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Bill Belichick and the Patriots set out to "re-do" their offense in the 2013 draft

Apr 29, 2013|

We discuss some great quotes from Bill Belichick (picked up on by Mike Reiss of ESPNBoston) about how the drafting of certain offensive players in this year's draft signified a 're-do' of the Patriots offensive skill players. We play the audio and discuss the philosophy and picks.

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Afternoon everyone salt and -- -- palatial brighten a skates he earned WEEI WEEI dot com as well. Senator -- -- going to be with us in an hour for now 3 o'clock -- full hour with -- in studio. He'll Wear black. I don't think so out of the you've got to follow the instructions of Kenyon Martin I think it is don't -- already where's he's not -- or black guy doing it he's not dressing very few I don't think you're. Address for the occasion. What you gotta be ready to back it up talk about that Max you know what yesterday met. But if you can you -- I mean you -- got control of the series Europe three games to one you don't need to say anything about it. This go to daycare business. At Madison Square Garden. -- -- -- -- confuses me when guys come out with these with these -- -- and were a rookie in the Celtics -- purpose or what what are you adding to the discussion Howard you're helping your team win by talking smack like that and then beyond that. JR Smith I -- talk about costing your team you get thrown out of the next game when you're arguably the second most important person on your team. End that you somehow managed to ignite the one player on the other team that has been awful. And turn him into applause instead of a minus and not only. Do you take yourself a huge plus out of the game -- -- Jason Terry from being minus player to being a huge plus player in game four. Huge mistakes got to get a god gave you nothing right I mean literally nothing not nothing in game one. And then in game four. You know scores the last nine points with less than nothing because he was having trouble in the defense of and getting torched by Raymond Felton and even more trouble on the offense today because he shoots as if he's still shooter but was missing a whole lot of shots that you forgot about the other part bringing the ball -- court. Which even yesterday made some shots yesterday but they really struggled. -- -- in the Baltic port. Eight L a lot everybody did everybody who brought the ball court struck a do we got that we got that in and we'll grab your calls on the Celtics this hours or 617779. 7937. Really all four teams making news over the -- this was one of those weekends Michael work it something was always going on -- Games were being employed constantly stories we're developing the patriots were inserting themselves in the conversation obviously with the draft weekend. That -- had an end and let's start there. They've they've revamped a full position and they've now look at the watch him play is sound here from Bill Belichick can set the salaam. But the patriots have looked at the wide receiver spot and said okay. Time to completely redo what we've done. And use the word -- -- Bill Belichick did when talking about the position and that and the question is is this the way to deal is is this. We knew when if you said to yourself. Or that to your friends your patriots fans if they don't we need to do. We'd have to new receivers coming here we need to revamp the entire position. Would you have chosen. The -- the right out the patriots took in free agency. And in the -- Or do you look at it -- And unless you're a draft nick yourself maybe there's no no way of answering this for a couple years you look at and say. Yet they had the guy in quarter rope matters and they had that draft pick each traded out of that it. Pick up some extras. Make a public option and they come up with -- voice but they kind of had Paterson would you have. Bit more comfortable was the patriots ran it they had stay where they were. And picked -- And if that was even the player they would have picked the army that's the player Minnesota pick -- that's the guy who's considered to be next off the board at that point but -- Would they have even if they decided not -- they couldn't have found the right trading partner for that pick. Would they have taken Paterson would they have done taken a defense and and pass rusher as ended up doing with the first pick that they ended up making. I don't even know that they would have taken -- with that so this is bill -- Saturday night almost NFL network explaining what's going on with his wide receiver position this offseason. I'm Mike and things exactly as you -- he says our whole. You know we've had a chance kind of this year to you know through a variety of circumstances. Redo the receiver position. We've found lost -- for one reason or another but with -- dole coming -- as an inside guy who can also play outside. Of the primarily in inside receiver and and the two players that we added. In the draft would Dobson a voice of both as you said fast guys that. Play primarily on the perimeter that have good size that are tough that are shown up in the kicking game time block in and you know things like that they're they're Smart players -- amateur. And you know hopefully they'll fit and well our offense but. It'll be certainly in new receiving group force. And our chemistry and timing and excuse and all that you know how long way to go. To blend in with -- or other veteran players on the -- side of the ball but. You know hopefully both those -- all be able to grow together with our. Relatively young tight ends and and fairly young group of backs. And you know become corrupted in the passing game and an overall offensively as well. Aren't you think about what would Bill Belichick examiner. He he he gave you what you were looking for the