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Sarah, the Textress is back

Apr 29, 2013|

Mikey and Sarah are taking calls and texts all about the Red Sox domination of the month of April and the Celtics staying alive in the opening round of the playoffs against the New York Knicks.

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You haven't heard nothing yet you wanna hear some guitar music. You stick around for this evening the later on you're gonna here's and it may we can get them. To do we get these guys to do request risks. You know play the riffs from you know why that Led Zeppelin to owner of the -- stone. As we got some world class guys coming in -- later on hang -- with us as we talk about the Red Sox in the -- review will. And the planet Mikey shoo in progress. And it's a beautiful beautiful spring day. And spring has sprung we're not even in May yet the Red Sox have eighteen wins. Under on the dockets. Eighteen wins seven losses it's a mind boggling I mean. And for freak show. Six -- 777979379. Introduce to you for her second appearance. On the planet Mikey show. The one and only Sarah be Sarah is our email female but we updated that term. What chancellor let me come -- techsters -- strengths she's that it's hard to say that -- she's detect stress so if you wanna text. She'll be read them so you know tried try the best you can keep -- clean as you can I don't that are already has sometimes has a problem with cleanliness and and McCain makes and you UB you don't you know you're not afraid are you different enough not -- -- She's afraid a definite. And -- Serbia's. Our arts -- she's she's in charge now ball attacked a market to any more Texas's. Well you do so much pressure you're doing multiple. So much pressure you can handle it out. Send a text number for those of your -- it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Tom and lol is on the phone that's an old school method and friendly my name is done by -- -- says Tom right here someone screwed up. Yeah exactly anyway you know -- until spring rate and I think collect Q it is we have coming back six and one used. He's back I don't see them losing -- Or we're going to be an Alitalia. No question passed well let's pretty confident on April 21 and also what I don't understand you guys trying to compare to last year will not hold a -- slows down when Beckett. Basically ruined. Our two best pitchers voters so bed telling them in there or you'll. Buchholz and they would. He was doubting a long time he was giving him a negative had -- -- -- turn around -- -- it was almost like when was the theater of the absurd the bizarre world -- -- -- thank you aboard everybody's face changed everybody's attitude changed the owners were like running for -- The fans who weren't going to the park there -- ago -- -- it was it -- it was a lousy lousy year old female pitcher now you Cheryl who was pitching coach. They got so nobody they all leave and represent well believe in them and we respect them done I think that absolutely we're talking -- guy here who earns a respectable of these players before we -- left that's what kind of a new gig. And for some reason here he's a perfect fit at this moment anyway. Absolutely am. As far as the Celtics I don't think you're you're -- would be next game you know people. Without -- -- -- don't hardly got -- the first round except that we you know we forget without Rondo starting the day he went out they did beat the heat twice. They they they really looked at for a period of time they're like they were better than they were before -- went out of the most people agree with that. -- in the last few weeks. -- at all you know they've looked really shaky especially the second half you know I don't really question -- you are my personal family yes. Well over a huge part of that small parameter is in Maine but no shipping right. And clam chowder and that's that's amazed yes the snow fairly in Maine as a but you know if you go back far enough done. We're all related I'm talking and it needs to stay at L national error by the way it's -- to geology. And and regional policy ignore no audio historian yeah and uncle Rezko I read. Don't have them Trace. -- Hopkins and and the snow that she married after she got off the mayflower and that's the one -- that's one number supposedly descended from why not supposedly my father attract the wrong way back he went back to England. Remember he wanna find out we you know always before Stephen Hopkins and the heat I'm not a guy who's been. -- actually got all the elements no reason all the elves and I agree -- -- with union and Karen and it's keystone Butler -- government cut. Bullet holes whose vote could she liked to push the -- you know so much about this slim -- or the other ultra light. Connect you -- always said hello from their distant cousin all right thanks for the call I got history go and it's -- There where's your history go back to. The mayflower yeah I actually just gambling that came on on the -- I think it. It might be more widespread and I believe if you think it's only a bunch of people on a boat and you know but 400 years later -- and spread out. A wildfire and asked knowing islanders they don't have to go over to me you would -- -- -- cousins. We kicked -- -- Evident Connecticut hello attic have -- like you know. Ever recorded nobody I Kevin how real upbeat that the not teach