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Butch Stearns kicks off Sunday Night by running down all the day’s events

Apr 28, 2013|

Butch settles in to his new Sunday night time slot by reviewing the Celtics win over the Knicks, the Patriots draft results and the Red Sox hot start.

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And yes indeed you welcome in two sports Sunday on a Sunday night here on WEEI. In what we hope. Becomes a weekly tradition. Let's say. Going to be here for most of the summer I believe on Sunday nights from eight to 1130. A spot that was years and years and years and years ago. Previously occupied by about two legends in this town. That started it all up. Talk radio and sports radio and hopefully. I cannot carry on some of that spear experienced some of that tradition but to do that need your help. We've got any help here for you Craig saw which will be taking your calls. The number call 617779798371. Of many times are given out tonight. 6177797937. I think he won't know that. I'm Craig will screen you it is a painful process. Texts on the eighteenth he text line at 37. 937. Christian -- can giving you the sports flashes here on a Sunday night. And here on Sunday April 28. As John and I were talking about on the cross over. It's probably. My second favorite time of the year on the September October guy. I like it when baseball's heading down towards the post season. When the NFL season the patriots are kicking off. When the Bruins and Celtics are starting up are about to start up McConnell liked that to my favorite time of the year. Mainly comes a little football -- more than anything in. That was when I was younger started to play football but today. On the last Sunday in April that was stated John. I'm very rarely. Can we have linked these discussions. That are topical and timely. About all four of the major professional teams. But the Celtics. Bruins the Red Sox and the patriots this weekend more than any other. Our timely topical. And worthy of lengthy discussion so. I'll continue to set the table and throws and subject to -- for -- talk about. I think you know all the ones that are out there but I have some. Interesting thoughts and hopefully you find image thing in some opinions about some things are going on and let's start out there and see which happen let's start with the Celtics because that's where John. Left off and let's talk about. Today's win. Talk about the fact that they showed some fight. When there was a lot of question whether they would. Now they blew a twenty point lead but they still won a playoff basketball game and did not get swept. By they hated New York next so that's a good I think tonight. They deserve some pats on the back. -- JR Jason Terry. Especially Paul Pierce who stepped up big Kevin Garnett also. But they did not wanna go home yet. And on Wednesday night when they planned New York maybe they don't want to go home and -- And has dot com shores said after the game. Always does win game five and that's our -- do right now and then all of a sudden it's three games detail. It's never been done in the NBA no team has ever come back from down three games to -- to win this series and I don't know if this Celtics team is equipped to do it. But for tonight they did show some fight. Most Celtics fans that I talked to yesterday and last night did not expect them to be here tonight. They'd be making -- times right now so how do you feel about the fact that they showed some fight. That's question number one question number two which I think most of you wanna talk about is the future. Of the Celtics so we can get into that Paul Pierce signed through next year but the Celtics have a five million dollar buyout. As John was educating all of us in the last dollar Kevin Garnett signed for the next two years. Rush on Rondo. Signed for the next who years to an interest in one that not a lot of people have talked about. A lot talk about with the celtics' future but again today. They deserve some credit. Mike the -- -- is at the garden now covering the Bruins game. He was at the garden earlier today. Covering a Celtics game he was in Foxboro yesterday covering the patriots and if he had found a way he would have been at Fenway this week -- But he wasn't. Some might try you'll join us a little bit later on to talk about both the Bruins and the Celtics as far as the Bruins. Bruins are trailing the Ottawa Senators just under way in the second period one to nothing very simple question I have for you a lot of Bruins fans -- the game are you watching the game. So after the game we'll get into this little bit more but three potential opponents. For the first round of the playoffs the senators. The leaks. Or the islanders. Who would you rather play and walk. I have an answer my answer is I would rather not play the New York Islanders and -- the numbers. A little bit later on but they took me. If I have a chance to avoid them I would avoid them. They're not the Pittsburgh Penguins. But they have Cinderella written all over them. That's slipper. Is it seems to fit right now they've played very well down the stretch. And if I had my choice I'd rather play the senators of the -- that's just my opinion agree disagree your thoughts. Simple math for the Bruins is they control their own destiny. Will they win tonight they would be the number two seed they would play the Ottawa Senators. They could play the leafs. If they go into overtime -- have a shoot out win and they would