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Puff out your chests Sox fans, the Red Sox ARE the best team in baseball (right now)

Apr 30, 2013|

We talk Sox, and the reluctance of some fans to hop aboard during a superb month of baseball this April.

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Let's talk to the best hitter in baseball you realize -- have to Red Sox end up as the best team in baseball as we wrap up April. They weren't supposed to be any closer that they're supposed to be a last place team is supposed to be mediocre pass Michael the beginning of the year we thought they might surprise some people. But at the end of the month they -- the best team in baseball and it's close but it's not backlogs. You say at the end of this month the end of this month at the end of this month they -- the best team in baseball can you take away. At the end of this month and just say. They are. The best team in baseball are you confident enough to go there. Because what I've been hearing lately heard a lot today. Heard a lot over the last few days well the display in the past well -- did play the Indians for three games. While the Yankees are missing this guy in. God it's not quite the same they've been lucky in 21 run wins. On and on. There's been a lot of excuses for why they're not the best team in baseball right what are you confident enough to say. They all. With no breakfast no apology. No explanation. -- Then and again no I'm not Willis but not because of all the same BS excuses you just mentioned her and those are all excuses that say they're not even the best team right now. That's the problem is though those those excuses they are what they've done really isn't all that impressive. Or there's another team out there that actually better than just not playing -- outweigh. And and I'm not willing to say any of those -- not gonna make a single excuse for what the Red Sox have done this year that they may not should be made. They are right now the best team in baseball -- played at they've deserved it I don't care who they've played they've played whoever's been on the schedule for April. And and I we talked about earlier I would never expect this week. I would never expect you or demand that you sweep another team but. It took on a back Houston team not to write out what Houston. And we cleared out but yesterday before leaving -- officers in the watch watch Houston go to new York and do something crazy like. Winning game win. Win two games in New York well -- gonna -- public annihilate the -- shut down shut down Andy Pettitte last night. And beat the Yankees nine to one it's still a bad Houston team is still a good New York team. But they were able to sneak new York and now -- Red Sox lead by three games and Americans look -- usually -- still a a good lead after after 25. I will I am curious to see what happens when they play Texas and curious to see what happens and they have a tough road trip like that and go through Toronto Texas Minnesota angle on the road for a little while trying to beat three squads and we've seen that they're not invincible losing two out of three including a dust swept doubleheader. Two to a young but he interest in Kansas City team so. Perfect player Michael I don't know whether it's going to last all year I. I see things that I wonder if they will continue last. I hope the back into the rotation is what it's BN I hope they continue to produce -- Ortiz pocketed 500 all year. You're not gonna see Mike Napoli go in the here that he did for the entire season. But I think that bounced off as we've talked about by other things that are gonna get better players question I'm comfortable saying that the best team in based. All right now right now yeah. Is it war period is anyone out there comfortable saying appear let's see are you -- this is what I -- and we did hear how this happened how did the Red Sox even after 25 games if you wanna say. I'm not comfortable making long term commitment and you guys out there you know coupled with commitment and commitment open guys. I'm not comfortable committing to the Red Sox until October but. On May first until October may fifty won't commit them to this nonsense a lot not a lot of people out there are ready to commit to them. But are you ready to commit for the next two weeks. How this happened how did they become. The best team in -- revived it was nobody -- coming nobody. The outside of the guys in the clubhouse and -- we always knew we told OG should jump on board Dustin Pedroia to go back and showed his tweet from march. Or early April when he figured on out I'll get out later. All of us and that's the eighteen and seven at 25 games. Wasn't just luck. Is. You didn't think clay buckled could be this good what is it that that Jon Lester is comments in spring training. To rob Bradford freak you out when he said what the next level. I've been pretty good I I can't see the next level -- can get to what you guys talking about. I don't know what it isn't just -- you know playing seventeen games at Fenway Park in the month of April. Maybe just -- it is trying to figure out was John -- that big of a deal. Just cleaning up the clubhouse. And on getting the coaches on his face I just one thing to. Mean I think it's all of the -- can be all of those things why can't they all factory and I think they do you add up enough of those factors together. And you end up with the best team -- basically just jump right in here today 617779. 