Evan from Avon old farms. Year old crop it -- -- What are you the president of animal farm yet. Now we have seen T you close enough. Kevin don't tell anybody how I got kicked out of them at Avon old farms we don't want them to know about that. -- -- -- alcohol are now at the and it is back everybody. Meant that I look a lot tighter might tell you I'm the local pop culture yeah. If I had to respect for the draft on. -- oh shut up really got to look at it that does he agree that the idea Chicago Bears and report round. And Mike Cox and Rochester. Get picked by the New York Giants in the seventh round in about another long advocated Michael German -- -- -- open rated. Oh pretty exciting don't you -- opera you know -- -- That's a Big Brother you're -- on -- Kevin you know me I know I remember when -- -- punting and your brother Joseph was a player on the team into -- like fifty yards in high school or something you think. I don't know you know you know -- legend grows like you know. Athletic well you gonna get nothing but help from me -- that -- A and it back a micro blog edited out are acute or at least well you know now that George traumas they're ticked me off the campus and you know it's been 3040 years that they got to go back to visit and it separately that could be in overtime. Well like -- -- truck can act. Earlier this you know you should said the Kennedys had -- ticked about. The chaos how also how has -- They draw but he approached about -- flight school. All right end up like it Girardi right over there would be great job and they're going to review because we read about it. -- -- back. Our other thirds yeah that the there's a lot I was a legendary moment in my sports career -- but I haven't seen you since I've been a long time but it's good to hear from me and I will combine visit. Break -- albeit not electing a Republican. Could not -- You know Soviet -- -- -- -- -- -- certificate yeah yeah yeah I'll I'll do what you were gonna be off from outlook. That -- -- -- friend Kevin thank you are about red. Calculated that -- apart. Kevin Driscoll everybody's DNA O'Donnell -- school a school from which there was very. That some were unceremoniously. -- -- -- -- Along time ago but what his -- that's Fisher and quite a football family and get ten boys and family ten boys and three girls in the in the Driscoll family basically like a football right there and I'm Italian is an unbelievable. Unbelievable group of those folks and Kevin is a wine you know he's from a -- house from Connecticut added noting pieces displayed that's on -- dot -- was DO TS. I always talk about he's I would adopt port you know adopt this -- arts targets. Are -- is in Bristol Connecticut. The kids and Bristol are sharp as a pistol -- They also -- -- -- nobody was not. All time in this new -- don't know if you meant. You know I look at the children -- and competitive when Rondo left and and and watching the team now the problem is with them now today. Still swing the ball like a word when Rondo for less so everybody's been around yet -- -- -- lawn so it's a big problem to update. You know whenever -- -- around the perimeter and opened up a lot of weird things mormons and it lot of it was worked to keep. Exactly. Any any any any golf bag to bring people got to understand when he came up a big heart surgery -- so he handled big games in the big game and he that's what Donald game to got a despair. We don't know how his body is reacting to -- go Arnold don't you know Arnold you. It's a bit because he's obviously been cleared to plays helping him we've had again -- -- and what they're scored 3040 points a game he's figured -- guys healthy but I think just there's been some disk and population. Around him and trying to maximize what skills they have left on the court part of that was Garnett for a couple of games wasn't playing well. You know pierce is obviously lost to step from -- we love Paul Pierce he's great he's a hall of Famer Bada bing but guess what he's not the Paul Pierce of five years ago. Exactly. That and -- the bid to have one alarm did not they need to stop swinging the ball. Why do we don't when Rondo left because the -- a lot of other players open twelve Openshaw either garbage at a -- Yeah at but it really takes honestly in -- estate -- this team Keith I think it takes almost like at. 99 a 100% effort from everybody in order to be just good enough to to continue. Yeah -- -- and -- -- -- not think last year when he had a chance that you -- bands and he did it opposition and I really do. While I mean talk about not what this certain thing -- -- In my mind I already think that would have been a good good. So yeah well we won't know now we're always -- and keep them at the bottom of that hey I never ever ever been anybody. A bit of. Bristol Connecticut. Action yes pretty throwing all those -- satellite dishes everywhere and it's so great beautiful whose texting yes Sarah B. Well we've got people calling you may keys they -- -- and it's going to spell correctly I answer this question would you rather watch the Celtics went Timor and his. Game seven or lose game five. Patti -- went to OK so yet I mean sure I don't want them to lose. Out of there. Will not nor do I suspect but you know this could be accused Connecticut write a -- in selected -- NIC all we know and you know the words Jesus or get it over with the man -- I think I'd like