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Pierre McGuire, NBC Sports, on the Bruins chances in the playoffs

Apr 29, 2013|

Pierre McGuire joins Mut, Lou, and LB to discuss the upcoming NHL playoffs, the Bruins struggles, and the matchup against the Maple Leafs.

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Bruins wrapped up their series -- see this weekend aren't kiss everybody fashioning a tuneup and lead the blue on Saturday yesterday from flat fall down but back. Eventually lose that locks and as before they get Toronto an old friend Phil Kessel. In round one of the NHL playoffs and joining us on the eighteenth tee hot -- join us throughout the old Jonathan playoffs of course. Our body Pierre McGuire NBC sports and LB in studio here how are you know. Gentlemen I'm doing fantastic and activism really before we get -- heart soul -- not hurt the people in Boston. Had a privilege to do in the game was probably right after the terrible thing at -- -- enough I can tell you had to travel on the NHL owners but they can people Boston. -- will taking Q will take its tough times via its it's one of those areas where -- -- sports can kind of take your mind off I think people are hoping here that. In these playoffs the Bruins are set for a run let's start with the matchup itself. The alike this matchup for the Bruins before five -- at Toronto in the first round. Yes absolutely. He came on human picabo -- especially on defense was Zdeno Chara. -- -- boy chuck. When you think -- both sides Seidenberg when I think about Quaid they can lean on -- -- -- overly large guy that he leaned on to the probably you know that you're troubled housing and -- gonna get time and space doubtful accounts -- -- time and space has Tyler Boldak is coming off an injury. And probably not a 100% how he -- he can get time and space they're younger. Smaller more skillful players are gonna have a tough time creating -- I really believe that unless. The -- big bad penalties and then it becomes an easier game Cattrall played so I think -- like the matchup doesn't work. Stepped on the middle matchup doesn't work for Connell. Boston this is a very favorable on paper matchup but Randy Carlyle the tremendous coach and won the Stanley Cup before personal -- is -- -- it -- to take it to another level. You'll hear what we look at this team and and the personality -- -- I agree with all that I'm not so sure it's it's the same team that we feel about a month ago you know I know -- last the last couple games the effort may be is there a little too -- of woken up but. This is we're getting caught it describing eighteen maybe we once knew what I'm also sure it's the same team. You ought to SharePoint -- and again I'm not to watch the team player if you watch them play but. I -- for the quarter from Dennis Seidenberg and I take him as being a man of his -- it is one of those guys who plays. A robust -- always pleased to compete hard is that. The regular seasons although we're happy it's over. The last few weeks have been easy for us now it's time for -- to play playoff hockey we're ready to play playoff hockey I think human work does that leave you really feel that way. And I think most of the players and that teams feel -- And I would expect that you're gonna feel different current team in the class and what we -- in the last ten games left and it has not been good from Boston. Well look the one good year again I had the motivation I I agree you know much gives it to me -- time because you know I'm I'm mr. homered Aaron here but I just. You know I you can you can. You break it down -- to bruins' problems down apparently killing his average again that that's what made them. That's on put him over the hump when when they they they -- scored goals five on five. But the motivation is there. The league did tell me -- -- ten they score goals there yeah I mean it's it's sixteen mist nets missed a nets on thirty shots I mean that. That that's it's crazy. It's -- LB what you're saying is on the percent factor here the deal they don't obviously scored birdies -- -- power play everybody knows that killed five on five scoring is really important and momentum strings are important you're going to be a five on five kind of a team you have to generate a lot of positive enthusiasm and momentum. One way to doing that hit. All the lines have hitters on every one of their line guys can devastate the opposition with it's weather chew chief tortured martian weather to play whether Campbell. It doesn't matter the equal opportunity Chris Kelly they all know how to hit. And -- up and leave on these two back positive hormonal playoffs usually plays the opposition every other night for fourteen attacked and helped manufacture up to you know and it. But the other thing that I like is before lined up. You can get our offense from all four lines including tight camera -- if they put them back together you get off that should not like. You can get offers from heavily in from Kelly stepped guys in your lineup everybody don't talk -- finder capable of the sort. I know everybody wants to beat the Bruins up right now and then and -- and and but but I. I still see how people I don't see the potential. And thank you you get your hugest senate though its potential -- that -- people -- they would find a way to turn it around not goal you know two wins in their final nine games down -- talked about the offense. Prom -- read a lot. Coaching standpoint. Are you surprised that looks like it Nathan importance healthy we're in which the playoffs with. Those hot -- the top two lines that have been maligned last couple years intact and the Amiri auger who came here and I thought