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Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo on the NBA playoffs

Apr 29, 2013|

Adrian joined the program to break down the first round of the NBA playoffs, he told the guys that the Lakers are closer to contention then the Celtics due to the desire of free agents to play in L.A. He added that the absence of Rondo is felt the most in close playoff series.

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Welcome back Dennis -- Callahan joining us on the AT&T hotline AT&T -- LT ER friends from Yahoo! is DreamWorks announced morning -- good friend. I don't but we're doing very very well it's I'm watching this weekend and the lakers were eliminated the Celtics -- on the verge of illumination it's like watching a backwards world where the the BB rise and fall of power as it is has taken can shift to be sure. Dad there's no question and and you know it it's that there's better there's no question that -- changing of the guard in the league and you know you look at both teams the lakers and Boston and it's gonna be wobble for either is in contention again it just. It's hard to rebuild this week and that doesn't happen quickly you know unless you draft. Well brighter Italy and Kevin Durant. It's going to take awhile and I think both organizations. You know -- Have to come of that -- think they're reality because. We are gonna CDs to finally get -- the -- huge structure. Given a possible peace has given the money situation given what ever need to do to fix these things who was closer Celtics or lakers to get back on track. -- good question. I think the ball a long way away I mean you know the lakers because. You know when they get -- free when they do have cap space in the -- -- -- copy after next year and they get Paul Gasol optic app. And they re sorry Dwight can physically get back to -- waters. If the lakers at cap space they are always in that will attract the best player on the market. I think Boston is longer -- there. In darkest coaching I think Boston is very attractive to players morsel that. You ought to be elite players are but even then. You know Chris Paul and wanna come when they talk -- it's it's not a way insult. I'll say a late because that they can. Attract freeagent better book. Bought at the better front office being Brian McDonough they have a better group in place to -- the trapped Eagles beat get that superstar agent. That might be available -- like. You know almost -- matter who's in charge and alike. They're more -- What I know you probably haven't spent a lot of time looking and -- -- busy with the playoffs -- but how do the Celtics rebuild. Obviously. You can't just take your first from Pickens were gonna make a leap you're gonna go on to the next level. You have to do more than that what what is changes jobs gone forward. You are -- I think. They'll do with the draft and then like for it to the same thing. He did trade deadline which was -- yet. For Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce. Yeah and then again you that would Garnett. He except -- the world that you wanted to start over at this point in his career that that's another question but still Boston would have done the deal with the clippers. For -- let -- the point guard in the country -- they wanted to do that -- that there -- some people -- support organization -- in the coaching -- At wanna make a run at it. With Chris Paul had it in the free agency. You know bringing Garnett it and saying hey let's make a run -- cagey right now clippers would do it and bought some at a three week deal that I think they were. Inclined to do. -- which would have brought jobs at the Boston. Opera Paul Pierce that you felt from so they'll continue to look at feels like that that bring them. More -- bring them young pieces to fill the rod rod go -- chuck green. And that's really all they can do I don't think here's another avenue for that yet. To get much better and it would -- erupted knee injury. I don't think you're gonna see him available deals or his value would that be at its highest to try to move him. This offseason now he'd come back. That he's come back strong and that maybe they'd look at other optical rod go but I think it water -- It it seems like we're looking at a few seasons at least of wandering in the wilders of mediocrity here -- But not right not to win not bad enough to get a get a lot of respect. Yeah that's you know that's the worst place to be in the NBA stuck in the battle in the -- -- be really good that are really bad. And that series you don't wanna get stuck in that middle place. Because he can't get out of the column. Milwaukee like pretty exceed -- You don't want that but I can say though the emergency Jeff Green this year you've seen that they can lean -- him to do more -- different kind of player than than. Outlook for the year ago you did what. His career was to look like with the heart heart ailment and then this year you saw him become you know a much more explosive and and then. Reliable offensive player and sort think. That policy than you look back -- the Kendrick perkins' -- it certainly looks a lot better hindsight that the the people initially. But there's no easy path back to that end. You don't get I think they have very different office. That strap that well makes Smart deals. -- that the longer they stay -- you have endorse a group that's committed and will spend in. Then it will do the things you need to do awaited net -- valve leak a lot of there are a lot of organizations -- -- are committed more than ever right. Pierce Paul Pierce as a player option for next year for fifteen million. Com -- is he marketable in your mind Adrian would go team like to have him for one year. -- -- In part I think he is and and you know it's gonna have to be key in the you know. I thought he was more morsel to trade deadline for a team that. You know would have tried to make a run this year brought it meant for the rest -- this year and into next year but. It's not like the old days in the league we're -- retreat. Young players retreat picks for really good veteran you know that topic get water to really good years out of it just doesn't the -- Collective bargaining agreement set up it just doesn't. It doesn't make sense