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Don Cherry, Hockey Night in Canada, Opens Mouth, Inserts Foot -- Dale and Rob React

Apr 28, 2013|

Last night on the "Coach's Corner" segment on Hockey Night in Canada, Don Cherry proceeded to stick up for his friend Duncan Keith by burying all women reporters stating that he truly believes women don't belong in men's team locker rooms. Needless to say, the reaction has not been good including from his own partner Ron MacLean (his facial expressions in the video are incredible). We take a listen to the audio, then Dale and Rob react. They wisely are not siding with "Grapes" on this one.

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6177797937. -- telephone number if you like to talk to -- and this is one of those rare days happens. Few times a year where anyone of the four pro sports teams in this town are very legitimate topics for discussion we're happy to talk about any of them -- yet. I will say this. I haven't seen this okay I didn't hear this because I was working last night to own my own show last -- I didn't hear it I didn't see yet. My Twitter account blew up last night with Don cherry and Hockey Night in Canada. Coach's corner. First intermission of Hockey Night in -- -- People down here to understand this it's as big -- deal in Canada as there is on television I mean he is that big the from what I understand having not heard it just heard about it. Grapes was attempting to defend Duncan Keith Duncan Keith of the Chicago Blackhawks. Made some on toward comments to a female reporter -- in the last week or ten days. Are great it's attempted to. To defend Duncan Keith. Now I I I told -- to look this up and he's already done and I did it last night. The pictures of Ron Maclean class sitting beside Don cherry and the look on Ron Maclean space. And and the eyes like all my god what are you doing here and and again haven't heard it haven't seen it only heard about it. But I saw what twittered it. And legitimately I think every female sports reporter in America weighed in at one point or another about it now. I'll let you hear it here -- and Matthews got it. And I'll get to hear it for the first time I've read transcripts I've maybe maybe it will sound better. When I hear grapes say it maybe it won't be our offensive I'm guessing no dale I'm guessing that you're probably right this is Don cherry the beloved grapes. Last night coach's corner Hockey Night in Canada. But I would say some first of all he wanted to do something for. Mike good -- -- a good friend Mike Duncan Keith is a little trouble in Vancouver and raise them was. Daddy was smarting too female reporter and it was then not we just said something about you should be or referee or something in the mail. She didn't say anything but then at the -- reporters went a little knots and read it like that now -- a sexist and all that stuff. I don't believe I don't really believe this I don't believe women should be. In the -- dressing room ice I know wait a minute are remember the first time it happened to me guides are walking around naked. And night to hear this woman's voice and turn around there's a woman she's asked me about the power play I said let's go outside and I just -- season I'm not embarrassed I. I can't walk away and I and I knew -- tell you what it is relied totally think a woman can be an address you know I do believe a lot of guys take advantage and they are sexist Duncan Keith wasn't even close you thought it was -- the -- you've got to get a call and use -- whenever you don't know anything about it women should -- forced on it like in any job vehicle out whether you should look at return and then what are heartened and in an address in the room while we should be. We expect you want them to be in there why not bullets and Terry plays hockey right yes it's he's a hockey player has said she's been taking a shower right. And a guard senators she walked all the arsenal but -- already -- that women play in a smaller communities create and they scored a couple may never recover carries games I have a problem well you know I don't tell us a gavel passed those dressing room wide open. -- you'll see a woman you don't want men in the dressing room with women there should be of course you will -- other not crazier but you know if they're not. Let's let let's just agree that as long as there's a professional code and I think the players violated all the time well I don't know all having fun but they bought an awe and the other sports -- -- could talk about it and everything like that. I don't Israel women are really well. Art dealer Obama's and I think they're gonna kind of stalled and they should not be walked into an. When nick and guides -- Walken and and you know some guys take advantage of it. I don't think it should be that's the way I feel about the whole -- now the playoffs. Don't tell me this is an accelerating the last two weeks on unbelievable are you. Wanna hear what he says about the play I don't. A first of all and and Donna 79 years yes that's been around the game of hockey forever. Is revered across Canada. I'm not sure don's been -- dressing room and know -- think if I can tell you right now in the bruins' dressing room. People walk around naked in the bruins' dressing room there is