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Pedro Martinez Joins Jen Royle to Discuss His Return to Boston This Season and the Quick Start the New-Look Red Sox have Gotten off to

Apr 27, 2013|

Pedro joins Jen Royle to discuss how he approaches his discussions with minor leaguers, his thoughts on early success of the Red Sox and Lester and Buchholz in particular as well as his admiration for the city of Boston in light of the Boston Marathon tragedy.

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Harry any minute now what had Pedro Martinez. One of my favorite. Boston athletes probably -- And they're very. Probably have to do. Any -- and the only. He's up there it -- is probably my all time favorite Boston Red Sox all time it athletes are. I've known him for about a decade now covered him with the Red Sox for seven years when I was in new York and then actually epic cover him with the Mets. When I was in the art. Covered him with the Phillies in the World Series in 2000 nine's I've known for quite. Probably wanted to classy athletes had. Come through Boston -- the tiny. Am. On the field. Named Don Zimmer but get paid your money or -- talked to him about this -- -- it's not steam but until that will keep -- Red Sox -- give us call. At 677797. -- that. It's talk about this pitching rotation. In the fact that Ryan Dempster last night earned his first win that was something I think we've all been waiting for he finally. Got to. Got to get some run support he wasn't getting any -- couple of starts but. You know Clay Buchholz. And Jon Lester are so. -- its east and and just seen him bounce back from last year. I'm a little disappointed. At its. Needs. And not take things so personally not so there's some -- by. Just the fact that these two guys. Are what 90. And being the anti Josh Beckett -- Josh Beckett. Started out on a read and people well. Potentially. Maybe. Josh Beckett lives. Awful human being. Bad for baseball bat from Boston and I I couldn't stay and watching them I hope. Horrible year. And Los Angeles. Hack -- -- actor Josh Beckett each. Like I did matter and I so need a -- And opinion of -- net that doesn't just. You know have to do with baseball but I you know it's just -- -- it's awful attitude that we're all here for him it's all about in. It's just it was bad for the team just knowing hand Crawford -- are out here. Honestly -- -- makes makes this team went back to those guys. Right out we have Pedro Martinez on the line. Is. Things. -- joined now by -- favorite. Boston red -- of all time my favorite athletes through Boston Pedro Martinez Pedro thank you for joining us here and -- Or the players are reluctant to -- -- just. Thank you for all the complimentary not a great -- -- -- you guys get. -- -- -- Okay Chris are you -- I'm mentally over a mom -- a moment like that. It's something I can spend -- Okay is Alfredo was say based on your list of guys talked him. I think they are they are. A I know I only know how you -- like to hear from -- electric and collect art than than not. Actually get a means I don't know how they Siegelman and I'll follow pretty. There are comparable but there are sitting on console. On some idiot -- Actually they'll -- Okay go -- we like to now here in Boston what's going to assess his his mind when he has a bad outing and then and then blames his offense for not. -- not backing him up your thoughts on that. I don't know what -- -- I'm not a jumping to conclusions -- problem like you know to actually. Good to hear how he feels good and and now everything is don't. Before I actually make -- -- as a regular say something -- -- line. And and also I don't think I'll be spending an agreement. You know. It's not totally -- appropriate for me to. So parade on the I'm not I'm just -- -- out and compete and see it in -- that are are absolutely earlier through. From trip to the treatment and get things better and fortunately. Or there in big negative for problems and so on -- -- -- -- the ball well. That answer class spectator -- We'll worry on merit on Monday and what are your thoughts. To this city of Boston that you love so much in Odyssey back what is your thoughts about what went on year and what is your message. To Bostonians here in this great city. Road trip that. If we lose again. He's a man that's some great memories eighty bury it and now in baseball. But I'm never seeing the sort of loyalty. And it and that -- -- it looked Barber's career blossomed I believe. Duke we will -- student in India. I mean like -- sort absolute. I'm are broken every year there will there. On to a hundred -- city or -- is that same resiliency that I think that the street here and sure oral. -- You break it up a little -- -- realism. I look back on line. Pedro Martinez talking about the -- Boston and in how he learned -- ill -- -- strong this city was in in in how he feels but the city of Boston. And really what went on here -- -- on Monday and you know he's a class act if he missed his first answer he doesn't wanna comment on the freedoms that is until he talks and and makes a judgment about ace selling out his offense. The other day and being demoted down