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Mike Petraglia, WEEI.com, Sits Down with Butch to help Break Down the Pats Draft

Apr 27, 2013|

One of the hardest working men in the biz, Mike Petraglia aka "Trags", sits down with Butch Stearns live in Foxborough to help break down all the latest Pats moves. He discusses his reaction to the trade in Round 1 and the guys those picks produced. Also, the boys talk about the decent trade the Pats made in acquiring LeGarrette Blount from Tampa Bay for Jeff Demps and a 7th rounder.

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There we had a chance kind of this year to you know through a variety of circumstances. Redo the receiver position. We've found lost -- for one reason or another but with famine dole coming in as an inside guy who can also play outside. Of the primarily in inside receiver and and the two players that we added. In the draft would Dobson a voice of both as you said fast guys that. Play primarily on the perimeter that have good size that are tough that are shown up in the kicking game time block in and you know things like that there -- they're Smart players at amateur. And you know hopefully they'll fit and well our offense. They'll ballot check a little earlier today on to the NFL network talking about a chance to -- the wide receiver position they certainly done that. This off season. I'm what Stearns six -- 77797937. -- Christian market has told some breaking news patriots have added another skill player. -- traded for with Garret blunt. Running back from the Tampa Bay. Buccaneers they've treated seventh round pick and Jeff Demps we. We hardly knew you. And if we've been putting off trading Jeff Demps he's been traded now. So as far as -- the wide receiver position which recap Wes Welker gone Brandon Lloyd gone. Even -- did what it as a running back part of the receiver. Grew -- a lot of balls and Tom Brady last year gone. Any given dole in Donald Jones veteran from buffalo in Mike Jenkins. -- time NFL veteran in drafted Aaron Dobson six foot 32 and three wide receiver from Marshall. Drafted Josh Boyce out of TCU 511203. Jake Ballard will be part of this offense this year -- on Washington signed as a free agent. Sebastien former brought back on the offense hopefully rocket Hernandez helped the -- adult and brought back -- now -- Garret blunt. Has been added to this backfield and Steven Ridley and Shane -- six point 77797937. -- trial would join us to give us his thoughts. About patriots trading Jeff dance bringing in -- Garrett wants he's right down off from each released me and young first tweet that out from like it's. Let's go to the phones threatened constable. Credible excited about bringing in a veteran running back into the mix now to your point had some success fort Tampa draft Doug Martin last year. Yet you that your on Fred. You know OK -- Until or unless you're -- what what future. Well they -- it is traded for Garret blunt and you know he's a guy who hasn't been able to stay on the field he's been productive sometimes other times but. I liked apple bringing in veteran guy like him. I I think bill makes some incredible -- Whether I think I went there yesterday afternoon -- question was do you trust bill. And then and you know what you think of his. As we move the first round. And what I've been thinking that went and I think I -- and people forget is that. You know into a -- and should be somewhat of an attempt. To try to level the playing field. By rewarding teams don't do well with -- optics. And the pitchers have done extremely well in the air -- are always at the bottom of the list. I think that. Imagination shown usually -- Belichick and the people. I don't understand. Keeps them in contention every year and where I -- in that regard I think it's wonderful. It's a great point you bring up as far as let's go right back to a fret about where the trust. -- not and then your second point about how -- the draft is designed among other things. To bring some parity in the league or give those other teams a chance to get better again Art -- so in that regard. Let's look at two things one how many top ten draft picks don't even make. And teams make mistakes. And on the other side how many of bill Belichick's first round picks in the second half for the draft. Logan Mankins is 32 Vince Wilfork I think in nineteen or whatever was Ty Warren at thirteen. You know you. How many of those have turned -- really good players and when you look back at those drafts Logan Mankins in hindsight. Probably should have been one of the top five or six players taken in the draft. That year so. So it not now in fairness. If you at a -- -- Bill Belichick has had plenty Abbas to not the first round usually. But when he had guys like Chad Jackson and others that he's taken -- high that haven't turned out I mean it's an inexact science I'm gonna be on tomorrow night. I'm at 8 o'clock until 1130 at -- bell. He's gonna join us for a little while on the phone -- -- -- up that are having among all the things it up and done his career he rim. The Baltimore colts draft are -- years he and the patriots draft. So we were talking about this yesterday up and and I about how much of an inexact science it always has been. In what it isn't how hard it is to have your philosophy and stick to it in the one thing you can say about bella check. Is that they have done that they've had