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Jason La Canfora, CBSSports.com, Joins Jen Royle and Jessica Moran to Discuss the NFL Draft

Apr 27, 2013|

Jason La Canfora calls Jen and Jess to give his take on the NFL draft and who exactly the Patriots ended up with. Not a ton is known of the later picks, but Jason is impressed with the Pats' moves. He also discusses some of the big moves from other teams.

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-- -- this is why building relationships. Over eleven years is import. OK I'm ready to learn. I -- we -- gonna learn from my -- Hero. In the NFL. I'm Jason -- and well as rates. Out one of -- very very good friends. From Baltimore and CBS and it -- insanity is our eyes to -- End -- the eighth and eight for me. -- That yet you know we'll -- a lot. Robert that like all of bumper -- -- -- on the well that's that's certainly on the -- your bio like it but god. The world Europe. You should -- you'd look like you would look really cool -- right here. Because you're calling picks and first round draft before they even -- now sell why is your secret. Just but a lot of people you know boarding call eight. Acting trying to get to work like -- and figure out what's going on in real time. You know -- get back. Not reflect it. It would be total probably. You know our community that backed it I think all black I'm not part. What what's going on their terms of the television product and I have a job to do it CPR. Make our product. But the most important and the most accurate and timely can be so we got -- going -- -- get what dot com. We are a lot there tractor and a weaker outlook that. That we've -- all the extra 41 and a -- out and now to eighteen yet. You know that. Feel like -- what wanna know what actually happened and what was actually booted it straight. -- -- a -- -- and what it Mikey picked them rather than you'll be surprised -- that. -- -- -- -- -- -- If you thought I got to do it also. A sign that the special -- about that going on just the opposite a lot on that have to be at all. It's funny is it cool guy it's sweetie you might still are enormously. High grass but -- announcing the picks too soon. I mean really instead of anger -- doing awesome job stay off its that they have a winner. Well you know it -- it try to be pretty well -- let my plans are because. I would not part of any agreement is not what information -- there is precedent for -- up. Eight to generate information and stories and -- that. So what sort of like -- -- -- what is likely -- there's an economic television -- It's fortunate that the -- I'll meet our Ali that's totally cool idol I never liked. Never asked you what I'll I would never hurt anyone all of the Internet like people what they want a big picture there have been wars that's also not -- -- about -- so. I -- the original Obama follow me -- again but it's not look at it it just flat -- Well I'm an approach that my job and that someone who. Farmers are reports would not believe it should provide a alteration and if you don't want it. And then that's cool but it's hard at the UH what we live it's not gonna commit -- to. It's back. The bracket so the -- a lot of that. And not -- -- find out about it leg that it has been paper with numbers sentiment at the architect of an out. The revised we know it -- a lot at apple really that also. I mean I don't know what. I would imagine a lot of reports that you want to let go up to eighteen yet. And -- -- another -- sentiment -- the year you know the guy who picked forty or -- it up again Apache -- totally get it. All great but got out torture collect. You know it was awesome -- and those guys that are you might load game jerseys with yours based paints it we aren't like ram horns screaming at the states. I'm at a loss towards the as the. You don't hit the the firmer and that's about it and let it happen and that's what the other part of -- and that's what the culprit is money I mean. -- they wanted to wrap it up walking over here and what the threats start to eat -- -- pretty early October pre op. They Cuba's problems they have the people just lined up according to get into this wouldn't be around it line on the streets of say and it they're all very outfit on and it looked like game day I mean it -- them. -- -- Secrecy Utley hit a meaningful football here. It's amazing era -- -- they've got to figure out. And they're gonna hit the shot a monetize all think they continue to try to make your round game. But actually make -- draft will be out later created a little later the spread everything a little close to our regulars here. We're gonna get a lot it's the other Skopje on some of those issues particularly moving back create -- but. You know the top -- you -- back in the draft -- people practiced because it keeps people about every month at some speak. I'll -- or the event at the end result -- This is saying is the NFL is about to. The basically what you're saying is the NFL is about to rule the world. Well -- it's what the world the -- North America if and you know what I'm actually the tactical guy wires could be the -- the apple cart -- -- the next ten years. Would not surprise me -- -- and we got what you gain over what we now. You know not owe it to -- awhile and that