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Musical Mikey with Larry Mitchell and John Finn

Apr 29, 2013|

Mikey and crew are joined by two accomplished guitarists who are talking sports and taking requests. It's a tremendous blend of sports and music.

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I don't get excited for some some fun stuff here right into you -- you guys. Are -- a gay couple more minutes. It is a couple Mormon. Johnson is here in the studios. And Larry Mitchell to legendary guitars and they are getting together tomorrow night at the Middle East 9 PM as the -- Upstairs at the Middle East upstairs. 9 PM for you folks going to be in Cambridge or if you can't connect anywhere near Cambridge gonna get -- And you'll hear why. It is a couple moments. But in the meantime we'll talk to mark speaking to Cambridge our good friend George George you've got to get over to the Middle East tomorrow and oh absolutely. You gotta come CDs guys -- can be unbelievable. Be there. Okay good what's up George. You know there's there's. Got a lot of things that a while ago a lot of up from the table at. About the this great eighteen in his seventh start in the course. Got a couple pots and minute and his son who's on DNC. Minute can't beat this -- -- again at that. And then there's this gave football player that -- wait staff do you take your check card topics are everywhere on the same topics -- But he -- first get on the 187. Started you know so happy to see that. It's just great. The dream come true except. You know and and then of their sweet Caroline with the yellow and pink caps and well. George you share -- located. Mary Pierce could have a couple of shots. Well -- -- -- -- -- -- the judge did is sweet Caroline if you have an already because it's near the state now on nine yeah no it wouldn't wouldn't I don't mind -- -- you know my hands touching hands reach -- touch and be touch and you it's like an -- -- a lot of people say might dictate you know. When the team was losing which they did -- last year it was an appropriate -- feel. So I was. -- was -- via balances -- Mike and sometimes the games so bad. The only happy moment -- they get around sings sweet Caroline yeah they always saying it now maybe there's a little more Octavia if you know if -- winning right. Last year they -- there is so good Saddam. -- And that right that they -- oh my AOK at and at a place when that starts -- -- and it's three Caroline. And a submitted plated. One game this years ago and became a staying in people responded because they were singing along with -- you know. I knew about it to me if today cherry cherry or solitary man it's Sox. I mean I'm sorry about it and -- knock in the diamond as a human being I just think his music kind of sucks but so good so good to attribute -- to hold back -- -- -- That's the voice of John Finley's. But -- question is Jurcina and it's -- I get a question on this on the -- football player yes I mean I say you know so I didn't. It Sebelius talked guy on Mass Avenue he had on little -- -- -- basketball player and and so as they so what I mean it's. But it it is you know. The you know it I feel really nobody's business you know and only answer was on -- -- that's true I agree with the problem is that when -- when you. Breaking into a world it's never bend. Explored before and that is public knowledge of team sports players and name the much -- small world of professional sports then it's going to be it's not subject conversation. It's good have a conversation about it if if that's what this. I mean it's not necessarily of an approval. Of that lifestyle by anybody else it's an acceptance or tolerance -- non approval. It's not me say a lot of wish I could be like that now everybody's different Durbin -- of their own mind and that stuff Georgian. You know it's I guess it's good that. I mean think of what it's like in the Middle East and about talking about. You know the -- a script about. -- talking about you know the actual -- yes you can't do anything over there heterosexual or not mean they -- women's rights all these things. It is a different world Lebanon today. You know well I guess you know it's just historically to give this guy and metal. -- -- Don't I don't want to -- -- -- -- -- I mean he just you know he he just want he want it'd be you wanted to come out -- -- sound and this is the partner's life who knows that I haven't -- heard him yet -- we you know what prompted this. If it's just all on its own. -- family I don't know I only heard of the story -- -- -- Jim we'll find out. We would never have known as you know so so pastures so it -- see that it. In you know has been handed -- amnesty. Many here what about what did you now -- or he's he was on DNC yeah that's -- that's interesting you know. These men and you know let a couple things he tried so hard to be clever and they just keep him up for priced pretty Smart guy he's -- -- and you know -- -- -- finally you know. So can not put enough and try to fight him in the just turn them into -- My house or you're here well you're you're on Zaza what do you -- any ground. I would say no I I I don't have anything against them. It he. He's a -- -- -- -- hate -- does tissue so it does not it is not at all it is I mean he. What you know doing you