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Mustard and Johnson explain what needs to be done to keep the Celtics winning

Apr 28, 2013|

Craig and LJ are joined by John Ryder to examine what needs to be done to win game five in New York. The Celtics will need a strong effort by Jeff Green and Kevin Garnett to take game five.

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-- and Johnson. Yeah we're on Sunday once in awhile it's been awhile but here we are post south -- Celtics. Managed to somehow or another avoid elimination even though they. Barked up blood nineteen point halftime lead to bring negative after wind I am not being negative but let's face it as you well said the glass is either have them -- or. Half full depending on the way you look at though that there have to enter at the -- yeah and you don't want maybe they're -- little that little -- they pay 2000 -- I don't know baseball team network firmer and drove for absolutely and really anywhere in a legend though do you view her life this opportunity we have. John Ryder by alleged whereas the legend -- you know what somebody alluded to our our former Sunday parties to be the teacher the preacher and the creature. Well the creature hasn't been available for awhile but it's a Dick rats we have John Reuter. Joining the program where there are ride -- I think of Reuters for senators and you know he's like -- and he's informative like the Reuters. Is -- ago. So John your take on today's basketball game. I just don't exist he wanted to go out before game sweep them in -- Paul Pierce Kevin Garnett whether backer not that snooze that's the bigger question. Appears you know wouldn't -- had a six turnovers today the played well Jeff green was an attack mode which is always -- -- a good thing in. In Kevin Garnett you know and -- Jason Terry showed up. What an appearance and Carmelo as they try to win on his own got an outside of Brandon Bass a key move yeah stock. Putting bass on Melo Melo. Certainly if we see these games before he came at the right time for -- -- 35. They did it he played effective. Defense against him in game one. But I you know Carmelo NCs -- into -- all on his on Raymond Felton got hired here in the in the third quarter. But to overall I was at you know they really needed JR Smith yeah and JR Smith disqualified. For the flagrant elbow. Did you I was a joke out Larry -- that they might have been it's too generous toward the Celtics of that particular ruling what you think about yeah maybe a little bit. -- -- -- I really did I ask my secretary is pretty good actor like atlas and I take it works -- had to tell you guys are gonna tell you occasionally to do T shirts and stuff I got a chance for Wednesday night. That document -- before the game is -- gradient Max and she was support amazed how many nicks millions were at the game today. So I'm hoping. How logic group of Celtics commands or show up -- forgotten and make life miserable for the enemy is my chance. CU Friday. I've heard that somewhere VCR you Friday. The old what do you think yeah I I think in my catch on -- Sunday of course going way back to the early 1980 sixers and Celtics those two playoff. Years they want me to big question is John that's a good point do the Celtics have enough to go into. Madison Square Garden on Wednesday night JR Smith will be back -- is not gonna miss fifteen shots from the war in all likelihood. They have enough resilience to go take another -- away from I never count out the Celtics that they buried knicks better get it done if they don't get it done and a game five. Well this one goes seven I US hot on Bradley. Is I'm hearing summit via pundits -- I think it is it. Right now it's tougher for Avery Bradley because of the knicks in this zone debt they have -- to that the point guard position because right now he has to. Man up and did get up on a Raymond Felton but -- at times -- Felton pre Giannone and Jason -- you've gained three point -- stuff out there right so that frees up other guys degrade opportunities separate you donated at the other night so it. Or right now is a real tough defensive assignments for the -- including. Avery Bradley at different points and Raymond Felton yeah how ironic is that the Celtics don't have any point guards in the -- at Nouri Al-Jazeera puts -- in the game while the the other thing is. The big -- are surprised that the Celtics outscored. The knicks in the paint. Thirty to 28 because when you -- Chandler. And I just thought they had debt they had better. Side is that that they can work with the Nixon not -- Mott and of course and in their and that's another thing -- guy anatomy at the back. It -- you called high Islamic east bank on constantly by two very big physical play -- yet Tyson Chandler who's. A younger version defensively of Kevin Garnett not offensively but the the knicks don't have. In terms of their size. Tyson Chandler's is strictly defense of player is not offensive player. We'll see what Kenyon Martin can give you but the -- -- a three point shooting team Carmelo Anthony can go inside it and go and enough today but -- day. It doesn't. That they're not a huge team there there is three point shooting team a perimeter team more than anything -- -- and their best former player or not. In the game today you talk about it you know the sauce that kind of meaningless really if you've been thinking ahead to Wednesday night. Are Celtics outscored the -- bench twenty to seven JR Smith not in the game Brian I mean it is that a is that a step that you can really use for anything. It's it's indicative what happened today and if you can extrapolate and I think that of the -- is gonna go into Madison Square Garden that's the problem I have with today's game. Well that's a problem -- get right on just get through don't rats are highlights and I'm bringing in you you give lacking all the credit in the world. Farmers performance that I would -- six innings -- yes six and a -- say it will always be playing against. No I am using a negative when you're saying valley or out the facts. Penalties -- to know what you say -- these Celtics came back they -- I have to -- -- twenty point lead they came back the eked out an overtime win. Against the -- However I am a