WEEI>On Demand>>It's Jen Royle's Maiden Voyage! -- In Hour #1, Jen Hits on the End of the Road for the Celts, the Exciting Play of the Red Sox and Talks with Pedro Martinez

It's Jen Royle's Maiden Voyage! -- In Hour #1, Jen Hits on the End of the Road for the Celts, the Exciting Play of the Red Sox and Talks with Pedro Martinez

Apr 27, 2013|

Jen Royle kicks off her 1st solo show talking about her disgust with the C's being down 3-0 in their opening playoff series with the Knicks, the great pitching so far this season for the Red Sox and also chats with the always entertaining Pedro Martinez!

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It is it is good shape and boy who you. I know they want bad blood of one what -- modest -- like that they're used. Sport generally old phones Sports Radio WEP. But it's true 70% of my baby vocabulary -- not on. Now and we'll try to keep it clean today hopefully you guys well. He has extra fingers on the -- but and but battle that was actually pretty pretty accurate. I general he cares so last somebody thought it was a brilliant idea. To give me radios and in my hometown of -- and hopefully this. Yankee Jason well I hope you don't regret it. I -- to -- voices today actually both myself and what's Stearns will be to into the Red Sox Astros came at 635. Hopefully curious -- of the -- At least -- mean let's be honest who cares about which at this point one to three here with you'd generally Alan riding solo at the lovely Jessica are from. Comcast -- get here sometime before 2 PM. She's coming from Burlington and as promise that -- drive about 95 miles and -- company. Quaker. So it's you let me bust and Colin number 6177797937. Tweet me at -- underscore -- that's our ally LT. We have an awesome awesome. Going out with a bang. We'll talk to NFL. Guru would Jason -- and -- from CBS in the second hour that's it -- at 2 o'clock or to act as an out. But in a breakdown the patriots moves but and treating out of the first round with the vikings take a look at and you guys they got injury and returned. And I think there are a bunch of quarters and loved it if there's any such thing as orders in the draft I think it was the New England Patriots. Treating added that first round getting four back. From Minnesota it was a great move we'll talk about that in the second hour. Also I love that Bill Belichick was clearing a Watertown police department but he -- act. The fact that it -- Focused on his draft picks he's focused on upgrading. His patriots roster he's still thinking about what's going on back here in Watertown. That that was a class new from him and he has class he has nobody can get. And gamble talk about that with Jason Michael for a in the second hour of a coming up at 120. We will have my favorite Boston sports speaker probably yours as well. That is Pedro Martinez. Might show my guests I want my favorite and got them later Martinez joining -- at 120. -- who is currently as I understand and tucked it. With the -- side. And hopefully he hasn't harmed by Alfred -- who is down. -- ski aerial tactic paid about. This 2013 Red Sox teen characters on a team that pitching and how good Clay Buchholz -- Lester have gotten off to. A great start as well as Mike Napoli in the rest of the roster. But until Pedro joins us in we talk about the Red Sox the big story. To lead off the show was the Celtics last night and -- disaster. Of the Celtics team. Disaster. That team and it 03 hole why I'm sorry it they're not getting out of this is not the 04 Red Sox not even close. It it was it was pretty tough to watts and it's ideal if I had one word. For that game last. It would be. Lame. At this point eight army I don't even want and I hope they lose to. Just let it be. At least -- dock. Us loose police uncle. What is the plates. At extending. The inevitable. No NBA eighteen he has come back from an 03 hole I don't see the Celtics stealing meant. And I I thought the great big Democrat. I thought the game was pure crap. And there -- just so many other things I'd rather watch next week even if they go back to New York. With one win I just don't even getting and it's a -- everybody the road trips seed everybody. In the media. The work. Because last night was wrapped in a bag. And you know what happens when you take a crap and you against the law you have crap. And that's what last -- It was crap. Doesn't I'm from Boston not he and of the Celtics I believe the last. I think that that really shocked me and honestly it's not even about the basketball. Why. The fact that this time last year what are we talking -- We were talking about. Balls. And that slogan. -- heart at that team was playing when feasting and I thought it was. Amazing for this. Would thought it when it goes at our house that everybody said this team has so much heart. Would agree in the balls and that's -- and all that start. It just really surprised me that last night. They were playing with didn't see -- and I certainly did not seek. I mean. There are no balls on core -- balls going into the basket it was nothing but crap so at this point on line. The bleeding to stop. Why series to be over and sports next year because what happened last night was it. Puppet that. Act now talk my -- item covered the Celtics Comcast and she said it was very powerful before the game. Powerful looking at the Watertown police department first responders I department that the Boston Police Department. Bless their hearts everybody out there at the Celtics game being being honored being recognized video work. I thought that. That maybe could have