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Jeff Van Gundy of ESPN on Jason Collins and the NBA playoffs

Apr 30, 2013|

Jeff Van Gundy told the guys that his only priority as coach is to maximize the teams wins, he would not care if he had a gay player so long as he helped the team. Jeff added that he thinks the Heat run will not be as easy as most people think and that Reggie Jackson has been great filling in for the injured Russell Westbrook for the Thunder.

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The final hour Dennis and Callahan giveaway a couple of -- up playoff tickets for tomorrow night's game one at the garden like -- yesterday Gerri that a -- -- Gotti was going to be joining us again very very please -- time -- -- -- my question. Provide money the best NBA analyst in the business Jeff Van -- joins us on the AT&T hotline good morning Jeff how are yet. I don't we're doing great -- a great you know I'm sure of the years of anxiety. That Jason Collins experienced waiting for this today or yesterday to come about. Not certainly had to lose some sleep even said that in the in the piece but based on. What appears to be near unanimous support by players in the league get almost everybody you think it could have gone any better than Jason Collins had a goal forum yesterday. Well I I think anybody expected different I expected every. A player to publicly support them. Certainly. The league to support him and I think that the question that remains is. Privately when you get behind locker room locker room doors. Or they're in their rooms on the hotel in the hotels. What do they say -- Because. Everyone's aware player wise that. We do what like Mike Wallace said yesterday. It's sizzling there's going to be major repercussions and so. But don't think that some although some players don't have those similar spots. But just while publicly expressed them is a bit naive so I think. If columns is on the roster next year. I think the public support will always be there privately. I think there'll still be some. Ignorant to this situation. Would you want them if you're coach I know an owner will probably have no objections -- general manager. Doesn't a coach whether it's a basketball coach like you were a football coach would be look at Tim Tebow. Don't they just want -- minimize distractions don't they wanted to just focus on on on the game. What they wanna maximize went. Every coach that's that's the sole goal -- If that player. Can't help you maximize when it is. So be it now. But in a big issue whether Colin. -- signed next year or. If he's not. Side is gonna have nothing to do a bit of sexual orientation. And everything to do it is diminishing. Actually killed and let -- he is a marginal NBA player right now at -- and so. -- distraction part that and it if you're good. In today's media Twitter and all that you're gonna have distraction. You know just like LeBron James brought distractions -- But what you don't want is that people like being where I am not quite a lot. Ended. You know creating. Those people. Know it is donating -- -- but he created the you know dilemmas that seemed to never end for the jets. Eight if if you're coaching. I was wonder this one when you do in the game and Carmel Carmel at these planned gaming drives me nuts this with the isolation with the with the hero shots is Doc Rivers calls and would you -- if your coach and is that what you would want the knicks to do with the ball would you want that in the Carmelo and let him just create -- -- offense. Or is it just the matter of the Celtics don't have a good gotta match up with them. Well I think. That's what Anthony -- that's that's what he's best that it's. Of creating. One on one opportunities. Aware he's very difficult to guard and I think. Out of those isolation or post up. He has gotten better each year at the end more willing to pass. And then also putting the ball more on target. And I think this year. What -- what should they executed their seat and was putting Carmelo Anthony yet cutlery and the -- or. After he played almost his entire career at three. Around the and then went 33 point shooters which gave them more room to operate and it also. Went skiing. Did decide to double team like the Celtics hitting gained three. That. He could hurt the double teams because of all the three point shooting on the floor. What -- quite a three -- dot art when he was healthy and Tyson Chandler. Those were in effect that line. You know Jeff Red Sox cowboy Kevlar back in 2004 with the yellow Red Sox down three games to one of the yankees' pregame walking around tell the Yankees don't let us win tonight. The some applied to the Celtics tomorrow night with New York. Well I think a little bit different. It's so incredibly important baseball you guys know and the -- such you know some great pitching. -- -- -- That. In -- Celtics. Are they going to be finding not all that. Over the next three games to legitimately. Put pressure on New York certainly big waiting game five. You know anything becomes possible because they get after what you want all. The ultimate game seven. But. I'd just like she does that their -- struggles. Are so dramatic without -- though. That it's difficult. To create. Quality opportunities. In the half court and I think. It will be even more so on the road now and I think it's been overlooked is. But first -- of the -- in New York. It was great you know so many people been focusing on. What was wrong in the second half and I think talent issue -- don't have enough offensive talent. With a lot of Rondo and Ray Allen from last year but. If they can stay in a faster paced game like bacon. You know get that flawed and -- advance that attack before -- -- ethernet it's set. That we've seen how effective Jeff Green can be and that type of game you're looking at imperial threes. I I didn't think they -- the wayward eight. And -- and energy. And -- they can do that their parents. Should be able to limit New York -- still excellent defense team. Jeff for the -- going to play even a game six. In the Eastern Conference playoffs. Well again I think last year -- -- one would have predicted that Indiana would've pushed. Miami this -- no one pushed or thought that Boston. Would have pushed Miami. -- just seven and haven't had chance to win it in sick so. I can't tell you the team that will do it but I think they will play games six I think yeah I do I think someone wolf. You know play well enough. To win two games against somebody it's really hard to imagine. Someone in Eastern Conference. Really achieve -- To where. He. Absence nearly disqualify them from getting to the finals in your mind yeah. I'm not sure disqualifies them from getting to the finals but I I just don't see. If they did make the final how they. Would be Miami and -- I to think Miami is. Really good and probably would have been a heavy favorite anyway you know they've beaten Oklahoma City six straight times. You know last year the final four in the finals and and slept in in the regular season this year