was. Everything as advertised offensively every time -- had the puck was a threat he creates space for guys in his line that he will be skating with Chris Kelly. And rich -- on a third line and now and efforts on the playoffs. That's good. That's perfect who won the Stanley Cup in 91 in ninety armor plan on the third line -- that he was eighteen thank. Senior. It was -- -- was five years and then it's going or whatever into a permit up. How fitting outfit Ingraham but -- Replay immediately reply -- for good portions of those -- season with Troy in Raleigh and north Fillmore and go to Bob vary depending it was enough sometimes you get a little snippy with Ronnie Francis of George Mullen wasn't feeling all the -- the times. I'm -- cut in the third like. But that -- and I -- -- just because obviously on the results and player but. Have really creative enough to play them Kelly got the speed the play in the -- needs to come played a whole lot of these Russia's. And when he does that's gonna break a lot on -- reminds me up -- -- the -- pocket while Brendan Shanahan did. Born -- -- -- -- of his current playing with faster players he's still live together shop off the top of the circle. And you -- Rashad has improved tremendously but not gonna come a little bit later you -- the -- -- chances of those two guys account like it. You do here because the because it brought forth like you do so much damage I mean there's there's such catalysts every shift that are out there and go logo. I carry so much B Andy any can be physical authorities. Very very Katie knows when to drop demands when not to drop the Mets. Cause some damage if you're Randy Carlyle you dressed McLaren and or. And trying to -- the bruins' fourth line out of sync so leaking maybe stir the pot a little bit with that four line rotation. As you know what I try to do it in the early on in the series I would dress McLaren and I'll -- Cold War. And I try to get them -- -- the game I would try to get Lucic off the game run around and I do watch what Philadelphia now you're asking me -- of the opponent coached in opposition route. I try to do the same thing the Philadelphia did the Pittsburgh last year. Draw them into the street fight draw them out they're still game and draw them into the street fight and that's what Philadelphia did the Pittsburgh so well last year they got me a lot -- the game got Crosby off the game. They got to look at running around they draw all the not and that's why they won that series against that -- I would I would try -- -- I do the same thing I would dress all the nuclear deterrence I had. And I probably program not nuclear. And I. They'll be here with with a playoff schedule it's going to be like a vacation for these guys right play Wednesday and Saturday after playing every other day in three and four nights a bunch of times but. What did disappoint me this weekend was they had the division. In their -- all they -- to a -- -- -- the -- the -- third period lead against Washington -- -- with everybody watching yesterday could affect so many things big -- they don't -- early on in this game. But the big -- to they don't rest guys at all they obviously goal for is that you think they'll end up hurting Campbell because the way the list of stretched out there won't be an issue. I think the fact that they have a little bit of this rescue before they have to get going on one -- that's not an issue you played Sunday back to back Saturday Sunday but I don't see that being an issue especially with forty come -- if he's -- that makes a big difference. You know interestingly you know you bring that up and I would agree you return -- -- went fort. The one thing we learned for the weekend you can't take that families doesn't matter how good your penalty killing units especially at -- high and team like Washington three power play goals and acting. And I'll watch you know like probably more substantial watching that and you see what animal is brought to watching capital now you know why. They won the Southeast Division their power plays in Portugal which is shredding people now it has been all year and they happy when they were lose an emotional shred people. They've been number one on the power output at the beginning of the feet. Now however it's pretty impressive what they're able to do and and for -- standpoint it's the opposite their strength is and forget the -- that the penalty kill. Pierre has been their strength they click -- about 70% third down. So -- in 90% for a long time 70% these last. Eleven games that penalty kill that strength of the Bruins can that be something you just turn on against a pretty potent offense in Toronto in the playoffs it. Will get fixed so they like -- -- can speak to this but probably his lower better than anybody. When you played a playoff series it's harder to scored power play goal because the penalty killers become adjusted to the kind of schematic to try to run. So I -- do you think they're going to be able elevate their penalty killing in the playoffs and again Walter created as a regular season especially due to injury. And new rules are created when you go -- the playoff. Campbell and Heidi understand their role in the playoffs and it's not going to be to score goals you know the need to chip in from that. Don't need to be -- penalty -- Chris Kelly understands his role he needs to be good faceoff man and a penalty killer. Berger on we gotta do that I got to be the most efficient player for the brutal to the top of the commercial possible. Up front but it's going to be easier minutes for board check it will be easier -- Seidenberg of these geometric share. Because -- Ford are gonna have their