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Greg Wyshynski, Yahoo! Sports, on the Bruins Leafs series

Apr 30, 2013|

Puck Daddy joins Mut and Merloni to discuss all things hockey including the upcoming series between the Bruins and Leafs, Claude Julien's job security, and the NHL Playoffs.

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Final hour model or not -- 37 WEE Al continue with more your calls. Mixing in the -- conversation the Bruins Maple Leafs series begins tomorrow night NHL Stanley Cup finals. Begin tonight if you're not checking out the up puck daddy blogging Yahoo! Sports dot com every day in the post season. Just a serious problems and up puck daddy Greg -- he joins us on the eighteenth the hot line. It's hard to be critical anything NHL Greg when -- league sends out. Stanley Cup cup -- the -- of the playoffs start. You know he I was on the fence about it. And then about fifteen minutes before we start a conversation Eric and knock on my door to a lot of work from home. And -- date a coffin sized. Box built with in the cup cup particularly her right now. They sent them to your house directly. Yeah awful -- a pop up all -- No question -- -- a degree at outlets reported off and he he he I -- give us your your thoughts on this series hear the Bruins struggling down the stretch but I think it's a matchup thought people wanted. But it probably more to do with the Bruins played -- what they're really seeing in Toronto where your thoughts. Yeah I think you're I mean I don't think -- that the matchup that he put into Ronald wanted to be out here I think you know anyone that rivalry matchup with Montreal. India I think they know that with the Bruins come a lot of off the face ancillary. Monday morning quarter backing of trade gunfire -- the and Marty -- I mean we're soaked up over you to meet with the media yesterday in Colorado addicted indication that this series and -- Involve a lot of stuff off the 8 o'clock on the ice but it's that they took the -- -- the thing you know that we knew. -- era and you're able to have to trot out at Bergeron her chart like that the couple line when you seal the chiefs finally kind of finding its snarl at the end that is an. Entering this series against Asia amid -- club that I think you know physically you know -- the Bruins can match up well and I didn't get -- about life in the series the growth. The Maple Leafs. I think maybe they think this was kind of a transition year Greg was this supposed to BA playoff year where. -- they got a five seed and at some level maybe feel good about their chances against the Bruins. I don't feel good about the seat and I mean you know tracking back the beginning the year that are members Brian Burke didn't buy it. -- -- -- stated over Rick Carlisle its first full year job. I think they had to be happy with some of the development of the team you're -- Cotchery promote the he's one of the better against certainly you really -- off the end. -- bring great. Paula how he's been great every respect a great forum they've they've discovered something about this roster a roster by the limits again point -- -- Brian Burke. You know put together. I think our our -- gonna -- out of the bill maligned -- -- it via by. In -- -- probably not but that's what happens when you -- all the like into primer down the stretch. I'm making the team a little bit better that it probably is and making their coach with what it's like a smarter Melanie probably. -- our noses of the long season is tiring for a lot of teams that think mentally -- You know I'd I'd like to sit there and believe in this Bruins team against this and believe it's a good matchup but what I saw down the stretch from the team. -- an opportunity ticket division last couple nights and just not able to do it. Not even resting guys going for. It just it seems to me that there's just something missing but can you say that about a lot of teams going to post season right now because of the shortened season. Sure and then they're number they're the number team that kind of backed away in a mean Eastern Conference itself I only got settled in the last week that she's been the Western Conference that's -- the last. Pretty much -- -- he's as well so. All the team that went into the these playoffs you know completely on fire I think here. Looking left and on paper it really -- stretched. It realistically -- down the stretch over in the east. I'm watching capital certainly feel their deal to Oakland Activision but overall I think a lot of teams. Kind of stumble and bumble their way into the playoffs and then you know open to regain form. It's interesting because here Boston there there was a time when there are these thank you -- chance -- knew we get those again. During this playoff series but the guy has got to Toronto and be in a scoring machine was again in that the -- the league in scoring. Has that Toronto fan base bawdy and because -- because the clouds system and they're so defensively mine everyone's like yeah I