still. You know just -- -- you know -- it's unfortunate not to you know Granger from Indiana rose from. Chicago. And I -- could've put. You know pressure on the eat and eat it in Westbrook injury. Takes away the biggest challenger in the last so. I just don't see Miami being challenged that strongly to wrestle it. -- if if you're running -- lakers what would you do with Dwight Howard. You know I'd pay them money. And I'd worry every day. That I -- you know that. This guy for whatever reason. Always seems to do now is apologize. And they never change. And he seems like he's lost his way. He is listening to the wrong people. And you know you would you'd have to pay it because of the immense talent that he is. But. You be worried every day that. He is never going to totally get it again. And you look at the Celtics and see any future at all. We're sure you know the -- are proud proud franchise that. Went through a long rebuild. Struck gold in betrayed score Allen and Garnett. And now. You know they're going through the natural evolution of the NBA you'd get old and you get hurt and you're gonna struggle and they have immense challenges in front of them list. How to upgrade the roster has Garnett and pierce. Get older. What they're gonna do to manage that but the one that I love it and and I think that Celtics fans should take great pride in his. Celtics ownership is. Serious about winning and you can't say that about every ownership group in every sport. But the Celtics ownership group is serious about anything and so. They will get the -- sources. And the direction. And then Danny -- Because of the support of ownership. Of will be very aggressive in reshaping his roster like he did with. With the you know Celtics last and they were in that long rebuild. And so I expect him to be you know good I do I think they'll only be of rebuilding process again. And they're gonna have to certainly. Upgrade their roster they're gonna place for it but. You know the Celtics. The organization of great pride. Clearly they have great plans for Jeff Green -- hope he's part of that rebuilding process Jeff do you have any theory as to Jeff Koreans. Wildly inconsistent performances some nights he looks like a world beater some -- he looks like he's not even interested. Police not naturally. And an aggressive sort of and I think Doc Rivers to -- a remarkable job in prodding him. Could be aggressive offensively. Every night but when you're dealing with the guys who that just is in his nature. It is a challenge to try to bring them out every night. Jeff Greene has terrific versatility. He's got a good sides. The skill level is there. And the mind set yet to bring to the game is one where he expects to be a dominant performer. Every night. And I think docket and a great job in trying to bring that out of them. Assuming that Westbrook doesn't come back Jeff do you see -- -- in and I understand the spurs -- the favorites do you see the possibility of a clippers -- -- the Golden State may be sneaking their way to the finals and that's somewhat down in Europe there. Well -- certainly. Memphis and the clippers at the poor five who would have Oklahoma City next if they advanced past Houston. I'm sure. The day that the it was revealed. Their eyes brightened even more this opportunity. To. Most likely have a great chance of advancing. The Western Conference finals. And I think dispersed probably had that same leg -- -- last year they lost to Oklahoma City and Westbrook and Harden were both there. And it was still a terrific series so they have to -- You know much better about their chances as well so I think it is wide open. In the Western Conference but I also think that Kevin Durant is such a special player. And I've liked what I've seen him Reggie Jackson from Boston College. That I think -- to have a chance of what do you know west I just think. Their chances of winning at all have been really diminished by the loss of pardon and now about a lot of -- Major battle all the wonder last. To return to the bench exists but if it does does it increase when the playoff excitement rolls around for you. Why I think if you ever competed in the NBA. As a player as a coach -- in management certainly. The playoffs. Oh where you miss it tomorrow and I don't think anybody misses. That's for a fourth game five nights. Where you don't even know what hotel you're you're on a given night but the playoffs. It's really hard to replace the competition. And the camaraderie. That occurred during that time of the year and so yeah I think every coach that ever coached misses it. Right now. And and you look at Mark Jackson and you say you can be done about it Germany did right. How great is he doing out there black guy had you know he. They play with that same confidence level and that he used to play yet and he coaches would. They are a team who frankly I think they're pretty good but they're worried. Far above what. I think they should be doing and that's been a great series to watch I think it's been by far the most entertaining series. In the first round and you know that last win. It's going to be a challenge but it's been quite a series so far. What would happen of the plan. To put you in your brother together -- brain that that that'll that out because of what -- said. Well. You know today there was eighty. I think -- and I think it's been well documented. You know vote. Let's just say I don't think. Christmas cards are being exchanged. You know yeah it's. And it's too bad. And yet but it will eat -- he had watched it on NBC sports security technology in use very good. And and EST Agnes. I'd really really enjoyed working about. -- URB ads coming policies. I think they're pretty much. Collapsed and then. It's. Like new year and I can't believe how these actors. How good they are because I'm asked to say one and it takes about seven hours. For the producer to say OK that's acceptable. I can't imagine. These guys should make movies like. You know they had my county he'll be -- gone with the wind. Jeff Van Gundy always a pleasure talking hoops with the appreciate the time enjoy the rest of the playoffs. All right take care -- Jeff Van Gundy would doesn't -- -- the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE was speeds up to ten times back to the three GAT and T. -- -- -- sort of agree with Kenyon Martin that we're going funeral they're going funeral tomorrow. Does that feel. Completely utterly totally hopeless on the news as all of us -- why not. -- -- completely honest I just don't think that the knicks can do is many things wrong and they've done at the did last game the Celtics had to go over to another good one bad quarter. Every -- or one -- quarter or half and and you know Camilla -- shoot ten for 35. I'm pretty sure yes that is going to play yeah -- can read and he's an excellent with a vengeance is gonna be well rested. These are bad bad signs. For the Boston Celtics who were eight point. Underdog on nine up more your phone calls next would be NC.

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