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Jason La Canfora CBS Sports NFL expert recaps the draft

Apr 29, 2013|

Jason La Canfora joined the program to discuss the weekends NFL draft. He told the guys that the biggest reach was EJ Manuel in the first round and accurately predicted the cut of Tim Tebow minutes before it happened.

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The draft has -- -- the analysis of the grating India poking and prodding and the yeah rookie camps and all that sort of stuff. Are joining us on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LT EC BS and a -- insider Jason welcome for the morning Jason you don't -- it. Are your hurry we're 215 hey -- -- as a place the kick this thing off what what's your view from 30000 feet of this this NFL draft your take away from what -- watched over the weekend. A surprise for the first that I can remember quarterback where route are pushed up the board he could buy. An overwhelming need or -- out cheap they are or by external pressures that you like everywhere rather the ball float belt. I've had the same read all the -- at the and electing all -- And make it really affect -- higher regions of the draft but what you are still players out there. And reaching for guys we will have to see the -- weather out liars the American we'll see how that works out or. You know I don't know that I never considers that we -- got a look of a football player you're barriers that are behavior at a level. A lot of technical and that they'll go to any these players. But today it got need Emanuel weighed on the road out of the sixteenth overall pick I certainly hope we did you have with the Atlanta. 31 or to act in a late first daughter -- -- around. If they want to pretty -- in -- whatever they were picking -- -- earlier I think all of that it has it's fairly likely it will see dictators to develop a. Where did you have EJ Manuel on your board Jason. Go somewhere that an exit -- -- -- I thought it would have been a little while the socket like I picked up the one really got started on the pop the third. But era under there were you don't like them that would value in the air and -- that was probably elect -- you know maybe somewhere. Between. -- the two you know 65. Maybe a little art art -- and know what those that you were to Jupiter over and it. This shirt he couldn't pull out certain trade in the -- girl picks the couple got the ball or are -- it. Richard Cole spoke with say but I was one of those who audit the idea right now we're going to be their CommVault. Two you know the coach after the -- other churches. I can geno Smith then and ended the rest of the the jets' draft prevent wrecks from being the first coach fired this year. It's certainly true that. You know I Obama that well I actually like a lot of it was they've -- but the reality it. Because as some. You know financial issues there that work -- it's a girl industry that was that little ball straight that was -- Arctic shares in the little loser for certain -- that after the 4013. So it's not that the -- -- Tea Party could well we get. You know first and third order under the circumstances -- really -- -- but being at play. I like put it in the trap for the most part. I like -- her side very. But they they do have a -- all that there -- they've got a lot of issues there that that try to overcome. And we'll see what outplayed -- -- position but you know I'm sure you know that will be. Probably underserved by Thanksgiving at -- later. I'm to say how do you see the six quarterback system playing out who -- who I. Opted to go elect opens it at the pay into content but they are -- is there a trade value for -- -- -- uncle AD. Is it looks like someone who could be at number three quarterback. David Clarke. OT -- -- that guard goes down in the sort of at the the deal with it and you cut equal value. Shape at all I mean what state is at -- And as you know get an update for that starting out above all probably be air act that whether -- at nine million dollars the and then Mac or -- that that I imagine that might -- If you -- it you feel like a Miami is clearly the second best team in this division and are they gaining on the patriots two days. -- second that he's got to go to that we're all like actually affected me that the still law. I don't know that they're gonna bank for the pop kind of -- -- they are blocked it but it does that make it look what you're Wear their clothes. I think they're they are hectic at the end of 88. Charlotte departure because there is set you know we all but. That is the dollar because repeated act now. They'll park aren't they ultimately -- the medics at quarter have been replaced Jake Long due to capital. That's the running game due to secondary. That go all out. -- we have to play some quarterbacks that are our. In the -- actually I just don't know that that order. You know when better than last year may be similar in the -- a lot while another -- development. By -- that your -- are much better team in order spent some money. And they -- to the roster. And -- -- -- your pocket outlook art and I think -- appear very at all he's going to be the steep losses and other than that you could trigger or. With every other major fire or see about that a -- And -- that -- Impressed or unimpressed with what the patriots did to themselves. -- -- Thank you stressed that mean that they're gonna do what they do a little but -- -- a lot of times it works apparently thought that it but he bank for -- I'm not that the -- amount for all these Q and form other at persistently. It. What they did so that think the pictures to repeat event that help them become the -- that they are under that weren't at their 29 -- drop off spot or if they're great trait they're not a lot. Amid a -- I think a lot cheaper oil equivalent on the first term anyway based on some result field and then it sort of attitude you'll. He also. -- it's typical that regard their. All workers say the mere fact that not only -- out of electorate that was definitely -- -- -- -- -- -- The -- saying that it may -- other people do. -- Critical that we can Bobo and and Nolan goes and pick out the what are comic book or Arctic could not -- -- that -- -- -- that would go through default