given them -- place and I just didn't see them playing with with any heart. That was at that was really what I typically. Though. How we want to hear from elect Sox Celtics 677797937. And also -- touch on the Red Sox and talk about. What happened with Alfredo was set days. I'm sorry I do not saying that move with him going down to minors to attack. Had everything to do with his pitching performance. You know you heard John Farrell say radical right here. The issues recurrence is your fairy too were dealt with individually at that time. This was performance. -- not just an outings this year but going back to the past six weeks. Eight weeks last year at this strictly a performance based. Totally disagree I totally totally disagree. I think that. This team I was writing on chemistry. They are writing online. Camaraderie. They're all having finding I've talked to play any guys on his teammates at -- -- they've played nine. And they're winning because of that and if you don't think that it's true I'm telling you it's true -- -- and I'll tell you that. He turned it can't theories around because of team chemistry. All fourteen wine. Not solely based on team chemistry by a good portion and it was -- mystery. And this team is right on -- and I haven't got afraid of necessities in. Club. It's a problem because I start having immediate coming in and asking questions -- that don't have anything to do it. With -- And you also have the media asking players about whether or not -- studies can be up -- cancer that is completely. Completely. Ruins what's going on districts -- steam especially to act. Given act that that's what they wanted to Nazis white guys on good character guys. It did did you -- what happened last year so getting cities out of that club I was in demoted him to AAA. One. I brilliant move. Ports his antics off the field calling out his off. And not putting the blame on himself. Alert pitching like -- Okay and I just think it was great and I'm glad he's got it content but the Celtics currently in rot. On the. I heard your comment about -- -- -- not playing -- art. And I'm sure that it is that they more abuse act that. They're too many guys Paul Pierce Garnett and actually got a bowl. And the editorial. Playing appoint our black community or beauty. Its neutrality Jason Terry and work apps. I think it Bradley. Archer Cuba. Conventional. Opinion really not that player. Something -- longer Jason Terry court -- really a world player -- mostly at Paul Pierce and Garnett can no longer. -- number one number two opt out treatment and they don't up against. Carmelo and it is well. The -- order. I agree -- -- currently. I agree -- eighty Avery Bradley is a but he finished last report too points made it. Where all the people that said the team was better without. When you don't have a strong point guard in the post season how do you expect. There's just no chance in a -- they don't have a lot of playoff experience on the team. And I think part of it has to deal with and not playing last night I was watching an. -- they want it to. The best part of the -- he would've been if Jason Terry bitch slap. Just smacked him across the face mean second flagrant -- I mean I don't know I just think that it's. Eight they didn't look like they were trying very hard that the effort was crappy. And Amy that's. Franken our era. Great -- just wanna wishes about who are great to hear you thanks -- local premiere but. I think -- going around the -- down. Everyone was so excited you know I think they won their first four or five games without him. But I think in the long run we're seeing how much we did you -- and the talent. That he has and hopefully. The how he's gonna get to the a Celtics and the future but I just want to wish you good luck and all the best part about. Thanks frank -- I am I completely -- looking at what happened last night the fact that we even had the conversation. That this team could be better. You know. Rondo is is I I don't know -- it on the heart and soul of the steam by I think -- I think it's a lot of it is no point guard. I think it's the Big Three is gone the team chemistry is gone too many injuries. And I I just I just didn't think they look like they want to. Meet the best part about the X. Is that hey it's almost -- me. Beyond. Horrible -- and I would love to dealer. Are coming up the next segment we're gonna talk Red Sox and -- talked to Pedro Martinez get his take. Honest when he thirteen hour Red Sox team that acts of. -- any minute now what had paid a much. One of my favorite. Boston athletes probably mind. Am very very. Probably do. Any link -- nearly. He's up there -- is probably my all time favorite Boston Red Sox -- time it athletes are. I've known him for about a decade now covered him with the Red Sox for seven years when I was in the dark and action epic covering him with and that. When I was in the art. Covered him with the Phillies in the World Series in 2000 and I've known for quite. Probably wanted to classy athletes had. Come through Boston -- the time he am. On the field. Named Don Zimmer but look at later on ears and talked to him about this a -- -- not steam but until that will keep it Red Sox -- give us call. At 67779. At. That. Let's talk about this pitching it's Asia and the fact that -- against it last night earned his first win that was something I think we've all been waiting for he finally. Got to. Got to get some run support he wasn't getting any earth couple starts at. You know Clay Buchholz. And Jon Lester are so. -- -- east. And just seeing them bounce back from last year. I'm