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Reacting to Chris Broussard's comments on Jason Collins

Apr 30, 2013|

Mut and Merloni discuss Chris Broussard's comments on Jason Collins' coming out and announcing he is gay.

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It's possible. I'm going to. It would do. All the time. Although this. They'll tell us come. And I took great. You know. -- Or net or lose. Which in. Canada anymore. Because that's all -- -- He heard Paul Pierce and Doc Rivers talked about -- a case appears former teammate. Case the -- former player. Jason Collins announcing yesterday through Sports Illustrated that. He is gay and that he is going to try to play basketball again this year and the response nationwide has been what you want it to be. A combination of congratulating. Jason Collins on coming out having the bravery courage to make this announcement. And a combination of who -- And I think it's up what we'll get to a B. Position where where someone announces this or someone has known is -- athlete or a singer or a lot of cases that we're already there when it comes and stable world. And who cares it is what it is that their life they choose it just. In athletics whatever reason that was what the last. Area where you said you know someone not want to come out because of their teammates and teams and fans and normalcy. But that's what I saw -- as yesterday was we -- off the air it was great for Jason Collins. And who cares. Those of the two major responses but I heard. Yet and I think a lot of people followed up with. -- to be fair. Don't tell people kind of how to act or how to react you know and yesterday talking about it -- mic points in. This is how I would you know and actually actually called Butler back later on last night in just asked him an incidental that. You in the reaction -- was positive. As it was there anyone. They came -- instead you know listen I've known for a long time but this is typical former -- acceptance functional. More comfortable -- CO or. You had that -- -- another athlete may be is uncomfortable with that is there and asked is there the locker of aspect yet is actually yep is there -- right way. For a guy to handle that just come tunes it listen I'm gonna work at about lonely you know woman comfortable that none -- -- I respect his teammate but I'd. Does the way I was brought up or whatever it is my religion. You name it estimate there's a right way that he might accept dented luckily. He never experience that of anybody. Go to home. You're like come known for a long time benevolent trouble that's me some time be patient and I'm just trying to figure relative. There's a way for teammate the play with them in and expressed that that might be accepted. And you know I don't know I don't know if there is bucks never experienced that and I think that's a good thing. Well and for Jason Collins. For the most part was positive and then I -- at this is positive or negative ball -- starts at yesterday's being taken. As a negative from the folks that he works for ESPN now as a background Chris Broussard was brought on. Outside the lines and he was asked and the person must know what the answer is going to be talk about this on stuff off the air. He was asked about it his beliefs and what Jason Collins cannot announced yesterday. Personally I don't believe day you can live. And openly homosexual lifestyle or. And openly pre what you like premarital sex between heterosexuals. If -- openly living that type of livestock. Then the Bible says you know the body of fruits. It says it you don't that's a thin and if -- openly living in on repentance then whatever it may be not just homosexuality. Adultery. Fornication premarital sex with a -- says whenever it may be. I believe that's walking the Oprah rebellion. So god and to Jesus Christ so I would not characterize that person as a Christian because I don't think the Bible would characterize some of the -- That was restarted yesterday. On outside the lines he was asked that question. And he has come forward and again a four years second he's already come forward and kind of reset what he had to say. NE SP ended the same thing. After he went out and you -- Chris Broussard say that being gazans like an open rebellion to god. ESPN released the following statement late last night we regret the respectful discussion. A personal viewpoints became a distraction from today's news ESPN's fully committed to diversity welcome Jason columns announcement. Early this morning 1233 Christmas on his own statement that an outside the lines part of a larger. Wide ranging discussion on today's news I offer my personal opinion as it relates to christianity. A point of view that I've expressed publicly before. I realize that some people disagree with my opinion I accept the respect that. As has been the case in the past my beliefs have not and will not impact my ability to report on the NBA. -- -- Jason Collins displayed bravery with this announcement today and I have no objection to him or anyone else playing in the NBA. Jason Collins responded to and -- I'm a Christian because you -- Chris Broussard -- not I don't believe he can be a Christian with those beliefs. He's come out Jason Collins has said I'm a Christian a lot of people said. Christmas -- gonna get fired. First comments. And I hope that's not the case. Because Chris Broussard was brought onto a -- to give his opinion. And you might not agree with that and allowed it might not agree with Chris restarts comments but. You know. We gonna get to the point where Chris Broussard give schism is a feeling on religion. And now is religion might affect in his view -- somebody in how we felt about something yesterday that's gonna cost him his job. What's tough. That's tough eucharist restarted he put that spot by ESP and say hey -- you feel are out today people are saying Chris you know Richard -- agree I don't I hope I don't -- I. I don't agree with what he said. Okay. Put in this country. You have people different beliefs will there be political beliefs whether it be religious beliefs that are born a certain -- way. Through their parents through with everything studying religion whatever it might be. Everyone has -- -- -- their own opinion. And I understand that at least you know growing up in certain ways you get older that's just the way you think. So yeah I think his right to see what he believes. I don't agree with him. At all but that's okay. So Chris Broussard -- gave his opinion. Gonna get fired or not. I hope to get suspended either because it was a discussion of how he feels -- wasn't saying it is an NBA writer. Jason Collins shouldn't be in the NBA age and play in the NBA