patriots -- for the most part. If -- talk about the offensive -- -- will give the defense in the second but you look at the Patriots offense there. And you see them without Wes Welker what do you want you want somebody to replace Wes Welker. They came up with a slot receiver who I don't think is good as Wes Welker but eight EE he described Danny Amendola. Pretty accurately inside guy who can play outside but primarily in inside receiver. Instead aren't they -- guy they need a strong receiver. That's certainly big receiver but a strong guy. Not not a little munchkin so I got they got voice 511 but toward towns in play inside and outside. Any of the big receiver. -- fast. They got the option makes the circus catches. He's six to almost 63 we may need to devote an entire hour to get it I don't shall we and if people haven't seen it you need to see I think they got. In terms of description. They got description what you were looking for are these the right guys that's what it comes down to are these the right guys you think of them that the patriots history. The patriots history is that their picks they're non first round picks. Can come in for them and play immediately -- the cliche is you can never expect these guys to be impact players in year one. But if you look at the patriots history. You see a lot of guys in round 234. Even seven. Who have been productive in year one whether we're talking about Deion Branch second rounder David given seventh rounder -- -- Samuel fourth rounder. -- second rounder Aaron Hernandez is fourth rounder Sebastian -- segment. So I think if you just look at it what does this mean for the patriot I think. Based on what they did but the draft I think they believe these guys are gonna help them. This -- I agree with you it seems as if he is drafting two guys in the -- Hughes discussing them in that clip it sure sounds like guys that he sees inserting in the wide receiver position right now right now. And when you look at the roster that's not a huge surprise based on who else is on the roster right. I -- is there -- Michael Jenkins OK he's you know Mike -- gonna play a little bit but does -- feel like someone that you're gonna be comfortable with -- -- starting wide receiver in the outside right off the Mike Jenkins won't make -- to game -- that I think I don't Obama and McCain do -- pre season I'll admit to not knowing enough about the kid from from buffalo Donald Jones or maybe he's better -- I think he is. I don't know enough about it I have watched implant watched a lot of buffalo games. So maybe he's better than I think he has. But he's he's certainly not a name that jumps off the page -- so. Maybe he's insurance maybe he's competition but based on listening to Belichick it sounds like these guys and start right away the question is. Not -- anybody start right away for the patriots the can you start at wide receiver. Right away in 2013. Not 2002. Not 2006 but in 2013 with the patriots the reason I ask the question that -- listening to Belichick's say this Saturday. I'm in I would say that a lot of players have come here. However they've come here that usually commented on. You know the amount of the learning or the adjustments or you know something. The pace you know so but you know. In my -- and his team in the league I don't know. You know what every what the other thirty balanced teams do let's -- a lot of players come here feel you know challenge at that position based on. Mean look we got an offense has been in place for thirteen fourteen years now falls a little bit over here. Maybe it's modified a little bit but it's it's grown certainly -- Well has one more breath through it and didn't 20020012000. -- so that means a new guy coming in and asked the learn. You know to a degree you know 1213 years' worth of stuff instead of you know. Guys coming in Lebanon and system from scratch with a new coach and and you know that type things. It probably is ought to. I think that's challenging and in the moving college football pro football this is pretty big jump in terms of protections coverages. You know blitzes. -- kind of thing and you watch a lot of college and sometimes seem to coverages. And that's that you incidents. So now the question is. Can they pick it up quickly. I -- a great quote from from Belichick when he talks about. All the years that this offense has been in place in the tweeted native. -- changed some of the verbiage there but it's essentially the same offense that they've had at its course the same office they've had since he's been here. And then it so that explains like you know Joey Galloway comes here in 2009. And you see Tom Brady -- and on the sidelines saying is that that art well yeah it is Tom. You know you -- offense your entire career for me this is -- and other guys some guys having. Gradkowski obviously got it Hernandez obviously got a pretty quick didn't they Randy Moss long -- dreaded audit even play in the pre season the first time we saw on the he was running by heroic for touched Randy Moss Wes Welker didn't take either those guys I don't I don't. Don't think -- it is just an intelligence thing either and some Smart guys who haven't picked up the offense. And traders and dumb guys that picked up the offense so it's not. You know your book smarts or what you know about. The world history or anything -- You gotta be football -- -- just some yet right there you've got to have -- in Miata and that's kind of -- Oprah and when we when Michael both of us independently. Went around digging on quarter -- Paterson to try to figure out who he was and why the patriots were interested in him at their selection at 29. What do we both come up with independently. It takes them awhile to learn an offense that he's not a guy who's gonna intrinsically get it whether -- smarter and off the field on the field might take him awhile. To grasping your system so it's not -- this hearing and complain and I know effort people do it say yeah greats they got sacks second in the third round receiver who cares what I wanted was was it an ace receiver guy who's gonna be and number 11 round pick who's gonna solidified that position while back I couldn't grasp the offense then and he's not really helpful to like it. Wait and in at least to a lot of other questions to mean you guys can that way and how you feel about it. -- all of Paterson. For the patriots it's got to fit the does that lead to the question of do you do you modify what you're doing you make an exception for an exceptional talent. So if if -- of a quarter of Paterson. Great name. According to a Paterson. Can't figure out your offense all the dimensions of your office do you simplify it. In just have him do. One thing. Have them do one or two things you don't have to learn the entire offense does do a couple of things. Now we'll help us out you don't necessarily have to understand schemes to be a great punt returner which he apparently is. And you don't have to understand understand. Schemes if you are just. Outside you're in the same position lose and you're running pretty much the same route. -- -- due to figure it out it's also easy for defense to figure out what you're gonna do. So he's -- exceptional may be viewed do you make some changes for him the patriot usually don't. But -- But a question that that you guys can help -- 61777979. 37 Alaska couple a big picture patriots questions one that. What did you learn about them through the draft I learned two things -- given to you in just a moment here but I learned two things about the patriots in this draft that they. Either I didn't know before or the cemented for me something. That I was curious about -- wondering how they were thinking about -- two things what did you learn about the patriots over the weekend in their draft and and the other one that. There -- simply what do you expect from these guys. What you expect from the group of players that the patriots drafted over the weekend lets you guys jumping or 61777979837. We'll give you our answer plus Bill Belichick and the speaks directly -- what you GSM Michael speaks directly to the idea. Of should you dumb down an offense in order to bring back bring in the white guy who may not have the mental acuity to grasp it right off about a play that sound for a -- calls next. -- can call 92 to a W media. The -- -- says very clearly make it changes. Takes awhile -- pick up his offense especially after thirteen fourteen years in the same system and Brady. Now hasn't slowed down and they've advanced so far that's difficult to just come right in and yet. He's taken too wide receivers that. At least always talking about I'm sure makes it sound as of those guys are going to be inserted into the starting lineup sooner rather than later but not for down on the road a few years. There to come in and help immediately help this team. Continue to be where it's -- get back to the next level get back to Super Bowl. In women know they're not the only pixel dig into the others as well wide receiver was such a conversation coming in -- That did it -- going to be the immediate one after he makes two picks and and as you said Michael. Doesn't go after the premier big name guy that might have been available to him in the first round instead treating getting other players Belichick speaking on Saturday night. May have given us a pretty good clue to understand exactly what he's thinking at that position. No I think that's you know balancing. You know we put new stuff in the -- usually takes something out you know and I mean it's the got -- values can't keep that net net I mean at some point ego. You gotta trim fat so. It's it's a balance for the same time you don't want take that experience and you know not not take new plays in new adjustments and things that you do and building utilized those skills because a lot of players you know can't do it but he got to try to catch younger guys up. -- -- And for these new guys and it's just out on I'm wondering if and we get -- -- we get a chance to talk to bill when ask me. Are wondering if they take that into account when they draft a guy now when they've seen they've had some mile high profile cases. Where they -- -- rich -- let that take -- take into account whether a guy. In either in his in his college office or his pre draft visit has displayed some type. Knack for picking up what they're trying to do. Maybe some college offenses are very similar to what the patriots are doing in some ways. And what Charlie Weis is at Notre Dame players would say you guys play for Charlie Weis detail and I'd note that -- And Notre Dame because on an X but this is what we call this is what they're doing right now. So if if the best case scenario you had a pro ready guy Notre Dame who come to the patriots. And he can just fit right in that it happened but. In some cases it could pay credit with the with the what are they look at that. It whether it's an offense. Or just the conversation with the guy because we've seen enough blame out. From the patriots at the receiver position where you would think it would got to do something different. Chad Jackson came in here I didn't understand the -- and didn't wanna learn didn't want to figure it out. -- wanna learn how to get better. You know Joey Galloway as I mentioned configured out Ochocinco couldn't figure it out so we re going to a draft and we're gonna redo the position. Do we need to have figured that we need to talk to guys in and have a pretty good sense. They have a grasp of what we're doing and if they don't no matter what. Milk Harper's what Mel carper says in atomic chase says and what might male actors. Now we passed on this Erica if we don't see if we don't get a clue. I have a clue that they know what they're doing which you draft them and I think