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Jason Collins comes out as gay

Apr 30, 2013|

John, Gerry and Kirk began the show discussing Jason Collins groundbreaking decision to come out as gay while still active in the NBA. The guys said that Jason Collins is the perfect athlete to be the first to come out as gay as he is well spoken and intelligent.

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If memory serves when Tim Tebow won his first playoff game vs Pittsburgh it was a huge story yet when Tim Tebow came to the New York Jets by -- -- 36. Camera showed up I think he had the front page and the back page yes a -- tablets for about a week an effort to correct. Tebow -- is white and and we go live John to the dentist. Some -- at eight. The dysfunctional jets -- empty -- to the curb he was relevant for about ten or fifteen minutes that was the enormity. Of the Jason Collins story he rendered Tim Tebow. Virtually on -- not true. The most amazing facto into the date to me but the same thing here espn.com. And more clicks on the Tebow story and on the Jackson calls. That's a big Tebow is a super Obama that doesn't surprise you know. People love Steve -- both shocked me. But it's not a big distorted thought coming -- that's the difference we saw the timetable thing coming we didn't see the chase vehicles not the big story but he he is the biggest. -- Brought on draw we'll find out comes here and and I do believe he's coming here and two leagues coming -- good I agree with the good for us the nfl.com. Dot com guy who made the list but the but the top. I agree all the reasons that list Michael -- reasons we've talked about. He makes it makes sense here in the top reason number one reasons a fearless coach Pete fearless coach and he's oblivious to the noise in the and the distraction and doesn't and one. A and entrenched superstar soon to be hall of fame quarterback that's not gonna be looking over her shoulder to be threatened whatsoever now. I'm not sure I can add are a whole lot more that's been said the last will not quite 24 hours about Jason Collins but I'm gonna try. And my -- effect under the guarantee. Jason Collins after probably his first good night's sleep and a long long time walk up this morning or will wake up this morning and say it. Whole macro that -- -- help a lot better. That I ever anticipated in all the years that I had anxiety and fear and trepidation about this particular day. The overwhelming that near unanimous support and love and adoration and praise and applause for Jason Collins I'm sure you're shocked him to the core. And and that's what he's waking up this morning saying I never thought it would be. I hate to use the word easy. Because that demeans. You know what it is he had to overcome what is he had to set aside and and be the first one in his words to raise his hand. But the reason it's worked is she's the right guy. He's the right guy for this. He is a Smart guy he's thoughtful guy he Stanford educated he's got a great family. And perhaps most importantly. He is a very very well respected team. Now I'm not sure that there wouldn't be some criticism but I doubt if -- big star did this was a freeagent -- well they'll take him. Some other team will take him because he's valuable this guy isn't that valuable anymore from -- evident there. Sure himself of a job next year if there was any doubt that he was going to be plan and a the year that doubt is gone so you think there's -- chance that somebody will take him on as a project just to it to to look good in the bigger picture vs somebody running away from -- -- 0%. Chance that Jason called remains unemployed zero David Stern you heard him this late in the in the stands there. Would never ever allowed if this is David Stern's last few months on the job next came on in February -- notably. In other that -- -- first half of the season you really believe that David Stern will allowed Jason caused remain on the street. I don't think so I think that our guys one. If you can help. Side. There's no means what you guys disagree you think he's going to be unless I played on the street and you didn't come out in bright -- up at some point -- -- disguised -- do in the NBA but I -- -- concerns and -- it down the general managers saying question signed a guy that I no doubt about it that's I -- is not in eating -- -- -- -- work it's spoken it's understood the -- mine BA got kind. Yes signed to -- got cut. You bet side the hero the cover boy menaces. And David Stern and -- of your awareness is a big progressive I mean he guys are you sure he's -- Ultra left wing guys right look at that donations given to -- You name Obama Clinton right now we Hugo Chavez I mean he's a lefty hook for the whole and it's. -- social issues are his thing this is his thing right now. He had. Would in the stands last night he saw grilled yet you have to look closely I was -- is giddy with excitement about being the first league. That that show and I -- -- -- a little meeting with the other commissioners he's got his chest out we beaches -- we over the weekend once we were the first right. Tom but. The reality the situation is there will be a handful at least a handful of owners and general managers will not want the distraction. I don't think they will be forced by David Stern. Take this guy on but there are only people who a need him and be look at this as some sort of grander project right to feather their nest and he will probably get it. And what does it matter if the for the Sacramento Kings if they bring in the game players I mean I mean I I'm I'm just depicting him as a random team I think -- team look at and say can this guy beat an eleven at the twelfth guy for us. Some teams may not want to bring him in some -- -- attraction