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Cedric Maxwell with Salk and Holley: Discussion on the Celtics chances to comeback four straight against the Knicks

Apr 29, 2013|

We talk Celtics hoops with Cedric Maxwell in studio after a hot night for Jason Terry as the Celtics stave off elimination and live to fight another night. Do they have enough to get back in this series? Did JR Smith's elbow provide the spark they needed?

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If -- -- third name right into that that would be Cedric Maxwell's with -- so this entire hour Max what's going on. Wonderful guys absolutely wonderful real lot to talk about what is either. A unique historic moment yeah. Or kind of -- boss well I haven't -- I still think it is a unique moment. Andy can be bigger we'll get it out fifteen yes. That's the biggest thing Roy talks result and that's why you know I'm not an argument previewed in his. To me it could be a this could be a Jackie Robinson moment. You'd be very much so if you talk about Jason Collins or it could be nothing. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Now one of the that's what what most -- hyperbole there for you -- -- -- yes it is sport where most Celtic periods that that is the case because they've been with -- Jason Terry in this. It's you know and he's immigration -- -- is so he's been that person on the milk carton. Jason Collins I mean. Jason Terry has not been able to knock down in the junk shots and to me. You went that you illusions usually in the building -- puts league. Which -- in the last thing that Eagles were best school -- it was a great shooter is his ability to knock down shots and that was the most surprising thing about. Terry defect he had a bunch of shots it was made them. It wasn't the most surprising thing to me and about this series. Is that 75%. Of it. Hasn't gone the way I thought it would yesterday. Was the kind of game between the Celtics -- -- that's the kind of game Biotech with a twenty point lead from the films I think either team was capable of of doing that to the other -- I thought this whole series would be. Tightly consent yes contested come down -- -- last two minutes or last minute you know up possession or two and the knicks have made this so they've they've exposed to the the celtics' biggest weakness which is bought him. Well -- but what's that mean actually get this right solution says that. Was -- coupled with a couple of months ago provides you know about it with our go to the without Rondo not me brother don't need bronco and I mean handles horrible. There was a guy I even said remember this is got called me and I did show you which you guys and there that. You're playing right now gather whip out Rondo butchered not better -- dart without rob and I got like. Reduce -- and stop this thing now you understand ailments and because now. You playing great defense at the time but without Rondo be an -- facilitated that table set there. She is a guy that you know when that big game comes around. -- albeit it. I -- Toronto but never report method MM people been -- dogging it and you know bill you know he's the yeah yeah okay understand now. You know look what's happening in the in his old offense because people have been doc and run those in. -- of this team as much about it is they don't be run well right now or do you would love to have rod though is that table -- And Raymond -- Has really exposed. Bradley over and over game that you can't. You've got outscored ever -- I like to -- his sleep but you can't give outscored 27 that -- Intel pleaded neighbor Bradley has been involved in this -- Late as one of many on in the -- guard position has been disasters save for the one game Jason Terry -- game -- world suddenly shows up scores eighteen points has not been I -- his defense he whenever he's covered films that often adult driven right by him every single time I have a hard time keep in felt different felt has been all right. Shot grandy. My broadcast pardon -- trusting that. And for people to people -- no no I you're. Saw -- -- and I happen to make a mistake one time serve regular I was someplace tonight that Iraq are these bags I thought I sent us that my partner. And us that the shot -- be the person said. Max your gag because you. Your partner urgency after did you do this on Phantom Gourmet. We think you're not much apartment not my broadcast partner Shonn Greene said this bird state and he said that -- built in this series. Has been the MVP. He's been the most valuable player. He's been back other he's been much other than Carmelo. Who probably -- it is use arm ice from last night attempting forty shots it ain't I was think about it and it took me about three or four games -- shots. This -- jumped 41. You try to make an argument for JR Smith as well consider in the one game he doesn't plane is one game the Celtics win now was own fault. But he wasn't plate early -- -- -- should have been -- -- -- -- agree with you but he was should have been suspended and and I don't know if he was -- the difference maker. A lot of what the Celtics have. Has been self conflict. -- you think about the sport and helpers. Turnovers have -- -- the felt so -- you don't you don't have mixed I thought the knicks or did you say you don't think that America -- to -- up that it's that there are better defensive team in terms of what you're better than the so they are not -- that'd be visit to buy what might with some personal with -- my best friends. It coach of the knicks but not by what they do deepest run because look at the guys they have a lot of self is -- women is Carmelo is Carmelo is not as Carmelo goodness -- dollar by the Celtics now. Bob what they've idled about what they've done but I think they're probably -- instantly has been much better it is Nixon and damage oh here's my problem -- that the whole point it's been self -- The Celtics -- number seven -- -- they were one game over 500 this year there weren't a good team -- when they went on the -- they were awful team are well below -- on -- -- public to -- that are missing arguably their best play area there -- -- better players are hurt they are not a great teams look at -- it's it's -- self -- well I -- I -- -- -- not a good I am looking I'm looking at what they've done to themselves in this game but he is registered -- where are we talked about these games and we talked about the number of turnovers that you -- -- -- -- We talked about the Celtics in game one. Being up by seven. Hope here is comes down tried to get a home run shot a diploma but team. They lose momentum self inflicted. We talk about game two with two up in game two could have won that -- -- -- three -- came in the field just. But in an. Those two other games and -- your body it happened. If that's what you diaper on -- -- on -- -- -- put your hands -- -- But I still look at it in that way what the mix are selling. Still see that makes would be in this -- the principle we used to say this all the time -- patriots opponents -- every time the patriots would beat somebody the other team the complainant -- -- not that good -- blew the game they're not that good we just made a mistake and eventually I think we -- kind of came to realize that that's sort of what it meant to beat the patriots was not to make the big mistake to play it safe to not make -- -- up play and to wait for somebody else to do it instead and that actually is a way that you were very good at. You can't. Like the other side I don't like saying a this is all self inflicted from the Celtics in the Nixon having to do that. The picture pretty good team and they they'd finished with the second best record in the east and they've got one of the better players in the game Carmelo Anthony lied to decent -- I don't I don't by the fact that they are at this dynamic team that there by the is made out to be an article the New York all the tournament. And I -- CN people talk about the mix as the next best coming thing. As Mike Woodson as he is if he'd they'd like to say that he's written holds little black holes in my humble caught as well -- -- Mike with right now. But it is one little things again where I look at their team and -- look at their body worked and where they've gone what they've done. And I look at their pieces that's less so break it down their pieces mental. Look at what what piece Sylvia did Carmelo and JR that you look at and go while that is. Mean you get Tyson Chandler -- -- reliving this -- didn't need these games are Tyson Chandler was a guy who is with defensive player of the year. One of the defensive players of the year. -- you don't want the worst you -- Charlotte the Charlotte got rid of the Charlotte hornet. Charlie a bad team so he's come to a great situation for him. So I'm not but he was also the. That are -- championship team. A couple of years ago would you could you could beat there -- some whom I have not Lehman and not make and not make the -- and I think what you're saying you can make the case that the knicks are not championship material -- and that they they can't that they can't match or Miami dugout that the -- knows you not. This is yet they are they were highly matchup with the self arrest and you say the next Arctic air okay but the Celtics on eye level with the not to what good are on the same level it what with the loosely. In this next game and intermediate intermediate hole a huge story you said you talked about the game be a disappointment to -- That the script was exactly without all the would be. The script of a basketball game like this when you're down 30 is a lot times you will play well for half. In the awards she lose that lead. You down the -- that you don't combat right I was surprised. As anybody debt deceit it's show me the character of the Celtics. The fact that they stayed in it and they won that game because. What players normally do when you're down 30 in your home. Is that you play well for you handle novice and you say well why don't lose anyway. Why not lose here it won't get on the go back to New York ubiquity -- -- -- so to me it should tell me a lot about the characters players -- clearly we learn something the question is did we learn event. They are good bunch of guys who wanted to make a last stand before they finally exited and give the fans one last thing to be happy about before this whole thing gets blown up. Or they a team that actually has a shot to come back from three down and beat the next knicks into me that question next Max ninety seconds away soccer Hollywood maximum. WE yeah. You know let's like Garnett don't let's not -- McNulty if it was currently eleven on this one we've -- stability over time. Afterwards maybe they'll birds with one of the civil -- were supported way but it's definitely got it Garnett. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- the thing that. -- that the area I guess you can -- She can and invited them back at my analyst says I will say that the -- and so you kind of you kind of made my day difficult yesterday as -- I was driving around with my wife and my fifteen month old daughter all day yes -- -- -- -- -- looking for trying to figure -- relentlessly and get that out of my parents election. The last few days -- have my parents. Need my sister my wife my daughter my parents dog on my parents house and -- big enough brawls deals has been -- and every time along with some of the gains -- keep keep track what's going on them like -- and the Macs but every time I put them on Avery would start -- I mean -- real like screaming like fifteen month old screaming in the car. Crying it's half turn and often put on off the music together one of the Roxy Music together as one of my daughter through who everybody don't think I haven't heard that a million songs glad. Low. Then you guys that are I don't Bonnie. All uncle Gerri -- do terrorism -- that's where rabbi you threatened to hold on have to deal with a song like while while wait staff. I. Can't hit. Q and you put you to turn that not oh while always a lot of -- pilgrimage that -- -- -- -- the family that has some -- Most people know what you were talking but if you have young kids you for music you know that and you know all about it so anyway I had to listen a little extra music together yesterday as well. -- Macs were doing it from the an -- and they come back now is this for real or was that just the last stand. I think they canyon in the big you have to though the biggest that the -- in the -- in the of the personnel. And in the gas with the law. And these are very very proud players. If they weren't quick to combat I don't think it would have made that -- -- -- here. Because I was what didn't work. I mean they think that they equally at the -- I think that way they literally think to themselves this isn't worth it I'd rather just lose well in psychologically. In in your mind it does happen as the player I've been down before I was 31. The old three and in your mind -- -- well good for you know. It double or other maybe a half. After that. What -- to go home giving -- you think they'll be in game six. At the guard probably will be. -- -- -- on the so then you think I also gonna win this is if they win game five -- -- for I'm not gonna win this and I honestly believe. If the Celtics can put together he -- game in New York that they can -- in -- honestly that. Mutton is not about the cool lay them drink enough about. I know they mean I never like international and imaginative and management there on top of Niger to regret rhetoric ever ever public project rhetoric at a top target like a -- -- but I can see I can see the fact that they could they can go down there and they could win and they wondered do in the regular season. I think that they can win during the playoffs but they have to put the put together a better effort that they have to get. Better effort or better results from lever -- not effect is his effort is here. But the happy about the results from Avery Bradley. They have the rebound better and they tend not turn the ball over because that he turned the ball over in New York you give the fans excited. Players get excited and they run. Somebody tell me what Courtney Lee did wrong Courtney Lee must've done something wrong because he is now now he is now behind. Crawford in the rotations and he's behind Terrence Williams yes in a rotation now. I don't Courtney -- -- point guard but based on what I saw yesterday and other terrorist -- As with Kabila's political equivalent of what he's not he's not ready now and he was -- -- -- area you have a -- going and I think he he's not ready he wasn't a blueberries he wasn't ready now. But I think if -- Courtney Leah and its history. Because he's played really well regulated elegant you're lucky he can be legitimate defender right -- are down some shots he's physical enough to be up on the floor but right now. Unfortunately. Doc does not believe him. Out with some real -- -- believe that I sort of I don't -- you believe you get -- Williams may or I don't fall in an -- love with a player and harp. You can follow him an album hopefully if that's the case then then you have 82 games -- their -- 81 games to figure out what -- playoff rotation was gonna. If you are if there's a thought that Terrence Williams is at some point gonna replace Courtney Lee is part of -- playoff rotation. Should we had more run -- make it a season later that he doesn't end up with the problem Michael yesterday where it was and what -- he was there are hurt her -- though you didn't get him until late in the feet. So he couldn't have bet that camera productivity. On top of that when you look at him. That is when you deny having to practice time visual on the road west cold she got them on the West Coast and you came back home all the games and jumbled together. Your experience sometimes it with a team is -- is formulated sometimes through practice. And because he had had a practice time I think he's the -- -- play reform. I've been very disappointed effected doc has not plea court. If they win this series if they come back if they even if they have a game six there's a game six in Boston. Courtney Lee will be a contributor to that game I think that I wrote him man I I do I -- I let down on the Courtney Lee I I have I think that's right. -- got right I don't think thinks. Do you only to rally of the bought only reason the only reason I believe that the Phillips and come back ministers. Is because we have called discounted them -- sometimes during this last six years. We didn't we did believe it won't get to the files we do believe they -- Naked you know even Muster anything up last year against Miami every town we write a -- history says we write them off. They have combat now right now the paying public government and I'm like you out. The expiration date right now on -- product. It is too with to a three you want the man maybe I -- -- there. At the head at that might if a single guys jell -- that's a threat. It out menorah listen to show right