that's probably the case of a Patterson. What brings me back to what I learned about the team were the very least what this week and reaffirmed for me -- grab some of these calls here a second 6177797937. I I I was reminded that. That the patriots do exactly what they. They don't care what you're gonna do they care but the media. They don't care about the fans they don't care about the other 31 teams they do not care. How somebody else agreed to board -- they only care about the way they grade the boards right now you can argue whether or not that's the right now. No you shouldn't care what the fans are what or what the media thinks but there's an argument to be made that -- what the other 31 teams does. Matters because that's how you're able to make sure you get what you want where you want you want to -- reach you get as much value is Yucatan. But there's another argument that says who cares as long as you end up with the players you want. What do you care well Vienna with the players who won. For further for that happened you do have to. Having it here's and here's the difference. You don't have to care what the other teams think which you have to know how they think -- And so. In the case of and have brought the Ballmer example before the Bill Belichick said there which we draft him in the second round was in the second round pick. I knew the league was was high on them I didn't know how high he could have been on the third. We've got several second round pick out I want to play here. I'm gonna draft him in the second round maybe you think that's too high turnout wasn't too high at all if the right spot for Sebastian Vollmer. But sometimes you know there's some there's some chatter about a player. And he may be gone a fourth round and you don't have a fourth round pick. While you might as well take the third if you really want. Think you do have to and that's the -- again on -- today I mean he's not play the people's weight is even gonna get draft yeah I saw that I felt your right or pick him in the third round as talk -- say that it -- had him as an undrafted free agent at the very least in the sixth or seventh round. So then what's the logic -- take them there well he's the guy you want it. Ease the -- you Baghdad as a player you wanted to -- Eduardo well then there's the second piece of it what the heck does milk -- now. I mean I like -- I really Dylan and I I'd I'd I'd like talking to my like listening to -- He brings me inside something that I don't really understand all that while 'cause I don't watch and study college football so what Moehler tottering of those guys says. Is is pretty close to gospel to wash your life into the -- But it's not the Bill Belichick and he may very well known that because he's got other people around the league. Maybe it's promised to meet trough whom he's worked with the nose and and often thinks the same -- him. You would know better than I did you wrote the book on them. Maybe he's -- to make prophecies the exact same thing in this it is gonna take him in the fourth round so we knows that while the rest of the league or milk paper's -- may be that he's seventh around guy. Noses of people that see it was a fourth. Around that's got to grab in the third if I wanna get them like you know you you guys who love the draft I love all the that the draft terminology the draft jar again. The the over analysis of all these players the commentary of -- bird -- and all the draft next. And I think it has that it definitely has a place I love all the hype surrounding it. I watch more of it then that I should admit publicly. Over the weekend. -- it's a beautiful day. Saturday afternoon. Gary -- you know 12151225. And got a mobile on eventually. I gotta go outside but you just watch a little bit this -- you have to -- especially the patriots take okay. Are with the hang around for little Warren and see who else goes. So that's great. But that is draft that is draft analysis. From. Draft people. I like draft experts so to speak. The team building something. Is something else. So what Mel carper. What milk -- doing is valid and he does it very well. There let. And not just Abdullah that would Ozzie Newsome -- -- -- thin and -- Jack and Ted Thompson and interest balky elbow gets what they're doing is something completely different. And may be -- carper doesn't understand why Green Bay would take this guy here but Ted -- thinking. He was in a wrong scheme and college if we put -- in our scheme or we have been working with our coaches you know I get the best operative line coach of football get the best linebackers coach a football. We're gonna use in this way. He was used morbid and interior defensive -- we're gonna use amounts are not pose with these guys are -- so you really can't get caught up into. You know hyper draft grades because it really has nothing to do win. With building the team. Agree and that's why don't I don't look at a name like like -- -- -- -- totally screwed it up they -- they -- Harmon in the third round so now everything is host for them. I just I don't think they look at it that way the other thing I learned Michael here in -- wanna grab some of these calls. Is that the patriots really gives a pretty good clue as to what they wanted to fix in the offseason before they even got to the draft and they just followed through. I mean you look at what they did in the off season they brought in Abraham they brought in Freeney they've yet to sign either one of them although no one else has either but they've yet to sign them right. And then they went they drafted a guy who can rush the passer in the second round and they drafted another guy can rush the passer passer a little bit later in the seventh. Now seven drugs easily round pick but they elect -- when he -- ahead of that so clearly they saw that -- -- need. And heading into the draft they tried to sign Sanders Emanuel