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Celtics Rewind: What do the Celtics do now?

Apr 28, 2013|

Even after the win, John Ryder talks about what the future holds for the Celtics as father time creeps up on them. Could today have been the final home game for Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett?

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It is Celtics actually closed out a quarter the second quarter on a twelve 23 Ron. Jeff Green and attack mode and Jason Terry showing up and Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett -- what they do they were incredible Celtics over the next 97 -- nine the today at the TD garden. As the Celtics forced game five of this series on Wednesday night. John Ryder waited Celtics rewind now we take you up until 8 o'clock. And coming up at 7 o'clock on Jackie McMullen of ESPN. A -- tucked under one of the best in the business. In -- breaking this down this series down get into even the offseason with the Celtics with a her a little bit. It's not the offseason just yet. The -- Celtics won. I take your phone calls of course 61777979. B 37 AT&T text line at 37937. Also continue to get it back to the TD garden will you were Paul Pierce had to say Kevin Garnett had to say. Some others -- Jeff Green Jason Terry. Before we make our way out of here at 8 o'clock which stirrings will be taken over coming up at 8 o'clock. Get a lot of the a lot of people are upset I don't know what you're watching but to. Even right now I think that Paul Pierce is a better player than Jeff Green even right now at the respective points. Of the year career. I'd have multiple tax because scrapped -- And I'm rooting for Jeff Green and in -- he is coming back from heart surgery by all accounts and all indications from ever what you -- two over there with the Celtics really good guy. On Kevin Garnett strand him interim dark green as a Doc Rivers is on Jeff green's case because he sees the potential there -- he did go 48 minutes today and did give them 26 points. And it was also nice to see as well six rebounds. Foul trouble for the Celtics the knicks had their own Carmelo Anthony plane -- hero ball Brandon Bass with some terrific defense. On Carmelo until he ended up filing out of the game no JR Smith which -- a major factor you figure would be a major factor. Heading into this game so can the Celtics do it can they win game five. Knicks better closed down and five in a wanna give the Celtics -- chance one thing mix in the past and they wanna shed that label and it's been there and it's been on Carmelo Anthony. Is it -- steeper than this got to the Western Conference finals would be Denver Nuggets. But it's did awhile. As they're looking to advanced to the second round for the first time since 2000 the next. So it's been awhile here don't wanna give the Celtics any hope of veteran team like that and as the one thing -- this knicks team even though they have some veterans on his team. Will the pressure get to them. If they can't close out game five I would think it would. Still I think the knicks probably likely will end up -- winning this series I -- dead wrong on that bubble Miami today. You know Dwyane Wade. And he'd still hammer the box the box 88 to 77 a close that out LeBron James thirty points eight rebounds. Seven assists in that game couple of -- text has to reveal the fallen quiet on the phone lines if you wanna call in a year. And respond if you think the Celtics have a chance do you think it's all done. In terms of this series and the spirited win today I don't think of the Celtics wanted this Kevin Garnett Paul Pierce do not wanna go out this way. And sweep it is sad and I'm sure that. A bit melancholy. Doc Rivers in the rest of this bunch considering. This is Gary you know -- Whether Kevin Garnett Paul Pierce come back next season it's still not the same. This is not. A championship team evil with -- Rondo back the complexion of this series would have been much much drastically different if Raj on Rondo. Was around I think it's a completely different series I think it was it would be a series that would go seven games I thought this was gonna go seven games anyway. Not a huge believer in the knicks -- some talent they -- but I at that they're going to be able it got an up Rondo the real key here. And there's other problems but. In terms of his -- and so really wanna find out what's known Courtney -- why he's not getting any playing time at all and Terrence Williams again that they brought over from China late in the season ends up getting. Eleven minutes today. Let's get to the phone calls here's bill and mauled and bill. -- -- -- -- Good I mean watching PS he sometimes did what he's got no policy does not get rattled. You know -- -- and his face that he stand and they await for them to put the ball play if you can not and I'm the -- I love I love his game. Multiple text messages here I don't think Paul Pierce is a player bill I don't think he's gonna get his right do until. He's done yet you know they they all realize what a great career it is until he's no longer around it's just he's he's one of these players. I've got multiple text messages outing tonight you know Paul Pierce today consider in the game -- but. Here's one for instance is that makes the