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The Red Sox aren't afraid of sending players to the minors

Apr 29, 2013|

Mikey, Sarah and Lenny are talking about the Red Sox strong play through April and how they haven't shyed away from sending players to the minors when they begin struggling.

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We're back we're back we're back act -- 6177797937. Of the lines are open for your sports talk on the program. Along with the miss -- BR Texas to Lenny megs joins us mentally of the metro was daily news. Boston Globe going to baseball journal and a real famous roadster after -- sixty -- -- may have forgot to tell people how they can get tickets. I'm sometimes some -- little stupid. Yeah where you get a chance to make a -- would do right now right yeah. If you want to get to the roast in it will be funny and -- -- like salty language. You might not wanna chunk of but -- you do don't mind it is going to be nuts. I go to employment options dot org it. And -- of the pictures click on the picture for the roast employment options dot org that's the nonprofit for rumored benefiting. And if he can't remember that go to Mike yams uncommonly bright and actually what does that for. People were unemployed are struggling you know well it's a big help people get back to work people had issues in her life and the the big big way to work -- very hard to make sure people -- -- mainstream and make a living for themselves a very good working great cause -- Serra beat. Is here you know -- Yes I -- Yet you guys and you have met favors in the first time yes Cuba's third famously and Lenny I'm just you you know me in the Red Sox I get. Excited about I love baseball so much at all I just to. And when it's good it's like the greatest thing in the world. You know it's like it's like well sex is different. -- that that should be good to. But you know sex is like playing bridge. If you don't have a good partner that you need to have a really good hand. But in baseball's case it's a little bit different because when when you're out there you know in the natural environs and I hate domed stadiums and all that stuff. I was at Fenway tonight is cool it was a beautiful night for baseball and other such complaints program looks for in oppressed by you were off so there -- -- we cannot. There's something about baseball -- take you through. On the first day of April titles released if they're good team the last day of October and it's such a seasonal fame whether such awful was was last year's like you. Like losing a front tooth. I don't know why they compare. But it does sort of felt like that him and equipment don't -- it was no worse -- that was like losing your mind. Through -- to a -- Terrible last year I am yet. And we've been spoiled. It's been -- -- all the teams but the Red Sox in particular at least every year they're in it you know it to some degree. -- and -- of these awards and it was such a void. And you can understand and the man out -- offseason moves they were some over criticized some like me you know nobody cared here but right now there are all looking pretty yeah. Almost almost too good and and I would you I'm just riding this wave. -- it takes us because it was so bad last year I mean you know in economic challenger in game two but. The first time and Ali is of cover the Red Sox first time I'm glad I was getting paid. You know an immediate hit -- say I would no -- and have felt like that my life Nia and I really didn't feel like work last year and a who's been in the clubhouse and then it was worse -- two games started and it was like well. They get the seasonal. Now when you make cupcakes. Yeah. Sarah doesn't feel like work does it all know make the cut cases like. On that I had bonds last did you start when you were -- like easy bake oven when you're a kid did you start making cakes and you'll tank it and. Nino mom men and my my fairy godmother. She actually baked cakes. Aren't apps now so I was I was in the kitchen and then give them -- is it all about the border. This kind of about the border will be real good cakes yeah yes absolutely -- it's a meat butter butter say with lobster and what we do without water. If we -- have butter my stomach would be churning right -- -- earth after. It. But dorm at Arabs are men -- get the insider tips read to you -- for. For fun and profit a day to -- suspected double weighted in order miss -- India and make a lot of room for this guy Joel Hanrahan coming off the fifteen day disabled. He's a big load ESP guy he's huge big load and and -- who came back into. He showed little promise and then what was he awful day yeah it couldn't get the strike. Orient itself flashbacks and you know what they didn't they didn't hesitate this time Goldstone walks through everything that got him -- you know the noted in the first place. And you have to wonder and again that was a very small sample of a quote comeback by but -- very small sample right. You get sent out to double late twice you know you're announcing stat -- -- that's. That's not good I mean he just can't find the play with a flashlight and a map noted that do. He's got mental is that some mental part is we know we can throw he said -- arms find him. 6177797937. In the second will do some text messages at 37937. But I -- but right now -- -- waiting patiently thank you bill. They guys so why don't you girls this underscored -- Underscore BE right yeah -- Diego. -- typical visit now. You know. You we might be that you guys will be that Richard that they can't spell percent -- recesses at ski season since this is asking does appear over and -- ages of fourteen and eighteen characters in your handle him. But I wanted to get on the -- cement -- now have -- I mean he's really -- a surprise yes he's he's at three tool