player. It's for the future then the party -- that it's routine. Record actually of a global. You're suspect like Gharib block will be useful. Don't you think he would remedy to the certainly motivated. Though he's you'll. Prove contract he turned to get back to the opportunity in the former it was a thousand yard rusher and look for a guy who beat up inside -- and it's in our yards. But -- given where it is now -- his career over the Eric he's expecting that you know you're really happy to check it out at the where. For each other the very -- and you know what I you know it's pretty good practice at Gloucester and -- game -- you put. Federal these are your future back there and -- that. I we saw all the the rookies start last year all the rookie quarterbacks. To any of these guys start to as geno Smith start for the jets does business. You Emanuel Matt Barkley you don't start in Philly region Emanuel in buffalo. You know it's it's certainly possible. You know look at look at -- they're competing against as a whole lot -- -- loses -- well all year through return attract them. Impossible to make they take it manual that I. The prologue time though that you're not like. They're still out of the pack are so we're not there let's -- They had summary of that it will get a full watt hours. -- for the bigger guy at least -- for a couple years. I think credit helped wipe out Al culpable that you recover what -- thanks yeah I mean we look I don't mean to your doctorate marked -- trouble. Issued -- an -- and their people that are tracked by you know. Yeah particular predictable they don't -- turn around. They -- your match with Marty Morgan Morgan and in the coaching staff with it yet but again I don't think that because the fact he hasn't helped out and I both think the gonna pay. You know will be part of -- sooner rather than later I mean Barkley I. I feel -- that it out of there right away -- him what a bit. Not all -- little -- nothing that either. All what they'll let here and you know the reason that far we've followed and I -- -- a little bit because. I -- he's really good fit for the bigger and -- -- the bigger in the elements go away. You know that the way to think well our -- -- the -- that extra thing you know they are -- a quote from there can be there Alibaba. Be a little bit of -- (%expletive) but obviously should help you -- they'll they'll solve what followed that that he gave each seem to trample on it. -- -- -- All. I'm aware that all of our -- cartridge itself you know a lot better idea of (%expletive) what you want to run it appropriate and anyone else. I -- -- won't be any internal external pressure to get bought for on the field where. Jason is it fair to say in this league if you miss on your quarterback -- -- coming out of you miss in this league you're pretty much done. -- Yeah I mean I think that the you know. A couple good habit -- they're great actually big dog apparently it was a big thing I pay isn't great you know it'll be in trouble well. People can't get that I think is about and every year but our effort -- the we're back built by. It will take anymore. At you know at least it's in big props for scooter rather rare I think that are you really opened the amount developers -- -- -- -- -- -- You think it hurt your regular area. The crowd on the third where we don't need a quarterback were saying an old guy up ought to Marty who is in any good and he's young and it may be helping you know. Awful Wilson Betemit popular out in the -- how output ever -- the -- that. It's -- World -- football -- the ball. And we can't darker color would I look at -- -- Arafat married or whatever. I think that that continue to be a growing tremendously. I'll put it -- -- Smart that they didn't. But -- -- thought it -- got a little poetic crappy 23 you know southern. That they let I'd call them a little bit double partner but third or fourth. He -- CBS NFL insider Jason -- -- and I appreciate the time I was a good tension happily talked you down the road. Artery. Jason -- Dennis and Callahan on the AT&T AT&T four GLT east Telecom major awards announced -- Aaron Dobson will talk to -- -- draft choices at 9 o'clock hour isn't it. On the one thing you went to the page is draft is for once you see in sort of makes sense you know on the tight ends and -- that I didn't draft from whatever quarterback. You look and say oh good they need one of those needing to pass rusher at safety and that's affected the need an X receiver. Is it just they drafted for need. And it just makes sense I mean you don't know how good the going to be nobody does Jason like -- Ford doesn't know when. Charlie Ashley doesn't know and and in all these Mike Mayo -- they really don't know but. At least the draft for need and they made and and we all agree that trade. Trading on the first round. Which -- meant well I mean it seem like they got a lot and that he really needed defensive end linebacker hybrid type like me to clinch with -- -- Jimmy Collins. Absolutely. Pass rusher oddly the Astros are more run stopper I think I think he's got a -- he can do all according to. According to Greg Bedard he breaks down watched film on him and says so you know we can do an iconic images of pass rusher now. But he says. He was slightly. Bedard says Collins will slide in to be the -- slash competition. In -- of -- left and taking Jermaine Cunningham spot. Com in college you played almost the exact same position and that Ninkovich played the last two years on the edge either standing up with it. And on the ground. He could struggle holding an edge against the run. But it is most immediate impact will be as a pass rusher he has a great burst but it comes ago. Maybe that's why he slipped because he certainly seems to fit the mold of being what they need what they -- I mean I don't think can have -- -- pass -- in the another one or two. I mean that makes everybody's job easier mixture weak secondary. Better. That they needed that and they need to receiver and they got him they needed X receiver and they and they got the guy when you read about Tuesday sounds like. A good invincible yeah Aron Ralston's remarkable talked him in the 9 o'clock hour your phone calls next indians'.

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