get rid of them. You get Sagan and move on -- -- Toronto fan base Greg with the castle. Yeah I think I mean I think ought to make a tree there are under time and well which -- would if you want to come back the way that it cannot be in the -- pick out forum but. Toronto and let the strained relationship and you know I think it's scapegoat -- -- when the offense is working what you studied very. Militant. Backing up there at that point out the stats and go into the number in. And try to repeal the guys be where he'll be that the players in the league. The media out there are some time. A lot over that fact in and start talking about. The necessity of treating count full and and what you get back for that kind of thing but if you if you look at that number could impact no question he's. One of the bat are written here itself up there is that -- typically -- that for them when they against the Bruins because. Well I -- for a lot. Greg gut -- and been you know this is his sixth season and if they happen to lose in this first round at the end of it. Are we discussing his future here in Boston. Let's stop Leander are up but the delicate effort Lola Lola -- hit it into. Is it that. We didn't get exactly what I don't think is critical that we give we give that credit to Tim Thomas I think. -- course now in the -- Put reliant they would not allow it to fatigue that you via post mortem on. Perhaps he's gonna be considering is number debate in the congress two years ago -- and not White -- here though he he would be with via Skype Altman a tightly in the opening he's an -- by. While -- I mean you know I know it's always kind of been -- Haywood and sometimes. If they if they happen to lose in the first round. And like he says -- into the does that play out well but in the feet and -- and that he's in trouble -- order of harbinger of things economy agriculture the shelf life -- you think you ought to erupt practicing their feet and and then think it would create reevaluated by Ambac and -- can be in trouble even if they lose the first round here. Oh when will it change your mind at all if and -- brought this up early on -- your camp like it's rough to bring up the idea Greg that claw would get fired in any way shape or form but -- brings up -- point where. The roster is pretty locked in Nathan Morton's on restricted yummy joggers and restricted you gonna lose it open as the backup goaltender. A lot of these guys are going to be back would that change repeated all of you knew that these guys were. Probably I'll surely makes major wholesale changes if they flop on the first round -- back is a group next year. I'm not -- bit -- -- up in the first round of the the first domino that'll all be looking at the roster they can't the coach but he if they if they come back with the the same group I mean sometimes it's beneficial they came back with the same group that the cup here. And after a kind of a slow start really got low and it become at the same group and you heard the question is whether or not. He good. A necessary change the -- into conversation behind the bench in the room coming from the coach or is this guy a note fifteen well enough. Where you know changing a coach. Might be actually detrimental that he I don't know -- -- -- -- -- especially when you have that you know Procter and we'll have that going forward that's one thing. You know you mentioned Tuukka Rask and goaltending -- a one year deal kind of show -- confidence in himself. The a lot of people that cover this team expected that maybe there was going to be an extension at some point during the year. Didn't happen how much money at stake right now during this post season you believe for two grass does -- play out. Well millions upon millions and an expression that you said because of the rest the opening situation of the Bruins -- -- attaching to note he's. The best option available I think -- note that. Going into a summer where you're you're you're gonna happen -- kick in the higher than -- you could really -- Potentially. You know it's limited tactical combat in the the problem is that. There aren't a whole lot of teams that will be what you -- leadership committed that they went and you're gonna probably have a guy like Ryan Miller available to. That you you have to Ryan Miller -- -- about the reliability and not treat form. So you know the force -- play out the things that are really. Either have a huge effect that the contract. But it would be Campbell -- that -- hadn't decided and Aiken and it'll be out by. We look at that those couple deals out there you go with six and 36 and thirty eights to compare few guys isn't. Is in that range I mean if he if he -- -- doesn't play well or he plays well. And they lose -- first round is that the kind of money we're talking. Ought to kind of money he'd be up for it it's a matter of flow whether that's the kind of money in the kind of -- commitment they're looking for revolt under any kind of I don't typically know. What you really think about one point