a little disappointed. At its. Needs. And not take things so personally -- -- mines. By. Just the fact that these two guys. Are what you know. And being the anti Josh Beckett just back it started out one a and people well. Potentially. Maybe. Josh Beckett was. Awful human being. Bad for baseball bat for Boston and I couldn't stay and watching them I hope it's horrible year. And Los Angeles. -- interact with Josh Beckett he treated me. Like I did matter and writes a media person. And opinion -- and that that does it tests. You know have to do with baseball but I you know it's just it's awful attitude that we're all here for him it's all about in. Eight it's just it was bad for the team just knowing hand Crawford and -- are out here. Honestly -- -- makes makes this team went back to those guys. Right -- we have Pedro Martinez on the line. Is. Things. And we're joined now by mice favorite. Boston red sock of all time my favorite athletes through Boston Pedro Martinez Pedro thank you for joining us here and BB. Uncles or the potential bailout regards as. Thank you for all the complementing. Very popular -- you guys secured. -- -- -- Okay Chris are you -- I'm overwhelmed I'm on a moment like that. So it's something I can spend our. Okay is Alfredo -- days on your list of guys talked him. -- they they are. I normally you know I would like to hear from -- electric and collect them enough. Actually get a means I don't know how they Siegelman and I'll follow for you. There are comparable but there -- sitting at a local -- On some idiot being. -- -- OK go because we like to now here in Boston what's going to -- is his mind when he has a bad outing and then and then blames his offense for not. Are not backing him up your thoughts on that. What I'm not a jumping to conclusions -- battery problem like you know to actually. Good to hear how he feels and then and now everything is sort. Before I actually make a judgment or say something out of line. And an -- I don't think I'll be saying anything. You know. It's not totally -- appropriate for me to. Parade on the I'm not I'm just legions I don't -- and can -- entry to discuss that are out earlier we have to. For entry to the achievement and get things better -- -- actually be. Or they're in big negative for parliament and so on the team Oakland. In the well. That answer class act later. We'll worry there on Monday and what are your thoughts. To this city of Boston that you love so much in Odyssey. Back what is your thoughts about what went on. What is your message. To Bostonians here in this great city. If we lose again. He's a good man that's some good memories eighty. And and baseball. But I've never seen that so it's -- loyalty. And it and that they want -- will look at this career blossomed I believe. Duke we will reach students in -- -- I mean I sites are also. Our broken every year -- there. On to a hundred -- citadel or ten is that same resiliency. It is distributor and sure -- -- -- -- You break it up a little -- It realism. I look back on line. Qaeda Martinez talking about degrees in Boston and in how he learned an ill afford a strong this city was in in in how he feels but the city of Boston. And really what went on -- merit on Monday. You know he's a class act if you missed his first answer he doesn't wanna comment on our freedoms that is until he talks and and makes a judgment about ace selling out his offense. The other day and being demoted its packet that's what Pedro Martinez is down and attack it is going down to talk to the -- get a feel Fuller. What's going on with AAA ball club who better to do that and Pedro. But we have so many more questions for Pedro. Not just about money but what he thinks about the start. Lester and Buchholz has has have got off to -- and also the team chemistry he talks so much about this team chemistry and talked to Peter about. That in fact that it's 2000 Fuller chemistry could be. -- get back lets you know Giuliani. -- -- larger question what you billionaires in this. I know. Cigarette I'm just didn't rule it out or shot up or in that don't know. Not only be a productive read on the back community 3 o'clock but we do much bad. Publicis. Will do well on all sides and shoes surprise. Why they haven't brought people back out and not something would that there's this individual sparkle. I stand and I agree things to this is the problem the problem is that they're paying Stephen Drew wheat. It's his job I hired him up and it was his to lose at Los. I'm not quite sure at least it's better at this point yes by. Iglesias hate it's great that they haven't -- yes. On the back -- take over for drew if he keeps -- and a I have a problem with the group. It's like it is and it's his job. I have a problem with -- assigning to it. That's my problem. I think I don't think they needed. A new at least is was ready. Aren't we -- back on line. Paid. An -- on. An Internet. And his caddie -- secret like even Marathon Monday and really the city of Los and the resiliency year. How do you think paid baseball in the fact that the Red Sox. Playing so well. Do you think that -- Apple left this city. Give the city and maybe some smiles at over the past couple weeks. Why I think. What we have to boot Ubuntu actually. She blossoms. Of deep debt continue to play the ball playing it and actually. -- understand. That the symbol for blossom all New England. As a Red Sox. And and if we show that same. Origin independent. And resiliency. That said it gave me. Along with the that would get people -- game and forget everything. Canada later I think that read