calls with the Texas is good win but Paul Pierce turns the ball over way too much for his superstar. To lose the game because of his stupid turnovers. The reason why Paul Pierce's turn the ball over so much yet there's some sloppy bed to bed turn -- Because there's so depended on Paul appears right now no one can handle the ball -- We knew that anyone that watched the Celtics -- Avery Bradley's not appoint parties and undersized two guard. They have -- the depend on Paul Pierce so much Jeff green's not gonna handle the ball Courtney Lee is not a point guard. They do not right now Paul Pierce is the best ball handler on this team that's why is turning the ball over so much. He's the only one Escude can get him into their offense. Yes I'm very disappointed in Bradley in the he can't make a good entry entry pass he's he's really shown signs of shaking under the pressure. At this point I think. All cold shooting again one out of seven you know what it is is and I think that his defense is affecting. This year -- haven't worked so hard on the defense of men and I think it. Later stages of this season and even in the playoffs a little bit his defense has suffered and I think it's affecting his office I think it's affecting him and again. He's not cutting to the basket as much and other area. Where Avery Bradley's game is better when Rondo is in there because he's cutting to the basket he can do. More. On on the offensive end. Just not hitting his -- hitting his shot right now bad match ups I've mentioned this and Craig and Larry have dementia this all series. Whenever Raymond Felton at different times Felton crazy only kid out there on the floor. Three point guards you gotta have it you gotta play Bradley on on felt didn't Prejean on a kid can create. So savvy pre -- only the oldest NBA rookie ever in his mid thirties kids forty but he still plays heads up game. And then you've got Carmelo Anthony so. But I think some some of the game was affected that the Celtics did get into -- Early foul trouble with Garnett and that whole front lines which reinforce filed early is affected. Well it did an effective them as well in the second half because -- there was the Ole Ole act because there were led -- Carmelo Anthony get to the basket get to the rim because they. They don't want a file out of the game. I think you guys had talked about it but Salinger. Rondo. Put those two guys and that lineup right now and the knicks should be looking at previous week. Get swept because that the testing does -- mrs. Rondo. You know like everybody says well the knicks aren't that bad I don't think this legal. It would have been a force in this type series still. Yeah we we never know what would've ended up happening but the biggest problem is the Celtics are right. We have to do on the knicks he can't play half court against them he can't do it in there is more half court as while the players. Doc Rivers and -- these guys to run and of course in the Ron in transition and they add some of that today. But. Eat you just can't. The Celtics can't run a half court offense they can't do what would -- would this time and and they don't have a lot of guys. That can run up and down the floor one of the only guys that can do that is Jeff Green. Well they get a nice couple days off to get all along the rest to get into what went today and yeah I'd love to see them bring -- -- can't put some pressure on these guys it would be you know to be hilarious. On that now -- would be all right thanks but bill. Point people. Like these comparisons. This text are all upset and -- 617 register call out no one thought yours could be off favor I don't think he could just -- agree enough like that. Remember that combination of a young Paul Pierce and Antoine Walker I know is a watered down Eastern Conference. Taking on Jason Kidd. And the and the then New Jersey Nets in the Eastern Conference finals some years ago Paul peers as a younger man. Did Jeff Green and I -- Jeff Green like -- -- -- report now that becomes out of flourish is meant to be in his superstar player. Jeff Green -- at this point of his career and you ask well what was Paul Pierce Dylan. At the age of 35 right now. Paul peers. And you look at Jeff Green and he missed a season. A lot of people or -- was never gonna be right to around march and and he started to play better. The returning 27 in August. Is still a relatively young at the computer's gonna be a superstar would've happened already in his career. But when. Seven years ago. Paul Pierce whose match up one on one against the likes of LeBron James and Kobe Bryant in those guys. Like Jeff Green do that. For a extended series I'm not sure about that. Here's our I don't think he can't here's Robin Colorado and that's not a knock you talking about some of the best players of all time and Paul -- a top ten Celtic of all time so I don't think that's a knock on them. This is the way it is. Here's Robin. They are -- and rub him. Into that I never thought I'd say this but I'm going to first time long time and it's a pleasure to speak with you couldn't -- -- a year ago. In every morning we put on he I don't myself -- -- you guys. -- he I but I have to talk about the Celtics what's going on right now. Driving me crazy. There is no way they're gonna win this