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Newton Mayor Setti Warren halftime at the Garden, new center for veterans

Apr 28, 2013|

The mayor of Newton, Mass. talked with Sean Grande at halftime about the new Veterans Service Center which opens in Newton on May 7.

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A guard is still walking off a spectacular finish to the first half. For the Celtics as they closed on -- See this seven runs the committee nineteen point halftime lead. Leading index in game four facing elimination 54 to 35. And what we have a yes -- number of times that it warns the mayor due to a loser goes on remembered broadcast to this point Steve Pagliuca usually. I mean he's he's ultimately -- invite him. AMOCO and my shoulder and and the areas but mean. Have to you know the stuff is nice and halftime with a big events talk about when he gonna like fluent for Max I'm ready students are at it again. Well they -- president and you they're gonna -- more chances this year absolutely that the error we are winning this game. -- question. No question are you have a a huge event coming up it's not here. I hate it when these things sound like look at the big thing coming up but because there's nothing more important. Then they hear -- veterans as easy sometimes these sound hokey and it would this poignant event let. Really good that it not only is unbelievable things that we can do but the cause. Personal -- -- this couldn't be anymore. Well thank you so much calmer perhaps you know what this is on May seventh or doing -- grand opening. Sports first of its kind veterans service. On May seventh six or 830. And what. We're doing music it's a chance for veterans of all wars. One place it surfaces they. -- going to be open full time we're ready to go were ready to do. -- appreciate batteries that make sure they have job training make sure they have how. Make sure they have latter forces. That really you know it it's a precedent that you think about it and I think people who war veterans don't often think about this sort of this intentional or unintentional fracturing. All of the different. Wars that is -- happened. It creates different groups of veterans when I was. I was reading about this and prepare for our conversations that I've never seen this work if we think why can't we get to. Attract some of the simple things. But it takes a lot of energy and I'm in Iraq War veteran and I interact with so many patterns -- different -- -- two. Vietnam stance. They make you physically home but they're not true well -- we provide a Saturn like this. You know 90% of the adult homeless population are better. That is unacceptable and it worked out -- -- that's -- that's. We should make story and every city but this is a regional sense so welcoming veterans from all over the continent -- part of this field. Putin may seventh you're gonna get not just chance you know what you're gonna be. We're gonna have Celtics. My agents were patriots character I -- that would have to be busy and -- electric. Contents of the legends -- Steve Sweeney's going to be there. You can time show your support. And we've had great sponsors whom he knows what the sponsors. They're doing explanations but you know com have a good time bring your family bring your friends. Make a donation to support that are way. We've received time has always it's great. The playoff time but. You talked about this obviously you want isn't as fun as the Celtics keep quiet and you know -- we can definitely step one thing I want it to say how much I appreciate the Boston Celtics the -- stepped up again this year you know let's make this thing now I have an episode -- I'm not I'm what a great organization seriously there part of this. I would say the same thing about that I would want to get back to -- They awarded the mayor -- -- for a talk more about the event on May seventh we're gonna give you the website we're going to look to you talked about this event has moved close to them released Tuesday when you -- -- and if you do this for a tie game book I'm reading that. -- second half coming up a game for a WEEI Celtics radio network.

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