their philosophy stuck to it. What also been flexible enough to change in draft dice when it goes against their philosophy -- yeah. After a very unorthodox guy and tell our countries are -- extremely well big surprise. So I think from Baltimore. Up and -- I would call them. -- this is like fifty years ago fifty years ago. And then -- -- and optimum one of the guys that are there and look to listen to him because usually young Smart guy. Now it's an oh my god it's great fun. On 9 o'clock tomorrow night -- he'll be on now on the phone with -- us. 193 point seven thanks for the call frank -- -- appreciated. Might try is working feverishly. On areas. And I thought he was working feverishly to get Garrett brown wants to rush. I'm get a different perspective. At WPI dot com Bob Davis Steve will get you with Mike in just a second. So since I went over to his last few bits of breaking news. We have the Jeff -- -- and we have one less to worry about the seventh round which is always great news on the last day of the NFL's so so they traded Jeff -- in the seventh round that is correct Derek I think the initial report was that the patriots were getting another seventh round pick which made no sense at all so obviously going back double checking. The sources and everything it is the patriots giving up one of their seventh round picks that would be the 223. Overall I believe. And obviously Jeff -- to Tampa Bay. Four. Garrett while so you -- I spend a lot of Sundays here in the fall and in the winter if -- read our Saturday in the spring. So let's not overstate this but I love the idea of going out to get a guy like with -- -- we even though he's been inconsistent. Doug Martin was not drafted. This guy for a short period of time was productive that you add into the mix now what's wrong with that nothing at all why he's 26 years old bush I mean I think that's the biggest upside to all of us he is. Battering his fourth year in the NFL and sometimes it takes. A back like that some time a couple years to figure it all out we saw what. Cedric Benson did after you know he started with high hopes with the Chicago Bears want the Cincinnati. Found new life you know the very same thing could definitely happen here in New England. However. I am always fascinated with Belichick acquires a talent like what -- while. And he already has two young players which you mentioned in his interview on NFL network. Too young of running backs he thinks can be very productive in Shane Vereen and Stephen greatly. How does he work of men and how does he motivate him. In to making Garrett wild thing well about these two guys here too I really fit in here because you know those two guys. This you know. With the assumption is they're not going anywhere so how does he. -- -- make -- feel like he can be productive and great point Mike let's look at it from both sides how to motivate Garrett who want a -- disease is this. Look what happened -- Tampa. They drafted Doug Martin and you were common in assuming you're going to be the guy and media and say it this way but all of a sudden. Here at the guy anymore that -- situation could happen in reverse here at fox and on the other side of part of the benefit of get metallic with Garrett want stats and success in this sleek. All of a sudden. I'm Steven Ridley machine greener a look at this -- now. I say to myself what all the men and that's what I think is more to the point it's -- competition is Jimmy Williams had. Yes and I think you know that certainly is part of it. Steven Ridley is going to be part of the future here but. You know Belichick is always looking for ways. To motivate players and make sure that they don't get too comfortable in obviously were at least still as fumble like this I mean it is an issue that. Cropped up not as much in the wasn't as much talk about it last year but it still cropped up that point for the season. In -- late in the season and in Steven's got to get past that he's working very hard. To get past that he certainly has agreed on his shoulders. So I wouldn't worry too much. That you know Bradley's future is and here I think it's more to a point. Let's bring in another back we can never have too many running backs in obviously. Chain -- does have an injury history here. And if you have three packs you know to back up spot I'd greatly. That is certainly good thing in terms of depth we've certainly seen the value and how it hurt them when. Rob Gronkowski went down with an injury it really was a game changer if the patriots are moving more towards a running game. 33 running backs may seem like a lot -- maybe over the course of the sixteen game season Belichick doesn't view that way at all suffered it in what has gone -- Right and he was. Our big part of this offense last year let's go to the phones Michael -- your perspective spent a lot of time down here it's an interesting weekend so far. But let's what some people ask some questions if you're allowed to go to Bob in New Hampshire Bobby on the butch and Mike -- -- Bob how are you. But now I'm not it's not -- in the let's go to gave in Martha's Vineyard hello Dave. I can let's start by apologizing for not being with you bill shows so just stop me if you glory counted on point of mean and make. Which is I don't really see the -- Losses that they -- really great velocity. Obviously you've agreed player. But he would drop one or two balls every game Noah