or distraction I just think it's important to its star and the league. That he'll they'll be encouraged by by stern or cover in Rome. Backed channels they'll be encouraged him to make sure he stays employed for at least another half -- season. How does this happen going forward my my guess is that and we've we've seen the as listed near unanimous support and applause and brazen and and and and love and embracing a Jason Collins yesterday and you'll see a lot more of that. I don't think there -- -- climbing out their -- in the biggest knuckle head in the world and I'm sure sometime in the second half after seven rate Beers somebody in some outpost in the NBA's mistakes stupid. But that those days are gone and -- on -- and that's the third reason here because. Why this went so well it was a well because he's the right guy and it's finally time just as just as we doubt. That Torii Hunter heard somebody from the bleachers at Fenway Park used the N word on him and -- that out loud in front of you know 30000 people at Fenway Park. It's going to be very hard for some out large stand up and called him something untoward in an NBA game. Text makes a good point -- called doesn't get a -- playing he will have a job in named -- officer or in front of us they will not let -- well be a spokesman ambassador what -- and I -- -- but the climate I mean I think the climate -- scary -- I don't think -- two sides -- last I think he's going to be -- you want to but it was not gonna have a job next year Chris -- -- -- have a job. You wanna talk about tolerance. You mentioned. And I've read about this today you could say that you want him to you you can in Markham and ridicule him and we do wouldn't. And some people do more than others you can put pictures of them like -- Christ on the cross and it's just all in good fun you -- Tbilisi -- won a vote Jason called it will be no tolerance for any dissent whether it's. Rooted in someone's. Religious convictions horse to someone being a wise ass -- -- going to be a lot of Jason calls jokes from Jimmy Kimble one and go -- and not know. They could do Tim Tebow from now -- and careers every night and it won't just -- and had enough money maker on the and the guy -- -- the guy. -- first of the guy. Rico and the orphans in in the Philippines circumcised in the elections in the Philippines yeah. You can make all the jokes you want Jimmy Kimmel and and Conan O'Brien about him but you dare. Say a word. However lighthearted. About Jason cones you will be with Chris said Chris Broussard on the street. Personally I don't believe that you can live. And openly homosexual lifestyle or. And openly freeware like premarital sex between heterosexuals. If your openly living that type of livestock. Then the Bible says you know the body of fruits. Is there is that you don't bet that's thin and if you're openly living in our repentance and whatever it may be not just homosexuality. And adultery. Fornication premarital sex -- we have a -- -- whatever it may be. I believe that's locked in an open rebellion. So god answers Jesus Christ so I would not characterize that Carson is a Christian could rattle thinks the Bible would characterize some of. Chris I'd this guy's got balls I'll save that -- he just threw away. His career and right there he -- you guys really think ESPN's gonna tolerate that. I was surprised -- suspended yesterday and analysts but you know but you know works when his contract's up you have to arrive. Now and forever radius -- and they don't tolerate this. This is is on PC as it gets. You wanna talk about who's not gonna have a job next year Jason calls will have a job. Tim Tebow will have a job. Chris Broussard Wilma. They can't -- -- -- -- That could -- -- they won't when his contract is up it's -- different -- -- -- and whether exactly what was said. He's done he's done and that takes guts it's a shame -- the -- I think it would Jason calls the tactics real guts I mean he's got big one question about it. But the stakes Morgan's this is this a suicide professionals this climate in this climate it is you know I listen. It'll probably you know a European greens that are disagree that this is free speak a dramatic problem pursue -- is that he believes it is a man. Up above looking down on people judging what does he sleep a tremendously but women's pretend guy in the skies this. Yes I don't think he's just Chris Broussard who believes I don't -- this -- -- -- that's goofy -- do you ever heard that term open rebellion guy because of biblical scholar yes. Says it's is in the Bible that being gays and open -- totally two different sets of of information in the Bible there's things that are written in the Bible and then there things that -- -- which Larry Johnson clarify this for -- and I disagree with you think there is somebody to a great panel brought judgment. But but Christ also. Preached tolerance and love and inclusion he walked -- -- he preached to whores he was among the people surround himself with the -- says he was trying to add redemption to their lives so we have a problem with people who use. Who sent. The of the of a problem with forgot I was attracted another guy well I don't sexually -- I don't know what is it that big -- deal. Yet they called an open rebel. I inherited this aspect of life in India and -- were -- world in fire is opposed to you know open the sky. Because -- sexual predilection is prefer another -- that's what are -- beliefs and that's great but that's goofy as hell as an expression before I hope you will be. He will be I don't know -- he won't be fired right fired as the -- contract Robert -- wasn't -- thought yeah that's different you can't fire somebody for their religious -- that's like firing solely -- -- Like firing a Christian