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Salk and Holley's Answer the Question - 4/29/13

Apr 29, 2013|

Answer the question, JERK! Okay... we will.

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It's. Time for answers the question -- answer the question which -- Alex is the big question. So would you be years not answering -- -- and everything I'll answer that question. It's answer the question what. It's the question jerk we do whatever it this time sponsored by JRS restoration specialists -- -- property your facilities manager or insurance broke. -- -- to injury of a disaster restoration plan in place. Well it's 774611111. AR answer dot com Mike adams' -- us with a full shot and a full show tonight stop and evil turn -- It's full for a full four full Monty maybe like yeah yeah we thank you can promote shall once huge -- tonight okay. Two famous guitarists are committed to play live -- the -- to be on his feet up. And the famous -- banks. I think they're gonna both play guitar almost replace your -- target the preview. You don't have a due to its insurance. We're deeply. And pass around a few things when things now brag you know -- saxophone. -- -- an -- yeah text of the tighten up radical music. Surprise you -- worry about me. Or archived on the journals that if you -- -- that right now. I was at archived on the nasty Micheal wouldn't of music gap here. I don't draws from Houston Texas says are at the beginning of the yet -- we don't like who will that play archived on the drug problem. Greg for February -- signal does Obama Mike -- he says -- Archie bell in the -- sleaze ball. He's Archie brown then I'll market bell pretty clear and it just just actually just got to at least the got a break. He doesn't know that he's not the drills. Drills. Jerks. Jason Terry will he punch or elbow or do anything to retaliate against -- Smith are easily now so I'd like when the game is trying to win. Extend it when -- ten questions we winning game. When it came in in game five they do not -- game but if they do that when this orbit five bucks. And body looks like Ivanovic of five bush right now Mike you think -- will win game five yet Celtics to win game for a public. And now. I got five easy in that's solutions. The marched on the -- among. -- -- thank you what are your top three doughnuts. Glazed. Like regular glazed if you can't -- it. Get me to glazed donut that he got to go win -- chocolate glazed. Now animus around them legally now and that is my number one don't especially like the chocolate coral got a browsers got a problem. Gotta have a crowd not the top of the -- Crohn's Disease and illness -- was -- -- and they get all the political reason crawlers animals. I don't I don't apples -- no don't don't don't they don't know -- -- there's certain colors there are certain styles of crowd yet here's the French color. Right and then you have likely -- and that's it calico stickler. Does not look like a French stickler at all no that's not true evil -- movement there close and others can. It's it's about a month ago. I don't like it don't let the hat stuff that like like jelly doughnut it's like in a pretty -- a secret to -- is flat out. Don't now another not a sponsor but just talking about my life to live right down the street. -- -- -- Wo. Fat and it's in the alum you know morning Soledad it is nobody answer was targeted Iraq. Dunkin' Donuts -- Krispy Kreme Doughnuts architectures. Have real problems could next question is this true some -- right in say Ricky Bell of USC was Archie bill's brother. Show up in Madrid also asked about -- bill from -- well I don't know whether he was also Portugal's -- -- had a fantastic career probably his nephew. Now. Next question -- is a hot dog -- much. I don't know what Doug is not asking a question that is you can make -- sentences. On the race that would be different so I had a hot dog over the weekend like you know what I did this weekend. I waited in line for an hour. To go to -- -- You should call refers -- water wash that I called you would you found a way to get in front -- you want to meet me. No I would have told you. About my experience -- about 45 minutes after which this picture I went to the -- in my house. There was all that Jack. Jack for a long -- and it was a similar problems since last night and the days that made it through this before our show Michael MFK. Mike Michael Mikey. -- seven FK -- you don't that is you know that might Michael. Or Mikey. I don't -- case. It should be him today staff. Right in that the guys are two poli talk well I had a very merry OK don't understand it is as a mother now and that's good I think he had in the right order. But it didn't. So we talk about three people are just the three names the names of the people the people in the world right now. Well. All three of those have the same person why I -- like you don't want to miss -- And I added a shorter I guess that would bury myself. Up if you're gonna do the same treatment again doing the right order though I'm certain you know -- group. Are those gonna do that to me so I don't know I don't know how. Recover from that well I don't know -- -- more or boil four questions ago. News. And he's got what is -- what is the weirdest locker room experience you've ever had as they report. Along a lot of pot of money which -- First time in -- locker room right smack there Q and that says no you didn't. No I didn't I -- I'm sorry mister Hughes and mr. Jeter you call he said mr. -- Jeter I hit him with the so called mr. general was insane no problem -- -- so. Well I'll say that the weirdest thing I -- it was in the locker room and saw Andy almost eliminate. Bill Belichick AFC's. I don't know FTE it's definitely a desperate nobility and a patriot but any animals or animal WER does. Almost knocked them off this week. -- I did -- any get what he did he get that she. Did the JC -- you were Jaycee or yeah I don't mean just look. You -- disdain none of these these the muscle by looking. A perforated I got -- ahead -- -- -- that Chad Smith -- that just hit me like covered -- entire phase he was aiming at me but I can't be entirely sure I chase an old guard chat as an economy -- Jerry Brown Kevin McKeon I chased -- ran across the fourth regarding you know -- -- -- -- Giant rat is to be long. McDonald's while my weirdest story locker Michael knows it's involves -- current area. Yeah I don't know until that story and can't be idle on the air I can't tell the whole story. It's a lot of it. But not today. Positive to say that that those numbers -- I thought that his Dennis Rodman -- Although he was high probably -- time. -- it -- in the locker room I mean before the game and he went -- had like seventy -- -- rebounds but before the games -- an odd scene. -- there and he use staring out into space. It is like nobody's around them and yet the Seattle some you know and on -- -- smoke hit Derek Jeter right Derrick Jeter and Bill Belichick I have about it pretty good interview with Gary Sheffield. Where he opened up about about steroids and being accused of being steroid user which he has all -- and he is going on the and I looked down and realizes the old days of media disc recorders. Microphones -- everything off off -- all on are definitely are absolutely -- had the whole thing turned off. It feels and again it's like for a trip to jump and -- one on one with -- appeals was you know in the locker principles that you want one -- As a caddie says he missed as he is incredibly nice to me but he was looking into the whole interview again played them much Mike Adams. Is coming up next to wanna say goodbye to our buddy Joseph Joseph -- Great job for us as an intern. -- very very animated guy able bodied. You know advocates -- a -- there's the -- job -- -- subject is -- little guys. No that's the most I -- Joseph move in the month and I happened got to work done -- got his work done that at a high level good job are Mikey added up next irreparable show for him all Mikey there are no interest tonight. There's nothing nothing's happening right actuary but now to -- that -- Mikey effort guys -- to see tomorrow.

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