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Steve Buckley on Jason Collins: "Pretty emotional" when I first heard

Apr 29, 2013|

Steve Buckley joins Mut and Merloni to give his reaction to the news that Jason Collins has publicly announced he is gay. An emotional Buckley looks back to his moment in January 2011 where he had the courage to make a similar annoucement.

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Butler and -- 37 WEEI your calls all day 617779. 7937. Could text this AT&T you know what you can't today are Tex lines down. On the AT&T -- on -- dare to the system it is Erica. But it's gonna be just keep pecks and away at 37. 937 joining us on the eighteenth the outlines the buck. Boston Herald he has great stuff Boston Herald dot com. Came out the newspaper what 2011 so couple years ago and now we talked today about Jason Collins the first active professional athlete in this country. Coming out announcing that he is gay but joins -- spot but Lou -- I'm so I think you gonna call -- he -- NFL draft they have all my -- here in front of me so -- there and go. We we we were book you know we we were listen I want -- obviously with Jason Collins now coming on the Sports Illustrated article. You know yourself in the sports community in Boston a lot of courage a lot of brave to come out bravery to come out and talk about this talk to me about. The first professional athlete to do it what it means. Well. I hope I can get through -- -- -- Welling up because it's pretty emotional when I heard about this morning because this is something that the people in my. Corner of the university and talking about now for a couple of years. And I remember being so brave and a few years ago it has claimed that we will have an athlete Kamal within three years and I mean it was that you're spears -- to me. But it's been it's been a rough road because in in some cases I think the media has gotten it all wrong. That they -- way too much on the on the locker room which our world and what's it going to be like and so forth and if they if they really talked with these athletes. As I have many times including you will it it. Impossible to living under a -- it to be human beings these days and not have these people in your life this is the stark difference between. What we've just witnessed what happened in 1947 Jackie Robinson is Jackie walked in the room. Filled with baseball players who had no black friends or family members that they care to admit to this guy is and -- had to -- but in the come around. These guys are waiting right in the summer but he manipulated. It is I have a line like he used to call -- -- -- a lesbian sister. Meaning that. Everyone I've talked to -- a couple years had these stories coming about somebody in their life -- gay and they've all made the accommodation in the light the ball except that it. And -- it with is it gonna be allowed out here in the air a religion -- -- or something along those lines of course. But threatened gonna -- these guys -- waiting for a long time but days of life. But when you talk about your experience he wrote about experience couple years ago and deciding when and where is your read Jason Collins today and SI. There are some similarities when you read that story is that sound familiar to UN and what you went through. Oh god yeah I mean it it's like it's. I kept -- time I nodded not Gloria been there done that. And that's a little different from me in the I knew I was -- as closeted. Over the years many more people into the broad daylight if it was it was -- Don't Ask Don't Tell going on with me. If in the new friend doing things like that I I think that. In his PC -- Salina was that the CIA agent or something that you need to be. Fairly calm when destined if you read the league being fourth the other Billy Beane who played a big lead the tigers started partners. He really had to do a lot of cloak and dagger he played. A few of the people would find out. And that that's what resonated with me is that. When you are in very public person in the public is I've been over the years I'm only public to people who read about sport in this little tiny town. This is those Major League professional athlete so and he's also seventy calls so it felt like he can. He can just go to peek on what -- commercial street not be recognized that -- belated though that's the part of the story that we get on with me. You were -- Jackie Robinson you know. Breaking the color barrier in baseball we talk about. The courage that he showed the fact that he was willing to take it -- and not you know basically blow open every opportunity look at Jason Collins. And I stopped myself when I said the perfect player because of the -- respected have been around the league for a long time because don't -- to be a perfect player to -- I think you should -- -- -- When you look at him and how well these respected. How do you feel about Jason Collins himself being the first one. Like to keep it's not that stupid cliche but I think he's the perfect representative in that he's well spoken. And that he he sounds like someone's gun deck chairs lined up and did not going into the Willy -- that he really. See map it out and that it was done correctly. And I've had some emails between the white people thing -- -- that you've done it during the season I don't think people realize how can. Credibly emotional it is to -- -- especially a public person. Because. You just don't know in your entire life changes forever. And I remember meeting which are shocked of The Herald in -- way. Mike coming out was -- very carefully orchestrated. Those ratings it would ask the nuggets don't let -- so everybody that it's identical