He's trying to get the latest call to gain ground. -- it was a nightmare pitched -- Nightmare to you don't know yet again that's been the most of the stand there and you don't strike. And so that the quietly get your Obama. More than the next time we get the current car experience I want the full experience I don't -- a phone next time -- and get raped by Kurt Carr. I went to my kid's game and I was on all along I got there and it was like. To your name next time I don't know carton a car could've been anybody out there are targeted at -- banks are we appreciate your name on her as Curt Schilling not to skirt card joining us. Via the AT&T hotline will be out right back.

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