7937. We will talk some baseball Curt Schilling today at 330. For the car driving around her will join us at 330 today and then had up to Toronto for thirty is this is he candidate week apparently near Austin. Red Sox take on the blue jays Bruins taken on the leafs and I think I have. Empirical evidence in front of me. I've empirical evidence in front of -- -- -- I -- -- I object to -- this is a great -- Of Canada which -- it's great but not this. On its -- and that really. Well constructed song and it's French it's part English in the good for them you constructed a great man I don't know that the French part but I know English I don't know how to say it but I know -- sounds like -- of it like it better English. Found themselves cooler and -- her ankle can't sing that part of France so can he can only -- the English section. I don't think I've ever heard replacing Fred I don't salary and make sure I don't want that -- it's happened before they show -- You don't door I was you I empirical evidence in front of me here in the studio today. That the Bruins are going to be believes that that's good news a little bit later in the show and they better -- police think things are gonna go very. Very far south that they do not will dig into that little bit later as well let's start with the Red Sox. Try to figure okay are they really the best team in baseball's adjust right now is it is it long term what happens if they finish this year as the best record in baseball. Feel that you still sit here and complain always -- ownership all they care about his money when nobody say that right now no I know that nobody says. An argument they I don't think anybody as. Nobody has brought up ownership says it's the globe article about. The concessions and this is what we're gonna do in the month of April with a beer and hot dogs and I think that was it. After that minute and then you have the home opener right -- the home opener that was a great game Daniel -- home run they beat the Orioles and nobody. Was talking about ownership anymore. As John -- -- have you thought about John Henry onetime Tom Warner Jersey California. The Bahamas. That they don't know where it's. Really don't care. Not think about the ownership right now. So I don't think that's gonna come up there as long as the team continues to win. In and they don't try to push things on us they haven't tried to push the at Fenway song about it. It if they don't do that nobody's gonna bring upon what. I think what that what that tells me though Michael is that nobody ever really the ownership in this whole idea of blowing eight MIA them has ownership by eight come. -- -- -- And and I know people thought it was true and I know at the time it feels real -- mr. I don't think it is and and and maybe I'm speaking too much for people might. Healing is when you say you hate ownership which you mean as a mad at them. I love the Red Sox I love the team. I love when they're winning I loved this ownership when they were bringing two World Series titles in a few years to Boston in creating a dynasty here at Fenway Park and changing the park and making it more user friendly all the good things that happened. In the first seven or eight years of of the John Henry administration. People loved all that everything went south over a year and a half you could start to hate them. You can go from love to hate you went from love to be anger. It's -- can't be angry I'm not -- and anyone for being an -- you're trying to tell you that you weren't angry you word yet every damn reason to be anger. It doesn't mean you hate. When that what what is what is he what is needed to what is it is something he can come back for a I mean when you hate somebody can't come back from hatred you haven't done that before not really when I don't get the drug that's pretty much done you may never you never done that well. It's a rare got to open up a little bit everywhere. Reconciliation. I'm not good -- that are much warm and bright guy mending fences and now now less on the garage. I'm much more of a grudges against people I haven't seen since I was eight years. I -- were probably result Miami grudge guy at eight. Absolutely -- cardiology at the 64 at. It and then the next prospering and then 96 came out the 96 railroad had a different wand and somebody. Somebody broke you take up fourteen novel you ticked up Perry winkle -- on meant that it Ethel and I needed to tell anyone I needed -- green. I can't live without -- green I. Hold a grudge a grudge against -- company though -- Quit being a little -- have a -- -- you're square and just -- it hasn't. Done to deserve this at all wasn't as innocent as you maker sound that's for -- I -- grudge but I don't think there's true hatred for those I think it's anger. You really mean -- hatred means they've crossed -- and I'm done with them forever. And this is our. Well I hate it could mean