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Dale and Rob Talk Bruins -- It's the Final Game of the Year and it Counts!

Apr 28, 2013|

Dale and Bradford get on to the topic of the Bruins and their chances in the playoffs, whether people think they are "limping in" or not. Dale says they need to go all out today and get a W despite some fans being content with where they are and wanting the big guys to rest. Dale explains why it is important to try to get a win and to be first place in the division.

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Nobody to blame this on -- myself this is totally operator error because I should have done this earlier on in the program. We'll do it now today's baseball injury report is sponsored by Newton Wellesley orthopedic associates. And W always orthopedic pros other saves specialists. In getting Weekend Warriors back into the action slide -- NW 08 dot com for more NW OK expert care. Made easy I guess that the top the injury report from the Red Sox perspective is Shane Victorino. Who is still not ready to play today but no DL stint at least to this point has been mentioned as a. Nobody want to get through today and see where went from there because you wanna be fairly healthy heading to that strong turf with a back issue. So I think they want to see what how is gonna respond date tomorrow and go from there but. Yeah -- that's that we talked about before the that's kind of the red flagging one of the red flags with a team of the depth in the outfield did a novice very very good player. Very good player this year but if you talk about defensively in right field -- Shane Victorino is done and what he presents that's valuable. And you'll have that replacement right now on this roster. And the other part of the injury report is a guy returning from injury the starting pitcher for today's game John Lackey are you surprised. Only one -- start at the minor league level getting ready to go back into the rotation. None are too much just the fact that. The I was surprised if you if you asked me that question when I saw him walk off the field -- season -- his arm -- grabbed his arm like -- it was a that was a defense mechanism I think that more than anything. And talking on the other day it sounds like he doesn't feel he feels okay. But this -- still isn't completely there. So I think one of the things are going to be dying today is velocity. Because in Toronto that start he had the best velocity had all spring training right it was really get by he doesn't he feels -- maybe that isn't back to where it was before the -- play devil's advocate for you've got a guy coming off Tommy John. Who missed an entire season. Who by his own admission strength isn't quite back yet. Why do you start today why wouldn't you make sure. Doubly sure that when he makes that next start the strength is exactly where me I couldn't tell you because this that reeks of a medical decision that. They probably have more information tonight and and obviously they do but you know what I'm saying well -- himself says the strength isn't quite. Be it. What he's saying that he's saying well. That might just be from taking some time off. Sometime -- take a couple of weeks off in your haven't been throwing then you have to get your arm strength back. Maybe you know you -- every time as they said at the time if you have something -- inches above. Something you had surgery on on the armed. It is you have to have a red flag there you have to -- and till he gets on some sort of roll in regarding health. We have to go in this with a aware EI a little bit I don't think that -- question about so this is your question. Absolutely -- everything's on the table when it becomes too. Potential concern for this guy 6177797937. Will isn't Whitman may well. Good morning well. Well yeah I don't hi how are you -- to be out -- -- protocol Collins talked about Sharon but the big it would make it. I am really -- at least twenty something minutes a night every night against the best forward the other team has every night. Yeah I mean clearly the best to present her -- -- But I wouldn't dispute with Claude -- tonight but -- you know play. I don't think you can now. I mean I think in a perfect world. If this game had -- nothing that's exactly what the Bruins had done closed set after the game last night. They wanna win this game they wanna win the division they wanna get the second seed in the Eastern Conference. They're gonna play this game like they've got to win it I doubt that they're gonna arrest Chara or anybody else. The only question mark for me is jogger who missed last nights game -- because the flu. I'm hoping he's back in but I don't think resting -- as an option anymore. -- -- -- -- Well he's skating again. He he has been skating on its own for almost a week now. Within the organization. It sounds very positive that he'll be ready to go come playoff time. I've I don't think he'll play tonight in fact I'd be shocked if he played tonight but everything I'm hearing is that he he would probably be good to go. I think clothes then got an interesting decision to make. Because they don't well if you look at that what he is kind of settled in to -- lines -- last night was a little different because of Yonkers absence and doc Robbins played he won't normally be in there. But when Horton does come back who sits down. Is it Soderbergh. Is it properly is it important. I mean to me those are the only three options you have of guys who will have to take a seat important comes back him. Right tell me which guy you wanna sit down. Yeah yeah yeah but. I don't know they -- I think that's what's gonna happen I do think that he'll be ready to go if not game one at least fairly early in the playoff series. And -- gonna have to make a decision there the other decision that he's