southern piracy -- is two different things. It by Muslim but you can fire Christian absolutely do you think its contract will be -- renewed some. Wins. I don't think it will be renewed whenever it's up. And that right there is part of that they've -- every time for to become a weapon. Four PC crowd. It will be those people think Chris purse those. Those those primitive. Dinosaurs. And think as Kirk's wife I feel. About it but I don't think he should be fired indication of every -- talk about it think management he has pins -- -- history of doing this though expressing his religious police this area. My colleague there my point is Kerry -- wide and the -- to impose them on that spot because. Well good question that's good question with a gay guy is gay friend -- granderson right -- are taught an uncomfortable. I felt bad for Christmas it was bad timing he said things like this in the past but not on the heels of this great celebration. I guess -- I disagree with him he's got guts to say that he's got got -- in this -- guts and just have a job girl gets. I think. I'll say this I think among them happy for people like buck who Steve Buckley. For whom this issue is very very important as he wrote this morning -- wait for this guy this is the perfect. Mean this is the perfect we've asked this question many times who would be how will -- -- Except literature that did celebrated when of the term. If this war some lunatic if this were Dennis rubber. If this were -- Avery if this were someone. If this were magic Johnson's son. This wouldn't work the way it did he just the -- it will this week. I don't know if somebody like. You know Patrick -- girl is group. Encouraged its goals and and and told him he should be pubic perfect you -- But after reading the piece you can come to know that conclusion to great piece it's very well done I'm not sure how many of the words suggest is much LP gut. But it's so well well written well he doesn't joke in the NBA could always -- Sports Illustrated the guy's good he is Smart he is articulate he is bought. He's all of those things he's respected and he's big. And he's tough Andy's. Well respected beyond words mean everyone respects him. There was no place for any dissent in the mean he disposal. Right now audience. What could you say beyond what Crist signs. I believe that's walking the open rebellion. -- -- Open rebellion to go I mean if if it was important to you this moment and for lots of people it was -- -- wasn't other people can. Who knew as expected to people I don't care leave me alone I'm sure there was. That's fine too but if this was important to you. You couldn't ask for better again no we do agree that he probably as I said earlier in the broadcast woke up this morning and said that when a -- lot better than ever thought it was because he anticipated this for years and probably one of the reasons it was so well written. Is he spot about this for a decade you know he's thought about. What's that -- going to be like when it's finally time for -- and -- I'm sure you rehearsed and rehearsed it with his aunt rehearsed with his brother. Probably rehearsed it in terms of just trying to pretend but he explained himself to a bunch of polls. Family members and people he loved very much so this has been. Rolling over in his mind for this year's busiest so questions to him as well well and and the picture. And ought to get a big smile on his face you know is not than you know. Angry about it he has to -- gave into gay marriage isn't say you know if you talk about homophobia. He's dealt with he just talks of -- struggling with his own personal decision he makes the case like. He can't refute it was born like this when exposed to again. Twin brother who was born like this I was it's tough you know I I wish I didn't have to. Do this but I do the only question I have -- -- -- I'm on May 34 year old NBA's -- I'm black and I'm gay. The black part of that and we just describing themselves now it's nice to George Orwell's thought that's picture on the cover. I mean it's it's a row relevant completely -- yes but it is very well done peace there I recommend when you're done. You just say that is the right guy exactly when people look at again. You know what you can't look at him we'll take a breaker to second you can look at him and say. You would say have a about a superstar who was -- freeagent -- -- will no matter what LeBron James came out as gay somebody's gonna take next year. Somebody's gonna turn Kevin Durant yes right exactly -- -- -- I don't think we're not or at least he's going to be and how big advocate calls from. The president the First Lady former shell culled from the first the the former president and just about every athlete in sports -- than Mike Wallace wrote I commend them correct Twitter. I'm in the reaction was. Virtually universal chromeless -- talk about Chris Broussard who will be. Unemployed who is a pariah. I mean there's there's going to be an occasional guy like that. And the scary thing is he's he's not allowed -- he's not allowed to express an opinion it's almost like the there is no tolerance -- that mean this it's funny we're celebre intolerance. Is how we're gonna celebrate tolerance we're we're gonna shout down or we're not gonna allow -- did doesn't. -- says he appears to be intolerant because of his religious beliefs 6177797937. AT&T text line has always 379837. Jeff Van Gundy on our favorite will join us in the 9 o'clock hour. Barry -- in the 8 o'clock hour as we ramp up to the Bruins foray into the playoffs the second season and we will giveaway bruins' playoff tickets to tomorrow night's game at the garden not a second timeout phone lines open we'll talk with you next.

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