for a for some of the some of the people who have been here for a long time and what's -- Red Sox for awhile now they are watching your team that didn't have a championship. Though I understand this ownership group brought in the right people who have been in The Who then in turn brought in the right players who who who brought into championship in Boston. But there's still a segment that looks at it and says it was simply it was a simpler time. Without this ownership group we weren't talking about bricks we weren't talking about sweet Caroline we weren't talking about a soccer team now. -- -- -- just -- is at the end of every season you didn't win while we were -- our -- we were talking about giving players. Headphones and a night on the yacht it was baseball. And they have lost their way a bit by going away from. But all those things were true and 0407 and nobody was complaining and saying they heeded the ownership group at that point. But they were still doing many of those same things it was still about the show in addition to just being about baseball look I agree with. I'd prefer when everything is about the game instead of the shell around it I wish they would remove you know I like when Finley didn't have any music. All it had was an organ like I'm cool with that take away Jumbotron -- Bob Ryan. Get rid of every Jumbotron I'll be just happy -- -- I'm fine with all that or just use the Jumbotron to show video what's going on at it on the field or in the on the ice -- -- the -- whatever Oak -- all those things. But -- -- the ownership group all they did in that regard is is is keep up with the -- around baseball and and and they plan. They didn't win and things got ugly got mad he had every right to be mad but -- first hatred seems like a big. Yet I think is always a balance to write about and wanted to -- the Jumbotron I don't wanna. Take away all the advertising and does happen. And origin it would it would no music that. I don't I don't have a problem with music that's been made in the last you know five to ten years and have a problem with. I think the balances. When that becomes more important than anything else and maybe they were guilty. Of allowing one thing. The interest outside of baseball. And the marketing to take over for baseball operations of me understand what they have to do. To run a business and have to mark their business. Anti marketing and all you have to do it. And as fans we say we just want to be about the game that's because we're -- -- -- -- but you can't run a business and say it's just about baseball if you don't know marketing whatsoever. Do you one better you want the Red Sox to at least two point. The about the marketing -- about the sales in the about everything else to explain -- calls -- ninety seconds rockaholic WEEI. Yeah. Well drilled and -- that it is time that is par that is sky. Carlos corporate uses -- third and have an idea enough clothes line drive in the lower deck. Two run home run more pork. I. 91 would be the final last night in New York the Astros. Beat the Yankees just got lucky or maybe unlucky -- get to face that guy peacock. States and O'Brien could not say the name peacock enough the other night I was driving around was until like I was pitching for the Astros average alerted to -- well every time they said that I felt like they were laughing and so we found herself -- and as well. At least perfectly in this text message here AT&T tax line. 379378. Is what Red Sox fans feel for the Yankees it put the rest of the NFL feels for the patriots is now you guys are talking about and I agree it's I think it was the wrong -- hate -- hate the Yankees. -- -- Add your own team texas'. I hate them -- you here. I hate you can had a nice. Brian you're going on first they were pretty -- Brian what's up. What's going on that. But that's on page and and com now I get access -- -- company might edit. I bet. You know watching right now it is annoying. A lot of guys were on the hear them and they couldn't do it. It's been there and enter the equity. You know keep. Mentally weakness or. More active in Egypt -- aerial view. An issue -- -- -- -- you know I don't know I don't know what it is. I don't I but I wouldn't say that's necessarily a fair characterization of this team last year the team that there were two Red Sox teams last year. So if you wanna say. At the beginning of last year that teams should have been better than it was in and why wasn't it not a fair criticism it got to a slow start put that team had. Carl Crawford injured but not playing and Josh Beckett plane they had Adrian Gonzales. They didn't have John Lackey. They had some starters who -- in some bullpen guys. Who should have been on the team they were missing Andrew -- so seven this was forced to be your your starter. They had Milan and on that team I mean that he has had quite a turtle over -- he can talk about some -- the guys are still there but. They have remade the team as well I think that's what they. Well that's what this part of Brian I mean -- I get where you're saying I get why you'd be upset about it. On the other hand I mean that the manager's job and and hit it in the -- your view is in my