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Daily Planet for Monday April 29th

Apr 29, 2013|

On todays Daily Planet, the Red Sox are rolling, the Celtics are still alive, Dwight Howard and the Lakers nightmare season is over and Erik Spoelstra has it easy.

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I'm no going to handle problems doing. He's somewhere on the -- my game -- stood there a -- -- brought to you -- high -- of them sound with your. Way -- good evening everybody -- or new shoes. Dateline Boston. All look now but your old town team. -- control. Order has been restored. And the future looks very very break the Sox have won five in a row they had to Toronto for three games in Texas for three games and here are now for your listening pleasure five reasons the Red Sox are good -- Starting pitching Lester Buchholz -- do brunt twelve and oh by the way Lackey I'd imagine lacking number terrible bad. Four pitchers in the bullpen but he worries under two. Three the middle of the order Pedroia at 330 Ortiz batting 516. -- eleven RBIs in eight games. And of course Mike Napoli second in the league in runs batted in by one he's got 27. A reason for John Ferrell. As stabilized the franchise on the field and guess what his name is not Bobby Valentine and five the Red Sox are tied for third in fielding. But noticeable as their outfield range much improve the corner defense of positions is stable. Red Sox look good and John Ferrell says. We got one more game left in the month but it's been a very good -- so far all we've got one more game left in the month but it's been -- very good and so far. Boston -- Celtics back to that little hick town now -- down to New York after surviving yesterday's surviving is exactly what they do it. No JR Smith the next but again no second half offense for the Celtics either who relied on so late jet fuel to stay alive. Carmelo Anthony didn't have a great game he shot 28%. -- ten for 35. -- seven turnovers. But guess what they went to the free throw -- twenty times. That's a -- record. Game five Wednesday united MSG. And Jeff Greene says depressions. On the next they got to win a one game -- -- -- -- the they got a one organ. It doesn't make any sense. I don't get that the pressures on the knicks but they gonna win one game of the sums -- the win three games. Sure that that lies. Jeff. Dateline Los Angeles, California. Where 21 years ago today. The Rodney King verdict spawned widespread riots. And where Laker championship spawn more riots just a few years back. Whether they're happy you're unhappy there are riots and LA now today there's. Nothing going on and LA is the lakers were swept by the spurs thanks to Colby's injury and a double -- ejection for the big stupid Dwight Howard. Like moment. The sort of definitive truth and and we -- The solution so life and -- just stick my -- you go right from the start. The buck season is over to no surprise there -- swept by king JA MC it is -- BA kingdom. And the surprise came when Ron Brown was actually called for nine fouls in the four games of two teams played. What happened there's Erik Spoelstra. We're glad to get this is the first step on our journey hopefully a long journey that's never is easy as it looks. -- Eric Foster he wants to get on tape and talk about how how it's never is easy as it books we are their coach of the Miami Heat you're stupid jerk. -- culture paint everything in your life is easy. This just in from the university of Saskatchewan on. A Canadian bio chemistry professors studying whether picking an eating your bloggers could have health benefits. According to the Canadian press. -- -- -- -- Who teaches at university of Saskatchewan theorizes that the mucus in our noses which traps germs before they get into our body. Could help train our immune system by exposing it to germs that's right. He wants to conduct a study in which a study group is -- introduced to some form of molecule. That would have half the study group picked their noses and eat the contents. The study were engaged the body's reaction to the molecule in the -- around it is quote says. I think they challenge would be getting volunteers to participate in this experiment are. Especially you know which group you're gonna probably do. That would -- voter eaters of the non border readers. De Moines Iowa. An Iowa woman claims her shy bladder. Prevented her from getting a job court papers obtained by the de Moines register said Jennifer Connor was offered a job and a medical center in June. A 4012 put the offer was contingent on successfully completing. A drug test. For -- that was no small task not because she was on drugs but because she has shy bladder syndrome better known to some news. -- -- -- This makes it hard for -- to use most accommodations making it impossible heard part of complete the test she's shy she doesn't wanna pay publicly. Our job offer was rescinded according to assume. -- -- that -- of the documents said that it was rescinded the Associated Press reported Conner offered to take a broad based drug test. Or use a catheter to extract -- federal expense. Those offers were refused. The bus the lawsuit. The international terror -- association reports that roughly 21 million people have the condition which is also referred to as. Or bashful Blatter. The -- science is why we get that story. This day in history. First of all it's -- to birthdays Jessica Alba lovely girl 31. Jay Leno for a -- jail out twice as old he's 62 today actually these are from yesterday I don't try to include everybody -- And -- -- -- and hopefully Cruz 38. 71 yesterday Bridget morning -- -- had 42 rule. Also yesterday. Oscar Schindler saved the lives of 12100 Jews during the Holocaust he would be a 105 if you were alive today. And on the other side on the evil side of life. Saddam Hussein want it yes he's dead anyone 176 if he were not dead dead. John Daly turned 46 yesterday and celebrated by eating two pizzas drinking eleven Beers while smoking a cigar and trying to hire a fat hooker. And today Jerry Seinfeld turns 58 former fireman 42 Daniel Day-Lewis is 55 Dale Earnhardt would have been 62. Louis -- ratio 78 former Red Sox shortstop hall of Famer. And also having a birthday today. 65 years old Tommy James. It. Thank -- -- himself 65 for Tommy James. Now it was 27 years ago today when Roger Clemens struck out twenty mariners at Fenway. 68 years ago today Adolf Hitler was married to his long time Nazi loving -- mistress -- -- And the marriage would last one day why because the next day they both were dead dead. Suicidal. Good. And also. 1975. Operation frequent wind of the largest helicopter evacuation on record. Began removing the last Americans from Saigon. That's 1975. In a related story about bill -- had his own operation frequent wind after eating five Philly cheese stakes in one city. Pageant at planet brought you by minor -- the one and only doctor Robert Leonard you can look younger you could feel younger. You can get your air vac call 1800. Get here it's never as easy as it looks.

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