to see from the perspective of pride. Them at least make it a seven game series so with the knicks fans don't have you know bragging rights overall going isn't it. She's so full of items nicely at their awful Spike Lee with the orange hat give it you can tolerate that crazy guy on the floor like that's fine but we're talking mountain expands -- -- that -- -- Typical girl away. Exactly predicament front. This is in a car and then we'll get some text messages a more text messages from -- the techsters hello Nancy. I -- How -- you. I'm good how are you tonight that thank you unemployed. I really don't understand -- docket. Shorten up the rotation so much I mean. And yesterday we were out. A real foul trouble that big men and leading musical -- shout out now and Yemen -- about players but they undertaken and I'm from HD adapt for. Taken from -- for a. Well I'm not sure that it is about time they got to the appointed desperation with the -- that it was almost too late -- -- on the verge of extinction if you don't win. -- to throw those other guys in there when they could be a little bit rusty and be you know you've got you I know that did the foul trouble and danger freer you're stars. Was there could clearly but it's also kind of like. What are you what are you left what's left you gotta see gotta keep him in there at that point you can make sure you win that game you'd dot. A look at the Courtney -- beyond event and what it does it doghouse thing going on. The extent that -- well I -- but he's fallen so far from grace quite apparently for whatever reasons. Is it you would be more about. If he went I don't know and again I don't know specifically what exactly is the deal on that sit there might be some people wanted to do to me. You know it it's it's kind of like you what you need from these guys is the big performances from green. And from and from peers and from Garnett and then it's kind of like those sidebar stories. That they shouldn't have to factor into this in such a big way. Yeah I don't know I think the older guys as much a -- -- they don't have the energy anymore they just called old game may need to -- Put some killer people and there -- Beckett takes a man. I mean yesterday everywhere they score the second half yesterday every -- -- it's it's a continuation of the same problem throughout the series at where we're at one teams in the first seven -- team the second you know. Recorder that. My -- and -- you to Nancy 6177797937. Sarah pretty with a text he. Knicks fans are coming out of the cracker are coming out of crack house. This is -- work anyway. Is that you were trying to say would work but it you know they're coming and it cracks and what works coming -- -- works duo. And here they are. Two win us in my language. On what else is on this to export -- home possible. Blocking New York band. There much to block New York all of them. All of stuff there we are equal opportunity program effective they're -- New York is out there whether the Yankees fans -- Knick fans are jets fans. And the jets wanna talk about all -- gonna Wear their ball club. The other and feel free to call at any given time any time the program is on here we do not. Discriminate against New York people we like we sometimes make fun of them. Or ridicule them but we never ever you know refuse them admittance into the planet all. Match in Woburn Matt go ahead. I think -- -- com declined to give you recommend that recommendations are baggage -- okay sure. You like burgers. I love burgers -- and number have you been number. -- -- -- Have you been to the burger bar and a walkway from. The Luxor Mandalay bank knowing about it and it's called the burger bar has -- embark on the walkway you know I'll be obviously the walkways yeah yes why is it they'd burger -- -- -- a bar where they surrendered their territory. What do -- bird that's on bark okay whereabouts in a place that I didn't know if I need to Q was that. You regulate I know you like media don't buy it across Ramallah. Cross Rahman bellies they get the cheapest operatives around my bills that builds back cross from Bally's and they have they have the end. There the cheapest that is around. But yet albeit not unfortunate you know this. And now an ally and -- -- legitimacy. To my next. You like women -- like we noted. You know who doesn't like women even women like when. Where are you like this circular and I didn't -- -- you and I know I haven't actually you know patio is. Afraid. Now on -- -- radio I'm just feel great want to. -- I -- you -- ours on Iraq now which supplies right now. Spearmint Lionel no spearmint rhino yeah I've heard of that spot I had been there. And you'll hear guys wanna get them what can you hang out there. Cleopatra Padgett being actually talent -- all Michele -- so you can use arguably the biggest either many times once for a long time. Fourteen. Fourteen times got married at you right now that it just an hooker but if you if you went -- that you were trying to get a look at what -- charge. You know aren't seriously -- giving me the rundown. You -- -- memo titled why you you you wanted that -- 2030115. Yeah about -- You can model and -- do they charge more -- -- -- If they bicker they charge more like a big fat giant sweaty load I have no idea. Margaret chancellor Angela I don't know what it's telling you don't know the -- discount. Rate being what they do. The guy. That's