even expand its import permit Iraq receiving game in dot -- -- -- like going after the world the right now I'll say they're rolling certainly the US the an -- ought to Canada. All right well here knowing that we want the patriots to the last let's get into each its draft picks. And pages only AF CT it's not panic in the first. I am. Two part question three part question I'm what are your thoughts and and trading down and out with Minnesota when he. I gain those four picks back. How did that -- benefit that seems to start with Aaron Dobson on Marcel. Can he be placed randomly and will he be placed -- wealth. Well I'll say it I mean caddie caddie it would they hope Brandon -- with the when they signed them. It out of the gate because you look at what rate of what it -- here a quick judgment in your opening in armor like that Cheney. Replacement -- it would give them Leicester which was virtually nothing. I think so until we look at an upgrade over that but so -- the deposition and that they've not all that perhaps you. It really was and he got older some Internet about a player that they gonna beat -- -- but you'll support other teams. I doubt about that player that export route so. It's direct but what are your look at port one spot you want about side how politically you've seen how often these are -- now -- Lott beat. -- -- -- -- -- All all that equated -- I want a major it is there or not. This was not a normal -- culture or use it it always a hundred draft -- advocate war before but the only spy. And it's forty very unique thing Eric and make much sense because there was so so what are you're so pretty but -- -- also required to report that. Q can justify it is any -- much further down the line and let's replenish the ground Democrats are picked up all the -- -- squeezed it sort of really well where I look back straight I didn't try to trade back again. If -- get it that it's 4014 draft -- it will. That Belichick at the other thing he only does it look like proctor fired you -- you look UConn players that. There are excellent but like I didn't care what anybody thinks aware of their order your prayer -- that fact that nobody mocked the -- You -- out here you have an upbeat Kerry earned that right and you're right more often than not nobody -- back out and I get that but. You know it's not part of the -- a debate played out. I thought it would get so much at. They traded down and got more X and that it did they make a lot but the act in the past. Re talking with CBS's. And it fell insanity some -- before he and Debbie Lee -- -- -- -- -- and Iran and studio. You mentioned Rutgers and how Bill Belichick loves those record record Rutgers guys. The two I that they took their best friends I am cornerback lo and Ryan safety deride Hartman I. Obviously they want it help in the secondary they got it. These two guys. You know were they right picks for the patriots day and and just look at it -- according who makes my head explode retirement watch him play. It is this exactly what they need to read these two good picks them. I'll say it. But everybody I don't watch people all -- I'm not I'm not -- evaluate them information -- so they like -- chipped up more than about the -- But at the -- because you know a lot of get a lot of -- you're right in other thing I would say to read it and it is not you know -- -- as. He wired Internet -- I mean Richey until you pretty much got in the opposite pay. You brought him much on on the other competing now with Eric opposite -- and I'm sure that the Shia split about them for years about programs we don't. Greg it's not played there are at I. -- -- -- those people there although exactly the kind of people we market every player but in people out. -- -- -- up to date the ability the other you know you know. You're here bigger profit than not it at all on Yani got a up inside their mates and all that it was a tie -- -- it you know with Urban Meyer -- I'm hurt my out of Florida. Obviously at the be all. On those guys in you know sure aren't they appear to comment in Mexico under the act and one of those it. Don't eat your -- a ball out of the cute you know Herbert -- what some are not not the government all that it it's about. Figure out what makes them tick and trying to find is that at a you'll have better original older than anybody else. And that's it in the market that everybody is undervalued it and I know why why have more value in them. But -- structure. Of board and getting it under their belt -- You know that it again. The the break -- is that. -- actually eating -- super ball. And what you do it summit itself well and and I think people -- to give the benefit dot I know and again the people that will look at the traffic weather traffic and Victor let's start the -- -- -- but again that they've built and replenished and maintain a pretty good public Alberto locked out. Jason -- loves you so much this is just get that I wanna talk to ask you questions -- gonna just jumping to take over for sort -- -- you tell -- about the first guide at the pats took with its Jamie Collins cannot southern -- what do you know about him I've seen some stuff about questioning his effort maybe. Yeah I've been out or not or input you know I. The picture tabloid not enough that you pretty