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Jeff Green postgame after the Celtics win Game 4 against the Knicks

Apr 28, 2013|

Jeff Green talked to Grande & Max after the Celts' overtime win. He said the Celtics made sure to keep their composure during this nail-biter.

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The Celtics have stayed alive winning game -- they beat the -- 97 to ninety Jeffrey joins us from the victorious so -- locker room 26 point six rebounds for him. I can't even imagine what is life. These situations generally it's definitely day teams down 30 they. Find a way to let these schemes get waiters and both -- strength that it requires down the stretch when you lose it neatly. What is the mindset tickets on that bench with 45 minutes to go after the leaders to. This one of the you know keep our composure the game. Who runs the -- there we just heard that need to be aggressive continue to do -- -- You know we've been an apparent -- of victims. Whether things in the game like this we always hear shots -- plays but you know we've seen -- -- that warm -- that you would. In these last couple games agreement -- the crowd get bow you know count that one but what played -- take me with this one. Carmelo has it is that we -- drive with a hole the detergent that terrorism back on you -- acute -- yeah they're not making that call you -- And -- Almost laughable. I think -- -- Just you know -- -- our film and if you movement. Rest of the world who know both Jerusalem -- -- -- to play in this you know make the -- you know you're part of the things. What Jeff talk about -- hall of famous Greek government that. -- you know it. Paul Pierce doesn't come out this game is is what these things will you look at. Even you know when they pass that torch or do you humans actually let it be looking go on bike I got some big shoes to feel. -- -- Of course quote and when things go through these men in the morning -- and you know him Jennings did you do tonight and you know myself. -- we we kept us in the game and influences. What -- got a couple Carmelo the -- they don't you -- me he -- whole lives and applause let I mean if you had some -- seen -- that look there's the they would follow up button thing for me. When that day comes and you weatherman as -- as those in -- Boston aren't these the kind of days it's sort of what. -- doctor about what you look at the way Kevin. It's yet all approached this game the way they carry themselves fourth -- by these sort of valuable lessons that you would stick -- Most. He -- a few moments when. Have the chance to watch you know the confidence and action. And myself you know witness in the first name and you know wanna be part of and they have the confidence it is an improvement of situation was phenom. -- on partisan name it. You know how much to our camera -- -- loved watching this thing. Jeff has never been done with a team coming back from a 30 deficit. Annoy you got gotta say all you can do not think is the easiest game to play because all of this is what gave of the -- right. Demo of that game. -- conservative one -- and things are. You know you've got to take one give them completely new grid on defense and if he in my office that has from. You you you know Kevin Garnett Whitney sit anything's possible actually said something wrong. It was it was both be nothing it's possible right progressives yes I think that's got nothing is -- possible with the law changed to unavailable with. There's carbon you know we -- in their country -- Apple their moments. The game like this high of both moments with. It's a day week. You flashback we hear your life was a little over a year ago -- -- now. Being it not just watch -- not sitting on the -- -- in the middle of this -- another classic Celtic moment and now you are you're one of the stars on the state how often do you think about. And that. -- -- -- -- I'm honored that my guitar that's the thing about. Which. The thing for them this. Local retired you weren't that good night's rest tonight Burton for -- joining us in the locker 9790. File.

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