a separate changing room where no reporter goes no male reporter no female reporter. Dayton date -- shower. -- go into that room and that's where they put their clothes on in the the actual dressing room itself -- all the locker stalls are. Players aren't they keep him there. And I'm guessing that Don cherry hasn't really. Clamored to go cover the WNBA. And -- by the -- -- male reporters are in and -- it's Ron Maclean was trying to talent. They are in female locker rooms and it's the same thing. People want to make it very -- now. Now well you know I both say this is that guys are walk around naked. No they're not and I know what you're saying about hockey but in I know he's talking about hockey but. In right here in Fenway Park the Red Sox clubhouse. You -- there are women in the locker room yes and the players aren't sectioned off while the game dressed. It's understood as a professional code of conduct and there. To my knowledge there hasn't been any problems with -- people do interviews and big goal on their way and I mean that's how it's been done forever this was an issue. Win win women started. Getting access to that locker rooms and dressing rooms. In the seventies and this has not been an issue in Major League sports. For 25 year you know all of a sudden Don decides last night he's gonna make it an issue. You know way listened to it now when it reeks of to me is he's when he's his good buddy dunking -- He was trying so hard to defend Duncan key eighty deflected what his own career and job well yeah he deflected -- basically deflected away from him. By what he said my good buddy -- -- right. And right there and I think that the conversation changes the tone changes and the motivation changes. You know many female reporters I know many female reporters. I can promise you this -- None of the ones that I know none of these superb women reporters that I know. Look forward to going into one locker room were dressing rooms that they can get a chance to see men make it. Donna's Donna's got it somehow right himself. Out of the 1950s. And sixties. I mean he just. Look this guy is an icon in Canada. And I've never seen this before he has said stupid things in the past he stuck his -- in the past. I've never seen the Canadian media like they did last night say. You know what maybe this is the the last -- barrel maybe it's time but dale do you really think you'll realize -- I don't I I -- yeah I think I think CBC's gonna have real hard time as well I guess what you have to ask yourself or whether this is gonna sound terrible what -- why the ratings -- Don cherry. -- -- -- -- in Canada are eating what Specter I want what are they what's the option to opt out if you believe they wouldn't go down a lick of Don wasn't there. Hockey Night in Canada always Canada OK well then that's your answer I don't believe women should be in the mail address. Well. Don I hate to say this pal and I that was first time I've heard it I certainly heard about last night. This one that -- up for Honda to wiggle out. He's done it before you're talking about chicken Swedes in the you know things like that. He he's made political commentary. On on coach's corner. When when there was the separatist movement in the province of Quebec he'd eat -- political commentary in and avoided the issues avoided the pitfalls. I don't know if he's going to be able to avoid this one this one's going to be top form. Because it was unanimous across the board I did not see a single male or female reporter. Have any work to say in support of cherry last well in -- today if it's true and indeed do not have any kind of a dip in ratings if you took the Ontario. Which an icon like that it it must be very powerful media thought he looked he says -- isn't as big -- -- Starr is there isn't but by as you said. We can't really we don't know what that shows like we don't know how we can't compare that showed any show here. So help you really can't right so that's the case you that's popular is popular because of him. Or because of the contract and if it's popular because of the construct then you do move on from them but if it's partly in large part because -- him. I don't care what as you said he said stuff in the past he probably stay -- I'll be curious to see what now my guess is. Will have to hear an apology game one of the Stanley Cup Playoffs on hockey camp. The -- we'll have to sit there with Ron -- -- and by the way the shots of McLean. Sitting glass side. Don cherry and the look on his face is all got what you'd do one. I mean how can you save this and -- you know it's his friend it's his colleagues he doesn't wanna. You know clobber a one on live TV across Canada but the look on its face is on watt -- so what -- apology go dale. 'cause he clearly meant what he said. What -- -- did say I didn't mediate or who is now take -- out of contact her know that bit. It's ridiculous and and and look I actually like doc I mean he's been a guest on radio shows that I posted on a number of occasions. I I I love talking to the guy. I I I I fear he may have gone round the bend on this one all right quick break right back to the calls. It's -- -- here on -- Sunday Sports Radio WB I don't believe women should be in the mail dressing room.

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