play. Toronto if they lose they would play the New York Islanders. And again if I had my choice I would not wanna play. The New York Islanders -- your thoughts about the browns -- -- them a little bit later. Patriots of course. On finished their draft. So it looks like -- the patriots will now becoming a would bring new uniforms they will be uniforms of the scarlet knights of -- Kurds. And they -- only be worn by their defense. Next year available in the pro shop according to Mike -- element of people -- of patriots pro shops soon. Coming to patriots pro shop and other nearby outlets. For you. Besides that it's an interesting picks by the patriots but picked up -- -- want to veteran running back 27 years all the pressure. -- -- talk about the patriots and start about with the NFL draft now that it's concluded at 9 o'clock we will do that -- One of these sports figures and one of the personalities in this town -- great great respect for. And for those of you old enough to remember. That odd that a pin is dead. What you should to have great respect for up to him some things about Upton -- that you do not know. Maybe you're of the younger generation you've heard about them don't you're not sure who years he's not sure. -- for ten year period he was very instrumental. In helping build the Baltimore colts. In Q. Super Bowl champion that he ran the drafts. For decades for the Baltimore colts. That he was the general manager of the New England Patriots. For very short period of time. And the very first hearing is that general manager of England patriots drafted Jim Clark. Also up in Bell's father. Started the NFL draft we talked Upton about the draft about the patriots draft. -- is one of those people who was very very interesting very opinion in 9 o'clock. We're gonna talk -- the bells are your thoughts about the patriots now the Red Sox. Red Sox won again today. And the Red Sox are eighteen and said. They have one day left to go in April. 2 days in April but one game left in April. As Dave O'Brien reminded us today the Red Sox -- this win today. Have equaled their franchise record for most wins in the month of April. The hell would have thought that any time this off season or even breaking spring training or even when they started the season Yankee Stadium. 2003. And 1998. With the years that they had won eighteen games in the month of April. They have one more game in April Tuesday night in Toronto if they win that they will break the franchise record. For most wins in the month of April -- out there. 1992003. Years they -- They have played a total of seven series. They played the Yankees Toronto and Cleveland on the road they are 72 on the road. They've played Baltimore Tampa Bay Kansas City in Houston at home they're eleven and five at home they are eighteen and seven. They are number one in total bases they are number one in OP yes they are number one in stolen bases. They are number two and RBIs number two on base percentage number two on strikeouts. And number two -- walks. What pitching is the main reason that they are eighteen and -- They are number one batting average against 222. They are number one in strikeouts. By good margin in the of these are on the American League. They're number one in starters. Victories with fifteen their starters at fifteen and four. And coming into today haven't done the math updated when John Lackey there -- was three point 14 of their starters coming in. They're starters coming into today and I'll update the map on this and I look at the box score. It struck out a 161 and walked 62. So their starters are the best in baseball right now -- the best in the American way. Clay Buchholz is five and oh with a one point 19 John molesters born with a 2.2 seven. Felix to -- three in all four point 24 and Ryan Dempster you know he wanted to his 3.3 at all. Afraid it was Davis is one of one as a starter. And John less. John Lackey now was one and one. As a starter Alan Webster got to start of course also for their starters -- fifteen and four. So if you're sitting there waiting for the Red Sox to fail fine. That that's fine if he's saying they're not gonna keep it up that's fine. They are pitching well they are hitting well and they playing -- defense I mean what 41. From this team. Just stop and enjoy it right now. I knew he could sit there and debate but this is a checkpoint. At a baseball season -- six months long hopefully seven or more. And every month as a checkpoint and right now your Red Sox -- the best team in baseball after almost one month. 617779793. Cents. Text -- on the AT&T text on a 37937. Says while -- -- Sox will blow. What what. What why did best in baseball do you expect to be the best team in baseball year did you expect them -- the best in baseball. Seriously. Let's talk about what we've seen for this team so far as part of the fact it is finish is 73 homestand I know they play the Houston Astros who've lent. One just over a hundred games combined in the last two years so why is supposed to beat those teams it would beat them last year. When he won only 69 games it is finished -- seven and three. Homestand they're eleven and five at Fenway. They're seven and two on the road. Now they played seventeen home games in April 9 on the road. Big goal to be played. Yes seventeen home games in April 9 the road it flips from day. It probably thirteen games at home and seventeen on the road you'll go to Toronto on Tuesday that it will then go to Texas. They will then come home against Minnesota