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Jackie MacMullan, ESPN NBA Columnist, joins John Ryder to talk about the Celtics unstable future

Apr 28, 2013|

MacMullan explains how the Celtics look like their headed for a rebuild and that this could be Garnett and Pierce’s last home game in Boston. She also doesn't think Jeff Green will ever fill Paul Pierce’s shoes when Pierce finally leaves Boston.

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John -- bat quickly here on Celtics rewind in happy to be joined by one of the best all time of the business Jackie McMullen of ESPN -- going -- Very later on good takes. -- today Jeff Green Paul Pierce Kevin Garnett Jason Terry we see Jason Terry's sighting today in an aggressor Jeff Green. That's where they're gonna need if they're gonna win is a game five I would guess is they need contributions from all those guys. You know I carry and you know -- very -- you were beginning to wonder why aren't you. And though that kind of energy that transition freed up some on the -- claimed that eight Terry works on all the time it sure looked like it and over time. And and you know one guy you didn't mention was requisite grant -- in the numbers don't show up. Particularly that I thought he really did a good job on on -- -- mark for everything within it. If Carmelo Anthony go ten for 35. The next shoot 34% and they don't have an art that you'll have to win this game. Yes you do and ended Carmelo as he had died. My game one OK I tied game two we let the game comes to a -- Dodd and branded Baz was terrific on him until he ended up Fowler got. Carmelo is he had -- forced too much today. Oh absolutely you played that hero all the years Doc Rivers thought the and. You know as opposed to say really felt like really -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- had a monster game and a that they were all within the context of the game. But -- been swinging the ball. And explain them in the paint -- acting like that security analysts -- a little there's no question. -- on -- who brought up so many times and how different a series this would be and I'm sure would be a different series because right now New York is just trapping whoever. The ball handler is and where Rondo can improvise if they're not executing those offensive sets he can break him down. So that that's really wouldn't you look at that is the major problem in this series -- one of them. -- sure thing you know we if I think we've all pocket significantly about the fact there's not a two point kind of -- I think the thing that. It's really really disparaging the dock wherever it is. There hadn't even really been to guard citing in this hearing here before Avery Bradley another really cup update for him it and thought he really. Struggle -- -- and he you know he was. Kind of shortening up and a little bit. And then like I try to overcompensate on defense and ironically you know and knock them down there in Indiana late in the second half. I don't think he intended to bring him back but he had to ask I'll I'll see you got some issues in your backcourt now it is clearly doesn't even play in the game. And that's why -- application areas. Give you some encouragement because you know -- the street you get -- it got real issue in their back. They they definitely do I was gonna ask you about Courtney -- what's happening here at -- house who would think especially with the knicks who have three ball handlers and -- a preview audience and Jason Kidd. Could degrade a little bit dead you might see -- and they're just for his defense you see in Terrence Williams getting some run and -- committee came on late edition from China. Yeah yeah it's a fair question and I'm not really sure I know we were looking any other day. Because they've really haven't had a heart and I am a backcourt and lead this might be game or get a shot I also. It might be a good time and see what public Randolph can do because I thought -- again. I think that the numbers when it and don't look incredible but I caddie actually kill them on the offensive glass and almost won the game formed. And and you know with Kevin Garnett and many many times in that situation that was letting. -- -- -- -- -- typical all the weight on which again makes you wonder about Aaron had a note that milk bone spurs and how much you're hampering him. Do you think -- Is that you know what's gonna happen here is this the last game -- that I -- is is the million dollar question the last game or Kevin Garnett and -- Paul Pierce at the TD garden. I did in the Caribbean and I think they're aware that it could be immediate kind of all hinges on Karen Garnett a -- he has and country club and he made it clear that it. Although he wants to go though. If you're the Celtics with each side betrayed both these guys before the deadline anyway this last year so you're gonna look great and again -- probably and other value it you know. Significantly devalued because the economy -- We have to execute an -- -- years. You can I felt that contract for five million dollars he cannot and the C Garnett of course because you're the agreement came after the collective bargaining