Wright is gut. Not true with those about but it has been consistently. And you've got a backup who's basically a -- Welker. We only and does everything and walker does it at the -- -- is -- the same patterns he looks like him physically and he's incredible. Except that in which makes it that you feel I'm beaten I really aren't aren't alone if I'm beaten Mike to the part of this -- except your your sort of negating one of the most important points. -- settlement or Danny Amendola. Welker had one thing over both of them he played he stayed on the field. Annie had a relationship with Brady that went far -- x.s and nose and there was an unwritten. Familiarity that is Berry and don't discount this that is varied. Very important to Tom Brady. Yes the eye drops and there's no no question about that date. Tom Brady the number one value you can have as a wide receiver in the offense is Brady's trust and know. You're going to be in your route where and win. Brady expects you to be and I think you know -- clearly had that. -- Dolan if an unknown and cattlemen inconsistent in that regard so well that remains to be saying. Well OK I'm much were you boy you're saying that ailment isn't consistent appointee. -- what you. All are front. Well Wes Welker is not I mean that element and and many people out here said that west side element is actually faster. And now Wes Welker that -- -- was considered the better route runners that are. Technician in terms of running routes. An element and that is something element needs to work on pocket point gave it to just one game I can remember the -- maybe you do Mike -- Brady was all over. Cattlemen for not being in and a place several times what came -- -- I don't like your IBM (WSJ) certainly accident but I don't remember this this -- so I think it's clear to say -- -- -- appear to save gave them what Mike's saying is that. It you know settlement is I agree with your point -- has the potential. To be Wes Welker to be cloned but he's taller and faster to what he's been inconsistent up to this point in his route running in his production in in his abilities they on the field. OK to the issue that is going to be whether and I. If he has the opportunity you know -- -- -- the guys who knows there that are required of the guys but if he had an opportunity to play consistently. Will be. -- -- way up to that the quality of route running right that they'll play at Booker I think you look at -- and an inherent problem where this is just a lack of experience or lack of time on the field. Again if you look at the waiter returns -- you have to think he can. A YU bad. Maneuverability that agility. In running to his pass routes he should be able. Well and and there's a big big and that's a great point Dave but there's a huge difference between standing back stationary. Fielding the ball and going or picking a -- and going as opposed to running routes from the line of scrimmage and that. In is one of the things that again that remains to be saying. As I mentioned Mike you spent a lot of time down with a quick break when we come back negate your perspective on what you're most excited about. Or maybe most discouraged about that happened this weekend the patriots draft might try to butch -- Live at Gillette Stadium lot patriots draft coverage on WB yeah. Live at Gillette Stadium live in Foxboro patriots draft weekend coverage on which aren't here on WEI. Right back your phone calls it 617779. 7937. I don't think the WEI. Listening audience needs to. Any introduction to you Mike the -- of a levee reinforcement. Of all the people on his staff you'll probably get more games -- around more than teams than anybody around you you do I mean this is the ultimate compliment. You make your living living at the stadiums around here and you you passed on all the stuff you get your own unique way. Everybody whether it's during the game after game -- this so in that regard. What's the one thing your -- taken away from this patriots draft of 2013. And still not over yet. But there one thing you're saying this is going to be the story come training camp. This at the end of next season is going to be the one guy it's gonna impact this team what's the one thing out of this weekend it's either surprised you encouraged or discouraged or whatever. -- -- Real yeah -- the first person efforts at everybody's talking about Dobson went receipt right and and that was my first inclination that wallets and another Marshall product certainly Marshall has. Cranked out it's wide receivers starting with Randy Moss and obviously Troy Brown. But I love what Jamie Collins can do it is like a guy with tremendous upside a lot of athletic ability. Somewhat similar to that Donta hightower in terms of what he didn't college in terms of the linebacker position but this is a guy that is played in the secondary. Linebacker and migrated to defensive end. In have fourth grade at southern miss it is a guy who is under the radar but with athletic talent through the roof. And I think the patriots need more and more of those guys I mean -- -- obviously telecheck is somebody who goes with his comfort factor. Obviously did it again in this draft with two workers. Defensive backs but I love what Jamie Collins could do and I see him as a playmaker down the road very -- And terms of a football skilled but huge playmaker. It's interesting you say that because as you were talking three