and Toronto. It wouldn't go to Tampa Bay Minnesota and Chicago to play the White Sox for a nine game road trip. And then it will come home against Cleveland and the Phillies. To finish up the month -- -- for the thirty games in the month of may. They've got seventeen of them on the road so Memorial Day that'll be another -- We'll take a look at the Red Sox for the very simple question about the rats -- is not whether you're buying or selling a -- -- I mean nobody expected this you called feel free to call -- the one person that said I told you so really. Real. Hamas wants to talk about with the Red Sox -- a lot of good things after another. I'll win. Today. So we will go right to the phones we'll take your calls and we'll kick things off from doing right now with Paul in Westminster. Paul welcome to sports Sunday -- -- real good thank you want to save my son and I had the opportunity to concede the Red Sox beat Houston. And it was all really wonderful wonderful game today beat no we weren't fighting night. And it was a wonderful game at home runs by the Red Sox and gave one order and -- our corporate -- -- all all -- all solo shots to. One challenge -- and just imagine that they had guys out. So might -- so I did not feel confident about the red -- strolling into the streets and -- -- they got Cheryl. Let me take that juncture -- either so okay this is it. This is going to be the turn around and people who -- illustrates why would like -- all pitching coach. Extra to pitching coach keeps coming back I think we got rid of some. All of -- -- bit -- but BP. Sinkers. And I really really excited about this year. Well when you let me go back -- -- excitement about John Farrell. When they hired him. John -- the pitching coach was not coming back John -- the manager. Is coming. So -- No I understand but. You know it's interesting because baseball is a different sport than any other because of the number of games in a lot of things so you know every ten games in baseball. Is worth one game in football or flip around every one game in football. Is as important as ten games in baseball my point is when it comes to a lieutenant in a general. How many times have we seen an offensive coordinator defensive coordinator becoming head coach and -- that lieutenant is just not fit to be a general. Yeah -- right right right so even -- baseball is different and I think John Farrell. Unlike an offensive coordinator becomes head coach who can't spend as much time on the offense -- Marcus is -- team to wary about. I think we're seeing in baseball it's a little different that even though John Farrell's the manager and even though. Let's be honest it is time in Toronto did nothing to prove that he could be a good general. That was not that was you know like Belichick in Cleveland. That would it was if you had to pick pass -- fail he failed in Toronto. Now we come back here and by results alone pitching wise he has been able to have the same effect on Red Sox pitchers. As he had when he was the pitching coach which is a pleasant surprise to me. And I got to be honest with the I talked to some people on the Red Sox club those who love John. When he came back I actions on the phone with a couple guys have known for years over Fenway I said what do you think Lisa I'm sure. He's cut out to be a general I love the guy I don't. It was really cool we got there early Wear Red Sox Nation shall we kept early for the batting practice show up on the monster. Looking down she talked to you you'll. And I could hear it and not -- law and -- just pocket tool and it was so cool meanwhile. Shall they are get replied all I'm saying god these guys are both. Sides are all. Well I think -- you just nailed one thing about the communication. Clay Buchholz. Was quoted earlier this week talking about the different to John Farrell from last year and we are going to go back to last year because our -- -- well but but but here's the thing. You know the one of the biggest faults of Bobby Valentine and his staff and in the staff wasn't even get along one of the biggest is constantly said that you know where they stood they didn't know where -- stood out you're. Right exactly and and so one of the things buckled to the things that he said this week it really stuck with me war. John Farrell came in and put his foot down. And you know we're used not only do you know where you stand with -- only gave his in this coaching staff. You understand why they want you to do stuff I mean so just saying that does that is that the reason. That there starters -- fifteen and for the pop culture is should be starting all star game if we're to be played today probably not but it's a huge factor in the mines. That's right it's not the end all but it's an -- factory EU economic. I I'll actually take my call man not a great -- let's talk Memorial Day and will and do the next checkpoint with the investors' optimistic I guarantee it. OK Paul from Westminster Eddie and hang in Europe next he'd take a break Craig so which is taking your calls on which -- 617. 77979837. And a -- 1130. Tonight. -- and Celtics Bruins Red Sox patriots and I would love to hear from you. If you're one of the thousands of people. Who walking. Around boils to street this weekend. I would love to hear from -- I happen to do what my daughters and my dog last night. And I've got some very strong opinions after walk around there I would love to hear yours. -- so this is WB yeah.

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