knicks' best players -- the six command in the NBA didn't play today yeah muscles so what do you do this is the question I'm drawn back to you John. What did they have to do when can they play any better than they played today. The second half they can have yeah the third quarter. The you know the thing so dependent on Garnett -- that the easy -- on on both ends of the floor. -- especially on the offense that is just. They need to know what they need in order to win as what they ended up getting today they they need Jeff -- to do that amount is scoring and help out. -- defensively they need Jason Terry to show up and how we can yes. Pierce played fifty minutes -- fifty out of 53 separate soiree minutes in the game but he did hit the first bucket in overtime a -- that set the tone. Terry did show up tonight whether he can do that again. On Wednesday that's the problems everything I'm saying I'm qualifying. Upon this big disclaimer yeah they survive today. Whether they can turn that into Red Sox yankees 04 no -- ever come down from all three there's a reason and NBA NBA history and that's the problem because in the -- they think about it why can they do it in baseball because every day's different because of the pitchers exactly that you -- you know in the NBA. Home court means so much and really difficult to do that you gotta do you gotta do it twice why hasn't Courtney Lee playing. Good question. You know I. And it you would think that he couldn't. At least help Bob Bradley a little bit defensively because when the Celtics are playing better in the regular season we -- drastically different. But he could he could help but you would think at least on the defense event. It's a very good question why is it in the diagnose the pointy -- did -- play that. Not a good time in the articles when it was out that your can be eliminated. If you are playing any game at a home in of them they've yet in your team can be eliminated. Some something's going on there -- something has to be going on there because Terrence Williams ended a plane eleven minutes today this is again that they just signed he made it played awesome Lleyton this season from China. He's -- and he made a key block I forget what rhythm. The pointer of the game was but he recovered. Allen made a key block -- Australia and Indies get run over accordingly it was been there all season. Well again that's right it. You know this next game. Unlike you -- -- obviously we want them to win anyway but at least I I didn't want them to be swept by the Nixon their house. Nadal and I'm I'm I'm thrilled at least of of that. And even if they lose Wednesday I hope they -- I hope it's another dog fight I just don't want them to be pounded on and eliminated that like. The first three games they ever 75 points a game right and you know what they allow. The second half again I play better in the fourth -- that third quarter was a stinker row. I'd say at least -- I I I could not envision where that nineteen point halftime lead and what's the NBA things can. Leads can disappear quickly but John did you really believe. The cell is gonna end up high aid in the fourth quarter of that game I didn't I didn't envision that happening -- but the knicks are pretty much. Surrender and say and we can come back and win game five now I'm not shocked because if if there was. If well be completely different we avenue brought this up but it. Everyone has the garage on Rondo not being there -- With the Celtics in the depth that they have right now on the guys that they have on the floor. I did and especially if today's shoot their way back -- gave. I had an MJR Smith is the only bench scored really the next kid but he's he's -- he's a starter he's really nice place starter he plays starters minutes. -- a kid. Once well hit a three Novak and hit a three but did they don't give much off the bench Jimmy Martin and hitter in -- for different roles. Right I think the other thing that's indicative -- -- -- -- -- the -- repeat we got but I think when I think that that to me of like a metaphor of a -- Rondo point got things going on. Was -- last time in -- -- seventh game down to the waning moments. And Bradley Steve and Leo hold the ball holding it many tries to bounce off from the nick of veteran and he just takes the problem right now dead turtles simply cannot and half I'm there or not he. That's why problem the Celtics out. Good enough that they don't have the score is that they can match the next for turnovers that's why you can celebrate momentarily. But. It's really hard to take anything away from this. Names of the Celtics survive that they survive. Whether or not they can take that it doesn't appear to -- based on this performance particularly the second half. I don't see how they go into Madison Square Garden on Wednesday night and beat the next based on this performance. They'd be -- of great first half they played better first SaaS and MSG as well. I just on how they're gonna do it. They're you know it if you believe in the second half -- square garden you gonna have to play a lot better than you did today in the second half if you heavily because the knicks are comeback win back. That's that's the way a look at. I just you can't come out of this this this victory other than saying. They won the game does nothing else take out of -- they survived. And as we said -- Miami is somebody who like got to lifeboat was one of the fortunate passengers who left the Titanic and made it to New York. As Avant crows with housing reform was mentally literate and eight Olympic hobble like the L today you said when I got on the light bulb what they didn't find land houses that. If you wanna extend that -- is 61777. -- -- 7937. You can texas' well it 61 that was the -- average and you get 3793. -- -- -- you're much more practiced -- it and I am I looked over there where that. Is 3790 is that what it is 3790 -- that's what it is thank you very much we're gonna go right to the phones we judge on the legend right yeah so hopefully -- winners legends are they go after -- -- I really don't -- a break we're gonna hear from doc in his post -- news conference and take more your calls coming up on Sports Radio W.

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