know you when you see -- show to really experienced guys who are just in -- know their stuff and it -- set style. In men have pops in there with these are little intellectual things it to have no Tampa's. Men at a bad hand can hold its own with any enjoyed you really can I mean you just got slammed against Italy and evidently damaged joints and it debatable on many wouldn't. I Georgie -- we got to move along here audience or go to the go to Middle East tomorrow 9 o'clock for the basket are -- her body okay. Thanks for the call now on Neil Diamond says here's one of the greatest pops commemorating your time junior when she read that was forming. Good deal he'll -- and as one of the greatest pop songwriters. -- times he's. Tasteless putts 'cause I don't like Neil Diamond look I said I'd like cherry cherry. I you know like solitary man I -- -- now as -- wanna go little crack and Rosie -- be -- -- it. But when you get into this holly holy crap and you don't bring me flowers and -- -- that he's -- crap. -- -- Added no one heard not even in the chair I had a chair that they're here. It was a stupid song and it -- you're old you're old fart and you know. Good so now we got -- we got does sweet Caroline for the rest of our lives go ahead Neal take a walk into the sunset for God's -- -- usually does not -- you make more money than you -- -- one of my girlfriend. And he was sixty I was like thirty dollars that's attract -- John financier Larry Mitchell's here are you guys are. You guys you know it takes more to set up a concert in the studio that's right that it does to do it did to go to the Middle East 45 road crew here and implementing a quiet there is now I just got to ask you guys -- -- weird things on this program before but have you both ever played guitar even. That's our first day. -- since -- first time. Now for those of you out there who -- guitar freaks. Johnson and I would go back to like the nineties. And John Lewis used to come on my TV show and played miraculous things that Mike Adams what -- on and it will that's right at the Emmy award winning program. -- Larry Mitchell I've ever met so today but I you know he's a famous man and he's been playing guitar like for how many years now wearing. 73 years he's been planted. It is it's reasons like at Hopkins. OK so these guys are gonna it's just Sharia a little bit of what they know how to do professional basis. With a guitar you ready. It might remember remember I don't want my back so let's -- -- -- is going to be a live show Brent. Tell me. Doors open. And give him. Your president. -- your best. Ask him but I can hear you though that's a good thing we got some of the wires plugged in properly our phone number here on the provoked a 61777979837. I'm getting okay is it Neil Diamond text here these Sarah once you tell me what to -- at a. Come on people. You meet. The brotherly like this who'd wanna -- time -- Mary. What I wanna fought each count and you want to -- that would win right oh yeah Simon -- Mary I. Real time would win that fight that belies any question I don't think Barry Manilow. Has ever had. A fight in his life. -- -- -- Now and if he's anything has a fight he said it's downright sad song about Ariza guy so we can melancholy made about nine billion dollars. You know and it's like -- whose song and beaten duke he's like he's a -- you know. You know but a lot of people level when he sings I mean -- Didn't hit bright -- and if the only time people happy -- when he sings Copacabana. You know it's like the Barry Manilow thing I've never. Completely honest -- like me in the yeah but we're talking that's 1975. Or is he more jingles he he was -- jingle. Writer documents remain a lot of you know originally. Lower rest set up our equipment here Iman who prominent -- Johnson a couple of questions look at look at before John how did you Larry happening get together and you've got to speak showed -- may be played together before. We've put together a budget times so they're not done familiar with -- each others were. Larry and I actually met back in in 1994. The at the -- ago which is this music industry trade show up in 01. You know site I got to -- up there than yours pertain to start. And it was so they're doing demonstrations or ours. But. The other radio and to honestly I've been as it looks at that was Raul Ibanez is guitar. In the outfield of I thought that's a -- you swiped his guitar in a way in outfield and -- -- It. So so so we'll lose those Butler wrote in it in Delhi. Two in the low again. You know movement and I you know in front of. I've its own people you know years are you're the greatest guitarist in a -- where you from. Brooklyn New York. I know I don't -- Bob recruit. Is she is she is the greatest guitarist in New England away. -- Think that's a yeah that -- in west and bad guys just look it up this stuff they should be an -- David -- it's going to be so worth it. David West tonight of their day. Hey -- might yellow yellow. -- I got three quick things I'll be real quick OK but at number one going back to the subject. Stick your nose. -- all from the earlier story that I ran yes right right did you hear that story letting. I read a news story about picking up picking your nose and eat okay go ahead -- day. If it has no matter if you're aware of this but