equipment and. Where is what didn't work -- -- -- It was. Good and -- and it's very emotional I remember -- when I met with them in salt here it was going to be done during the bye week. So that I would have a couple of days to deal with this so it was the week before the patriots played out to the jets play. The vikings get it out of the way. You'll what would have -- be dealt with -- five -- -- that jump back in the far in the following Monday Google we've been that we -- up. And that it was planned I didn't just happen to -- and yeah -- it day in going beyond that date. Rob the good friend of mine Bradford was sitting next to me. It somewhat comparable -- and it was. It was all done in Portugal plan. This is exactly what he's done now and that the Nazis in two. If everything lines up his flight to deal with the media interviews and if the general changes in his life and be very popular a lot of people going to want to meet him. And he did at the right way in my opinion pieces I remember the story in January 6 2011. But it probably the one line at like 1203 AM as something had a couple friends over that night. And the -- who I'm around in a buddy of mine apart in the refresh button. And the ball what he spoke the words it's up. I won't start generating. Text messages coming in and it it went all Mike in the morning -- never saw. And that's what he's going right now it's it's it's all good news so people what you want -- -- with view. You know I I remember hearing from you who I heard from throwing at Youkilis. -- Robert crap we wrote back I can go on and on. But beyond that it was like -- -- with high -- with little late -- school literally in -- everybody's got hurt him in years. And it's all very very positive and at least -- -- -- right now. But how much are you really talked much about it publicly but and professionally bend their covered many many teams what was it like for you. Originally -- right afterwards walking in spring training was a few weeks away but. What was it like how he treated. Athletes. First time and has been locked room -- the jets stop and it it was uneventful. But what really hit home to me it's obvious kind -- Red Sox players better because of more peaceful guy. And though like come on January and it's more than two weeks later than I mean Fort Myers. And I'm doing my thing like I always do the talking this dynamic guy and it it was sold by the eventful. That at one point I I thought in gambling from the Red -- on the outside with a picnic tables are. And I hit him got a minute and I said but I won't be true we clearance they all know right. And he's got no idea they don't know what all they talked about. OK so they'll melt in and he said why I said because it's like nothing ever happened. In -- that will actually treating it beat it in again and it and I I actually but it asks players. And in the end and sure enough the -- they started to talk to. -- they would they were all saying all of this person in my life -- in -- -- -- -- gay and I remember. I would do something and hitting it and I -- but -- magazines and -- Old cup on date for thirty years since he was in the minors and -- quarter. And we're watching out to one of those table talking and we wiped out there he said you've had a pretty got pretty busy Nazis and and it at all you mean the column in the guy that you know and you know so what. And -- he would like one of the first people unsolicited -- me about it yet you know the parent kid and you know and so forth. And then it kind of went from there and one by one over the next couple months. It would be like star player. Alone like in the runway -- the dugout they might come up and -- something. But does the the players. Even guys that don't like -- guys written negative things about. I haven't had one episode with any player in the fourteen bought and they can and I'm very very pleased to be you say that. The Steve Buckley is joining us we use words guests at the Lou I feel the same way courageous and brave what Jason Collins is doing today do you believe but that this can be. The beginning of athletes -- professionally collegiate ranks whatever it is to feel like someone who's still active and playing it's not Billy Beane was out of against the guys still. In the league so he wants to play next year the back and help people. Feel comfortable with talking about this and not hide part of their life behind sports. Oh I think it's good news you've. Did I wish you could sitting out and getting right now and -- I've been in touch with. Lot of closet at least the last couple years and most of them college athlete and -- And I've -- all the way through that it would be a domino effect that 11 guy comes out. -- you and -- say that they'll come a time on the road. That will kind of look back on this with a certain amusement amusement rather because. Went the first guy comes out he's going to be treated fine and again is and that is another point that when you get. Without any known as I did and you read ninety of them. And overall. Praiseworthy it could you wouldn't want it like it -- -- -- the most negative stuff would be well here is that but then you get that one view these nasty homophobic email. It would really help. And that's what he's going to go -- that the death he -- that used to be I would get before I came out. I would get over you know Dana you're known -- so when. And then that I I wouldn't sleep too well now I get one of those and it's likely. That is that is that you can opinion anybody. We do after that -- the world execute the movies app you. Send someone a really nasty homophobic -- what you do with a refugee day is it is the biggest -- to get work. And that we've got to