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Butch Stearns Kicks Things off Live from Gillette with His Thoughts on the Pats Draft and the Entire Boston Sports Scene

Apr 27, 2013|

Butchie is live in Foxborough and gets things started talking about the latest from Pats war room and what they've done so far. He also hits on the aging C's team that is currently struggling down 3-0 to NY, the B's trying to build momentum heading into the playoffs and the Sox continuing to roll.

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Yes indeed -- happy Saturday to you all are welcome and -- -- patriots draft -- coverage. Here on this Saturday and April live from Gillette Stadium. Hi everybody I'm which turns -- following up on the general oil. And just memory and experience. -- Jimi Hendrix Experience I would say it was just -- psychedelic. Least for me it was. We're going to be here for three and a half hours the leading up to Red Sox baseball we've got the patriots draft covered for you and with. I mean by that I think you know. One hop wanna hear from you wanna talk to you but what's gone on with the patriots in the draft here. And also what's going on Boston sports so let's set the table. And then -- see -- we can -- on -- -- the phone number is always 61777979837. At 61777979837. Driver around this beautiful beautiful Saturday in England. He -- talks and sports let's do this afternoon -- -- will be taking your calls he will be screening you it is a painful process. A Christian Arkin doing the sports flashes right now Christopher price of WTI dot com is gonna join us and probably about a half an hour. Bottom of the hour Bill Belichick is scheduled to go on the NFL network in about five minutes. I would hear what he has to say about that the patriots have five new players. Well technically don't have them yet they haven't signed them they've drafted them they hold the rights to five of the top 102. Players in college football or at least. Five of the top 102 players that were drafted. In college football and additions to the team they -- three defense of players as of today are three -- to players and two offensive players too wide receivers. Three more draft picks to go all coming up in the seventh rounder right now patrons don't make a trade will most likely. Those choices we made after were off the -- At six there so all locked talk about that will dive into with Chris and now go through the -- -- player about where I will save this. That. I am one of those self proclaimed draft Nick's always have it and it's kind of -- real. If you're like me out here it really is kind of foolish it it it it's an effort in futility. To think about it think that you know oh. Josh Boyce and the patriots just drafted now. You know. Four years from now he may end -- being the best wide receiver route is -- So the value thing and all that pocket your draft Nikki -- you know everything about these guys. Aaron Dobson the other -- receive the draft it was you know already had a -- of height. On as a potential replaced point Brandon Lloyd based mostly. On one catch that he made and the fact that yes he had. It's one of their top -- of last year. That's not the only thing we can get all kinds of things going on but the point is -- your draft -- it really is kind of foolish -- -- -- back. And and we're going to. The candidate with just the Tom Brady. -- 190 -- player taken in the draft and -- sampled on example. Of great players in the history the NFL. Court to take it at different positions for different reasons. And out of hours after it doesn't even. Matter it matters on the value chart it matters where you ate them and what it's gonna UN under the business of football. What no -- evening can't play -- and notes. Cosic. That's what really matters so I'd like to talk today about when you start looking at the day that Wes Welker left. And what the patriots have added and what they subtracted. He start to pain any distinct picture. It's not like your thoughts about that and how encourage discourage. You are at this point. That day. On Saturday in April when all NFL teams are trying to gear themselves up for the Sundays in the fall went. To be accurate should I say everyday but Wednesday Tuesday or Wednesday in the NFL. That they -- now you know -- Sundays at one. A socialist and how we games now Arctic. A joke. 617779793. Cents. So are you encouraged that the patriots have added to wide receivers in the draft. And even though they've lost. Wes Welker random equally in any would it. And when you look at the subtraction. From Tom Brady. So it's that. Yesterday that the patriots have lost. 58%. Of their aerial objects -- it's 50% 50% of their passing -- and actions are gone. From last year while that may be troubling stat you. And while I'm sure. Good effort from people who have talked to him and others -- don't appear publicly Tom Brady is not. Has not happy the fact that Wes Welker is going on there apart of Brady I'd need. -- looked forward to the challenge of integrating different guys into the system every single year because they've done that every single year. They've done that. Over two or three year here it's they've done with veterans and they've done with rookies so while you could point to that. Success of Deion Branch