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Doc Rivers pregame before Game 4 against the Knicks

Apr 28, 2013|

The coach talked to Sean Grande at the Garden before Game 4. Doc said that the Celts let go of the rope for too long in the last game.

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The game four edition of the Celtics today presented by Lexus continues from the garden itself -- makes a play the aforementioned game four shortly our final piece of business. It's our conversation with the head coach Doc Rivers brought to you by Harvard pilgrim healthcare Harvard Pilgrim Health Care. -- -- -- There was rather poignant moment in game three because afterward microphone for BC which. People with those intimate moment there's supposed to be. Talking about defense holding on you're imploring. And I use that word is that you were imploring the defense to hold on please start making open shots. At what point does missing open shots even though statistically we all don't mention the shots are gonna go at what point does that start to affect the team when they -- -- there's no point you know. Every gain if -- you know there's team. More mentally tough and 99% of the time with that one game to come at any point on our. Point him in the second quarter. The -- mature rogue force or. Because we took a little bit of time sorry. Were so often murders ago and you know that. Resulted in net stretched that they hadn't. It's tough to recover from. Is the lesson that. There are guys maybe you have on your roster have had a chance to learn this lesson yet it a couple of possessions here and letting go of the -- for even a short period of time it's going to cost -- plan. Yeah I you know. You would hope that you met with. Leo cooler jobs in this situation they do it yet that is that two year. What was the starting a lot of change in -- to accomplish where I just like. It matches up better with their start. Ago theories on. Sergio which commitment to. Agrees. -- which to better match. And Carmelo has the guard Jeff falcons -- you know -- hard all the more so that's what we. -- elected does that make any shots and the thing I didn't like about it is I thought Brendan -- art develop the best. -- -- have a meeting minutes that line. Did you anticipate that going into this series that he would have as much success against a -- could play him as -- as -- -- yeah we we what we hope so I know the film totally accurate. You go go -- power users -- -- You believe. Before game two we talked about guys figure out the difference in the regular season game playoff games. Is there a mentality. Maybe it's more obvious this time a year where you feel like you were supposed to be winning. It has to be learned. When you're on the floor do you feel like we should be winning this game that's sort of comes with time. Well I don't know. I I think we've had our opportunities that we let them grow we did play well three. The game wanted to cooler it was a great opportunity and you know you wish that guys knew. You know at the turn over a game 12 in game three. You know date. Shooed away we keep on the third quarter. Defense. -- -- do -- quickly in some killers and you know I hope it's obviously we haven't. It is that we know that -- to a -- this become for -- one of the easiest pregame speeches that there -- I don't know I think game seven victories. Ago. You know -- not -- 487 or in the elimination. No matter words that. When -- and so your players. He -- that these games are the ultimate -- It really does get out of mind. That's the head coach. Team for the elimination game is next on the WEEI Celtics radio network.

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