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Barry Pederson of NESN predicts a deep playoff run for the Bruins

Apr 30, 2013|

Barry Pederson joined John and Gerry to preview the Stanley Cup playoffs. Barry said the best team in the East remains the Penguins but he sees the Bruins reaching the Conference Finals.

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Joining us AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE was speeds up to ten times faster than three GAT and T -- possible. Our friend Barry -- already very -- Well guys -- you don't very very good are -- believer in switches can be flipped at a moment's notice even when you've only won two out of your last night hockey games well. We kind of had a little -- the producer after our Sherlock show was -- to make the tips they like a good looking on the desk. How are not enough production that I couldn't find via a light switch and I was hoping to build offline it's somewhere along the line. That is going to be the key they just did not play very good hockey down the stretch they didn't play the way. You would expect a broad scheme to attack except back it looked tired. That's been the problem is we've been talking about all year long around the league but boy you really hope they get their game straightened out here. And make the biggest fear going in at the Bruins -- you just don't know what to expect. And offensively challenged to be sure of the eight teams to make it in the east only the Rangers and the senators scored fewer goals than the Bruins did at 131. Of the question areas ten to this prowess in net. Offset the lack of scoring power. Yes I think this is going to be obviously a very important playoffs for -- opportunity -- -- you know by most candidate that you had a very good season. I think you'll be one of the finalist for the president. He did not get enough support especially through the power play scoring on the offense side. I expect him to bruised and have a little bit of advantage. Over Toronto in the goal tending department which is one of the reasons we are doing. Our previews for the playoffs and with the Bruins would match up well against. I thought the -- to do much better on a matchup basis with Ronald when the islanders vs the Rangers. And auto lot. So I think now is the coach sit down and comes up. What is planned. The thing that I don't -- hopefully we won't see what we saw last year against Washington. Which was. A team that to me. Came out and was trying to. Played too defensively against -- vet can for example. Hunter kind of figure that out the coach and he cut its okay you're gonna match up. Your top guys against the -- get a -- play all of that compartment trying to beat you with a third and fourth line which he did. The Bruins when they're successful. They attack they come actually waves before check that put pressure on your defense they have turnovers they're physical they're intense. Then they go to the dirty areas that's where once it. Do you what do you think of the match up very obviously we know than Toronto Maple Leafs are and don't have a very. A great history there like the Chicago Cubs have been in the playoffs like twice the last eighty years. But they're pretty the other pretty happy to be that is a big big deal for them is this. A good match up for the Bruins or is it as -- is this preferable as this Richard wanted to say. This is one of the ones Jerry wanted to see I think because we always say be careful what you wish for you just might get it. And you know you get Randy Carlyle lot of credit I think he's been a great job this talking club with so much. More difficult team to play against than it has in the past. I think before Brian Burke got let go up in the Toronto he brought it a lot more -- physical presence. There are tougher team he ready Carlisle is really I think worked hard to try to get them to be more responsible accountable away from the proximate to -- the Bruins play. I think the Bruins have the advantage in goal drivers have a good season I think Rask has done a better job. The Bruins in order to win this series -- can -- have to be remarkably disciplined. And find that fine line or use Marshall and as an example we always talk about which is. I need you to be physical I need to be intense and I need to stay out apparently blocks because we have to make a five on five game to get the specialty teams. Police -- the advantage of the power play department over the Bruins but it's five on five I give the advantage to the Bruins. Is it an oversimplification. Buried just say stop -- and you stop Toronto and if that's the case is Charlie -- that. -- I think it is a little bit a little over simplification because they now they're -- I mean they got -- van riemsdyk and a couple of others that score goal however. He is a very important player and -- key guys there will be Charlie could also be Seidenberg. If bigoted. Kind of go after -- -- way. So far obviously the stats speak for themselves Phillip had a tremendous offensive. -- -- except what he played the world that is one reason for about its chart here is that good defensively he gives you know space. You know -- do you commute to use your golf analogy -- like standing on the first beat. You try to get into somebody's kitchen a little bit to rattle some pots and pans and get an edge look sharks got that -- Do you why they tire barrier ever everyone says that it's obvious. I know it was a short season but it was a short season for everyone why the Bruins look what they looked more tired and other teams. I don't think they do look Mort are there aren't teams jury that when you look around you look at the previews but a lot of top teams. That are out there that are looking. To try and find that light switch as well they've struggled it's been a long season the Bruins down the stretch. -- the last two weeks that that we all -- -- and -- you guys did a tremendous job by the way of for the community here you really get a good job it's going through all that didn't I don't give us news and allowing an event. And then the healing process of thank you for that but you with those three games being moved because of the storm into because of America -- tragedy. That made six game -- night that was when you look at the schedule in March the Bruins have