just slightly -- I'm I'm okay its planes go late the night bowl walk stripped. Like reform the morning light don't just -- on -- -- don't put don't put your hand I can't get Larry. So as great as a carpenter and -- yeah that thank you after the -- -- remember enough to go out there at 3 o'clock in a four part -- my pants are private territory. He can't just walk up to -- -- public and and you know you -- you reach -- -- dollars in sales and -- -- -- market you don't -- It just came out of cork and look it is shall we cheers rich -- -- Yeah we have a lot of shows have more and aren't you happy Sarah B he's going to be along most of our sheriff you sound like -- in Bosnia. Are you -- a man or New Hampshire it out as did you find Bradley Cooper yet. Now not now because he's aired today. Bradley Cooper. Got a long. Terrible you know it's only another I don't know wanted to you could go all right my. -- who -- very -- So what so what are you got to force well I heard became more political. Well I didn't know is that would have been a little too early for me I -- menu in the yeah but I -- I am a direct descendant of amazed tool exe tool of the mayflower passengers Stephen Hopkins and his fourteen year old daughter Constance came over on the mayflower and that's. From whence I came. Well I think you know all -- it is useful exploration airport a little bit more desperate pre order or that. Upon numbers and how many people are long and into the little. Movie from the mid. There -- street tracks -- and it probably all old wide field opera by a real quick Mikey probably not. Want to live below the level headed for Virginia. Yeah they weren't there were headed for Jamestown there must have been a pretty big surprise -- and how -- -- love the bomb. As well let me let's stop and until losses back in the ocean completely big buck. And. And they're -- they got here they live down lobster for quite awhile. Oh absolutely it's -- after somebody told them what lobsters are good Siena Italy which it. There were telling -- -- pilgrim you gotta bust Claude -- that blotter. And that it's -- awesome content and drove -- right and I Osama. I think and the -- and it's. According to have different different now split. They've got a little known that the flow was the only one person died and who's the girl on yeah. -- wasn't you mean on the mayflower there was a I was a boy that was born and he was maybe he was born. To Stephen Hopkins wife teams Oceana so he would be my great great great great great uncle would do -- but he died very shortly thereafter -- about three or four. Okay so like stop because that's all right all right now I read it -- Oceanic and much sought out an email known as boy Oceana is born on the mayflower over the ocean on the way over it nobody's got any chance I relative and I thank you. We gotta run it's not here to win our next -- by the way we have -- attacks. Line on let's see somebody from the 603 months that's an interview. OK you did you mystified them anyway. They want to know if you ever worn a dress and heels and have I ever Warren asking me to -- no I don't like not a ceases. I'd be perfectly frank with you here dude I don't Wear pink goodness I have never -- it. I've never worn -- -- -- any -- but have you warned him he left that part I did when I was about three or four I think my mom -- think now. We accounts but certainly time of high usage from a girl shows. Russians could -- and that's it's our history. And I was just really trying to show my mom at that time that I could stand up and that's. Our Red Sox are the number one team in baseball at I don't know how many people are out there -- Letting that roll over their backs and sink into their heads now after. You know but most people there were making predictions out of you heard any of these predictions Serra but they were Macon. Predictions that the Red Sox would be worse than they were last year. With -- 69 wins. I predict in 92 wins and happily. While they got a win now is 74 games. The whole rest of season and my 92 prediction -- will look will come true and I will be right. I feel and -- mean -- I'd like to hear from some people who really really thought. That there are going to be awful and -- shocked and amazed and and joyous. Over this tremendous start there and I get a lot of this to by the way Twitter at -- Adams. WEEI. Torture Twitter handle. That mess underscores there underscored this at this underscore Sarah underscore beaten you just love those underscores. It's because. Items to -- -- can't find them then surely it would. I get you know I give people all the time on -- those saying you know all day it's only April don't go over what could it be optimistic. I. -- peoples and totally row. It's -- marriage died garnish bridge what you know it hurts a marathon or sprint isn't it good to get out there at the front of the pack. If you're gonna do something and accomplish something I don't wanna start slow like this team did for three years in a row. Be awful and April last -- -- at least two seasons maybe three prior to this year pathetic. And you're already behind the eight ball now -- 12011. They Republican backed by September they were on top of the heap and we know what happened September yesterday never -- gonna detract at all. They were barely 500 team at their best point last year.

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