guy he's definitely. -- know he's got the glove the bad and the debate trying to. Is that three tools. At least say what he date triplets and a you know of that's a weird story. Nobody is a five tool guy you know -- I don't know his arm I don't think but you know he's he's a better fielder -- he was as I remember him he certainly -- better from the right side of the plate and he's sitting in the clutch -- sitting for average show right now. I'm trying to look it up here and I don't 300. You guys -- maybe a little bit harder. Couple of home runs they can't -- clutch hits at. Reach out and who would have figured Lackey could. Wipe out -- wrapped in such short order. Yeah well I mean it's. -- is there at the right word Bel -- because it's still a small sample but I know you go it is and it's -- when I saw him in spring training. And how anyway as house when Donnie was and what he had to do to get to that. -- taken this guy ahead on you know and -- head on straight this morning and ever see how long last. He still looks gradient and put that weight back aren't known Andy and he's performed well so attitude. You William. Definitely yeah I mean he's not to praise the you know the Steelers you know and and the hitters forget them runs he's saying and doing all right thanks I got him locked in for thirteen w.s. I mean some people don't learn a lesson. And they continue to fight night that brought back it was that kind of guy you know he would let go. No well at Beckett is reticent I mean he says you know what Jesus he sport he's a spoiled kid. You know and debt Lackey I think really does have some approve because a while watching all last year really doesn't feel good for baseball player and a cure which -- attitude is her overall lack -- work ethic. The Uga you sit out a year you've taken all you want -- -- come back and show people you can do this got the money the money's already on the on the books. So he's got some of the program given credit for doing it certainly he could've gone continued down the road was confederates on good movements hated guy suspect Clark that -- You know I think quickly get on the NBA Dwight Howard has such a big guy what a jerk yes. A Sebring all person I -- his brain is tiny. Did you see that they'll Jews SA his post game press conference yesterday and I asked. I'll man you'd you'd really say they -- -- -- probably cared about himself won't he won't saying good about anybody it and you know indicates elusive. Isn't he is a loser is a big stupid loser. Right I mean I would not I wouldn't wanna be the guy to sign a Max contract. Now -- know somebody well -- Somebody well you have always in Orlando we get the whole thing with a coach -- he had made a coach celebrated jerk yeah -- -- that -- makes a whole town the budget jerk and it goes to Los Angeles and think she's going to be immediately. Superstar and guess what B is still got to win in Los Angeles that's still their stamp. Two bit and that whole team collapse and only blame approach but you orbit if they really had since it began and notes. No shot -- how would grow with her for a while and then when he played. He picked ballots he says they have played good tonight meant that the take next three games. -- and by the way you know I'm fortunate to body knowing do you think for a second in the -- the same criticism he gave Shaq but argument to -- would Dwight Howard. If you think you're gonna go to lying in the CC's that you get fouled. How much more than 50% of your free throws you big stupid jerk. And then they'll stop all of them wrecked -- -- and once the night PS in New York. I'm never -- that guy's got no policy that would anybody bought -- -- bother him in the game like that I love him. I. Yeah up to the problem is -- -- 11 here so now the Celtics have to wean them ball. It's like a goodnight guys -- Cuba bill. You know we have to win a mall. And and a look at breading these guys are heartless now could they do it yet it's going to be really have admitted difficult on themselves by having all these second halves -- that where they played like get a you know were. Women's lead levels to a collegiate up. The first two games of the series when -- who is -- first two games this serious. Eight quarters they play four. They only play for them right to second half were. Revised. Up to people on street it get patio and you know he we'd -- -- We know we need to get from pierce and Garnett because that's been going on for years what we really need to make sure happens is that we get everything we cannot Jeff Green because he's your only other real -- or machine at every jet. And Jane meaning hand -- it's got to be either himself. Like medallist or Ray Allen you know we've just got to make sure those shots go -- -- the gets up treatment assessment general. You had a young lady -- you earlier about two what's up with accordingly lightly on the bench you know he he played himself onto the bench yes -- dog house situation if you if you look at his glitzy. For five weeks when he was getting minutes yet and see the lack of production. That was the plan you know he he put himself this yeah and I'm not sure there's a window out right now not erasing -- -- is too late last nine guys -- holiday and currently agreement amendment and but -- it's going to be -- -- right now and don't stand for you know four games not in -- payments speaking of lovely young lady's let's get a text. We got a text force serie -- -- had. It doesn't matter what they says logically thought about. I'm so -- okay cupcakes -- Q. -- silently cucumbers sound that like cucumbers solid like cucumber green I don't know what kind of cut -- people out of what can you -- -- -- -- -- Are you what that's a freak show. We have a speaking of lovely young ladies we have Helen in Dorchester standing by hello -- How I can only you know Mikey are you darling -- -- thank you got it passed -- inspect their -- did in -- the -- so. -- -- -- -- -- But let him I'm glad I got you and not living on the phone cut. It sounds that I wanted to take you but I also -- that I wanna ask god then need to. I'm a while I have my comment about David -- and I only wanna say that became. Mac app to -- it and address it and -- able to stop the need them -- I had my doubts but they've -- because you know. I'm he's been really productive and I think even if something did happen in my opinion would stay positive with him and it hit that wedge. Yet when you know the thing about him Helen over the years is. It about a couple disappointments with him a little diva activity when his contract time in the whole talk of the steroid. And then. You know I'm -- I can't why don't sound video that they -- that they that a Red Sox and everything. And that would talk about -- chemistry chemistry. I mean it would give me chills watching it. My son and I give people DVDs and I made an awful lot to them for the 2014. And and after the 2003. Feet in the -- box. So it was really good and I hope I wanted to stay in the comment about that they think Colin. And you know I commend him for -- common now and I have any judgment about them because it's his choice. Yes and -- -- you'll get the event did the first one that came out. But that's not true without a player that played -- Jerry Arnold and commitment without leaky. But he didn't come out. When I -- -- he isn't playing though he came after he stopped play. But every I don't know he that day it -- he have a hard time he caught. Basically in that article in the -- the GOLF Magazine that was talking about immunity and not I'll meet -- -- -- alluded to the fact that. -- -- we did what got him period it. And turn it meant they knew but did the public to know yeah I mean certainly come -- -- somebody -- that -- it's different -- -- -- -- And these people didn't know that even -- our. Let them come out yet but then navigate guys out there -- -- -- -- you know it's it's -- I look at this way -- and everybody obvious is a big big world we live in and you know no one's skin ought to be criticized for being what they are. I for example on the list. And I don't want anyone give me crap about it okay but. That the fact is he who you love shouldn't be a source of of of ridicule or contempt in any way shape or form but the weather that's public or not is also your privately -- that relationships are -- You know you. But I about the fact that a lesbian that thank you thank you -- you yes I would -- -- Helen -- right evidence that I have a nice night outside the. About -- is one of my favorite legend she says she's a wonderful wonderful woman. Are number 6177797937. And go ahead read five -- -- beat north get to feel. Sarah for what these people are saying and thinking right now. Pulled brand cupcakes with ex lax for us thank. Not a lot of people -- texting me about be here. What about it I'm a beer expert and they're just they're I am actually asking my. Hundreds of Twitter followers now has registering knew what their favorite beer is still around it then what you. Oh -- my favorite beer and I'd like homelessness as Tim Cook once told me on this program right over here in this chair. Spears like pizza. There's no real bad year but there are better -- and -- Sam Adams guy. You know I'm grumpy -- monster from way back you know cherry -- like. I like Sam. And part of that is my loyalty to. The company the product but the product deserves my loyalty it's so good it is it. And I'm very very proud to be as Sam Adams guy but listen I as I -- -- -- first time I ever got headgear I've drank Narragansett. Seemed okay to me then plugged into the club it's. We've DI it was it wasn't very expensive you know it at that time I was very concerned about the numbers the numbers of them put the deal again. You've heard a Narragansett. But you before you born. Immediately cheap GIQ. With -- giant imperial court and that. I just like 48 ounces at. And there are the boys who don't know words and -- light up cigar or something -- that you know both my first introduction to be. Beer you know allows for your pure crystal or was it a little bottles to -- -- We're gonna have my French. Chad Finn and I go way back he's -- -- -- -- -- Larry Mitchell's here with a -- gig tomorrow night. Middle East and get set up right now. I -- here's some I mean you guys wanna -- some serious freaking guitar -- -- got that coming up at 9 o'clock. Instant in and amongst the sports talk that we yeah mix and therefore it is. It's just -- -- -- authorities -- the guitar and John -- Maine he's like -- sick that he is like Mariano Rivera is to be a closer. -- on guitar. He's like almost perfect in every way and I don't even notice the mistakes. -- -- be ever makes any. And Larry Mitchell Davis guy he's an hour right now behind get -- -- check of the penalties get ready for anything but he has we're gonna hear about it. Any guys are excellent. -- -- -- what about any part. I needed to -- if you are up I feel about this guy LL do. Yet what you know I don't think you know how much do you think the team bears responsibility for this the Olympian group that's closer to replace -- -- And then all of a sudden somebody thought it was a good idea comedic and start. I don't think it is you can eliminate bad is a strong possibility why he screwed up but you know. I mean I else. Well that -- think didn't help but if you remember 2011 before became stars Reese told assembly and he was loses marbles then -- status that yeah you need an effective that's true yeah that's true you look at his numbers from September. Eric 2011 an awful. Yeah you're right people forget what amber yeah so that's -- starter. I think they