attack at that's -- Pedro Martinez is down and -- -- is going down to talk to the team and get a feel Fuller. What's going on with -- ball club who better to do that and Pedro. But we have so many more questions for Pedro. Not just about money but what he thinks about the start. Lester and Buchholz has has have got off to it and also the team chemistry he talks so much about this team chemistry and talked to Peter about. That in fact that it's 2000 -- -- chemistry played eight. Minutes and get back lets you know Giuliani. -- -- -- -- question what you are -- this. I know. Regret I'm just it and throw it out or shut up or he wouldn't have to go. Not only be a productive grip on the back ministries in the block but I really do much. This was more balls on both sides and she knows surprise. Why they haven't brought it back out and not something -- that this. Individual struggle. I stand and I agree things to go this is the problem the problem is that they're paying Stephen Drew -- It's his job they hired for a job. And it was his to lose at Los. I'm not quite sure -- is better at this point yes by. Iglesias hate it's great that they haven't -- yes. On the back burner to take over for Giroux if he keeps things and a I don't have a problem with Stephen -- -- like it is that it's his job. I have a problem with Stephen -- signing to it. That's my problem. I think I don't think they needed them they knew at least -- was ready. Aren't we got back on the line and on. An -- into. And his caddie -- secret like even Marathon Monday and really the city blocks in the resiliency year. How Steve being paid baseball in the fact that the Red Sox. Playing so well. Think that -- Up with this city. And give the city and maybe some smiles at -- the past couple weeks. Why I think. What we have to lose to -- to actually. I keep blossomed. All of -- -- continue to play the ball playing it and actually. Understand. That bad this symbol for -- -- -- all New England. It's a Red Sox. And and if we show the same. Origin independent. And resiliency. That. That said it gave me. Along would that would get people -- game and forget everything. And of them later I think that read talk on the table and England and we have to show. Courts in and be an inspiration all the people. And I'll feel. A ball. Yet I think they have the pregame or if you caught it was. I -- was amazing as classy as -- -- immigrants -- that job. Right switching gears lesser -- Colts you of all people our pitching is especially this -- American League east. I'm not gonna ask you how important these guys aren't that's at that's at -- question it's it's we know how important I wanna know what is the difference that you see with those two guys and it with -- Colts. He looks so much more aggressive attacking the strike zone throwing that four seam fastball is just what is the difference between those two guys. I think that all the doubles are really consider -- up to give them a lot of credit. Because all the really work their travel -- is -- can be -- contending I'm never received. What I saw it didn't didn't it and in in the Red Sox pitching. This year. What I got their verdict out. Everybody's not being there at least a week before. Everybody else shall be thirty. And out of not -- rule book. Dedication. And and and and we'll just need to get better and that's what part of the -- Told local Lackey everybody and I hit in and then I have to get my what guys for. I actually. Getting not only ready but ready to Odyssey and then not our fault that we -- to be right now if it's. On the whole Lotta and it dedicated a word. Try and beat people would think about -- -- Also off the field leader. Just piggy backing of everything -- at your -- what about the chemistry because -- just talking to guys like. You know will Brooks -- victory on Mike Napoli and telling me that this is one of the the more fun teams that they played on was chemistry batted and you from 2004. You know probably at idiots and how much that really. Help in the win column -- just -- that. After all the drama last year with Bobby Valentine in knows. Those players that are somewhat clubhouse cancers the act that they are playing so well because of chemistry to see that as well as -- do you say. This is a different team off the field. You know believe it -- not. I know the first being that that's the it up in front of everybody or tell the whole set up the holes there to work near Boca. Lackey -- debacles. They weren't like won't act -- oh blowout of the same time they'll all be -- On the stadium and actually. Meetings with each other every day early in the morning they'll be there together talking. I mean I'll I'll everything went. And I got it was a new play the victory Nolan couldn't be in Philadelphia. And I know not -- -- before. You couldn't yeah. Guy's better I mean dude I I mean I put all the some of those guys and also -- great game. Game there's great guys in the club -- Up from people outside the game and yeah I mean you just -- -- ward you know to say what those guys don't but definitely. They -- Together an -- like a war Iraq. And when I got -- this thing and they continue to beat