view. So so what the manager shouldn't matter. Well I don't know just if you don't like your body doesn't mean that he shouldn't have a place here -- local. Well into what is an idiot. I know he was an -- I don't know if that said he was an idiot last year with the -- are now maybe he didn't totally forget about baseball. But he was not focused on the job and that was clear was not focused on being in an -- of -- He -- talk to was -- mentally we listened to the Jon -- stuff and everything that Farrell in the NS have done to change Jon -- is delivery and we said why couldn't they have noticed that last year -- very -- nobody was talking to each other Bobby Valentine -- the pitching coach wouldn't even talk to each other how -- -- have the conversation to try to fix something like Jon Lester. In the or did you see I'm looking at last year's roster here Brian that there are some guys I forgot to run the team is about to get Kevin Youkilis. Scott Podsednik. Ryan Sweeney. -- Cody Ross. -- -- About eight Jon Lester and not being Victoria I guess you know I think those guys club house leaders and I just can't believe that they. That they let happen happened and it geoghan now that they got their -- -- now everything. I think that's but that that's not the whole story is probably. Give you -- 30% of the story and yet shame on them. It's just go ahead like where adult ears were -- in August. You know -- -- phone or order it to you box ears are box. What does a whack I don't know I've heard of anyone widely I don't know I don't know that you twinkle toes and stuff but it never heard of why -- years finally -- you box -- -- you know away Agilent. -- -- a couple. Definition to move frequently one way or the other. Really -- president you're due to someone's. Stick policy that a punishment -- -- twist their ears back and opened my point today. OK it was 30% of the problem shame on them you know I think external saying. What to say wag your finger area would then I start the general ultimately amount of years. In -- don't stick with the -- will be yours it's a legitimate thing it is now if the new thing look at. You -- to wag their ears last year and applied to law. He wants to -- just once he's annoyed with this year's team because because the last because they're good. And they could have been good last year my argument that they couldn't have been good -- they could have been better. My whole point. Thinking this is going to be an ID when Red Sox team in 2013. We have to go 72 and 63 to reach that goal of of ninety wind up that you're counting not that a guy. A -- players at that there and they really weren't -- 69 win team they probably were. 7576. And they had huge trade in the middle of the year they had some dysfunction. Well within the team. Whether it was players who didn't wanna be here war coaches who didn't trust the manager managers and drop the coaches. There was some room for for improvement but we're talking about a 7576. -- team that needed to improve in some areas and they have they needed desperately needed. Ryan Dempster typed last year they desperately needed after July especially. A guy like Mike Napoli when you didn't have -- which. But they also and they also edit it or not they needed a -- manager to be at the top when I get the callers point that he wants his players. Due to overcome bad management -- just not that simple and that's what you're saying is that the manager means nothing and when the guys as you said. Not just not just. Not just a bad manager but -- blue book was making it impossible for you to do your job. Right so last year was a lost cause you go you get the right guy this year and everything changes and you see right off the start John Farrell pointing out that the beginning of the year will affect the rest of. Well we've got one more game left in the month but it's been very good and so far. You know I think we talked about this a couple of days ago it's it it's I think for any team in the individual it's it's important to get off to a good start. I think this month has been a reflection of the work that all of our guys have done in spring training. And it's been. Believe by our rotation to be as consistent as it's been. You ask your manager to be your leader Bobby Valentine was not he who shall not be named -- that he who shall not be named. Was not a good leader last year they get a real leader this year somebody that they all follow his direction he's got the movement in the right way -- to Maine -- your -- -- -- Hey -- I think they might call up. Yeah I just wanted to add a little by little bit about up why direct talks but it's a lot like I agree with stock. Interpret -- that you know. It doesn't have to dispute -- during the Vietnam number. Positives and I you know I've I've listened to or watch it that but every game so far this year and I think out. Just the pressure for them to perform everybody kind of -- -- opt out so early and everyone out yet and or cap to them that. Finishing last -- then you know I think everyone either saying border there that. So I think they're playing with a lot less pressure the beginning that he's been you know because. Pick on the troops from from