gonna make and it sort of appears that he's made it. Is that Wade Redden is gonna replace Doug Hamilton perhaps on in the playoff lineup in Hamilton will be here will be part of the team. I think that perhaps -- likes the veteran savvy of a guy like -- he spent for the playoffs before he's played in. Big games before the other thing and and we lose sight of that here because of this the lockout shortened season. We lose sight of the fact that -- Played his junior season went right to the world junior championships played extensively there you know jumped right into the NHL schedule and playing every other night. You'll for a nineteen year old kid gets a lot to ask you know we I haven't asked you this question we talked about the potential matchups which matchup do you think favors the Bruins the best. Islanders. America. I mean I I think in other words win in regulation tonight you get the islanders. It no matter who you pick it sounds like you're disrespecting. That opponent well you -- I think Ottawa with Anderson back in goal and Carlson back on defense is a more formidable opponent than -- -- I think Toronto. A more physical opponent. I am I mean I I think the that the Bruins would -- Toronto but I think they would they would be beaten up pretty -- I don't Toronto with the playoffs it was nine years ago there. You don't wanna get into that hornet's nest either while on the whole media. Circus by throwing me if it would be like Red Sox yankees ALCS. Only believe it or not. Probably even more we go we're going up to while the Red Sox play open runner senate this week can you imagine how empty that place is going to be. It's obviously it's us he had aids and met with the -- I would imagine the in the maple leaves me to play either Tuesday or Wednesday. It's going to be ghost town and it's -- via. Friends and family and paper airplane and paper airplanes and and probably not enough people booed -- -- could come up 6177797937. Know what's on the cellphone I know how you don't. I don't know banks. Want to talk about. Red Sox GM and Gary Payton and the moves he's made it's taken over sure I would say job. The trade with Redick -- -- right now looks pretty good -- struggling actor who cannot last occur and he also traded. -- or mark -- Colbert Stewart really worked out but he. But now and Kohlberg parent and I look like a pretty good trade now. Until with the exception of moving parts to start or what they're retreating -- -- it worked out really well including the doctor straight out to -- Well look the Dodgers trade was a gift from the baseball gods know general manager would ever turn down that opportunity. And to his credit look. I thought they were gonna get anybody back they were just gonna get the doctors to take all that salary off -- you could you could say that the -- could not to say that this is a case where you could say the Andrew Bailey traded disaster -- in the Markowitz trades a disaster. It doesn't matter because bench Harrington will always be able to hang his hat on that -- history. And guess what ruby Della Rosa could still not worked out and right now you have a guy he's perceived in baseball. As a potential top of the rotation pitcher now Webster. Along with a financial -- relief you yet that it it it just reeks to me of that Vernon Wells trade. Of the murder -- -- somehow the blue jays get the angels to take Vernon Wells and it would have been the greatest trade ever if they just had held on to Mike Napoli after an arm around for early. Look let's be honest in the offseason. I heard a lot of criticism of bench Harrington for the people but he added to this lineup. I actually applauded chairing ten. For having the red flags go off the medical red flags go off about Napoli reducing what would've been a long term deal -- one year deal. You had some uncertainty mean now what you're hoping is they're working on an extension the way things are going forum. The only argument the only legitimate argument that I think could have been made it's that they overpaid for people but that's what free agency yes. Yes Gary I think that. If you go back to. What the feeling was around the Red -- club a source concern in the Red Sox clubhouse about free sunny freeagent about why would guys wanna come here. And and then you get into you don't want to commit these big big money contracts so you go away and you identify you guys that you want and to your point dale you overpay form now where does that factor in where do you care about overpaying. Do what you care about it doesn't allow you to get somebody exactly exact we couldn't afford to get so insult because we gave Shane Victorino thirteen right and you know I think that as we sit here right now another thing date. The plan is worked out for is of the guys that got. They filled specific needs and so far. Those guys have lived up to what they were were -- that -- whether it's Jonny Gomes base running -- Victor Reno. Not in the field whether it's I think Dempster has his stuff is above and beyond what that was even thought I agree. But yet if it had a very good off season. In an off season where he was for the most part getting criticized the round here right now involved yes absolutely and adding we came last spring training he looked good. But. He's been good. Cater -- the only guy here and we still don't know -- -- an -- to endorse that move when they made it so it's hard for me to go back and second guess it -- it. I think it is tricky and the jury's still out here it's he had two good outings and that he had a hamstring issue. And so we have to see what he's all about in. And they need him you'll look at how could this bullpen and it's. But we've also seen how bullpen can be Strachan if you go keep Gil and his -- you don't wanna keep going to -- our because he is a little bit older. You'll Bailey