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Chris Price, WEEI.com, Patriots draft recap

Apr 29, 2013|

Chris Price joins Mut and Merloni to talk about the Patriots draft and the players they selected.

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Butler and ID 37 WEEI -- benefits. Of -- the great WEEI dot com and an art disposals -- Chris Pryce who covers the patriots but also -- of the draft. I was at the -- com -- excuse -- -- -- of scouting. In prep for this including. Work on the old three cone drill and ominous start there with Chris vice WEEI dot com forming get -- through the patriots took up and down. You explained to the people haven't heard yet -- -- session. With three cone drill and how it ties in the patriots when it comes a draft day. I've been accuses. On the political like Russell -- on a beautiful mind when we're talking about the recall under all of the patriot love agility and -- In their defense and back orders or anybody that is. It triggered frequent -- obviously governor looked reporting unit -- that really worked hard coding process but the ability to change direction fluently and quickly. I think is almost as traders -- -- back when when you're looking for a a defense to back or what. All of the -- all the all the -- -- going after over the last ten years younger wept while critically Julian element Chad Jackson of course you know. To their -- or regret. I'll have opened the world record guerrilla -- after the art of according to that point -- -- -- of the top ten finishers. In the recalled drill at these are complex it is remote undrafted free to -- right that the quarterback -- pick that workers in you Burt talks sports who are you mr. support -- Or great political arm there's a real simple wave for -- prayer when you're talking about scouting actor's rep. Look at the Arctic in the wider -- -- to back. Control ability. 222 to change direction quickly. To do well in -- recalled in the troubled -- that's a really good way to be able to pick our -- to what could that. Or Chicago before the draft and some positions we might be surprised that they take but. But they're pretty much filled some needs but I was little surprise Jamie Collins that that first pick of the second round -- the second overall. They covered linebacker basically with their first pick were you surprised you think they're going somewhere else there. Yeah I wanted to look where I was surprised that Colin pick the guy who for me. He is a really walk prospect I think that it can't look into a lot of things I think physically. We talk about boy and in the ability to do some different things. Are you really look I'll buy an interpreter is measurable Kolb really a lot of things well Colin that are posted online at W -- part of it is reviewing them. I've become like posting -- -- left or which was the best. That they -- -- your arm and a guy it was great physical -- I'm interested to see how incorporated and the profit that let you look at the other properly at -- here. I think late bedecked corporate linebacker that -- -- look at last year -- got great work out of bringing in spite of duck the hard court system to drop mail. In their ability to run with these items that are running backs a because apparently you look at our because of its speed might view that got the look -- to what will be tight in there and running back out. I guess a little more surprise is that reading up on and talk with physical skills obviously there but. Biggest knock lack of motor not always playing hard but could be tied to playing maybe for report team. In calls that came from NFL assistant coach. -- surprised by that you know that the lack of motor not always playing hard is that one of the things that you love this game you play hard all the time that bill looks war. Doctorate -- the -- pointless if I do think though it as epic out of that that beat the out of that provides a rare visit you know -- -- look at what. Art of the fact -- -- -- peaking which you know on any eager to get down -- playing -- -- predetermined result. All of that that that is the comfort I admit that the concern but I think that. He bring. A set of skills to -- people that leaks and wanna see. Jeremy and how you've incorporated feature called -- integrity you're. That's that would restrict it to reflect what I wonder how much if at all they do what he does fox producer. They have another -- seven later 59 our guys at their Chris price -- an ally attic Allen number -- ordering the Keenan Allen Jersey I've patriots dot com and a goal wide receiver but Keenan Allen not their actions over the third round. -- Dobson who. When you watch the highlights of him physically. Would fit exactly what and -- Keenan Allen exactly but what we talked about on Friday from Gillette that they need an explosive player. With some size on the outside and just from guys watched highlights no game -- the highlights. Dobbs is that sort of player at the -- your position. He is he's he's he's that guy you're you're you're you're talking about a guy inner adult and who can. Not only displayed good speed but these people are poised for good speed but also shows stability to separate defense Iranian people -- Overwhelm smaller front to back at the same time all the way from the orca the matchup the linebackers and whatever. -- If the guy or really the presidency. Are liberal level which is set. I think I know we've all seen that catch a -- -- in east Carolina earlier this year the ridiculous twisting what can catch of but that the guy -- I've heard compared him to integrated -- -- only 2223. Earlier this career. Talk to recruit coach talked about a -- in the league says the numbers are typically are pretty -- -- Typically go toward the record bowl and I think that you deeper couldn't look hatred -- Who have been looking for that kind of guy that kind of court and get a physical receiver who. Again -- really good speed but all social ability to separate and be critical with the defense of backward trying to typical of that -- table or. Well and after that it turns into Rio Rutgers love fest I'm not sure what's -- -- analyst trait for -- league make a trade here today with blunt -- draft. Pretty much everybody from Rutgers and even great but darn it takes a lot from directors is they never heard of apartment so help me out here with directors love -- noble Ryan -- I'll Ryan and the guy we talked about the -- -- order for -- -- to do well the record look at Columbine. In a perfect world for the secret few challenges Lott I'd go for playing at their vote at a peak physical. All the rhetorical but bigger outside orders. You work in future ostensibly as a step that Iran's special. Army and if there's a region Israel to -- -- -- -- there are. Army is special or eat eat and again we talk about how well they'd make sure a lot I go for wearing a thinker or record in the picture. You set up a situation where -- going up against -- -- and -- -- -- Opera playing our secure areas at deductible at that position so I want to remember. About the workers go to visit to the -- -- Abaxis. Belichick