and -- other players. Are gonna be in -- an outcast he did say. Bruce. And certain things but he also made sure not to not to say it's homosexuality. He said heterosexual Ronnie said sex out of marriage. And just gave his take on on. The Christian clearly go straight to -- Straight. To hell they -- neighbors -- this Christmas are saying very nosy merit. -- Merrill says this is merit. Well. Every premarital sex. -- think -- line. Premarital sex and I only want to -- is that right -- you're in a position where. You don't call on -- -- and wonder and -- you know what his Steelers look to say ticket you know who premarital sex as well. You know is a -- -- -- was deliverance and make. Again that's this is his belief. He doesn't echo what I believe in but at the same point mrs. Loved the for people our world a different beliefs yet the respect that any voice his opinion. Now. As the gay community offended by what he said I'm sure there are some. You know -- there are some. Hits keep mine it's one man's opinion yeah I did. We talk about tolerance and Indians he talked about this'll date and they get it to hold different religious discussion and a opt out of really don't wanna go their today. But I do think that I want people left tolerance and -- tolerance for Chris Broussard police on this. Like most of you might not agree but got a call for aspiring your culprit be suspended because he gave his opinion. On his religion and how -- impact -- Jason Collins announced yesterday. I don't think that's right thank you gotta be tolerant of all beliefs you're gonna be tolerant for people's sexuality which I think you should be. And they should bush ever right to feel and choose and believe whatever they want. But I hope ESPN doesn't decide that hey Chris like your MBA work but. The brought you ought to give your opinion on the show wouldn't we don't want ESPN's brand be affected by your opinions though you've got to go. And look you're talking to somebody is out of Chris Broussard without a couple times. One time he was all of us and was packing EDS and speakerphone as the orbit that at his hotel room Mika barely you're the guy on the Taj Tony ESPN ego. This -- breaking down the MBA. But I think he should be allowed to give your opinion and I hope were tolerant of his opinion even if we don't agree with it that's my hope when it comes -- this. Same thing with Mike Wallace makes a dumb joke on Twitter yesterday. -- dolphins have to apologize Mike Wallace and all these beautiful girls in the world and and year attracted to guys. Yet how to shake my head there at the end. But that's just him make an adult opinion dumb joke. You ought to do that big a big dumb comments every hour on the hour from ten to two year. It is a thing you might come back in and Bulger isn't certain way but I don't think he thinks it's dumb. His religion. -- beliefs. Doesn't mean everybody has -- believing that or agree with that. 6177797937. AT&T to excellent 37. Nine B 37 Mike in New Hampshire wait patiently thought on Claude Julien and the Bruins -- Mike. They have gone back to a great show as always thanks -- -- -- -- call the kind of calm down a little bit directly called enough but. It's it's really frustrating to me the Bruins fan when I can keep your -- argument. That the only reasonable ones in the cup what become the Tim thomas'. -- and you know but the mere -- Ari -- back. In the cup playoffs are different animal than any other sport and you go back. A number of years. Every great team that won a Stanley Cup. Had that incredible article whether that goalie is a mainstream guy or someone like. John Sebastian -- here for the box to get caught -- fire and I just think people up. To realize that -- one team while yet Thomas was. Apple incredible I had the Stephen we'll probably never forget that there was a lot of other things that happened over the year and through that Ron. That had to go perfectly right you know for them to win the cup. Yeah I just think when -- -- it -- I don't want take the credit away from Claude but if -- rank -- Mormon impact. I I just like its Thomas and that's not to discredit Claude -- I just think that. Not any coach but a majority coaches worth their salt if Tim Thomas played the way he played made some of the saves that he made against a pretty good. -- -- -- -- -- -- That they when the thing anyway I think that's what some people are saying about -- and I agree you don't wanna. Undermined his abilities to coach but I I. For me as a fan I just think of Tim Thomas for anybody else during that Ron to what I like you -- load coming in maybe this playoffs it's. Crazy to think that maybe it's time is up at the I I think. You have to get my I actually in -- corner on that I mean I've never you know walk you know that the -- season this year I think we've got to get one more year arm and you know it again this. It's in the cup playoffs are just such a different animal I mean if you go back and watch every game and entrapment I watched every game on number cards in and Tim Thomas BP is out the top of the list you know Bob Julie he's about anyone out but I mean you look at how many little things capital correctly. I mean it's important game seven goal against the comedians. Happy go walk the reflection off the Canadians died in front of a -- you know -- in the top pocket go away at it that doesn't go in Julien fired after that sees itself. My point is it. So many things happen bounce your way for things that you to win the cup it's it is different than any other sport and I just think I think Julian. Deserved this year I think you'll get it here I don't think there's any way to firemen. From there on community to figure out you know the first round and they have this sort of -- -- here but I definitely think it a Bible out conversation but. Going into the ride I don't believe that. And I think he's back no matter what I -- and appreciate the people call -- next year different story they start the year three in ten. Formal somewhere in that mix. That you shake it up but because of 48 game season that's where I have a a tough time saying that Claude -- should be judged on what happens after a shortened season. When he had a bunch of injuries during the year I I'm 35. Never married but -- in everything I can hope god can understand. -- 35. Younger and are not -- wasn't for me go from -- -- the -- Tony since it had a it. 6177797937. Assault and -- 2 o'clock or your phone calls and he got the announcement not a surprise but John Ferrell went on MLB radio today. And announced yell Joel Hanrahan is going to be activated the and activated the closer to set -- guy -- that it is welcome.

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