did with him and I added that -- ago radiated me and a ticket to pitch pitcher. You know can automatically become a successful starter could close or maybe -- depending on what the pitches are. But I'd be very rare in baseball history to the big guys to pitch pitchers that have been outstanding starters I can name one sandy Colfax fastball curve try to hit either one of couldn't do. But you gotta have a great. A guy that's gonna lose his career. You know if things don't turn around for him it goes true over the. Well you know you know he's still young bite you right you know a lot is -- happening in his short time here and not -- is being good so they're not gonna give up on him. I'll but you know what they might be thinking of -- pretty soon. That's. Well yeah I mean why wouldn't choose it's a roster spot -- contribute. -- anything last year except you know a six point 22 -- run average so that was it was a total wash from last year. But I mean I was trying to look at the I was trying to separated out here at camera two or number the deed to it. He was cruising along -- Tony eleven and looking pretty damn good great and then come August late August early September just started like. Walk guys give up big home runs and so it's it's a sad thing is is a guy Eric Weis saw it Yankee Stadium throwing 99 miles an hour strike. In a site yeah yeah. I mean he had stretches that were it's like. You know he says he could easily close with apple never left right -- to have -- -- -- -- and you are you -- I'd rather a guy that needs Tommy John surgery and got outback has. Right Ronald. And handle it -- fall will bed had in this in this case meaning -- -- I think it takes responsibility here may -- that's why they're given them. So long rope maybe that's why they're trying to help in Somalia could they be if somebody sees the big bear some responsibility -- that. Yeah well again you know just looking at the numbers here he he came on board. Is for -- toward 2009. -- three point 65. With 63. Strikeouts in 49 innings and just moved very impressed of the following year. In 74 innings he had 76 strikeouts with a one point 93 that's twenty tent that was lights out -- 2011 he looked a little more human of the 3.3 three but still out totally workable situation for him. Assembly for cases every three innings Hughes ran -- out of his game and it. Now last year. Six point 22 through 38 case in -- and talk about a guy eat eat eat relies on the strike that presumptuous and in 59 innings yelling at 38 strikeouts and 43 walks -- more walks than strikeouts last year at the present if that's ultimately. They get it straightened out regarding will succeed Eric thank you for the call body. They get we go to Kevin in Franklin haven't seen a lot of miss Sarah beat to -- -- -- WR Larry Mitchell -- and recommendation for tomorrow night at ten dollars. How can go wrong and I had a great guitar player to legislate for like twenty years and this guy is way better than I can ever hope to be a bit at. I like called I would suggest second place south Middle East has -- great places great venue. Com and he waited one of the mentioned something about the Red Sox start. And I'm really excited that I am really thrilled about it don't get me wrong. But -- I also want to point out that I didn't from research in the baseball almanac web site and again I think the former players you know being dealt a bad rap here the Red Sox true would have won more games. Then other teams but what. In other Red Sox teams going back in history books. Up until disliked here in 1995. When we played four games in April -- the only lead eighteen games are left in April and told 1990. -- the -- -- so it couldn't wait till 1990 they played sixteen games left. Every year well he's. Liberalism is they started to start the season April 7 the rate then you right there are fewer games but what we're still talking about Kevin Kevin though oh great -- slowed up like two seconds here okay. If they if it's the best April -- wise in the history of the Red Sox franchise history that goes back to 19100. Then it's still something good because even if you just go from 94 on they've had some good teams from 98. Right through 2011. It's still the best April ever if they win tomorrow. Okay -- That that's true but -- I think that -- really have a -- opportunity to winning eighteen games until after until 1996. It would they didn't play more than 24 games in the April until 1996. As you want exceeding revenues went up this on the campfire. Is that mellowed out sorry I had to deal with a lot of people that don't realize that but I did think the -- deal the former players began to bad rap. 75 Red Sox team would cost them in the 86 team as good as well but they didn't have an opportunity when he -- -- all right. -- -- we get that -- that they ought to -- you like to ask our client out here tomorrow night OK thank you unbelievable. It can't be happy with the dual image can't fit in ten date month -- -- -- -- -- and -- whatever -- be unhappy. Yeah he's he's aided to his girlfriend says. You know and be the remote. He says why -- policy to some go to east why bother -- that's is that attempt. The Seattle -- but he knows good music -- he does and that's once and giving him credit for an easy -- time. 6177797937. We get time for you in the law on the lines of grip the 10 o'clock I know that it was at 10 o'clock. We don't have enough. Minority might -- you a chance he. Got appointed general three. I tune in and be surprised I'm having my six month dental cleaning it at 1003 every six months. What do we not know who's not a technical we have no idea where we know Johnson and Larry Michigan c'mon play guitar -- -- me and Sarah be able to be right back on the planet Mikey show.

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