long term politically or what long term would you permit I don't expect that there's got -- contract great but. We go to the factors in the the play and enacting the the length of the Bruins and the play out the critical long way to determine exactly how the YouTube about -- skipper as a typical center for going forward and you know we've. We don't public that the policy in and out of corrupt because it looked into the same thing. A book the folks -- bottle listed their Stanley Cup odds and the -- when he went out knowing what's gonna happen with Sidney Crosby are prohibitive favorite -- -- but to win the whole thing at seven to two. Do you believe that even across because not come back they should be that sort of favorite in a tournament that is you know. Can be pretty wide opening get a lot of upsets including 81 upsets all the time. Extra inning and then if nothing else that he has proven because top security with a yeah. Peace in the elders in the play out in the double in the flyers looking at right so. I think the play out might remember to visit there in a playoff. I think the -- they're gonna beat that. Montreal I think that. The sharks are gonna beat Vancouver. To go to look for. There by the fires payment these are the paper there's there's two factors that kind of in the back -- -- happy wondering. What they're gonna and that being the first is that they'll pout that it really -- by Pat -- here -- -- ought to start in the dropped their. Figure out what he -- He's getting help he went into the season and civic group that kind of kept them afloat. And in the top of the conference all the sudden there's an infusion of different -- they're playing difficult it is actually enacting a -- a clunky transitions sometimes. But I don't think mark under -- bit last year acquired. And and although we've got to -- -- that credit I don't think anyone look at that -- says yes and figure out doc -- this is the that we can get a seven strong start in the series and that any time when he blow up an -- and it comes down to whether or not to let them without folk who. Or or or whether -- kind of I could play -- where these things. And a lot of people -- the -- him to commence the two young agent and playing and and shown the composure to play at this level. But the reality is so far wrecking his very impressive the reality is probably going to be healthy scratch tomorrow. Is it one of these things impressive rookie maybe not ready for -- to think he's just gonna watch a game -- tuna playoffs -- borders to see what it's like. And it's never a bad thing in the they can't read -- shotgun for a while it's in the playoffs Q&A never a bad thing -- -- the back of the so it is a little bit before it doesn't does the complete chaos of and a couple of up and into it -- you know he he started out really really strong tail off the it will look you -- and shortened season. I would funny people that didn't exactly appreciate the over hyped coming from some circled AKQ you're gonna require every time -- Hamilton looked on the ice. You're grasping and that's understandable I don't think anybody figure that the bad at all and -- -- You know in comparison the competition earlier this season I think it just the maturation of the young player they don't they're looking to -- boxes are very long time. Greg be gone officially on record bowl east and west -- Stanley Cup finals prediction. Oh officially it will be on the blog later today and I'm willing to release six spoiler I hear on the program -- -- -- Chicago Blackhawks and that electability -- into the back in the NHL. The bottom of their mind either cup team with the start playing -- -- they are with the -- anything competent with a really good collection -- for their roster that impressed me in the -- I'm kind of going a little bit off the off the bat the Rangers come into the -- At the team playing really good -- get the right time especially Brad Richards who's been a -- provoked this season. Even more than what cricket player has left circle game and if you get go and play out the vote remarkably better offensive team in the committed in the playoffs so I -- up the capital -- and amenity -- combatant eat before being in the band now. If -- thinking -- well it's not so. Richard -- the -- -- -- that is but in the cup final glare -- I gotta go with the Blackhawks during black -- the economic class that we and that will be quick thing. The holy Grail of -- You know well. They can check out all the awards finalists in all the previews in time for games across the league tonight. At the Yahoo! while blog puck daddy great stuff as always Greg -- the playoffs we'll talk decent. Greg should you joining us on the eighteenth the outline at the AT&T forgy LTE was speeds. But the ten times faster three GT AT&T. Rethink possible on 92 break we'll continue with your phone call 6177797937. Detects this. On the AT&T text line 379. B 37 got to do with salt and -- Europe's portrait.

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