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Christopher Price, WEEI.com, Joins Butch Stearns Live From Gillette

Apr 27, 2013|

Chris Price continues his unbelievably hard work on NFL draft weekend joining Butch and gives all the latest on the Patriots and their moves. He gives his thoughts on the new Pats WR's and DB's and who he thinks has the best chance to make an immediate impact.

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The big thing really was -- you know equality of that you know that group of players and course DeVon played with those guys he cannot. Let's say raise them and away in -- Ian Logan and and draw Harmon they all played together and actually roomed together and you know that's pretty close group but. Lara Logan was very productive player for -- on the corner I got its hands on a lot of balls good tackler and you know tough kid. Good communicators and and now Harman did a good job. You know at safety as well spent a productive player Foreman. And you know those a good job and and run and you know the system that they ran there the cushion on Iran when he's a Rutgers and as far as you know different checks and adjustments and all that so. You know they've really been involved in in a pro style defense. That's -- tech coach Bill Belichick act talking specifically. About his third and fourth draft picks of this draft. That were taken yesterday Logan Ryan cornerback from Rutgers and Iran Harmon. Defense back from Rutgers teammates they -- Bill Belichick just finishing up that interview with the NFL network great job by a producer -- -- return that sound around. Right away and joining me now is Christopher price WEEI. Dot com I mean just finishing your three cone drill always I noticed. Yes I am I'm a bit with record obsessive. -- saw I saw you tweet that out last night I was like I don't have time to read about the that's right now. While the Celtics you know it was imploding -- you'll -- always great note able to sitting here today I was in -- cricket player before they're before their equipment their points. -- -- -- -- think you know you don't know literally in about. -- course which pops up but it's -- One of the best three cone guys and only when a mythical god become -- -- -- actually in all seriousness. The guy is physical freak I mean you know you look across the view of -- spectrum. You would consider the the common work out in the in the press before the shuttle in the the -- -- time. He just threw -- across the board had phenomenal numbers in that -- of the fact. That he finished his degree in three years TCU and -- used Harvard but in time. Degree three to teach you combine that the physical abilities. -- you have yourself a really intriguing prospect so let's talk about that will get right to your phone calls -- -- second with Chris. So you can ask Chris some questions about the draft or give your opinions. Six on 77797927. On the right to that. But let's talk about that point because you're talking about this Chris. When I first got here that. As far as that raft by a combined work -- warrior. That's normally at least in my opinion what Bill Belichick doesn't exactly yet so to have that what what does that say you that he got. Those it's interesting because again I think you have to look at this. Prospect department poisoning in totality of the again. You look at. The Smart team he was just that a conference call with -- bit earlier that it voiceless yet clear the -- market actually wanted to ask him to what do you consider your best that it took my money. The pick things up really easily into a that's a good sign anything that again combined with the physical presence combined with what you -- to -- -- Even not a bad thought it was interesting he was doing fall from foot injury he suffered over the course of the season still -- or fourth read forty. In put up be obsolete ridiculous numbers across the board again for me right now he used the single most intriguing project that they out by the five guys that they drafted because. I'm gonna assume that Dobson can coming here into -- you're talking about -- -- bag when he -- but the patriots wide receivers drafted. I think dobbs thinking coming here in -- impacted and I also think that I think -- bit raw bit project at least at this point. I don't know we -- to put the two defensive backs but I think at least in terms of -- I'm really excited to play in to get on the field voices is is the leader in the clubhouse before. I had gotten a lot of questions don't wanna ask you about your opinion about stuff you could find -- stuff obviously -- W the -- dot com but. People lined up on the phone that Chris let's go to them let's start with. Eddie and hang them anywhere down live at Gillette on which turns -- right here what's on your mind my friend with. -- would see what I like about the directed to kids believe they've played at three of four years together they know what he's. What he either one will do so they've already played four years to get an update may contain indeed great improvement. And and the other thing. Let's stress that point I thought that same thing much him and -- which are good about myself to that too crisp but knowing that pro football is -- While everything else is checkers I'm not sure it can't hurt. But I'm not sure that the two of them have such a learning curve just to be able to get themselves some reps on the field and yet aware they would draft. So how do you look at the fact that they do know each other at -- point that they outplayed again. I think it's a huge plus and we asked Belichick talked a little bit about the last night but I think it's a huge plus they have a history together -- also be history would ever recorded in -- -- -- really becoming. In his what he's going into -- through here and