played. Seventeen games it's OK just get to the end hang in there and ability gets a rest worthy of the season that didn't occur. The Bruins are also physical game team when they're playing a game that kind of wears you down -- doesn't allow you to. I'm gonna get that rest that you need to ought to get -- a problem only for the Bruins put throughout the league. What's more troubling to you buried the anemic power play which have been living with for a couple of years now with a suddenly -- struggling PK of last couple weekends which which might be more damning if that if it doesn't -- around. Penalty kill it yeah when you look at the last two Stanley Cup winners from the Bruins 2011. And LA last year. Both teams had anemic anemic power play but their penalty killing was by far the best. And you come playoff time is left power play opportunities. It's a situation where your penalty killing in your goaltending. Because as we always know your goaltender issue number one penalty killer. The key there is that you don't give the other team any momentum and you make it five on five game -- with the Bruins and the kings. Who have won these last two cups or exceptional teams. Five on five on Iran to not the important part of that to me is a little bit concerning. I think all you can the Bruins can fix that easier than they can their power play because they've had a lot of they had a lot of success steadily coming up until the last few weeks. A very specifically what old Doug. 701. Titled the good ending for him does need to figure out I think -- we've all been very impressed with his offensive skill we knew that was going to be the case coming in. I've been very impressed with his knowledge of the game and also his. It is his position defensively he's got such good that the work that he's able to control of GAAP to do a good job. Only problem he has the same problem that we saw with such Tyler Sega when he came up is just. It's a young man against man and he's just not physically strong enough but as far as talent goes to hockey IQ he's right up there he's going to be yeah. A great player and I think that right point power play guy for years to come for him it's just going to be experience being able to deal with the pressure and also gonna probably be a little bit surprised. That he thinks right now but not National Hockey League this is fast paced. Well it's gonna get turned up another -- from playoff start. And that what if there one and done again it is the coach on the hot -- And I don't know the coaches on the hot seat but it could it could be -- to be a short leash -- -- mean to me this. This team right in here is. Is that it is pretty get the score is one of the best course the National Hockey League. There may have to be some changes you know regarding power play and so forth that. Maybe got to make some moves to do those types of things. Think a lot depends on Jerry how they play you know they play really well I'm going to stand on their head takes a serious problem that's one thing. But if you if you don't play very well. That could be a different question. At Toronto far and away -- leads the led the NHL and fighting majors and it was to play -- you don't see a lot of fights but are we gonna see some fights in the series. The idea Q well I think -- -- you look at it the northeast division does that does that become a top division there's a reason for that was because the Bruins the last couple years have controlled the division. Montreal went out got props from the Rangers this year to bring them to the -- Ronald beefed up Brian Burke we talked to a made those moves before hand on a lot of talking to play against now buffalo had a blog gets to. Some toughness. Was all for one reason because the Bruins have owned this division the last three years and people knew the north to compete. And try to get out your division you had to do with the Bruins were doing so I think it always seems to boil down to protect our league good goaltending intensity of the playoffs but again. There's that real five alarm that as and that interrogators at the top guy the guy don't want to go up there and play a certain way. You also realize that you can't put your do your team down. A man and -- only time in the playoff position is too important. At and very recent bad results aside from the scoreboard have you seen an occasional flash of brilliance of the last handful of games -- we saw a little bit more emotional little bit more -- Cali from the Bruins. Yeah I think you look at -- -- for that right it I think he's looked better the last two few games I think the big decision I think the coach is gonna have as his top six forward. -- going to be putting America's -- can create geometry together you march on with Bergeron. I I did have a feeling somewhere along the line you're gonna have to have -- -- up their two top six and I get to appear. Talked about when he brought me here to be a top six forward you -- Sagan. That you're gonna you know Orton should be back hopefully soon and the Bruins will be relatively healthy going into it. But if it is these look at me maybe not feeling a 100%. -- in the coach with maybe eight defensively with. It's a great she didn't teach you augur well that maybe put yarder with Bergeron -- obviously go on the best two way players in all of hockey. There and immediately taken back -- those type -- decisions that he's going over and he may not do that until maybe two game two or three just to -- -- go. All right final question Barry if that's not. Up Pittsburgh and Chicago for the cup who would it be you can't beat you the penguins of the Blackhawks. Like gut of them look at it might sheet that I did my I had Saint Louis. And Pittsburgh in the finals but if it's not the way I got a gut might upset. In the third and sixth I think the Rangers over Washington San Jose or Vancouver they worked their way through -- -- can't take Pittsburgh. I had bitten Boston in the conference final sort of take Saint Louis bought them I guess. Sounds good all begins tomorrow night a wrap up a notch or two and intensity look forward to -- -- we'll talk you down the road area -- I don't know what Barry Petersen Dennison Kelly on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE.

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