you can expect him to go on the run that he's going on now throughout the whole year you need I -- -- and help out. But we give fans out there an idea of what's going on inside the park right now at this very moment. Pitchers fielding practice is going on on the field -- Now you know when I know some fans may not know. After spring training this almost never happens yeah I mean the fact that that Ferrell has his pictures out. Working on pitchers fielding practice on Sunday and April is mind boggling. Well it is always bizarre to me that. You only have -- fielding practice and like the first couple days of spread -- -- -- now. It's bizarre and then what what kills at the -- Detroit Tigers in the world there's a few years ago bad fielding by their pitchers. And -- wrote the Red Sox are terrible building by the -- a couple of years ago as well. -- -- on right now go out on the field vision the way we think one day at a time quick break right back to the call 6177797937. Sports Radio WEEI. That's what it is we when we were second place. What's on the line. It's good that there's no you know there's no game said that don't matter you know every games as a matter at this season and you know. That's the way it's going to be -- and so I think it's might play. Hopefully -- our advantage. Bruins goaltender Tuukka Rask who. Although the Bruins haven't announced this I'd be shocked if he's not the starting goaltender for tonight's game. Because you have to happen he is clearly the team's number one goaltender you clearly want to and need to win tonight's game. And we've already laid out all the different reasons probably as I set I buried the lead may be the biggest reason is if you do finish in second place and you can't play Pittsburgh until the Eastern Conference finals. Analog you can avoid playing Pittsburgh the best team in the National Hockey League the better off -- law and. In -- brought up the philosophy that some buy into it is. If you're playing for meaningful games all the way through distracts there's no let up you know what it takes you just. Connect carry that momentum right into the playoffs and -- team teams do that before -- get on here policies and roll. But I think in this case in this season. With the amount of games and a need for arrests I would take that over the intensity of the last game of the year. Via the Bruins -- -- Graham default allowed a little while ago. And it was out Shawn Thornton and Milan Lucic each wearing their Celtics T shirts they went to the Celtics shoot around this morning. To lend their support. You know showed that they were there to support it too little too if -- well but you know what if it is a nice. It is a nice. Atmosphere between the professional sports teams in the down. And these two guys who have got a real big game of their own tonight at the -- Went to the shoot -- round this morning wearing their Celtics T shirts to tell the Celtics guys who and they know a lot of them you know hey you know what -- get this done don't. Don't worry about it getting a win this game today and and it's a nice thing that -- You remember an athlete whose immersed himself -- maybe not even a superstar athlete but immersed himself in. The Boston communities much Shawn Thornton has always only Andrew -- Parents important together one and money in that regard yeah I mean -- might -- octave which I look at organized today. This -- -- the fact that we still used in Charlestown down. Walks to the -- Beat this guy he's obviously not from here what you would think he is from here in. That you know you like to see that you don't see a whole lot I mean I think you see once in awhile but only after a guy maybe has been here for. There's David Ortiz has been here forever -- in and he's a super star salute so by another guy who gets it here -- yep by Shawn Thornton has just embrace -- city in and India and more importantly not a more portly but more noticeably in the off season. In the offseason he's everywhere. Good for him. And I I know he was a little concerned the other day. When he when when Jerry tweet about the photo of heat in Jerry visiting Jeff Bowman. In the hospital and as Gerry pointed out it was John's fourth hospital of the day -- he had already been to three before it got about one. And and Shawn said to me when some in the dressing room -- you know I I was a little upset that that got out there he said he -- I didn't do this. For publicity I didn't he says I was there to support this guy -- you know to show on that it that we cared. He says I didn't do -- to have that he said now now if if Jeff Bowman had tweeted it out that would be a different scenario. In in this town and look in this day and age we live in you know that people will look for negatives everywhere no matter what. And the last thing he wanted was for somebody to take all -- that -- -- guy looking for for pub or something if Callahan had to -- there. No one would have known show on had been to four hospitals that day no one would have known he was with Jeff Bowman that day. And that's the way he wanted to he just wanted to go and be fair and be their fourth assists. In and not because it didn't mean a lot to them -- locked right. It may just because. Hey you know our revenues knocked -- -- this is about the publicity. And that's the way Sean -- it's the way a lot of these guys feel as well -- on the cell hey Mike I don't. Good guys good morning good morning I'm I don't know if anybody has if you get to -- but I just jumped on by regarding. -- -- I am but I can't wait and and he may be tired they understand this but he said he got no idea. He himself. -- seems to be. -- -- -- I believe last night yet to walking calls against him I don't seem shooting is much. I am I'm just a little concerned about this way and I am just gonna jump ought to let you guys