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Jarrod Saltalamacchia postgame with Joe and Dave

Apr 27, 2013|

Joe Castiglione & Dave O'Brien caught up with the Red Sox' catcher after an 8-4 victory at Fenway Park

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Our thanks job that soft they -- you start copper rallies tonight that first half but the yet turn around during. The first inning of the second inning for Felix still run the what was going -- with Felix. You know army's third in the bullpen looking good in the votes coming out true. You know -- good ball. I think he just felt real comfortable in the first thing he just looked like he got a little tight it is -- those little -- than. You know forcing this and you -- -- in the play and I just couldn't find that groove and -- momentum. You know but he did a great job bounce back the next inning is it a great job in the says that it could have been a lot worse. -- is we look at the offensive attack tonight is really striking and I wondered if you agreed it up and down the line up everybody. Contributed in one. In one way or another you started their rally in the second in Milwaukee had a double later on and everybody did something tonight with a bat. Yeah and you know that's that's what helps -- games you know we're gonna pitcher trying to get him out you know as early as the and you know just kind of -- at the time to -- -- you know get a walking got to walk but the next guy's gonna pick. You know that's we take pride we take pride in making that pitcher work for -- -- does give it to him so. Another key yeah outweighs it will sit Percy get the help with the plate by. Bombs but that he came back to strike I think he'll represent the tying run. Wilson seems to be gaining confidence to be used that were critical situations now you know I'm knows that from spring training this guys goes out there and it was not afraid of any hitter you know that's that's especially that he can't find it too often that -- -- -- You know make contact he doesn't care he's gonna give you he's got in that you do with it. But you know he came in a tough situation right there -- and you know get a quick out maybe they'll play in. You know he would have to these guys get a fly ball. You know had a big strikeout inning departure. Jerry to red sucks out the best record in baseball by ourselves at seventeen and seven does any of that surprise you. Now you know I mean I think we we knew in spring training we had a good team and -- also in spring training we had a good game plan you know that's the biggest thing is. You know being prepared every day in and every single guy has a role you know when you know your role. It makes it easier on on the player on the team and down you know that's where there was going out there playing good ball. John Lackey must -- were to go tomorrow. Yeah he's been itching for a while now. Well you're part of sweeping any team -- -- finish -- the -- to -- awfully yup you know it one game at a time that's who were we're focused on nights only congratulations thanks for -- Willis thank you. That's sacks waited eight to four they take the first three games of the series --

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