after you're looking at a guy who. It's become you know not fuel me into the sector but the kind of guy with -- growing into a captaincy role in both of those guys last at a conference calls were extremely -- -- -- -- And talked about the impact that they had on here -- But it did he had on them. Growing up really as 181920 year old -- go to Rutgers in helping excited about the opportunity to work with him again here at the professional level so. The relationship between the two -- think of when it really well taken that they worked. Together they already have a basis in communication that's good plus the fact that the other mr. McWhorter I think that's even better I think that will. Ease the transition for the two of them here though. India there is gonna say is that the kid out of TCU. He's got a small kids. No he's -- letter to all three Ian -- the other receivers 63. 203 so you're talking I mean for. I was really you try to hit their kids. Because you know he's got to wait on them and you know people would be bounced off of. That's the thing -- that you guys that they drafted are not exceptionally and we and we we talked about -- his physical ability they're not eat you know. Data side. They're not it'll be speed guys you know they're not high eons because I was gonna gonna talk about this incredibly electors they were days. You'll be careful great straight line speed but not great agility. These two guys have really good speed but there are also big enough to gain separation from the defense to -- wants to try and play press coverage of the wants to trying to little. Physical with -- try to get a little in the oil -- these are guys who have shown an ability to create separation from defensive backs as well with displays of. Well in -- I think the size is a factor I mean let's face it. It'll become a factor these guys can play in the NFL. But when you look at the young corn ball into the world and you look at going back in patriots history to Vincent -- -- Of the world and those type receivers to have a big physical receiver that like music Chris may not be. The Randy Moss on the outside command over the top in the double teams and all that. But that -- can run a post it catches in traffic. And break free and the one thing I saw with voice on all the highlights which the two things that stuck with me were the comments about. How many balls -- drops which are non yeah. And the other thing of how I thought we don't adopt an attitude adopted as a senior to drop the -- -- stops stops and to adopt and to drop a ball I thought hired. What stops -- butter Jon Gruden say that it's funny the 5050 balls this can always seems to come up with them. Data that they -- investing it in a -- just jump in here real quick of which you meet the compared to talk to. Dobson high school coach last night in -- -- today for WEEI dot com. The comparison that comes up time and again when you're talking about it is in on -- -- obviously. In on Bolden is -- fully formed -- a full receiver was -- for a long time can agree residents but if you're talking physical ability skill set oral approach to the team. That -- keeps coming up is bolt it in Dobson -- the -- to. Big physical wide receivers. Guys who goal and get it guys who can keep balls away from the defensive backs again not great speed guys but -- -- physical guys I've talked to a scout. The start of the the off season. Told me that the -- -- wide receivers but there -- all a little bit undersized. The need to be able to get a -- and get some speed -- physical defense to -- I think these two guys are real Vietnam -- this is the tallest at Dobson. Is the tallest guy at the Bill Belichick told what she but the Bill Belichick is as. 63203. Were talking Crist reprise Eddie thanks for the call. Our Chris price WEEI dot com again if you're just tuning in. In evident a chance to look at it today or maybe over the last couple days there are five new patriots that have been drafted. Jamie Collins outside linebacker 63 to fifty Ed rush guy. Who they say can put his hand in the dirt and also stand up to -- little small -- that. Aaron Dobson a wide receiver 63203. Josh Boyce was taken today another wide receiver. 511203. Bald guys have been very productive college players right guys workout warriors a lot of it's always easy to get excited to have a lot of things to get excited about with them and then the two defensive backs ticket yesterday at Logan Ryan. From Rutgers and I was policy Damon Huard to Ron -- the other let you know patriots yesterday at a Toronto -- -- -- through -- let's go to -- -- in Springfield senior album which increased price. I don't line com. When I was gonna talk about -- I used earlier I'm like how this offense was changed it and and -- what currency and I think -- as it situations where. That receivers I think got free agency and once he just picked up. They all have one thing and I'm and they're not just -- next receiver you don't why are all personal style. So from point to the Sunnis and from one week so I'm not there are going to be harder to try to get ready -- the Vietnam. Because teams are and know. Where -- going to be where. I think there's something to that and I think when you look at the versatility. Did you get from a guy like here Hernandez also figure into that mix who really not a wide receivers more about -- you know orbit tease you more wide receiver and is a tight end. I think. In the -- you're gonna see him he does have oppositional versatility talked about -- you're gonna see him more in the slot as opposed outside. But -- did this group but guys you know you look at did it Donald Jones well I think that the name it shouldn't get lost in the mix here Mike Jenkins to some extent. But these guys do you have some additional versatility and that people bleeding