what are pretty expect it all out. I prefer point -- absolutely expectations are are part of that we think that. Expectations and be part of the story because we look at how much money these guys make and they should be used to the spotlight in the exposure novelist output. It's it's a legitimate part of the story and it's a good point so. It is. If I owe more than you know I also think that they've added some really valuable pieces that. -- -- and similar -- -- or you know not being loose and not. Bringing on that third victory you know apple. Are all performing really well right now and and -- yet to think about. You know bring back our -- and also you know it's not the second coming crisis by no but. A player like western and buckle a little bit more you know making candidates go and do their thing -- note that. -- support you know no matter allies. We'll certainly he's had an effect on that rotation and on the entire team as well that can mystery we talked about everybody going out together it's not just one thing and it it's all together it's what John -- brings -- what. Guys like Dempster and -- and and and Gomes and those guys bring it finding ways for them to come together as a group take extra BP and then -- a few games early. And and everything change but Mike you're so right you're right. This was not a sixty something -- team last year and end and I I -- those predictions of them to finish in fifth place to be as bad as they were this year. And you wonder if it's some sort of like. Some sort of group think. That goes on in the collective conscious where everybody also gets the idea of -- you're not go through it now we've got to write off the Red Sox -- the storyline that the narrative for this year is the right off of the Red Sox yankees and were so excited of this -- look at the blue jays have done you know we've read that book a hundred times the Philadelphia Eagles and all the other team that tigers who have tried to build the super group. And it never works right off the bat maybe it never works at all. It's as if there was some sort of alteration to the collective conscience in the national baseball writers world they've had a big BWA meeting where everybody got together -- and -- Red Sox are dead there's -- vote it's called the winter meeting -- -- -- voted have a -- me happens every year but at first they decided to formally not recognize your Internet as actually existing. Then they decided to write off the Red Sox as a group after. It has there been a hasn't been a moment this year and and I'm sure it will happen it's Boston public updates from Boston and we love. You know second guessing or even first guessing moves that happened during games. And many moments this year when you've looked at John Ferrell tactically and said I don't agree with that. I really. I really and I. Things where you could tell you I think I would have done it the other way but I see is thinking that there's been no look like wool hey you can't debunked -- org you have to do this where you needed to go to the left Peter hasn't been a moment. Like that not one you know just trying to get a sense of him as a manager and he's part of the story not just his personnel we talked a lot about the personality. War we've talked about barrel we have talked about -- the manager we really talked about herald pitching change the top pitching coach and so we talk more about Ferrell that we do want yet. But Ferrell the actual manager of the India managed the that's right the the CEO. The guy who asked to delegate here he's got a hitting coach he's got a pitching coach bullpen coach. He's got a couple of of de facto captains on the field. What is he doing as there is it to you have a sense of him as a manager and what I've. What I've seen so far after 25 games limited sample size for what he's actually going to be as a manager Boston what I see is. They appear to be much more aggressive running the bases. He appears to be. Open minded when it comes to slotting the lineup it's not like he's got to come up with the same line up day after day after day. He uses he uses everybody on the roster. And the other thing is really seemed to be. Two married to how. How he's gonna use the bullpen. Or -- you know how long as they are as I was in the eighth sometime yeah that's you are enemies changed that up over and oh yeah how long -- starters got ago when he's gotten more. East seems intent. On does one guy in particular. May be some development of Felix brought. But he seems intent on pushing Felix to brought last year. I saw a lot of five inning start from Felix -- -- two thirds really had a hard time pushing through and a couple times this year you've seen him pitch into the. He's got to make a big decision today I mean in the maybe the first big decision he's need to make is red and needed to make as the Red Sox manager he will in all likelihood make tonight we'll tell you what that is plus a whole lot -- your calls the Red Sox. But the best team in baseball right now you can argue that according to record it's definitely true but are they just the best team in baseball -- -- WE yeah.

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