names came to mind and I'm not seen Jamie -- going to be any of these guys I think I know where you -- calling Tedy Bruschi yeah. Brian Urlacher. And -- it was Thomas and here's my point. Those guys were all impact players at different positions in college that had good NFL careers some great. And and but the huge use the word playmaker so let's not wary that at 63 to fifty Jamie Collins may be -- undersized. To be get beat up by offensive lineman in the NFL. Let's not the Belichick traffic guy that he thinks can be a playmaker and it was the first guy that he took. And it's a good point I still all it has to be proven but everyone Teddy Bruschi came out it was like he's not going to be able to put pressure on the quarterback -- be playmaker like he wasn't -- Arizona. Well gonna happen and and the other thing that needs to happen they need to get depth behind guys like Chandler -- because. We saw what Chandler Jones. Could do in the first six weeks of the season seven weeks of the season he had six sacks much. Everybody including yours truly was expecting him to have the most tackles -- most sacks of any rookie coming into the league. At that point of the season he tailed off drastic right and I think dollar -- looks at that goes like we need some depth we can't be maybe playing him. Three or four downs. And you know giving him a blow more. During the course of the season with a guy like you know Jamie Collins -- gets on the field. Once -- defense once every four downs or five downs maybe that's what he was thinking. Go to -- in Maynard for the top of the hour Steve what's on your mind. -- -- Mike I don't know I'm -- Are beyond -- probably won't be quite get the billion dollar and so psyched about -- -- -- -- that -- so so well and I'm really I'm really white suits up and skills patents all of them basically his tenacity when he runs I'm I'm I'm very looking forward to seeing him patriots uniform. He is they are punishing running back or remember that Johnny had -- was against the niners. He had a run a couple of it was two years ago from like this 49 yard line. That he broke like eight tackles it was like one of the biggest highlights of the year a couple of years ago I'm sure won't be hard to find. -- -- Exactly and also what are what would you -- what Jimmy called and when you're talking about his progression coming from the you'll find the safety position and the linebacker and defensive line them down also because throughout. The basic football IQ what football intelligence and then when you when you get tree than almost positions just overall -- defense and smarts that it is going to be a huge benefit from team. Couldn't agree more I think you know and that dollar check -- -- anybody. Whose watch the patriots over politics thirteen years here in Foxborough nose if there's one of one. Characteristic he looks for in. Is a football players actually to its football IQ and versatility crises he appears to have both of -- Steve -- sure we're up against a break for which you're up and mental point. Are you on an adult and probably that you're saying you mentioned how ya if you have a problem staying on the field like that there was only one season but even more so when you're trying to do the comparison. To Wes Welker remember. Let's welcome production was pretty similar I believe him and almost and the Amazon was already been out west with Tom Brady. Are trying to get comfortable with him and I think he has had some not only good -- rope running. Abilities are -- exactly have Tom Brady told -- passes I'll. You know all that all that are good points and I wanna put my positive -- on I wanna I wanna be an optimist like I generally am and say and I understood -- -- a lot of people say. -- don't make communion may not miss a beat I understand that that's a credit to Tom Brady that accredit him and all and all this -- but let's not negate. The fact that Wes Welker. Was what he was he was -- ridiculously productive. And and end there all the time all the time did the delay is not done. On that -- -- just assume that's gonna happen it's a huge lead that too many people are willing to make right now. And I don't couldn't agree more of butch I just think that when it comes down to it. I think the reason Wes Welker isn't in New England is because deep down he did not want to be back because patriots could have had -- dole and Welker together. Depending on how you break down the numbers and I think Welker just. Finally said it's time to move on. -- for a little gesture I'm Mike Charlie Butch Stearns it's -- patriots draft weekend. And if you're draft -- remember the name Theo Riddick there -- Notre Dame -- and you know -- -- he's a running back from Notre Dame. The significance from a patriots in Boston sports perspective of that. That was -- the pic taken right now for the 2013 NFL draft -- the hundred in 1990. Pick in the draft by the Detroit Lions and of course the significance of that. Is that twelve years ago now at 1213. Years ago -- Tom Brady was 199. -- In the 2000 draft. By relate to grapevine. On his advice. And everything changed since then so there you go we're bringing you live draft coverage from Gillette Stadium -- trolley is along side. On which turns up the Pakistani -- Christian Arkin told us. -- to only have two picks left as of right now things could change obviously but. 27 round picks they had three but the trade at one