inside and outside of boys talk today about the battle with us on the conference call. Talked about the fact that he -- inside and outside the other but voiced its -- remembers -- -- read this this is a pretty Smart guy and this is a guy who talked about it today. He has an ability to pick up on things very quickly the other thing about -- of last night was. Belichick absolutely -- about is. Smart about his intelligence about getting the chance to sit down with him and talk with him. Abouts you know just his knowledge of the demon I guess it's my understanding again talking to the high school coach talk to bill last night. In hearing from people are probably more and more Dobson is considered one of the smarter guys. To come out one of the smarter wide receivers in this draft with in depth. -- into -- as well I think we're the Smart comes in -- you bring up a good point is let's let's you know let's be honest that you are that Tom Brady. Is the patriots quarterback meaning that. One of the things among all the things that Brady does to me is put guys in a position to succeed and and Josh McDaniels also sort Aaron Dobson. And if Josh Boyce. And if the new guys they bring in can do that's how many -- -- went five why did we see -- would hitter Shane Vereen. Audi in the Randy Moss. Roll out of the wide receiver and while we look at it and say what the heck are they -- next thing you know. I'm on on Thursday at a money that whatever wishing greens right and 77 yards except for a touchdown did you talk about the passing humanity Perini you've figured into that a while his impact overall -- season to -- out -- well she got team. I'm I also want to talk about our defense and and I really think. This year all the new players. You know the rookies from last year I think we're gonna do much -- and not only on the one year away I think. Playing together I think to lead this and I actually. It to be the year where -- can produce more or not only trying to get a contract would not well. Other teams just see what he can get DA to choosing an upstart. I think. I don't think shoulder into a lot better. -- -- -- -- likes fine and himself. More -- I'm really excited well -- Armas bad. I think he's going to be out of everyone in the draft. Regency. Are read and I think you can it -- diamond in the rough I Wear. You know you act as problems. And college where he was drafted because. Remember our problems. And this -- just. He never gave up. And I think that's an awesome thing and I think that's enough -- reflect on I'm -- to. -- dean thanks for the call. Armstead the -- they got from the CF -- let's not forget Tommy's Kelly. Atomic Kelly -- that I got from Oakland distillate Jason -- got from northeastern governor Brockton let's go back to the to -- point could you wanted to make a point about that I think when I looked back and all the editions ago. Threw them on both sides of the ball and I consider to lead an addition because he was free it was possibly gonna go or bring him back. That's one of the biggest because without him. He now had questions you would change your draft strategy potentially in my -- optical get a corner -- now have an answer any could have a horrible season next year. But I think the point you're getting -- was under a one year Contra he's got every reason in the world to work hard and wanna be a one year wonder here. You have a guy who is motivated. Obviously we want to play well on that surface but you have a guy. In the lead who is now on what your shall we contract if they think that that. He's going to do enough for him to it free agent market next year in -- is -- is once again -- won't -- back here we know but that. Possible market now. To -- to fourteen all plays but. I am fascinated by the -- of this secondary going forward to 2013 because I think the combination guys the lead in -- outside. There in the slot in court you receive the combination of Gregory Wilson. It's strong safety I think that's extremely competitive group at it that's it taken out the coach Rutgers about Wilson need Abner. All those guys they're too -- depth at that that it it was position I think that group of pulling for wipe out yet the year before we injury. I I think the fact that there altogether different -- year with some intriguing addition adding that -- right wolf and curiously you left one name out there and rightfully so because. Like so many other people we need to see him on the field to prove it. But -- -- colleagues alleys and they'll issue yeah. But think about it Chris he's now at a position. We're not relying on him as much what all these guys have an opportunity to step up and now we can become the player that they thought it could be that big physical corner. And threatened to take some standards time you -- when instantly you know you know it's going to be right now. The positional battle that area is going to be low line. In -- ago. Because physically they're a priest and Freddie other starting yep well wolf for that for for me beat the birds starting for maybe the third quarter for -- now is that what they play. Nickel and exactly what percent exactly multiple combinations but if you look at the depth chart -- after we -- better. But that third spot right now looking accompanies the guys that line the rolling. You can duplicate. Content area there's -- with a lot of different looks that they that a lot of different in port Tuesday quick break we're back live from Foxboro Christopher price of W me. I dot com the draft is on going there are five new patriots that have been chosen. Selected to be part of your football future. We'll talk extensively about them. Mike Trout is gonna join us again we're alive at Gillette Stadium your calls and more next here on WB yeah.

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