find out and that's going to be tremendous hole. A lot of athletes would toying with doing this right now he's got a late betrayal could pay him. You know -- I can't help but think of a lot of the stories you've told me interviewing college athletes or other athletes that have dealt with distant. Suicide -- crossed their mind in what Jason Collins now means to them. It's just not feel better but yourself but save lives and realize that it is okay. If they get up -- -- -- nutter and that you're doing public speaking and I actually knew his dad years ago. And came with a baseball league -- southern -- And he didn't he didn't attempt -- suicide that he contemplated yet that didn't bedroom one night. And at the -- a little bit and then -- parent involvement that look this is what I'm thinking of doing that. That Mike -- -- let go and the hospital overnight and his parents acted heroically in the game that turned out -- you really. A good spokesman for that but with game wasn't that they have the -- will be it was a term we use called casual homophobia. And the casual homophobia -- closeted your locker room. And you get here. -- Age you and when the word was. If you if you work but did you hear terrible albeit it can be like a -- Because. You're gay and then making -- using. They -- and homosexuality as the price and it's it's it's impossible to describe somebody's not conclude that. How daunting that can be and what happens now of the openly gay athlete milking what. That changes that entire thing and and that trickles right on down the colleges and schools that's why this is very important. -- -- for me Bucky said he made the prediction you know three years ago that they are BEL. They're at it that's available to this than -- but we knew we talk about how important this is in a male athlete still in the sport has come out. That dialogue that it starts the feel like in three years from now will have you know is it and is it dozens is it. Is just is this the beginning of a major push people feel like we can speak honestly about our sector -- is Jason Collins has done. I think if you win number -- I can tell you that what you're saying that -- going to on the right track. I assure you. There are a lot of Japanese right now kneeling in the on deck circle was at work who have been contemplating medicine that I happen to know. Just through. Part of not with them but I did happen and that is there a lot of that's because this kind of play. And what's going to happen in Whitney's -- over the next couple years as a college football player right now trying to make you know I was already so. More and more athletes to kind of find out that look at it if you if you say something if you're in India. And you say something that people this guy you're gonna get squashed like a book. And not only is that the right thing to do -- not things but it's also does Martin do. It is if you don't want to be on the other side of that story in the if you read on tonight -- and Jackie Robinson in this is one of the few parallels that will make. Is that you don't wanna go to the rescue light -- -- Chapman manager of Philadelphia Phillies who was up on the front step of the dugout. Shouting racial epithet to crack the field Jackie Robinson what you want to obviously and we have to live with that and that's that -- that you don't wanna be on that side of the story. And I think when. This story unfold over the next couple of days other athletes to have fallen in on his staff that's what's gonna make this guy so very important historically. Well I think is great reducing calls is dumb but remember buckles adjectives that we used to talk about him we we used to that you cup years ago so we're brought -- well. Even illegal to get to play it will bust your mr. ball a little bit you know with the whole. -- -- -- But my -- is that that's part of what we do and and and if you don't buy it by the way just the -- -- don't treat the people people but in my balls before but -- polio picnic parties the -- -- -- -- stupid that. I had have batted it and it -- it it's kind of it -- it's kinda heartwarming that the people who gave me -- before give victory -- -- it but not using gazed up to make the. Let ducks Steve let me -- -- Well see you and I'm annoyed by this I have I heat that we got John talked about the spot in -- -- we we appreciate it Condit do Ivan talent Joey in -- we need to get John talk about the old time baseball game promote. The date of the game the summer that's why -- want. -- Wednesday August 21 and I'm sure that in the days leading up to that I know this guy Stephen came to what to call in show and beat Texas and the and but yeah I'll witness -- the looking toward having moved back this year August when he first put it in the count. Earlier that that's so cool -- decades we have blocker Steve in Cambridge show every known as when he calls a spot thank you so sure about that appreciate the thoughts yeah. Steve Buckley joining us on the AT&T hotline AT&T. Four GL TE was speeds up to ten times faster than three GT AT&T. Rethink possible Wednesday August over my guesses. When he tickling your back is sore the twenties and nineteen Joey to -- -- back. What's your work outside right picked up -- him I can't out Kinney bush and taken their play this year now. The wrong right now so. The knees feel better that you -- velvet. Some believe what you me up right now so on -- bodies feel pretty good statistical oddity is that we're numbing game steeply in the big leagues. AJ Jon all your phone call 6177797983. Sevens and NFL draft three cap in the Red Sox. Had the best record in baseball don't go anywhere.

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