quickly you know you got your outlook Hollister -- I think you know you're gonna make you mean you're going to be you're supposed to pay. Buy dot you can argue that all the parts of that -- the other large that they can afford quite there yeah a lot of times type of what you were in the sport because. They don't app to have for me the senate -- position would mean all it could actually get threat but that's free money that that's -- uptick but never an -- But it could pop we think that it would turn off our program and I don't you know anything about it at the -- -- that it is a threat that you just expect Ed. The first article on the other you that you were part of a lot of that is your confirmation that -- -- here. It. Itself it would -- out it's not the departure program and an advocate -- -- water carrier seller of the deficiency somewhere. You know you can not complete with beat it back ball fly that's -- the patriots let. The rich get richer and you know you can hear about our ultimate ball -- that they -- Newsom. You Trace that back here you know the route to other Cleveland got picked all the bulk of it -- basically -- And and more often than not at -- speak out that they -- so much secure wanna be part of a winning program and they realize the right way to. You know we like to beat up on the jets here Sundance switch gears for just the heartbeat what do you think about what they've done here what with Tina Smith's I mean really I think he can get any bigger of a circus in the -- I you know. I I don't -- too -- that shot here or because they play at the thought of themselves that. What you put the circuit that found in people and all that it opens up a lot of criticism -- got a lot of -- contract betrayed its salary cap that. -- dug themselves with it all you know picked this date date that whole tabloid culture get caught up of a winning the newspapers and now all of it up and not are not all. -- -- I like John I think I let it. Does he get it straight -- read it all airport we actually are an excellent but he hit the putt good under those circumstances. And in terms -- that's something. That they went -- scenario the tactic -- to protect you somewhat but it adds some. Some real whites and at some white desert heat at the -- what's been lacking it needed it interior presence there. You know where they got back early data are stuck with accessibility to the public contract with. He's not the secure the -- that the future is in order a lot if you look at the quarterback of the future somewhere that the the pick. And the kid who -- district court separately and not put it up and I think that an -- you know the court to be there and I think it's not a pretty -- like it's great that our people or -- You did a much better aren't activating their on the roster -- while I probably going to be true or not -- -- at the landmark. What you will with the jets still considering it and I think that it. Fire and is Eric salary cap meant to return and they don't create it I actually think it got out there. Right dean -- immense and replacing Revis I don't know if anyone can but the jets did say they got two of their top four top four choices on the board. -- -- to nineteen aspect went thirty ninth what happens Sanchez. -- I mean it didn't report but that may be cutting him at I mean -- -- -- think about the -- up will be here. Why we -- in March into the art object credible that that salary cap hit would be astronomical. -- -- Standpoint if it hit it close at nine million at -- -- that is contract at the clock all which means the player -- Economy goes somewhere else and -- two million in the economy you'll get it. You're not you know it -- all that by the amount of money that now. The other any offense so a lot beat your regular contact the multiple day. OK and that money payable over 18 march of that money people over here or get back. Million with a series of the -- and it payable on thirty day I don't hear the return what triggered it but player and one of the players -- all thoroughly. But he did not want to thank the team or any year accurate it is going to be create that value at army is that their market -- not billion dollars. -- -- -- 38 just to get off the clock just to leave it at the -- but they concrete things. But that doesn't make that doesn't expect I mean you know that they really -- -- may not but you know wait you know. Picture this schoolyard outlook I think you are critical for him there but the stop them. They don't have to what he has meant that you try to let that thing play out but I don't you know cutting him now it is -- I really thought and I think that. -- -- -- People want -- contract on our last create. But don't look now but they let it if they are -- to -- the -- -- out. You currently have bought a lot a lot of what the -- here or there. Last question literally seconds left -- division. Easy. Or quote not even. Count right Jason -- Laura my best friend in the world. You're now CBS senator -- addict or via out solicitor LC may and I drank cocktails oysters on rock and roll. -- thanks for joining us to act in Florida. They stay Acer laptop or CBS. And a balance I don't hear it just -- every ticket quick pre packed with.

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