of them along with Jeff Demps for what Garrett -- that's right. They've -- Danny Amendola Donald Jones Michael Jenkins this offseason so far. I'm they've drafted Aaron -- wide receiver from Marshall Josh Boyce wide receiver. -- Jake Ballard may be part of this offense now -- heading in Leon Washington has been signed of course were Julian Adams -- acting gronkowski and Hernandez. Maybe help -- but -- really in the arena they adequate Garrett wants that's an interest in combination of skill players right here that is rattled off the only thing. They reloaded and -- you know I didn't even. Realize how many quality name players that they have added until you ran off that list. The way the patriots operate they do everything so much under the radar. That I think when they do it individually nobody pays attention but when you list the names all together. And then you throw in Leon Washington who is a news the very well established kick returner in this league. That's a lot and you know obviously at all -- if it's all when we come down to whether or not they'll match. Whether they all have enough left in the tank which most of them are very young they probably do. So do they pick up the dollar check in the patriot way and it really comes down here's the one thing that. I haven't heard talked about a lot rightfully so cause it's only April but right now without any other additions. Hoosiers their -- -- well I mean Shane -- probably is the one guy that gets the wraps but let's face you're coming off an era. We had one of the best third down backs in the history in a -- Kevin -- right Guinea. What -- head. Talked to Brady about the year that any would have had last year. In terms of Hamachi was on the field and his production as a third down back they do not have a guy -- got right now for that role. I mean Leon Washington's done in the past but. I got some big shoes to fill it out in a very big shoes to fill and you know he is not as young. Certainly is -- Mondello I mean I'm sorry Danny wood head and that's why would have left for the bigger bucks than the best opportunity can't blame -- But certainly those are big shoes to fill and I think it's the one story. That's not getting enough. Attention him in my estimation is the the loss of -- -- because behind Wes Welker you can make the argument that would had. Was one of the most reliable. Versatile. Offensive weapons that the patriots -- everybody knows Rob Gronkowski Aaron Hernandez those -- go to guys. Those are weapons on the you know in the flat in this and downfield for the patriots. Or what would -- did in terms of his elusive. Elusive in this in the back feeling getting free for big plays are being that help lead on a blitz on a hot read for Brady that's huge -- very. While the other thing about a guy like -- Had tickets under rated by the way if you -- charm and would love to hear from -- 617. 7797937. Beautiful Saturday afternoon. The NFL draft is still going on the patriots have two more players depict there's a lot to talk about and you can chime in Mike trolley is alongside. And WEEI dot com I'm fortunate to not be at 630. Leading up to Red Sox pregame Felix brought on the around mountain obviously try to continue. The successful homestand. With a of the game against the accused American League. Houston Astros. The third down let's just talk a little bit more about that the third down back position in every team but especially in this offense to be on the field. You sort of need to have the whole back attraction need to be able to pass protect. He need to be able to catch the football ideally. You need to be able to have the potential. To be a home run hitter not being Barry Sanders and go. 85 right yards but the threat to take some attention. But tour from a defense while you're out there that was a big part of what -- success because when he was on the field eight he was so small they couldn't find -- We would gronkowski Hernandez and others out there you -- that wasn't the first option you were defending so can Shane -- do all that -- that -- more home run potential. -- -- any what did yes but he's got a long way to go. To have that full bag of tricks to have Brady's confidence they can pick up -- that he can -- here when he needs them on third down situation to keep the chains moving again. I think we took for granted what Kevin -- and Gainey would at war to this office over the last ten or twelve years. And I think with wooden had I mean I think some of these his detractors would say that that he did not pick up the blitz that's strong and he would gable rushed I mean that that is one thing that. You know when would have it would get stuck to close to Brady and wouldn't get out. And release quicken up. That's the one thing but he -- was assignments he did well and and the other things that people would tell you his wildwood and new enough that if he's not picking up well let's. He releases quick enough so Brady can. Site and read the let's get a to a -- what would head take off downfield which is. Especially I just I loved wood -- versatility of the backfield and he was the perfect patriot in terms of knowing the system keeping his mouth shut. Never ever causing any waves and you know that that's one reason I think a lot of the coaching staff really love them go to Indian Wakefield any which undermine my friend. You know we all -- -- They wanted to check in -- number. Well