agreement. So Garnett you want to come back come back that you wanna come back if you're sitting here and you're rebuilding and we got all of it. I think it could be some significant. Is it looks -- -- elected CNET at the outrage to get on. -- you know it is that it all hinges so much on Garnett whether he's gonna return what they do on -- and you mentioned that if that does happen. I wouldn't be surprised I'm not sure about you if they tried to go out there and search for some blockbuster. Deal and -- deal Rondo fees. He's healthy enough to go. Well I mean they began -- value has never been lower because he's coming up. CAC LLA and I think you know you're going to be -- spoke to rebuild -- something and I think that. At least in being in his -- in the ownership mind. Other -- really that clear that they'd like to rebuild around and I beat you you know his absence here again. The stresses how important he is and how good he can be. So I mean you got to keep dumping it you're gonna rebuild him I can blow -- you -- you know I think he could start over with a young nucleus. And the only one that really has any value probably Enron. Be very anxious to see what they do go in Charlotte. He has certainly will be I I was -- is a much dealer right on the offseason teams wanna get a look at them but to. In order of adding one of those cornerstone guys -- my next question of -- what what not today so much what do you think about his overall game. You know LA as an advocate -- the time he got here I think he is what he -- talked about tech police forgive me. What I what I mean by that is. It never going to be number one or number killed and I think that people are holding out hope that it's gonna happen are going to be disappointed. I think he had buried very strong number three that can do things like he did today that we -- Stroked the -- -- at Gary -- very talented player. But you can't have that mindset of the number one or number two or you don't and he got. And he's not -- I don't think I don't care how hard he works. And how much he's around you don't develop that. So I think people have to accept the fact that he is very good defender but not a lock down defender -- he's an excellent score but he's not gonna do it every night. That's an elite player and he's never going to be your one or two so can you be happy with him being a very productive. Number recalled some nights it's gonna be just terrific he can live with that. And you keep -- that she can't. -- you move on I think the -- understood. All along exactly what he lied and. And you know related you know I'm kind of go about Perkins and don't need to go about that again. But I don't think that you're expecting Jeff Green to take over Paul -- is -- is never gonna happen at least not in my mind. Yeah I'm with the -- solidly from earlier in the in the program on. On -- Jeff Green because again at this age and he's going to be 27 and I just abuse going to be a superstar. It would -- happened already. Yeah an and that no crime -- by the way right and I'm really top number three and and you know he has some great skill and you know -- He really terrific it to be around right he's he's not. You know -- -- you -- -- guy he thinks team first. And now I think the players like them and trust them and so again not you know he's at peace I would keep. But he not a team that I would build around it my centerpiece you know my number one and number two that would be I think that would be a mistake. Lastly Jackie what do you think happens in game five. Listen you know they barely squeaked by in overtime. And the game went there it was he complained. Where it again the next shot poorly I just can't seem fun about I'm glad they won the game. I'm collector pierce and Garnett -- guys that had happened farm but I I I think get hands on Wednesday. All right Jacqui really appreciated I know you got a busy schedule appreciate taken a timeout. But I can't -- a million and M at the garden they've got. One game that -- ended and another one that started with a lot of -- You know I understand that -- well appreciate you joining -- are all right Jacqui McMullen. By ESPN. Well a lot of these cell phone calls a 6177797937. You can text as is well at 37937. As John Ryder Whittier on Celtics rewind. We will hear from Paul Pierce Kevin Garnett. And a little bit as Jason Terry may be before make our way out of here at 8 o'clock coming up -- -- it's Butch Stearns. The Bruins are in action right now they're just under way against Ottawa. And the lakers looking to hold out the spurs which will be tough. Miami's move Don they've advanced the end of sweeping at Milwaukee in four. And if you wanna get in the Red Sox because of people are over the moon they should be. About the Red Sox start the season but that best record. In baseball right now if you wanna get -- -- it's nice conversation as well this -- -- have -- -- of the Astros are going to be one of the worst teams. All time -- baseball. Red Sox -- Houston six to one today at Fenway now eighteen and seven on the season but will roll on -- all of it here after just the 92 break.

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