in certain parts of the world if they beat the accepted is that something to do in public you know it's okay. Picking your nose and -- it. Well about it but -- -- but that's what the story was about how if you picked your nose and -- -- that it's actually who could be good for you. Which is ridiculous. Had the yellow lights were good to you right now you can pick your friends really great. But anyway but delegates I think it like for example I think in South Africa I think it's acceptable in public to Cisco -- go crazy. You know really I I can't wait for you next two point. I think South Africa it's okay. Well you know I don't know that a revolution it you know you get too much time enhance -- Google. So what -- -- that -- -- morsels and yet of the program. Well but -- the big thing is what they hang up. Maybe they can play -- and -- you know it goes. I totally agree that it -- -- -- you know two months he had done that. Now I guess it's nice you -- -- -- -- in this go to the Boston strong thing in -- and a new episode of April 15 I get that that's OK and -- when you about a -- saying I didn't care that's fine. -- them all go with all that trust me. I just. Take it a whole thing into consideration here like Neil Diamond is even from Boston. Right right. But like you say if the guys in the previous night and maybe they know this sounds like Cheap Trick fiscal airline it's a hundred times better than we airlines. OK but you know here's the thing habits of these guys you say to them all you know that -- You know that -- By the it Jimi Hendrix in that song. You know whatever and they can Atlantic you don't think -- They just play and -- that this is how good these guys to play anything. Unbelievable. But hey -- my left side OK and I'll leave you with a sign up yes I don't know of anybody expresses some of those can't say enough I mean. The -- -- -- -- we went through -- Boston here you know so proud dispute by -- and all that good. Yeah well you know that somebody should always be proud of every day but yes it all comes to a head when there's an event where -- Aston. Stick together and deal with adversity. Right -- -- is saying some of this is that expressible. You know does that say that this was. Last year -- with Bobby Valentine would we be able with the team to step up to the lately they are right now well what do you think would be no I'll leave you with those. -- nothing would be going to added -- very similar if nothing changed from -- -- Valentine would be be dragged. OK guys you you guys heavy guitars on to Wear headphones. Aren't eligible players. As a little some some. Okay how. It says you did during the potato famine -- were -- Britain's high place. We're tracking for tracking. -- News Larry. Learn to. It's like dueling guitars -- I'm telling this -- -- using service -- play that. So that's some I don't roll bar -- could do that. If however we generally get hit a little but that makes sense of field guitars. You know those abandoned the vehicle outfield I don't remember that little wasn't in the -- when it's probably on something. You guys are so here's the thing is ridiculous -- you guys you so fast. You know like if you were having a quick draw a contest you be like Matt Dillon you know I mean it from the old gun smoke show. -- -- an act that's hard to please. Who was it was there is there any kind of I mean do you guys what happens to your fingers I don't either all toughened up -- catalyst wise yeah at the ends right that's right -- XP your figures of steel. What happens every guitarist gets like arthritis or something -- -- left hand you're screwed right that's pretty much yeah. Pretty much grew pretty much screwed out. You got a script that you guys are getting together tomorrow night at Florida and over believes that spears and who else is gonna play with. -- That is the do this and other great guitar players named Dunlap and he's actually from Kerry may. They call him happened lapin. Really yet because he has this whole thing every word and instead of picking in the figuring it time you keep tabs he taps on the -- Well it's really cool. That reminded me for some reason of Katherine -- tournaments is always a good thought from -- estimates he says and play guitar. -- -- You want me come -- opening act of god -- of a guitar jokes for fifty minutes warm up. At least that's the you have a one -- A -- it's a dunking it and I thought it uses a Duncan next door you know Dunkin' Donuts. So tricky programs it's at 9 o'clock situation tomorrow and Middle East. John fans and maybe Larry Mitchell to get -- out comedy shows that he played before have you played any worlds together or do you just hang -- place is three beings people. All three full sprints yeah yeah I -- his -- from where I'm actually living in the south. -- kids and parents or from. So you've got to hold bandwidth. Right now there and I want to get Red Sox already are -- that's always a great time maybe it could say hide it would what's -- apartment at double. -- -- John -- ban going to be there to yes -- ear -- you're combining forces yes your -- -- groping it. That's right. Don't and The Beatles well that's an ambulance. Had to have a negative -- Hillary got -- me but yeah. -- -- -- that's a that's a great concept now is I'm just trying to back to -- -- all Neil Diamond covers Alabama right spirit and. Okay just to -- get one shot right. The the concept of super groups you know my first thought was that the the first super group that really got the to be wrong about this. Is was Buffalo Springfield. Where they had Stephen Stills Neil Young. -- they had -- generate from -- goal they had Jim Messina. And that band. Aren't they were like they're Kostunica. But they were -- famous at the time but they all split often made their own very. Famous music to me is the child will. Where you're young men that's avoid travel editors at in whatever happened to those guys to died and they -- anyway. So what would it when you -- Larry who -- grown up who's the guy the -- idolize that made you had pushed you into the world of the guitar. I got into I was into prints Negroponte army and then and that neatly into any. Yet and he's pretty quick to himself -- -- yes. He's not too would not yet yeah. And now we saw his wife was hot which used to married to Valerie Burton knowing you know is hot again when we hit it right we have that comparable to a diet plans on -- different. Nine. So Eddie Van Halen was a guy prints too -- of prince Paris Eddie Van Halen and my mom got me a descent. Are. You know he just hit a chord with me that's -- some pot -- a baby abraxis. Well tiles -- reduce -- -- you don't dollars Otto. That and hit Carlos Santana can and cannot complain a bit too. So you gonna do a -- sounds you and other words are you gonna do songs from your band you have to play with him and his band would you put your banner just gonna join together it's going to be pretty much a -- -- It is a -- actually was gonna happen is don's been gonna play for a little while. And then my -- gonna play for for a little while and -- and -- -- stand -- watch the fireworks shows -- And then hopefully we'll have a little -- the that's right and that's what that would be that would be great thing you know and you can come up and saying I -- -- -- I -- -- the night off I'll be there -- you know we found -- -- committed -- by the -- -- put it cleared by the -- just -- there is evidence of Mike -- there -- actually YouTube video. Well out there on the -- look at folks. Mike Adams singing the blues tune out and it read -- -- -- than ever that I found it. Darren and -- another debate. And Janet Reno and. She's really key don't. -- -- -- -- All originals you know Janet Reno. Not say Janet Reno. That said hello Elisabeth it's on YouTube it's onto eBay. We did together and not need to sit in these despair at the -- a new personal battle Ricky told that require ad -- class roots are at. And that's exactly the same ivory does take a break when we come back for you guys warplanes. The break addicts like they don't have big city baby that they have the pros. Play into the break like we got our old house band nevermind Paul -- You know we don't know if we don't need -- by Paul -- And we got married -- we'll be right back. In the studio witness Larry Mitchell he's on the guitar. And John spent these are on the guitar. And out and just so you know you can call -- and say I can you play somebody this guy and you solicit these guys do this it's amazing. And their play tomorrow night at the Middle East in Cambridge. Or 9 PM her -- SP upstairs and be there and be ready. -- the other thing too -- vote challenge they're editor's note 1960s. TV show theme song that I can't play really just so you know got serious and. -- My Mother the Car I'm the car yet. That's out of more like a -- debate -- -- The event that. -- -- -- an event that back then at that. I can't work habits throughout history oh yeah I don't like -- -- -- -- their voice of what you're saying of course that these -- the mother the karma -- of the car it was a a 1928. Porter that's my mother dear she helps me through everything I do and I'm so glad she's here My Mother the Car. That's right and at least a craft show would Jerry Van -- -- he's a crap when one of we haven't -- enough that we need to know you'll probably doing here right now let's say what you guys did you -- no Jimi Hendrix says he's left handed yeah. I even left handed so you might appeal -- at the same way the guitar let's say go Cutler and -- So love to see where we the I didn't -- -- -- -- I think I'm a little -- Is comes in the sand -- mentions in his active -- but I don't know lab. -- -- -- -- Yeah. -- You know I always thought when he got to that part. For the longest time I always thought he said excuse me while like kiss this guy this guy and -- and Jason Collins and I don't know -- -- -- this guy and a purple haze it was a drug it was a it was acid. It was Ellis. 