talked about it and try to hit it out the relationship you know that they've played together for three or four years already. Being no different -- it is critical -- them according and I think that level familiar. Immediate hope -- -- -- all sorts it's important of workers who really would count as proxies Sullenberger told as well. A lot of different element to play but you know electors fuel -- -- that Belichick a couple of -- that this -- typical the typical. I guess -- -- the special and it comes to a guy like -- that that don't ordinarily have projected being taken in the draft you at 37 round picks. I read a lot or he's the real high character guy and that that may have been on that the patriots radar. Terms of the player though you know it. You do is assume becomes an on -- who plays on special teams meet some of third round pick that's a pretty high pick -- -- me Greg she Donald coached at rockers the draft these guys down in Tampa today. Exactly that the important thing that you know all the all the truckers got -- corrupt -- -- -- going to get -- what do what it says. About about -- really -- those get there but yeah I think that right now. You'll want a third round guy all over spectacular or Lester don't you -- bones initially specialty work. And really kind of fell off the radar screen where they -- -- -- -- -- because they were -- to -- in America on. Second or will promote career -- -- little businesses. -- Now dropped precipitously as well. I think department. A similar rookie year. At a table wolf and I think the -- will be counted because we're going to protect the special adapter and secondary you know if there's if there's a -- got in the extra. For the patriots it's that -- you know that we awkward story. Afternoon drop in Google Coca-Cola. -- putting was great so you think or what about sitting home watching the draft which is failing in here and they call it team and they don't have an early form of the month turned so that'll are they're barely toward that well you know I hope to be expected to go earlier this. I'll figure there's -- reach. He's the guy. I support him is it in how you're able to kind of incorporated into the defense and particularly special things that we initially for. -- -- -- the talk what impact but I I just look at the position wise the knees they -- those with these first four rounds and and I like it you know what she what they look like excuse me on the field but. The intriguing got to me is this kid Josh Boyce at TCU graduate you -- in in three years obviously a Smart kid bit. But questioning it was what was the last time. That they went after a kid that just crushed at the combines the Columbine freak with with all the tools that he does and what you see him. It not to ignore is that that the common that would void and it's important remember when you're talking about -- You you have to talk about. The prospect in totality not just looking at number number because you're talking about a guy who Leesburg score Eric in both know about it where I don't think. -- the hatred it would rhetorical worker complex freak. Who you don't wouldn't interfere in the school -- so important guy who got an agreement for your report to a great school coach yesterday. It particle coach Hewitt being critical kindergarten her. In new. Looking at or even you -- our shuttle which you report you know report regularly here. You Covert about it you know the level Smart about this such a great. But you also against that you can't -- particular complex numbers out of the entire group of prospects in -- because it was reported -- You regard both looking forward to say I don't think putrid ever going after dark. But what we'll -- -- look look speed -- level technicality that the wide receiver position as -- -- -- Chris in terms of the one trade that was made here on draft day Demps and a pick for league air apply guess its its two party year. That is was -- really the throw in which used to the feeling it was like elitist while Garrett libel throwing Jeff Demps and -- part time player. On our roster and what old EC with -- Garrett wanted to god it was okay early but then knocked out of -- there with Doug Martin get a lot of the reps in Tampa. It's essentially due to you you take our level ought to running record or. As. It was clear this -- this winter the spring listed them. Did not put this sort of priority you know football and I think the putrid for -- ordered you do that sports are quarterly yeah you -- -- -- -- -- -- -- you look or don't think that went over -- well done -- LIO. I think when you look at -- -- Number you -- dropped all last year or so because you worked at the apartment and what are you get out of him a lot I think on another level and it looking at him. It's really great Wimbledon interest to corporate think that some people around Foxborough believe you. That Brandon Bolden got a little secured its -- last year erupted for you to. I'm not even talking about these. Does the suspension important suspension I think that. If -- confident. -- -- attitude that you displayed at current league last season. I think they'll be a little bigger blood and say that you know this particular book company dot org here so you can -- or are hoping it's gonna -- I think eventually. You know. -- -- mr. Carter slept through but I think you're basically that's points principle -- insurance and what are you get out of here are going to be. Curse a -- now that's already post draft talk about how close they weren't any interest although Ryan mallet and trading and. You know I think right now would amount to a trillion is when you talk about that because every year. And wrote about the a couple of them every year they collect a quarter. You know we know we don't look great situation there and the other -- -- -- -- currently predictably going to work every single year if you needed to. And I wonder what that says about their local -- you're probably right ballot -- -- -- -- really upset in a third string quarterback. I'll in how -- to creep into the system that that I would be surprised at all the ballot treated for the start your -- When I could not come -- -- -- it up -- pre season they get in a virtual form I think did you write about. Chris price WEEI dot com with the draft coverage and get into. Camps and OTAs we get set for the season you wanna be there -- WEEI dot com Chris is always great stuff recovered to -- decent. Chris price joins us on the eighteenth the outline AT&T forgy LTE speeds. Up to ten times faster three G it's AT&T. Rethink possible 92 record year for local what you thought about. The approach -- the patriots draft couple wide receivers but five of the seven players on the defense side of the football hand. Three hours in nineteen minutes in an outside of the sarcasm off the top. Have not mentioned the release of Tim Tebow Tim ET both. Out of football right now low -- we talk about the NFL talk about the draft dot talk about the most popular -- in the -- It's Tim -- hate Tim Tebow makes it the next.

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