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Doc Rivers postgame press conference

Apr 28, 2013|

Doc Rivers postgame press conference

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That's what he does you know he's made so many big shots in his career you knew -- transition. It's amazing and you know you guys don't get to see -- -- when you watch all the guys in that this is terrible when you watch them practice. You know on the corner home. They work on certain shots and that's the shot that transition three is something he works on all the time. And you knew once he got it what are you gonna do our -- interest we want to play. Mean I thought Jason Kidd knew which you can you can see you coming from the basket. From them plan -- each other so as a big shot and another shot in May was big as well so that's what it does that's good. Yeah you have to -- like survivor Big Three -- too often picked over you can take all of them. But the -- were there were you. -- sharply become discourse in this hour. You know a lot of guys besides Jesus that public talk about what branding gave you -- to -- enough. Britain was the you start today or as far as I'm concerned than. You know he just defended you know and ended it over and over and over again. There's a lot of guys that you want to defend I don't know Carmelo deal when you would -- And for brands in the do that. Basically the entire game until we found out. Was terrific for us we needed that one guy to be able to do that. I tell you that third quarter for us with the with the files it was hard -- was. Mean we are shuffling guys in and out and just trying to move different guys. That was hard -- force. And we got through. Was that by design coming into this game to have Brandon on him as much as he was today yeah. There we just we just felt like the more he does it and does it well the -- or call the first of Jeff can be office would force. You're going seal on this radio and talk about how big Jeff was especially having to cover Melo won't foul trouble. Yeah you know -- it's -- -- -- just in foul trouble Jeff passing -- we had the one time out it's in the game when you -- they're gonna go to Carmelo. Jeff and Paul both -- both -- problems. If you think in -- you wanna sacrifice almost that's how you felt. Because he's such a -- -- you know he's really good it -- drawing fouls. But I don't Paula that the dog did they ought to this year indifference greatest work. Steeple that Boston Herald talked rescue brother Jason Terry played the people offensive Reba where he -- position on Steve Novak and yeah -- mobile phone seem to be rather large there was large -- Jason -- throughout. Basically overtime in and try to force was strictly you know are made clear to play at the play. I think that was the only time we blocked out the entire game going by the numbers so that was terrific. And again they made us pay every single time. They got an -- rebound. They made us pay for that it it that's heartfelt for us. You know we still have to -- avert -- get away from the one bad quarter just seems like an all three games. Four games we had that one bad quarter. The third quarter was it tonight.

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