look old being what it. Discretion -- that I am the -- Washington and while. I think Leo wash can use more of the guys that that is gonna replace Hayward yet. I could see that I could definitely see that it's just. And still they conclude that the observation it's equally apply. It was designated for guys like statement. And I met them up. Like those -- for guys. Like that third -- guys knew that they were there -- -- And they opted to hear your punt hit return. And -- and all kind of carried the torch for that name. Kind of wouldn't it kind of it's doubled in that position. Well I don't think. He -- big name he came become that position. But he -- he can morph into. That Leon Washington and he kind of goes back in the bad old days eight days mega pipe running back. Well and and to your point and a lot of people would -- I can't tell you how many times during the season people would. Basket and getting criticized you heard this all the time wise Josh McDaniels running in what it in the line of scrimmage I mean there was and it -- and really no sense. But -- except for the times he would squirt through and go for 28 yards. -- I remembered more people complaining about would head in the line of scrimmage he'd. If you try to tax him off guard once or twice or three times during the course of the season I get that but. -- had was not a pure running back used more wide receiver running -- -- about fifteen carries again that's not you -- you're not served with Leon Washington that changes you can use him I think as a legitimate running back between the tackles. -- and get more production. And the other and that's not you know knocking. Danny wood -- I'm just saying that Danny would that is not built physically obviously. To run between the tackles necessarily. He's an elusive type of running back receiver like patriots draft coverage here on WEI which stars Mike the -- we go to Monte. At a car in Monte. -- -- aware -- what. It did a pretty excited about the old airport pick up. I just I always think. I'm not prepared to these guys but I think it is that the big back or are suitable likes spit it or Italy guys like that. And it I think the big back is a lost art in itself comedy is to do well any. And I think we're gonna take albeit it he can hang on all keep it at together. And that I have another -- -- yet college. Keeping their -- together I think news priority number one and I don't think Belichick would have taken a chance. On the -- and maybe it would but I don't think it would have taken a chance on line if Belichick didn't think his head in the ones not on straight. And that he's not -- Boise State issue by the way that happened back in 2009. He was initially suspended by Chip Kelly. For the entire season he wrote very lengthy apology letter. He was accepted back by the -- in docs and reinstituted. Reinstated I should say. In mid November it looked up and he eventually played in the Rose Bowl that year and again was very productive he has a 1000 yard. Type running back again. Out of the mold of a go way back up for you Otis Anderson. Well yeah I and I and and you know the giants have always always. -- had success with that bruising type of one to running back our running game. And I'm not saying that's whether the patriots are headed necessarily but if you want a guy who can punish. And as a running back. He is certainly somebody who can do that and and lighten the load again off Steven Ridley who is who can run between the tackles obviously. But you want a guy like yeah. One who can maybe be. Short yardage situation on the goal line I mean that is a perfect situation where you want a bruising running back who can pound like Corey Dylan did. And -- if he stays on the field if everything works out and turning Japanese picks up the system. Could be that guy. If you're just tuning in might try is tweeted it's out of the -- -- the young. Was the first tweeted out that the patriots have traded Jeff Demps and one of their seventh round draft picks today. In the in this NFL draft to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for 27 year old -- blocked and you know blog if your football fan. But just to refresh your memory he was drafted in 2010. To be drafted in the same draft as I've -- count as -- Ridley and rain. And Hernandez checked that and I don't know Ridley and Marines -- I do which is to miss this morning Chris price Ridley and green were drafted in. -- were drafted and notes and into a draft of an eleven I think. Who was drafted first gronkowski and Hernandez are remembering. I believe. Hernandez and recalcitrant and then the next year -- that -- Not probably definitely. The next here was greatly OK so in eleventh so Garret -- was drafted in the same drafted gronkowski and and that's correct in 2010 with Tampa Bay. He. Started seven games he played in thirteen -- about 200 times for 1007 yards five yards -- carry. He had five receptions he was a non factor in the past interestingly. Even though it carries went down from 20284. In his second year. Even though is carry average per carry went from five to four point two. Hit fifteen catches for a 140 yards that year com. And that his third year last year 26 years old Doug Martin burst on the scene remember it was a tandem backfield get your fantasy players you know this is what Garrett -- Doug Martin. And Doug Martin ended up being. One of the best draft picks from last