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Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk on Tebow's release

Apr 29, 2013|

Mike Florio joined the program to discuss the Jets decision to release Tim Tebow, he said the situation is as disaster all around for the Jets and that the problems begins with owner Woody Johnson. Mike also said that he was disappointed with the Pats moving back in the first round.

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-- final hour Dennis and Callahan 61777979. 37 he's our friend from pro football talk dot com Mike Florio joins -- good morning Michael how are you guys are doing great are you guys find they were the jets couldn't trade Tebow I guess it was inevitable that they would release him what else to think -- inevitable and that that quarterbacks soap -- down there. Well I I thought it was inevitable Mark Sanchez would be released as well but. When you consider that he's due to make eight point 25 million in fully guaranteed salary which means even if they cut him he goes somewhere else they still -- eight point 25 million end. They have to pay him the full amount within thirty days after cutting him. There's no reason not to keep him around yet you never know what's gonna happen to your other quarterbacks you can have a rash of ruptured Achilles tendons and all of a sudden Sanchez is -- only guy left if you're gonna pay him anyway. Then it makes sense to keep them around the only problem is. It just feeds this whole notion that the jets are circus when you've brought in geno Smith and it's clear he's the future quarterback. Pitches becomes yet another distraction. For a team that either revels in them or has no idea. How. It's decisions. Connect with the manner in which the media and the fans react to those decisions. Those geno Smith start week one of the season you think. I think there's a chance that he does which. Unfortunately would. Would disrupt this whole question of cool catch more passes from Mark Sanchez weak -- Santonio Holmes -- Darrelle Revis. That was going to be a fun one to track -- -- some kind of hold out hope for Sanchez for that reason but. You don't take a quarterback that high. And and not use it used to. But nowadays. How can you make a commitment to a guy that high and the draft not address other clear needs that you have. And tell that guy you're gonna sit on the bench for a year to unless he's a disaster. And just can't figure out the offense can't perform. I think it's geno Smith's job and he's gonna have to work hard to loses what will the jets will things be different under John -- that Mike is it different. A different thing down there knowing that a guy in charges in his head on straight is not economics Lee rash decisions. We'd like to think it'll be different but the owners still the same minute and I think that Woody Johnson doesn't get nearly enough blame. For the mess that is that team it was Woody Johnson who didn't wanna pay Darrelle Revis. It's Woody Johnson all the -- who wanted Tim Tebow ought to care what he says that has his fingerprints all over because there's an ongoing desire. To sell everything that they have to sell at that new stadium PS cells and sweet -- The team just hasn't performed in that new stadium financially the way that Johnson would like so I I I think his fingerprints are on all of these head scratching decisions. And it's it is just the guy now who's gonna take that the first line of the flak. 11 of those decisions comes to fruition I think Johnson medals a lot more than anyone realizes. And it's not like any of the guys who are in position to get a paycheck for -- gonna call him out for what you think closure initial reaction when you -- in Buffalo Bills select EJ Manuel. I I was shocked because. Everything hit pointed to Ryan NASA being the guy and and I had conditioned everything I was saying about NASA -- -- look if you really like commute take him with the eight overall pick you don't play games there were about the jaguars were about the jets. A -- and it really liked him and geno Smith thought he had a rough. Draft when you consider that NASA is the guy whose play helped dug -- become the bills head coach help Nathaniel Hackett become the bills' offensive coordinator. And then they didn't want him and I thought coming back around in the fourth round they may think about it. RG three Kirk cousins situation where you bring in NASA is the -- EJ Manuel would have made sense. Kevin -- -- Jackson man. But I was really surprised that they opted to go with manual and a lot of people are calling him a developmental quarterback look you can't use the sixteenth overall pick on a quarterback. When we've seen what quarterbacks taken in the first round do right out of the -- you can't pick him and say. Okay go sit on the bench while Kevin -- to -- Jackson play he's in a position to say geno Smith where he's gonna have to lose that's starting job. Did kids that try to show a trade Tebow and the biggest attempt to move them. I did I think he did now I don't I don't think that they actually. Picked up the phone and called every team and said we give us a conditional pick in 2030. For Tim Tebow. I think. It was just let's hold onto him and hope someone calls. But that that timeline is too obvious. They held him through the first two weeks of the offseason program there was no reason to do that he's not your plans no reason at all if that guy drops a dumb bell on his foot -- as a season ending injury. You're stuck with him you gotta pay him so. They carried it through the draft and then what -- what's the first order of business after the draft it's cut and it's obvious that's at their try to do that it was funny because. As of Friday they leaked to -- show after this idea that. Tebow gets more support every day in the organization and he looks great in all this stuff suggesting it may be helped keep him and well they did keep him. For about 36 hours. Willow the two part question like four or will somebody else hire Tim Tebow and when he and if he does go somewhere else will he be a distraction they -- or is that just a New York palace central thing. All all know he's got -- -- wherever he goes and I'm I'm laying out all the options right now and an item -- I'm