when he was drafted and came on the scene in the dailies of a guy like Taylor Price and the patriots when it didn't work out. Who knows what Josh Boyce. Is going to become -- Aaron Dobson is going to be common as patriots -- it. Who knows what the veterans that they picked up the Donald Jones from buffalo. Who knows what what those guys the Michael Jenkins -- he's got a decade career in the NFL and by his statistics no disrespect. He's -- Jack just another guy. This is a guy who could become an option for Tom Brady on the off so. -- believe that a huge part of the success. Of the patriots over the years with Brady at home has been great attitude at this time and heading into camp that by the tiny it's the camp. He's interest to see what new -- he's gonna happen. And which guys are going to respond to the work ethic the patriots espouse and become a part of this. So what's talk about the broader picture beyond -- -- but look at the nuts and bolts in this inadequate price -- here. Talk about. As far setting the table you're Celtics are facing elimination we arm on that now they're down three games then -- they haven't shown any fight. And it's upsetting a lot of people and rightfully so. What year are you feel about that as 1230 tomorrow for the pregame green -- starts. And it may be the last game of the season for the Celtics and it's not a stretch to say. It may be the last -- Paul Pierce's career itself which. I don't think so and the -- for Kevin Garnett and I don't think so based on contractually and other things but there is that possibility. -- will itself put up some fight tomorrow. Will play as sharp grinning throughout the challenge. Which set maximum post game last night Willie shows and Celtic pride. And coming off of the elbow to the base by JR Smith's house it was. Here next. He you've had your foot on throat this Celtics team right now a Celtics team that hasn't shown any like this. You don't -- that any reason what so ever. To show some life and you throw an elbow in a game that over basically in the face of but -- I mean come. -- so what are the -- was gonna do what you want them that you talk about the future fine. That's all well good ruins. The playoffs are about to start but there's some business take care of and apps to games the only. Team in the NHL two games left. Because of the bombings and reschedule liberal late tomorrow night at home against Ottawa at 7 o'clock when there were no other games in the NHL. And that gain more than likely depending on what happens that it tonight. Will have ramifications on where the Bruins end up in their playoff seeding and I haven't done all the homework if you worried Bruins fanatic and have. Please feel free to call up and let me double from what I can see it could finish as high as second in the standings and his lowest fifth -- belief. So a lot at stake tonight for the Bruins as they played in Washington. And a lot at stake for the Bruins as they play at home against Ottawa. Tomorrow night -- the playoffs started that day and of course they don't you look at the standings the pro would open their first round series as a second seed. Posting the Ottawa Senators -- the sevenths that's the way it looks right now. But in a lot at play with -- talk about the reports. Either the Red Sox. -- -- -- the best team in Boston has won three in a row they've gone through great homestand I know a lot of you wanna point to inferior. Competition we used an economist so -- mainly play Jimy Williams that we -- schedule scheduled and we play that wanna have my first name but we play. The point is that they're pitching well Ryan Dempster. Has been a pleasant surprise. I would say surprise considering you didn't know what he was one of those guys like Napoli Victor Reno and others. Who got a history. Of success in Major League Baseball. Who were some money was commitment to them but she didn't know what to expect. But so far what you've gotten from Shane Victorino. From Mike Napoli who I still believe. Again not. Looking this up this morning buddy he's easy to leading the American leader in the topped with doubles and RBIs. That's you get a five million dollars great to get Ryan Dempster but he hit a seven ERA in the American League all its success -- national. Got any irony. 3.3 and struck out and last night against first win. Those -- you. Real baseball aficionados you know that wins is about before most important. Category for starting pitcher innings pitched strikeout to walk ratio ERA thinks they can control Ryan Dempster has been great. He's been a big part of the Red Sox success even though we just got its first -- -- but about the Red Sox is they take on the Astros again tonight that's all out there. So -- 617779797. Point one who lit up already gonna go right to the calls after a first rate Christopher price. Is gonna join Bill Belichick I believe it's not just finishing up the NFL network's -- Some of those comments on which starts taking your calls might the trolley is down here at Gillette Stadium. Covering the patriots draft for WTI dot com we'll have him on. And just a little bit and all that doing it to make a -- you'll hear it here first to stick around on WEEI I'm which turns your calls and more next.

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