now evil women listened to show right now you bring about a -- -- for -- he's going to let you go. It was the -- number there -- 2000 team. What the hell -- track. Well at the expiration date for the team right now seems to have expired -- -- done that it if they losers here is always harmless at a Max Max they're coming back absolutely. It's done a -- I absolutely ridiculous -- -- and a first round -- unit within the last governor I think we're tired I think now they can retire I somewhere else at the he probably comply. The option to do you think. Think the Celtic I say well I'd rather -- you some -- our earnings well Michael here's looking at things. I believe there is change the view -- -- here. Populace is due sixteen million dollars it is a team option. To pay immune sixteen all all. All all four. So if they're going to say I called we Wear them not complete that all goals elsewhere public each league KG gold -- and customary. So it it so if if Paul's days KG and I believe this will be Paul goes KG I believe this would be to. Maybe this relates to the Terrence Williams conversation maybe not but it's a -- it's on the Michael and I spent a lot of time talking about last week after Thursday where where we had -- -- and he made a comment at the very least -- both of our eyebrows I think we've both reacted to a little bit differently. But we had -- him JR Smith's comments were chair Smith said at the end of scheme to. That the Celtics didn't know what to do in the clutch that without -- -- they didn't know what they want what he's able Fuzzy on top as to how they wanted to and wants to was supposed to get the ball on the clock situation. And -- kind of puzzled us when he said this. We have these same challenges before. Losing double figure lead to end it in the fourth quarter game. Is not something that is just happen. This -- been going on for you know three or four years. And I wish I knew you know sometimes I think we put such an effort is in the emphasis on defense that. You know our guys there you know don't have the energy to keep cutting and moving and so forth -- up all fourth quarter. I don't know what it is but it's not the -- it's not just the wrong position. -- what is he trying to say there. Well -- big bet he's citizen mother Rhonda -- she feels like -- other guys involved. Maybe defense rotation traps all the things that you do more right now switching. As older team right now I -- are remembered talking in particular -- -- in the several players about you know how when he got to be older. How they reacted in how they could not move. Or on the wing or or and you say we meet Kim. I cannot make these cuts in traps in and get back to my man and switch and rotate. So the defense sometimes takes -- delays may be alum all the blare you talking about a lot of times what happened with the celtics' second night of back to back. Second level back to back -- for all the players and I'll tell you gentlemen. -- -- Because of that -- passage if you goal that second by you my first night you pretty good this in my. Scalable about you you guys get older UB -- Lucy was one that I can't runner up last I got a good person had a good nanny. That it acts now back to backs. I don't want that. And -- -- they'll be holding a -- -- let me use some -- not don't give me that you will know there's some things Amanda doesn't wanna know about -- I don't -- -- Bob -- tell me there. That it's you know Max you've always tell me is that you know -- sex or older guy right now like mis you know that pretty good. But I think this is going to -- number two -- -- -- -- with a real. Oh. Tell me sometimes go along with Bob -- on -- one has ever shut maxed -- our desires of the Bob -- -- to you don't think that Danny's talking about about -- is what I heard that I heard a comment about the -- and this has happened a lot over the last three or four years and our offensive system is not -- guys are running on -- about his -- Is not an impediment to what they do. And he's going to be a guy -- was going to find a way to. He is accounting guy I would want that the hill when younger players is trying to transition because I think he's going to be becoming -- they can go out and recruit and gravitate. Get some of these -- these stars that might be out there might give them comfortable. I agree with you I think he's an asset and I think he's going to be here coach -- team no matter who was here whether -- fear not -- KG is here or not. But maybe. Based on I never thought about what would you -- before what you just said about. An older team back to backs maybe it's a criticism. Of having such an emphasis on defense with the age of this thing. And I think that -- -- -- okay it will let you know -- great but we got to you have to the fans and -- -- good teams do that. I mean -- there indictments on the top one of the biggest indictment right now is you know going that -- And in look at what's on the right now which way now and he's he's supposed to be of the -- and what happened to him yesterday it was to me was appalling so. There's a bunch -- things -- happen right now when you become an older team. Unfortunately these things out but also I have what Kevin what Larry -- -- -- perished. All it happens when you become older things are coming up here we had. An announcement made today these store illustrating that it is either historic. Stores or it's not. Looks like a violent act -- that bad I -- a -- which right now on this I don't know I'm not gonna bet against -- I agree with you but there's one way which becomes absolutely nothing we'll explain next salt Hollywood Max. A WE yet.

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