10 yeah I know I'll tell you all about it. There was white lightning purple haze -- doubled to own green goddess orange sunshine it was like a twenty different kinds Ellis. Now sounds like I was in the Homeland Security. I'm not suggesting anybody ever touch that kind of whose generous. But I grew Davis it'll change any guitar show you happening that's -- How about Stevie -- want anybody anybody here you -- volunteers the. Okay. Okay. Our -- -- I have an adult Larry he told bitty bit him. I don't I just don't pressure. -- holy crap you guys are good path that's about fiddler Mitchell tomorrow. Ask the Middle East. In Cambridge. Time 9 o'clock I got are gonna get to that show and make sure that idea I haven't designated driver. You know we're gonna do to what is is one it would negate and the whole night promoting sports talk radio -- it because. We're you know just as only fair that these are things. That I think it would be fun. All right let's did we get some sports calls in here I don't know -- that's that we do but we're gonna -- guys -- What would end the show -- these guys plane tone maybe that you might even play together a little bit. Don't wanna ruin it for people. Because they -- wanted to come see alive. That's a -- we get a little taste -- we close the program which is about to attend twelve minutes from now. At 6177797937. House or -- know. The you were getting into the how did you did you any concept. That you're gonna commit tonight and have to start guitarists in -- room and -- at the same time. Well you never know what's gonna happen here I'm and that's why I'm -- that's even better like this let's get it you never know what's gonna happen here on plan. Yeah he really -- -- now as far as the detector people because you know earlier in the program obvious aggregate net a lot of -- about. Jason the Jason Collins story. And the Red Sox. And mostly -- talked mostly it and over a lot of people really really paranoid and upset. About the Celtics and what's going on here with the Boston Celtics when he what are you -- want to give the chances a that they win game five. In New York. Wednesday night 36 point 4% 36 for some point 4% death. And and what what about a percentage of them coming back and even in the series of three games apiece. I -- that 65%. 65 has more than thirty that now the other way. -- I'm saying I'd I don't give much your chance to win tomorrow or Wednesday night -- right but they come back Kia I think they do. It could wouldn't -- Oprah and bring a seven game is that what you wanted now. Well yeah I mean I'm obviously looking for the ultimate result here when prices Celtics announcement to continue one out you we've been shot down that and -- so yes which by the way it wasn't exactly convincing turn around and and narrow it down to keep it down on on the dollar -- -- erupt any day you know they were Roland. But what what percentage which means you give them and -- -- give them on a 51%. Chance of winning tomorrow's game. And a 20%. Chance one out of five. Of winning the next two which makes it 33 games -- because out of CB you'd get to game seven it's down their series could -- -- I'd -- lives I take my chances in game seven -- be great -- -- -- severance there unpredictable overweight I'm gonna need some help from a of from the -- reason no question about it let's take Jack in New Hampshire Jack what do you got. Yeah I don't want on -- just a lot of rock and roll guitar action in the studio earlier nothing much nothing different I always all you hear that you've been going on -- It's it's fun we do it for -- we you know we we like to be known as the cultural center of sports talk radio -- program correct to. Wonderful job I go back -- my -- -- -- the -- the seventy or seventy much like yourself yeah and dot org like dot -- -- -- But I want to note they could do. Sought by early -- -- called -- don't yet. Heard it on the exploits easy tiger obviously. It's. Good. The second Jack they can do anything. To say. -- -- By the way I just say you know this is Larry I -- I went into addressing rumors easy top was hanging out after one of their shows that don't appear you should've seen the toilet seat was. Hair -- -- I don't I don't. I saw that you need to be opened up for black -- in 1975. Yes yeah. Are -- get his name the band of the music stars coming out of the guitars some believable. I would take a short break as we got one more left 61777979. 37. On the planet Mikey share. -- Yeah. Now I just -- don't know -- start seeing here yet. We're seeing there -- Starches and -- house. You have no idea of doing it through bush I bush -- couple the roast on May sixteenth you can roast me a lot of information. So what she's -- it's going to be time we've had a pleasurable leaving here of talking sports have you -- in -- like schools evidently. And I just want to reiterate why we have these two special guitar players here witnessed tonight. Johnson & Johnson band -- he's he's like he's should Gilligan's Island you know the professor. He could always -- the radio a lot of coconut shell and a bottle it's -- -- to -- the music that they. Yes that's right that it's time to play -- match yet -- not -- The professor he's a professor of guitar in -- Of Berkeley and it's a pretty reputable music school that's that's what I heard. And of course -- Mitchell bit. This is a guy who's famous around the country. For his guitar licks world where I'm surprised -- -- Microcosm deal. And they're gonna play together tomorrow night Middle East bank clock Cambridge upstairs. And and we're gonna close the program that we this is really like big time here. Gonna close the program and say thank you Lenny megs at -- be. Beautiful techsters in July absolutely adorable. And Larry and John -- will play us out of this program as we say good night get ready reports Stearns and check this out. Listen to a couple of.

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