Sanders from Pittsburgh. Unfortunately. Pittsburgh matched it but what do they do well with two of their first four picks they went out and tried and find a replacement had at wide receiver. They told us exactly what they were looking for in the off season they just weren't able to find it in the free agency period -- -- they found in the draft instead. Yeah well especially what may -- with the pass rushers but I think they found a little I think they found some there are two. It in free agency. Whether it's a defensive end or linebacker that everybody focuses on. Or it's an interior defensive linemen which helps to enter it with which helps you with your pass -- to and here's the other the other thing we have mentioned about draft picks. And this is like a patriot thing. -- -- Does that mean anything. Now he he had a great start to his career 1000 yards down -- 780 yards down to like just over. 100 yards last year. What are you lose. You trade -- for blunt. And you. Actually have have something on your roster that you haven't had. In a couple of years. And that is legitimate short yardage back and that they have yet to -- to he's got some -- -- got power out got our hands and that I like and there were a lot of -- of the good to have you you missed that would BenJarvus green Ellis. The short yardage back. Because you have that now. Get a scar on my hand because of -- airport. -- scar in my hand because of and we were. It's Seattle trying to do an imitation of the moment -- on study the guy at that Boise State and you put on somebody you know I was I was just supposed to like take a punch at someone's someone's phase. And I I get a heart and I -- as opposed the punch and I didn't notice. Like a -- a sign on the wall that was right there in -- to -- hard is it did it look like a full day to stop bleeding in my -- course. I think you should tell that story that you preach or to -- that deal and Springfield I deemed. I got. I don't act them. -- I wanted to knock out. I like what Bill Belichick in Italy. What -- Now he's not going out -- I and it went. Eager to go I'd bet that eight. You know like any op that created everyone want it Mike Wallace my -- -- -- I -- Mike Wallace beat Mike Wallace either hot. All. Just my opinion but -- -- the walk vault but he also talked a lot law. -- where. New England people who. Opt out and -- dependable. Gap where we needed help -- years. Yeah but it'll be wouldn't be mad at the acquisition Mike Wallace about it it at that money. That's a different conversation but Mike Wallace the player I don't have a problem with the with the work when it's not my smile all rights lawyer Mike Wall Street -- -- mean that that's part. But I think -- -- if you have a money conversation about a sure. But a lot of guys -- guys dropped passes. -- think it's. It's part of when I think of Michael Wallace I think of him wide open dropping a pass now I don't. You know. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Was truly hateful or anything but he was the first guy that already needed to -- apology. That's not a great sign for him and kind of speaks to who is don't you think. Well I don't know I just I was a little off a copycat who who you can't control as well which we know something that tends to be important to belch -- A lot of receivers -- -- in receivers and corners if you wanna talk about off the -- football players. Look at those positions about Aaliyah -- There's nothing better. Now on Saturday afternoon. When you had a string of just. As. See in and forty degree days here in New England were almost in me. And they get that jam together on Saturday afternoon. Nothing better than going outside and mowing your own law to pay anybody to do that pre to much you. Enjoy. -- -- -- -- Are you have a look and enjoy mowing your parents. -- -- -- -- not apparent until all of your work out of focus. I'm not a big mower -- right I've only out of luck I didn't grow up model on and then I I I recently. I recently had to -- line. But didn't really know to do -- lawnmower and it was a really really small and in the -- the -- and smaller and who's buried cars. Of the studio -- -- -- Emanuel and Florida Manuel won that that like it sure she's. I take a picture of it and then immediately people pointed out the -- mowed the -- the swaps. Which products that's the problem apparently dangerous but with a man whom or to make if one I don't know I get to be your foot shop and that it doesn't matter which were doctored. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Along. The great about it. Always fourteen years old when -- mobile on her. For -- Leaf blower. -- A lot more now I don't have Ryder Ryder and it's that your your typical -- state does not know about it now now it's great. And it's an and it's him serenity. You don't have to worry about anybody. Not to -- too much. To worry about anybody. Nagging -- After new things that you don't want it to you find other ways to -- to other places to escape where. Of course you need. You need to take up golf OK if -- was productive and to get away for six hours in the vineyard and we hope that your wife as what you're doing each or -- come out you know you can put your -- areas are can't exactly he says. Golf. Awhile so for me six hours is seven and -- come back from playing golf and guess what needs to bemoan the law. You make big money can't pay somebody to come -- along one. Anybody to do something that I enjoyed. It I artwork -- I would do that that's been like a big -- you configure world live. Having a big law on involves -- -- take -- of that date on and that's not something I want it all to be a big theological 6177797937. Wanna bring the Red Sox Celtics -- -- in his conversation. As well as all three had interest in weekend's although I'm not sure that they were similar alt -- -- and leave the.

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