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Red Sox Sweep the Astros and John Lackey Gets the W

Apr 28, 2013|

John Lackey speaks with Joe Castiglione & Dave O'Brien after the Red Sox sweep the Houston Astros for an MLB best 18-7 record.

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I -- said John Ryder John Lackey what a job today in how does it feel after. Yearlong. Work and the operation that you come back to get injured yeah again have to go on the DL and you come back -- -- -- gym like this that what's going through your mind who's. Thought I enjoyed it. Because Davis runs played great defense behind me was as -- be back out there or on the winning in one. -- was there any nervousness coming off of the outing in Toronto that was a scary thing for everybody you most importantly. With any reticence about going out to today may be thinking one might be in some pain. Well. I'm a little bit but not enough distance came in last year's I can do a little bit but it's there's not a whole lot. Not a whole lot there right now it's definite process hopefully get you know some starts but belliard gets stronger and hopefully enough will be there. Why you had very good command out of those consecutive walks in the first -- he came back it worked -- that great jam in the year six innings out like it. You've done so many times before the injury. Doubles funded out of sixth inning was good form and bill to get a strike don't need one and then got to get a ground ball. That dusty may not play for. But he could tell there was emotion there -- John because. That's a situation of the game could still get out of hand -- get out of that frame so they're absolutely was a little extra jolt of emotion wasn't their offer sure. I'm in you definitely didn't wanna go give up any runs right there with us you know I was getting pretty close to you know the amount of pitches they're gonna happen there's so. And need to make hits -- -- they would do that. -- played great defense like a lot of ground balls so death was involved a little bit. Well also you like gave them more than. They have called for our guys battled the -- Carlos by about five innings he'd be -- that you gave them six which is it really a big difference for a ball that. I'll for sure I think -- you know it's been they've been great down there are some would like try to keep those guys for us and try to get deep into games. Coming off you know he knows you know I was kind of think of Bob himself but. They comes along with us longer early nominee there and those are middle innings -- can help me out get to the six. John this club now has the best record in Major League Baseball the -- but the Astros are terrific homestand memorable and so many ways but as you've been watching now and then now being a part of it is this team has come together the way it has. Anything surprise you but -- this is a great early ride for this club. Would have a lot of fun we've got a lot of guys really have fun together -- -- you know a lot of guys that are. Are a real pros and we go out there and have a business on the field and really. Play the game the right way and then have a little fun you know in the clubhouse due to great mix of guys and -- We really care about each other really pull for each other and play hard yet. So the next start likely to be at your home state. Yeah they -- -- at Texas to a club. But I congratulations. Thanks -- our guys enjoy it there its nice when it's six to one they sweep the Astros -- evident three out homestand.

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