LA and it's going to be dealt away because. That's the only -- a decent bit shorter is that they have this figured to get audience on and all all played bowl you know all -- together like that they're doing. And don't don't be comprised. About college bubble are you out there. It is -- -- good bunch it's a good package and they're going to be together all the time they'll they'll be a lot of people together you know the ability and ability. The wolf pack and make it. I'm taking a look at the division as well paid you know what when you hear it was so much just about the Red Sox in which. I cover them and you for what decade now I feel like the -- actually theories -- sell exhausting so draining. I remember you on the back cover of of the Maine and New York loves to hate. I am to -- that drama -- Jorge deciding -- is Korean Garcia. You know you'd -- -- Roger Clemens a couple of times did Jeff Nelson fight inaudible paying Varitek and your eyes and apple thing. You know it's really not all the Red Sox Yankee anymore it's. -- the Baltimore Orioles. And what they're doing in the American means he's good for baseball. At its just about the Red Sox me it's like the idea. At this it's actually I've. Taken down or not I don't -- -- when you played. Carl and I I would have to say that. Back and forth between yankees and Mets are. It's -- probably. Be. Exciting all the I'm tickled that -- media -- I think the media I haven't so much media in New York it's -- much -- -- and and and actually. -- I didn't or are. They ride through via the best they've been you know and and and and industry these. I think very good opponent a bit -- but I between time. I'm not desperately opted out that the big issue completely eastern division all of the mission to baseball. Are a Little League hall -- -- all of them and everybody signed. -- -- -- -- try to compete with those abilities and I'm proud that nowadays. You know really all we've got to be the -- And not make it interesting and not make everybody right from the get go through to the end and I and I think everybody out. Don't feel like they have a chance when when when you don't know which I -- a better game. All the -- to -- -- game -- about the old naked published on oil well that I couldn't control baseball and could see it is -- that. Everything you mentally not everybody is there is this is equally all of Ford. Apartment just. I I believe it's good for baseball good defensive he. And it's good that -- Knowles who gonna win it you can always value here than they had like you're gonna involve our they've gotten in. And it's really important for baseball. Angry -- humor quick questions. And which are closer and Hannah Bailey. Hoosier closer Hanrahan or Bailey who took Ellis. Dilemma now with the bullpen. Well David Terrell they'd vacancy backe chip I think. The date Aaron -- -- both imploded the world which you know -- -- -- And it maybe it's probably will get only today but you know. RR -- I couldn't get a -- And I think there's a lot more guys could well -- games there. I'm not an okay deductible but by committee about what was supposed to do. It has been the problems and not allowed too many goals in the game. I don't see that the negative. I mean whoever it is that I am well he -- -- -- on deals -- Get -- done on the contract Obey the principles of what they're told to do it and I am not. I left guard them very professional and and -- no. I don't -- -- achieving its trouble limiting and they don't want a -- ball won't trade. You don't want to build. I believe -- all of -- for the game and -- -- out and about that one if all of them on the they'll -- But I'll I'll treat them both with the same respect. The problem most managers would love to have. Last question Pedro Martinez. Lite party -- -- here for so. Athletes and I ain't right -- I'll usually Jordan's Furniture. How I mean how I was at 3M LL EI am sure you wanted to bed in the clubhouse at some point he. Pop our record and rooting interest being tired I know about the opportunity to do to actually do that. But I enjoyed it homage I had a good -- though they lost all my. -- -- -- a -- it's a great human being and now. Barry on first and be around and now. I mean I I never have to -- going to be -- -- on him pen and I never know when -- go. And the little things. I guess that's what I'm at me. Doing that. -- a lot more from me and him and I guess they -- mildly funny. Oh I'm glad I'm glad I came although they're not the people involved it could continue to see me in. And contend on the stand I left off on Ian you know and I'd like -- I'd like big big moves then. And now I'm about it you all all contribute to -- Mean it'll make blow something on the -- we'll see. Aren't thank you for joining us Peter we're so happy they get back in Boston and your part of this Red Sox organization and I think I speak for everybody here you one of our favorites and think if. -- it's a pleasure always a pleasure to be back in Boston and also talk and and my fans in Boston. I -- to attack tees and I all right thank you. Take a quick break and are -- to -- me every.

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