to do that anymore I think it's hard but never this -- -- You know really good deal for our guy in his mid thirties it just you look horribly they would -- that it happened that it doesn't -- -- so. I think people probably have to interpret their expectations about what it is that you get back. You know for what Garnett or even -- -- trying to. It is Russell Westbrook absence keep okay see -- to the finals. Adrian. It's very walker RRR I think the -- -- the -- to be right now with Westbrook out because the sport that's so much trouble fending. You know everybody stroll any union rep. Are you can load up a little more under rare. And I think. Because the -- and go to this place this birds and does the -- shot at 37 years old but let's talk about it. It has been remarkable what he's done this year -- comedy that in the -- -- -- to -- in the postseason the last three years that you would get and so. Are like that in the west out but. Oklahoma city's still good enough to beat everybody in front of them in the last. I don't think -- beat Miami in the finals. But they have a lot of pieces that diplomacy can hit a lot of guys they can ask that you more as a kid do more in direct is just. Such remarkable talent any such a leader. You know I'm in Houston and and I was there for game three yet. He sent a clear message -- group like. I'm here to lead you guys armed with yup my back and he doesn't need to shoot thirty currently in -- sport that doesn't have to be the formula that. Well but I so but we knew he was doing he admired. Eunice says in the message everywhere and this team is. Art teacher Ed Ed and I thought that was important to the thunder can. Idea in the heat of one what is it 41 -- for freer some insane number. Now Adrian after the game yesterday. LeBron was asked about winning sixteen straight in the post season he obviously wouldn't bite on that but. What about you do think it's possible that they could go sixteen and all in this post season. It's possible. I think it's on like that that -- -- it's possible they roll oddities here. Without losing I don't think that stirs pot likely somebody will be -- at least once but. You know what's amazing you know. You talked about who can beat Miami. Earlier this -- talk about who could be worked hard in the post he's. In this what that they've been -- since it started winning streak to question it and you beat them once he wants. And it's not really. Our idol it's realistic to think that there's a team out there right now that could be abroad for content users right. I just they'll be realists -- made these whispers. You know I think you could give them. Or -- but I just don't see it -- -- even that I don't see that I think Miami is credential as a border but he ultra open and that. It that goes out and yes. So Adrian looking at the long term view here on Miami is a possible LeBron may have been closer to being right than wrong when he obnoxious -- said not one not two not three we may be looking at a dynasty here for a bit. You know I think. It'll. He might -- there's no question but I think. The question from our illegal sport in the league -- -- how long -- play at this high a level I think. With a -- get create and CNET sure what you can opt out it all up so. You know I've been called that question a look at it is we're has waited his career C edit. Further on the downside order galactic saga played high level from pro war retired in the -- that he sees that in -- way that it peacekeeper in the state. If he doesn't see that the Big -- look elsewhere. You know you look at that -- you could probable anybody around and you'd be a contender you maybe it would be as dominant in the one thing about LeBron is right right. Is pictures that come there -- Erik Spoelstra I don't think Spoelstra. It's -- credit for how we coach -- -- -- how he's got the most palatable because of the war built an offense. With a bracket release ride and help LeBron become even better center where he can send. In all like positions on the war and if you would lead Spoelstra. -- -- five what he patted him. Elsewhere really dull and and that certainly -- go back to Cleveland to -- for Mike Brown yet. He's the basketball this letter Yahoo! Adrian awards and LC thanks for the time it was a pleasure talking major pocket on the road. Joins us on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE was speeds up to ten times after the three GAT and T. Reflects office where baseball it is it really can say is to someone better -- and the other sports. Hot stove season matters you don't sit here and say there's nothing you can do. Restricted -- in -- you understand -- he's a base year player and you can't trade him for that guy in the mean you could make deals you can sign free until that the match contracts you know it's no teams functioned well -- function well so -- -- -- God knows -- Islam. But. Isn't the offseason -- In baseball initials -- all the other offseason yes capsule. You know they make deals you talk about them you keep interest up. -- -- season and and Wednesday night and nobody on anyone then what -- say oh how's the draft looked draft will be almost two months away from group. Right that draft will be almost two months away you know pierce will have him I guess pick -- a player option to the team handle player option -- -- -- makes cents. But you don't know anything about Garnett future -- won't -- -- about Pierce's future -- -- to say on those going to be back but beyond that. What will Celtics fans say do holding B. How will they look ahead with -- -- kind of up to the answer is they don't and even after the draft takes place you'll know anything more. I don't draft is the -- the stock you don't rebuild you get a guy you get and if you're -- get injured -- A good. Contributing member of your -- LeBron comes here's a -- jet that's the other thing you do wish you look at the teams -- still planning say holy crap. How we -- -- and Mina put matchup with them last year and if you heard this but they were. One game away from the -- in the finals yeah talk about him like a lot longer than a year ago -- yet another era minutes seems to bring a whole different team will have a whole different 6177797937. DNC -- back yet.

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