year and is now entrenched as the starter and now -- Garret blunt. Three year veteran going into its fourth year. As a guy like you said doing and Otis and as a comparison in Portsmouth comparison is a big back it's now playing for the New England Patriots in -- by the way. The same team they got to keep the lead for a I know who had a troubled past there which is -- to Bill Belichick likes to go to the well and other iron whether it's -- -- whether it's great -- when Rutgers whether it's Alabama and nick. And now all of a sudden two guys from Tampa Bay. And let let's take another perspective on this -- first of all now we understand why Belichick stock everybody wondered on. Thursday or yeah Thursday wide Pallet Jack was stockpiling draft picks what's -- third seventh round pick on Saturday in -- mean that the patriots well we got that answer. Late on Saturday afternoon we found out that that was a chip that he was able. The turn in. Along with Jeff Demps four of our running back who who could be a factor next year and this is the time to use that pick on the day when someone's thinking about cricket player. Coming up about thirty picks from now correct and the other aspect to this trade is that Jeff -- that aspect. He ironically made his debut last pre season against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers he obviously has. A breakaway speed and is very very elusive but you know. When he had the had knee injury and he missed he was placed on injured reserve missed all of last season. And then. Believe it was a couple months ago when he came out and said you know I want to be able to run track and played football. That was right then there and then. The end of his career as a New England Patriots there was no way going forward that the Bill Belichick was going to allow one of his players especially skilled player. To come out and say yeah I'd like to play track and I've ever run track and track and field and -- also elect spent part of my time playing in the NFL that's not like hearing so. Tampa Bay was willing to go that route and that's what in large part facilitated today's -- He's -- petroleum WPI dot com -- which earns rich and Fred you guys next quick break back with more. Are alive patriots draft 2013. Coverage here on WG yeah Saturday night's all right for fight. No fight here at Gillette Stadium tonight although the -- will be fight on the field in front of us you know they're playing but I do not know. The Philadelphia union normally one of the up and coming teams then and Dallas I happen to be a soccer fan. And I've been down to their facility and actually at Chester Pennsylvania. Right across the Delaware River gorgeous it's a team that Chad Ochocinco. Kansas City now Kansas City. It seems like a lifetime ago. For three years I was the voice of the -- I do remember this mean Adrian -- -- -- is just missed a signal and he's -- secret ceremony as in the other day. Talking about swan is being out to the affect the -- You do a very good it agent was passed. My first game minute and -- the -- percent hated guys offside -- I did not know the game off site and I can cutesy I think not so much. I had a lot of fun doing the reds games really did it in a lot of respects the organization for the sport. And for the that the John marxism are all in all the guys Taylor Twellman all of them lately. It is a much more physical sport despite all that soccer critics -- -- -- -- -- and for. Cards you know it's very physical and you know it -- -- in this and it MLS stock. Or soccer talk. Yeah haven't seen soccer Antilles in primarily I know a lot of people follow the World Cup every four years and sale of World Cup soccer that's what I pay attention but it that the availability to the sport now especially on all of the net national cable networks. If you tune in Premier League soccer is that they're from Korean and levels soccer relaxed. Let stadium with patriots draft day coverage American football it's got a rich and a car ritual of what you might try. It would you might I got a true. I didn't win or not live in Orlando now but I'm back up article reunion or thirtieth welcome back and I I want you guys to -- remember of this because. As a patriot and -- -- I have to listen to the jaguars. And Tampa Bay and Miami. Squat about their draft pick. And so they're gonna get in I mean what kind of it is not nitpicking about people again he wouldn't be quite bad but. The patriots don't have so much more than someone it would -- that -- almost -- because we're like. I would Belichick and do this year and really get recover what this I used to do. And more to your point and not to catch up -- more to your point I think one of the reasons. That the patriots are where they aren't they haven't necessarily been challenged in the division I mean let's call -- -- and you know you mentioned that to France two with a three franchises. Down in Florida are are struggling very badly but the other one Miami Dolphins have had a good draft. I think I like what they've done in the off season. And I think they will challenge the patriots this year. On the -- can say they're gonna win twelve or thirteen games but I think they will challenge the patriots will be a two team race well yes. We do we do I think take for granted what the patriots have established here it starts with Belichick and Brady goes down. From there are obviously the patriots have