role and they're gonna buy and then I would expect brown pelicans will be very strong and well. Apparently -- -- -- X-Factor in this series is on -- -- but I know because -- I'm well aware of -- Toronto as the X-Factor the the the press pressure -- -- leaf fan pressure because. Everything in Ontario everything in Toronto is Toronto Maple -- these guys think there's gonna be all right when they they suit up Wednesday night. You know that's on the real on the bus go round and round for little children I remember -- lived in trouble they would have the children in daycare you -- -- Jim were the monsters go to work out -- the children and they can order a lot and I have to work it out to pick up my daughter. And work from Montreal -- we're living in trump heroic. The real on the bus go round around legal goalies go. -- -- these kids to console the Palestinian. Near a tree nursery -- to children and putting goalies going to than inserting it into the nursery -- so -- -- -- -- all hockey talk time and -- Holland boost -- the Bruins players were not intimidated by -- Peter you're -- about it most of these guys having won a game seven Vancouver which is. Equally -- is the hockey market to win the Stanley Cup so. I don't see that being an issue for the Bruins I think it'll be more of an issue when and to your point for the police who never really got through this since 2004. -- don't get your thoughts on the Eastern Conference the match -- right now the Bruins sit at the four spot on helping give the islanders much chance but what does that happened. Which series you can keep an eye on you think is more interest to maybe keep the Bruins from playing the penguins in the next round. Well I can't because that is everything shall look what I can tell you lose this I'm -- in -- game every single -- except for next Tuesday which took me up at the Emmy Awards -- Tuesday. Actually go to that so that's the only game -- not heard only did not work in the playoffs. That being -- -- -- a budget departures ports in the east and west side. But that if you ask -- about the out of Pittsburgh at the -- power play it and stuff like it has been during the regular season. Then they have very little chance to win -- the property cannot be huge factor for them -- had a great power failure. Because look this group that they'll lean on compared to lean on mall in the lead on voice -- top. Line of the honors those guys don't score the islanders can't win the series so five on five off until the important but the power play for islanders will be more important they're gonna pull an upset and I don't see that happening. In terms of the the super speed series Montreal Ottawa. It will be all transition all the time whoever's got the quickest team whoever got more disciplined team whoever whichever team. Can keep their starting goalie in that -- has resulted in the wind because. I think he got goaltending potential goaltending conundrum on both sides Carey Price and Peter -- and Montreal. And Craig Anderson and rather minor we saw last night Boston -- they're they're both teams that are kind of open starting goal is to get better. But if not they've got back of course are pretty good. A Rangers capital with the blood fight will be -- -- -- it'll be it'll be really -- -- huge portions of that series. So -- mean it'll be very interesting in the equal series -- sisters are pretty equal but. Game on the matter in the bottom trawl your door because box and struggled through the lot and I think -- plant the seed of doubt. After game one and variable wind then it becomes very difficult Jewish week. We tried out on the -- no Barry believe you just announced -- -- going to be at the Emmy award what what -- what you do at the Emmys. Yeah I've been through this second heroes nominated for one so I have to go wow congratulations. Thank you. The best we've been. Everything we are good looking what do personnel -- Up against -- They would do in my opinion -- Cramer -- -- in armored missed some other person at all that. The blow up here -- -- -- -- Emmy award winner Taylor -- -- next week that's hockey. That's how. -- here he only got to go to those things it doesn't have any hair. That's -- -- it's going to be fun out the playoffs start we get your Monday asked where -- talked Uga and throttle through the Bruins doubles who these Eastern Conference series RP a reprieve she it'd. It -- look for a watching NBC sports network the -- while couple months here as playoff. Yes I have no idea how much fun Abbie thank you so much for having let -- take yourself. Hey you enjoyed buddy you know much -- we all love we all of the -- the second season it's the best time ramp up for there are working -- We -- a liar and -- -- sports are experiencing Emmy award winner Pierre McGuire joining us on the eighteenth the outline Pierre is always brought to you by. The city of Boston credit union by town -- tire and Mike Kelly automotive. Can access these the best I am trying to get right back thank you very much much keep mats yeah he had my back off -- -- the text messages don't real president. McGwire and buyers on the -- bandwagon. Well it's driving you're not on you hardly a little -- and at -- greens let's fix it -- bill that I was there. He's on it when he says that first game is that big it's -- say if -- if it was the Celtics a job at the Bruins down 31 LB would come into your today's game five look at this thing back. Game six that they get a game 790 seconds and I'll get it's your phone calls will start to grow mobile will be here where he's lenient. The Bruins and what a Stanley Cup -- LB your phone calls next.

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