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Salk and Holley's Miked Up - 04/29/13

Apr 29, 2013|

Old Woman hates young women. Story at 11.

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Yeah. Mean it's so rude I can't believe that sets so yeah. Now. This is around you are friends. -- -- -- -- lives unfortunately all good things come to an end it's my job who itself and Ali I have game by Libya and blow it. OK okay vulgar -- -- high right now we've got Elmo yeah dial 6177793535. In that no I don't court. I go to. -- reversed if a kid and now. My job to do have a problem turn off this nation when it all we've solved in the highly. -- -- -- her up to you by AT&T WEEI live available on your iPhone or android device brought you by eighteen G. They've set up a text to donate line to benefit the victims of the Boston Marathon bombing text the word Boston 2801082. Donate ten dollars. 21 Boston -- -- 21 on Boston message data rates may apply full terms and -- give dot org slash TT annually. And radio artists that they have the moment when it was felt like ball with elaborated on Saturday to have the -- I have whatever that. Realize there was so much so it was just royal. Now while almost. Mr. it your honor. Pedro and Jason tuck them for a girl chase you know and it takes a lot of -- and Pedro. My guess some clips from generally -- Saturday. You don't have -- -- -- it then was that I want to hear you say the general oil gets gets paperwork when. She went straight to pitch. What do you -- -- -- -- wanna industry as we got Michael phone. Booths at his face like a legacy now. Roll. Aren't exactly don't worry only reason. -- We'll says about right she knows her stuff of course he's out of our prize went. And he's going he's yelling yeah known -- Saturday's 1255. PM. Yeah I -- apple made that this is to put a woman. Quote. I'm that'd be. But it could be -- today. My allotment and I'm not an hour. And so if they get that little packet by anybody get an odd way back up -- don't come back the last spot I disagree. You think you have a map and get that limit let. Cannot get the women went back to the hospital affect. Our show notes oversaw. The cranky Yankee she thinks Lewis Carroll modesty rappers that should point out but yet if you've got the pulse. Of all women in the wage isn't this is gonna get the women listening. -- I'm accused of that. I don't I thought -- she says she was gonna get good women glistening at the end there. It's not gonna get the women listen no listen listen I'm using that wasn't any of the women listen easy -- This also beautiful. Because they're good spirit the spirit that. You Alex -- Do. That the -- the name of this thing the -- info thing the newest one from them. For fellow of the NC and on Friday real. Case are sure. Some actor took his place. Imagine thinking -- like -- -- for a good conspiracy theory like a little. It's sad that it really does like you bring your your brain get wired about what about all those people at George Bush was like a lizard person. You have your hear about one is like and let's get the election she enters or something differently is not. You know you -- well well I don't wanna I wanna get. Thank you know exactly you know I would get my hands -- yeah don't -- got to -- -- But if you wanted to but right now. Jack I am -- like that you -- -- my -- what senate ethical. I don't care what I need to grow I am terrified of snakes. A snakes snakes yields guarding that -- like that out architects -- Michael Garten disgusting really is with the -- -- how often receive snake mobile U. You can't see -- -- -- snake once out of my lawn and I was almost didn't go back in the hunt for like a year you've got a giant. Gas powered machine with rotating blades into her mind -- not gas -- first of -- and it's not the word it's gonna attack Margaret had Emanuel and lamented -- was a little annual one so it could have gotten in there and -- had a way to defend myself you'd be better -- just using computers are saved my life is deathly afraid of snails. Snails but the thing about snakes to at least quick movement like it's hard to get away from the get go slack which hand was not gonna go to triple throw it out there. Customers several things that it is offensive that the red flagged for it. Why do it and good faith. Why do it and pray pray my game that we could play. If you think this is a man yeah. It. More Iraq effort -- -- -- not the first place more days in first place W at this who had eighteen and seven anybody. I've told a 124 games I went away -- -- says -- like it. Like you have to bring it back. All other notable -- Run that much and best teams have serve. It is. Nice guys we we've talked in particular that is out -- how bad yet this city is bought it's I would -- -- It wasn't for the work that was otherwise noted that in the back and thought that it did. And that is generally gave 51 I'd say -- I think there's been there there's been a cease fire between the Celtics in Bill Kennedy Bill Kennedy. Made some favorable calls. For the Celtics yesterday -- -- -- the knicks weren't too happy with what we did a nice job -- Bill Belichick has done it again -- -- work -- inaccurate. Some army -- three tremendous plays from the records. Didn't fit the -- -- -- steel curtain at the Rutgers. Rural people here. -- of the way -- all on one. -- -- And message. What may be monsters of the Garden State Parkway. When it -- being. -- Greg Bedard on -- -- monsters of Rutgers in New Jersey Turnpike. Monsters of Piscataway but it is a quiet about it there are not a four. There are nine and four last year in the big east watch out that that's the acquittal like slowing the SEC isn't scarlet knights. You can count yeah it's it's no big deal -- and power and is intimately. For twelve years always crap. And that gesture of -- this guy. Has hung around and it really. Does he don't. Point three rebounds. This caller is right now only has he did little league for a dozen years have they still contract. Like -- Nike make over my body or why everybody does I think may has is a money issue let's make this money just means that he wears Nike OK but who pays attention to nobody but Nike wants as many people -- their shoes as possible while. But he's would have he's just like routed to the bench though you'd never see issues and issues and he gets in for those three points in those three rebounds you got to be focused right on the -- during that time. That the rent control in people and -- -- made -- on the very day. Our Latin America. And this message but what does anybody know. What Terrence Williams his shoes are those air jordans you know ending -- Yeah he's seen Terrence Williams is -- look at them to come out on on Wednesday. Where talent like boots. I don't know. If they're green they're strange I don't I don't know what they are I don't find myself thinking of Tim Tebow I'm wondering how he thought what kind of day he's -- Is this is seems like the kind of thing that would have sent him because he got -- that freedom. What freedom pretty busy ever gonna play in the league and yes he'll play Italy will we play another he will play another -- -- quarterback in the NFL. Yes a snap yes it gay he will start a game at quarterback and I'm radical absolutely. -- -- to be quarterbacks are fortified well. We're proud Canadian football. It's sort of soft referred to Russell Wilson's -- in new evidence of draft wasn't okay but you. Yeah and some who have become an article about it. And it's called for a magazine photo. I don't look I -- -- nobody. Thought -- have gotten popular boulevard. But on the product rather ample wide and get the big guy. For the movie marketers. Like if you fit so I -- -- about that. And that message like -- -- she'd Wallace looked. Missing an editor but they'll look she gives every referee the way that she looks most of the time. You know he's already and he. You know Formula One day nearly. Yeah I can is with pink -- radio I Ukraine and and these provide ample once they don't even get the -- -- of thought nobody would get hot equipment -- -- -- by app. I think if the credit. It says things got up flags. It's -- kind of why. And that message. Portugal time spent listening cranky Yankee you don't all right. She's listening -- now she's not calling about the Red Sox this -- police units -- -- did mention the four games they took from Houston over the weekend I think that's surprising -- -- -- baseball what did she call. Who is who is our general on -- on Saturday just Marines -- general oil and Jesper and -- -- Pedro in Jason -- him for his guest. Opera about a all right that was Mike upped -- by AT&T the official wireless provider of the Boston Bruins at most four G coverage. In New England answered the question jerk next you got a question only answer just text at the 37937. -- all on WEEI.

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