their own way of of dealing with these. These three days in April valuing the draft that I don't think a lot of other teams do. And because of their success. It's certainly indicates and validates a lot of what -- under the question. -- of who's gonna challenge the patriots in the division I think reps with the right marketing everybody believes. Miami's team right now set up to have the best chance to do that but let's look at what's happened these last three days. In the division. I'm not sure what affect -- have on this year but these are things that have happened geno Smith one of the top quarterbacks accomplish here is now in the division. EJ Manuel for whatever he's going to be as a guy that the Buffalo Bills targeted and brought in to the division. The guy that Miami traded up two draft what's his name again escapes me. I don't know rich if you remember I can look it up. But they got they got that they traded at the third. I think it was the third pick they went up to -- You know he's in the division now the third best player in college football according to the order of the draft so. It's gonna be itching to see. If any of those teams are able to take a leap. Up and do it any teams that have done it in the AFC over the last couple years to different degrees Cincinnati. When they cut out your team might that you know then when. Well I I I Tyler I effort that -- and I think is going to be huge. Upgrade for them and Andy Dalton because that offense was brutal. In the second half of the season in Dalton really regressed last year I think. Cincinnati is going to be a lot right there with Houston in terms of teams that are gonna challenged. And Denver team to go and challenge the patriots in the AFC this year Fred Connecticut who's next -- spread. Very takes a lot of the calls were just slaughtered to alone. Make a few points you know the patriots lose it's been an interest in offseason. You know we will vote wasn't. Totally sold -- was the Leon Washington -- always that fact that I think it's going to be an upgrade of what we had last year with -- got returned to punt returns well. Hindsight it's I don't reply I don't think that the future it's so I'm Leon Washington. And I think during draft -- with a one after the honey badger. And I think that. He's a dynamic player and you know group and speaks highly -- and and I just think that that would have been a nice player. You know I don't have some problems and marijuana -- -- Hernandez who consumes you know the -- find a way to get those guys. You know get the best out of those players and I just think the risk and reward for a player like -- would've just been you know a lot better than what they picked up. On the. I disagree with you a little bit you -- if it from here what you're seeing right you're seeing if they didn't sign Leon Washington they might have gone out and targeted. Matthew has there as their special teams got. Yet he would have bet you know attacks slot they will look down as the courts and you know we also need help in that area. And you know he's dynamic punt returner and kick returner so they I think it would have to -- it they would pull the trigger -- they did. Yeah baby but here's where it is -- right disagree a little bit. Com when it comes to special teams when it comes to the kickoff and punt returners. To my recollection correct me if I'm wrong Mike. Belichick has always had a bunch of potential guys. But he's also had a veteran -- back -- reliability and Kevin Faulk is no longer hear Wes Welker is no longer here reliable so signing Leon Washington. Among other things is a security blanket this guy was done it for years. Is a guy you know you could stick back here he's been relatively healthy and productive for position that guys often aren't. I'm not sure if he can return hunts and execute offered yeah sort. Kickoff return but he returned. Yes so so I don't dispute your point -- that they probably. Had less desire to pick Matthew if they had any desire well I think. For a team like Arizona that did select -- the honey badger I think that's a great call for them because you know given what their season was. And where their franchises save the -- Super Bowl that they made a couple years ago against Pittsburgh. Will what do they have to lose very little and they need -- you know we keep coming back to a but I the draft is about especially in the up around it's about drafting. As many play makers at duke and that will fit into your needs system where wary of the greatest needs. And I you know a guy like honey -- going to Arizona helped some a lot. The patriots. Don't necessarily feel they need. A playmaker like honey -- win when you haven't established. Reliable guy like Leon Washington back fielding punts. I'm here to tell you that -- check. Values this special teams as much as he does the offense a lot of people think all that's just lip service offense obviously has the ball a lot more. But when you flip the field and have the ability to -- the field. I think he's in now that there is of utmost importance. To -- registered yet a couple of things -- she got. No but not because my doubts as to the couple points thanks for answer my question goes I really appreciate -- appreciate it. Our friend Greg in Manchester he'll be up next 6177797937. Are alive patriots 2013. Draft coverage here on WB I continues.

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