series. Until it's time -- probably none. Not that it is it's almost mathematically impossible statistically impossible so we're but the Celtics go from here. What is it hard to load up and decide to be terrible for a few years -- is there some way. That they can rebuild and be competitive next year or the year after. That is about to ten different plans that Doc Rivers isn't -- -- specifically Danny Ainge has right now what this team. So much of it hinges what does Kevin Garnett Paul peers do after this season. Not yet Paul here's I I just can't picture retiring right now even at the age of 35 he's. Not that Kevin Garnett doesn't love the game either but I think Garnett is one of those because he doesn't wanna stick around. When he's when he's past his prime and it's incredible this is guy that's going to be a 37 coming up in May. Paul Pierce I can see at the YA Wendy's. You know in his fifty's still do those old man moves that he does on the court right now -- still played pickup basketball. The -- any hinges on them I made it really does that they wanna give this another shot one last run wouldn't win garage on Rondo is back and healthy and if he's ready to go coming off that. ACL surgery. I think so much of it hinges on on those two guys I still think that yet it could be a playoff team next year again would. With Kevin Garnett pierce and Rondo back in the -- what are they on another seven see that may be winds of playoff series. I think they're going to be looking and a number of different areas they might pull off some sort of blockbuster deal where they send Rondo out. Well I think gonna have to do something because. A mall directory member and don't kid sneaking into the old guard and spider the gratitude to the war used to lettuce and -- the -- on the walk through Iowa. -- -- -- -- -- -- If I do not want to see what we saw before Larry Bird was hurt. Paris went to look Carolina. -- could happen to kill a rookie just retired. It was a disaster and it. I think they have to be proactive Adam. The patriot always have bad. What is that they don't have a chance they they lost that that's that's done the only the only guys that have trade value right now extreme trade value. For the Celtics is is Rondo Avery Bradley Bradley is not gonna bring back his superstar teams would be interest in Salinger but his trade value will be doubt. Because of that back injury. And it's tough spot in it. If there was a couple years ago yes you know Garnett didn't and Pearson there was a little bit of trade value but it's waning and waning as these years progress. What is as they might have stepped. Like it is so tough for the NBA. It's so tough you don't wanna be that team that Atlanta hi Eckstein it's constantly on the treadmill. Constantly good enough to be in the playoffs but but it going nowhere you'd almost rather be one of these a bottom teams. And pay your hopes on on land and that superstar through the draft. Exactly and I I I hope but they have learned their lesson by letting the victory the original Big Three get old and get up and force them. You could never treat bird but. Other than that. It seemed they haven't learned their lesson and I'm here in Colorado in -- -- people who don't know anything and don't really care what sport it is a nightmare. Except that thank god Wes Welker went to Denver because otherwise I get my mind. It's awful -- I was hoping you get -- glimmer of hope on what they may be able to do could not be audible. Well it Ayers a glimmer of hope border which would be tough to pull off who thought after that 06 season. And how bad they were that they were going to be able to pull off what they ended up going off. Which is an extreme rarity minutes in the one percentile in the NBA thanks for the call. A couple of Texas boy I can I have done this now Celtics rewind. Says the 0708 championship season I never under stood. My tool over the top my appreciation of Paul Pierce I'm not sure there's multiple Tyson appears -- another one here says Mikey. Mike Adams does not do Celtics for what I do and I'm on with a -- -- -- -- -- does -- Mikey Paul is good but it's all because he can. The he has always been a hero ball player like Carmelo and Tommy praise him too much for replaying each was made baskets. That's why the analysis and always balance when he watched him on national TV that's that it. You don't kid you get objectivity -- and and loved Tommy Johnson but he panders to the Celtics crowd he's a homer but it. Paul Pierce did used to play some hero ball he had to. He changed that changed when Kevin Garnett and Paul peers and Kevin Garnett came to team. But user role players here for a number of years what -- -- to do and it in those instances who's your go to guy was -- only go to get. John writer with the Celtics -- we roll on here up until 8 o'clock 6177797937. You can add text as AT&T text line at 379. B 37. Will continue to your calls chuck in Dartmouth -- -- -- gets you guys. If you open lines here and also gave back to the TD garden here would. Kevin Garnett. Probably some of these people don't want to hear from Paul Pierce but we'll hear from that -- hear from -- also at 7 o'clock Bobby Douglass Jackie McMullen obvious BN. And will be back after a 92 break.

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