getting ready for pro football talk dot com let me run for more quickly jaguars absolutely not people still think Jacksonville. Dave Caldwell the new GM made it clear when he took the job. -- not the plans. A doctor Caldwell couple weeks ago he said it was important to turn the page on all these lingering story -- become distractions for the team Tebow is not in the plans. The patriots are team that I think we need to at least consider if Tebow is ready to give up. His dream of being NFL quarterback. That -- check Urban Meyer connection can help Belichick persuade Tebow to comment. And be one of these first at how Jack of all trades weapons that they have. Where you can line up in the backfield line up in the slot going motion do whatever allow the patriots to go to the no huddle whenever they want and move guys around if -- willing to do that. Buccaneers in a similar -- first of all they're not thrilled with Josh Freeman. And -- on those got dead telecheck mindset and oh by the way -- not that far from Jacksonville last time I checked every time you see the Tampa Bay stadium. It looks like the fourth quarter of a blowout there's no one there that would be one to watch and the one team that I was told back in January to keep an eye on. When Tebow is available the Chicago Bears because marked Pressman the head coach of the bears. Helped Tebow get ready for the draft three years ago raved about Tom of course what else is he gonna say but also last year. When -- man was the head coach of the Montreal while wets. The Callaway -- Acquired the rights to Tebow if and when he goes to candidates -- trust -- at least a little already in Canada put his money where his mouth is that's a team to watch in the NFL. Mike how do you a value -- receivers the patriots have had real bad run of drafting receivers they just -- and another one a couple more but Aaron Dobson from Marshall and their opening can start to be their starting X receiver. I don't know he's going to be able to grasp the offense and be able to understand all the nuances and and work well with. With Tom Brady well first of all that funny that instead of taking Cordero Paterson were picked 49. They they punted them and and they picked up four draft picks for Cordero Paterson including well it's not depict -- used to get. To get -- and they took Jamie Collins with that pick from the vikings but and they got Dobson with their own pick. This guy was regarded as one of the sleepers of the draft the receiver position but here's the difference. For a guy who lines up on the line of scrimmage like an X receiver does. Can you get. Off of the jam at the line of scrimmage when you have. A grown man across from you and NFL caliber defensive back. Pushing you shoving you knocking you around can you still run your routes when you're facing. That kind of competition. That kind of adversity reminds me old movie and really dating myself here best of times -- one Robin Williams goes out -- doctor death as a car crossed on just mauling him. That's what these defensive backs due to some of these receivers and that's the one unknown. When you go from college -- pro. -- the college receiver learn how to get away from press coverage at the line of scrimmage that's going to be one of the big keys for whether or not or -- -- successful it like is the gap closing between the patriots and the dolphins. I guess so because the gap was just so big when you go out and acquire all of these players. On paper the gap is closing but I'll believe it when I see -- when it's time to play the game. Say we we talked about this earlier and it's. Two good question. The quarterbacks when you look at a -- Manning and and Brady. Next 37. -- almost 36. How long do you think they can do this is it too much to expect them to be forty years old and still be -- not just effective but damn good NFL quarterbacks. Well Brett Favre was it was damn good at age forty that the question is at what point does the desire leaves the body. And at what point do the physical skills deteriorate to the point where the team. No longer wants the guy around and I look I haven't seen a major dip from Tom Brady bit I I. Sometimes with some of those passes are off the market -- wonder whether Tom Brady 89 years ago. Would be off the mark and and I think of all those Wes Welker drops. So many of those Wes Welker drops -- balls that were thrown off the mark and usually he -- those and make Brady makes Brady looked more accurate than he is but I don't see a lot of those. You know between the eight and zero like Joseph Montana used to prioritize to Jerry Rice so I. I think -- and in this may be one of the reasons why Brady took less on this contract this kind of smoke and -- cap move. That the lower dollars in the later years maybe he senses that it's calming as you get deeper and deeper into your thirties. You're gonna start losing some of that fastball and if you're salary is too high. You become a candidate to be cut and and I think Tom Brady does not want under any set of circumstances to put the patriots in a position where they have to cut him. But these guys can continue the question is. As those skills deteriorate at what point does it intersect with the is sending skills of a young player. But a question for me Mike which. Of the new combos do you think will be more successful next year Manning -- Wes Welker Brady and -- middle. I. I think I think Brady and Amendola this whole notion that -- -- is injury prone look. Wes Welker torn ACL on week seventeen if he doesn't week one he's out for the season all of a sudden he looks injury prone. Danny Amendola dislocated elbow in week one if he does that -- seventeenth and is ready to go the following season. Nobody says -- so. I I'm I'm not buying this idea that -- Dolan is a is a walking mash unit I think you Amendola can get it together. And I think he can be very productive in that offense. And especially. Since. The other weapons. That the patriots have aren't as good as the to -- Thomas Eric Decker weapons that Peyton Manning yes. Mike Florio pro football talk dot com always appreciate talking football with you were talking down the road it's against my story with us Kelly on the AT&T hotline AT&T.

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