response. Like I don't think there's any doubt. And this is me talking dale talking not Zdeno -- talking he hasn't set any of this okay. Just observational when you're watching him play he looks exhausted. Now again he plays more minutes than anybody else. He plays against the best players on the other team every shift every time he steps on the ice. It's against Alexander Ovechkin or Sidney Crosby or -- you can go down the list all the top guys that's who he's out against. Yes in a perfect world I would love to have had him be able to sit this one out and I think. Claude Julian would love to have had him sit this one out but you know what it does. Work did you see this coming in terms of how the -- we all knew there was going to be condensed schedule up. But as we get to this point a -- so well conditioned as Chara. Or anybody throughout the league the DC is coming in terms of how this was gonna affect these teams and what we're gonna land on April 28. It's it in by the way it's been a league wide issue right and ironically it's the teams who've had injury problems. Who may have benefited from that. Look the Pittsburgh Penguins are lag in anyway. But they have small enough for awhile he comes back fresh James Neal has been out for a while he came back last night first game back had a hat -- Sidney Crosby's been out for awhile. He's likely gonna return here in the first round of the playoffs he'll be fresh. You know it's it like Carey Price in Montreal was saying a couple of weeks ago -- I feel like I'm sixty games into the season yes. Because it's what it is is it's it's actually worse than the Stanley Cup playoff run. The Stanley Cup Playoffs are every other night for the most part and there's no advantage or disadvantage both teams play in this city tonight. They play in that city you know two days from now there's no team sitting there waiting for them while their play in the night before. The regular season has been worse than -- in the Stanley Cup playoff Bulgarelli. I don't know how they get one yeah -- -- and you hope that last long enough so that it actually becomes a grind up -- that the New Hampshire hey Fred. Well we disagree. I always amazed at the regular season what does it mean not. It's practice to get to the show this team has played six games is 990 no other team in the NHL had. Do well they'll do what -- they'll play their sixth game tonight in nine rights. Don't think six game and I think rigorously and ended yesterday Chara Seidenberg -- -- should be arrested. Big bad Bruins have. Madoff -- acquisitions we've got actual -- used them for this purpose this team is -- don't know where. Is charity run down spend the legal battle over and one of the -- they could say she's good thing we put it inside him in the game. I mean it's ridiculous deal. They want you want to go into the playoffs and rested. I mean it is threat is that handy but if you and you're gonna keep playing -- listing -- for tonight just to get above. Montreal. -- to bail how many times we see in the playoffs a team like Pittsburgh plus the first round at simple actually. What happened -- LA you don't severe sale wouldn't want to play this one and now he's gotten Erica because they said okay it was when we got what you. People they have to play every what team that night -- problem to get to the -- -- whoever it is that television don't sit down try to make it. And that is -- wish -- well because it never works and everything you've watched hockey so long I can't believe this billions. I've watched hockey so long and -- there are certain teams that rather play in certain teams I'd rather not. I -- bill that only so much. Is that you know we can do regular season. Then regular season has been it's been met. Because then it has happened and so that ruined that to play the last game what it means competition means nothing. While I disagree with you that and that's fine Fred you have you had your opinion your good hockey fan you follow the game I disagree with the I would rather finish second and fourth. It matters to me as a as an observer at at at as a guy who's looking at the path was Stanley Cup championship. I I would rather finish second and fourth. Okay -- into an overtime game. Second I was I acknowledge all of you that we talked a well we just that we talked about the signal does it -- the actual actually an extra time to get to a win and the Stanley Cup Playoffs not in the regular season game he gonna say that they went. They -- seven game series and any other news going on fighting in the got to go up against them tonight player I didn't say that that. Probably not -- I mean I understand that in your in your world where you're you're looking at this scenario in that scenario in the second overtime. Of grueling playoff game. Look at a perfect world yes tonight's game would mean a thing. It does mean something it does to me it doesn't do you -- that's fine I understand that but thought process. You know you gotta play good teams when you're in the playoffs in the gonna have to play Pittsburgh eventually in all likelihood. It if you wanna get to where you wanna go you know might as well -- in the second round as Plame in the third round. All things being equal I'd rather play the islanders in the first round. Whoever it is in the second that's not Pittsburgh. And then Pittsburgh in the third round when I might -- my brother. What do you think the majority would -- -- Julian sat down Tara sat on rafts out down these guys they'd be the opposite of what -- exactly. I think most would say what don't understand how important it is to win the division finish second in the conference avoid Pittsburgh until the Eastern Conference finals. I think most Bruins fans probably disagree with Fred just a little teeny tiny.

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