talks on the table eating better and we have to show. Scores in in an inspiration all the people. -- now feel. A mall. Yet I think I have the pregame or if you caught it was. Was -- uneasy with classy tasteful. It's not that job. Right switching gears lesser -- colts you of all people poor pitching is especially this -- American League east. I'm not gonna ask you how important these two guys aren't that's that's a -- question it's it's we know how important I wanna know what is the difference that you -- with those two guys and -- colts. He looks so much more aggressive attacking the strike zone throw an -- four seam fastball is just what is the difference between those two guys. I think their -- Doubles. Really -- not to give them a lot of credit. Because well done really toward their travel in the Internet and export contending I'm never received. What I saw in in in in in in the Red Sox pitching. This year. What I got their verdict count. Did anybody not being there at least a week before. Everybody out shall be thirty. And out of -- rule book. Dedication. And and and and we'll just need to get better and that's what the fact. Told local Lackey everybody and -- an independent. To get my -- -- -- I actually. Getting not only ready get ready Odyssey and I'm not voted that we -- to -- right now it's it's. All -- and a dedicated big word. Drones deep where people would think about its. Also off the field leader. Just piggy backing of everything eat at -- ethnic what about the chemistry because -- just talking to guys like. You know will -- Brooks chain victory on -- -- and telling me at this as one of the the more fun teams they played on was chemistry that it and you from 2004. -- probably at idiots and how much that really. Help in the win column -- -- he act. After all the drama last year with Bobby Valentine -- knows. Those players that are somewhat clubhouse cancers the act that they are playing so well because at chemistry seat that is well it's been treating you say. This is -- different team off the field. You know believe it or not. I know the first being that that's the developed in front of everybody or tell the whole hospital there to work near Boca. Lackey now that Apple's. They -- -- won't act bill although brought out the same time they'll all be -- On the stadium and actually. Meetings with each other every day early in the morning they'll be there together talking. I -- I'll I'll have to -- more. And I got it was a nuclear it would victory Nolan can be in Philadelphia. And I know monopoly so before. You couldn't yeah. And guys better I mean dude I like we've gotten all the some of those guys and also -- great game. Game there's great guys in the club I'll. Up from people outside the game and yeah I mean you just don't want -- -- award -- -- say what those guys don't but definitely. They words. Together like like a war Iraq. And when I got this big thing and they continue to beat LA and it's going to veto -- because that's the only latitude in this shelter. Is that the way it is pictured together audience on an all all played bowl you know all of us together -- -- like they're doing. And -- the original price. About college bubble back it up. It is -- to good bunch it's a good package and they're going to be together all the time and build mobile people together you know the ability and ability. The wolf pack and make it. I'm taking a look at the division as a well paid out you know what when you hear it was so much just about the Red Sox and which. I cover them I've known you for what decade now I feel like the -- actually -- -- -- exhausting so draining. -- remember you on the back cover of of the Maine and New York loves to hate. I am to all of that drama -- Jorge deciding you know is Korean Garcia. You know you'd -- -- Roger Clemens a couple of times that Jeff Nelson fight inaudible paying Eric tech and your eyes and Apple's saying. You know it's really not about the Red Sox Yankee anymore it's on its -- the Baltimore Orioles. And what they're doing in the American -- he's good for baseball. At it's not just about the rights not to me it's like the idea. At this it's actually right. Taking it down or not I don't -- -- when you played. Carl and I I would have to say. Back and forth between yankees and Mets -- It's all -- I'm probably. Be. Exciting all the time because of that big media -- I think to me I haven't so much media in New York it's -- much -- bought it and and actually. -- I didn't or. They ride through via the best bid and you know and and -- -- industry these. I think they're -- -- -- -- -- bet but I between time. I'm not desperately opted out but the big issues completely is -- division all of the mission to baseball. Are a Little League hall they're -- all of them and everybody signed. Little pieces who try to compete -- -- deal achieved -- and I'm proud that nowadays. You know really all we're going to be -- -- And not make it interesting and not make everybody right from the get go through to the end and I and I think everybody. Is gonna feel like they have a chance when when when you don't know which one of the better days. All the eligible to play that game and about the -- -- published on or other African central states wanted to see it -- -- that. Everything you -- not everybody is it is it is equally all of Ford. Apartment just. I I believe is good baseball good defensive speed. And is good that -- -- -- gonna win it you can always value here than say it like you're gonna involve Arctic on. And it's really important for baseball. Angry right humor quick questions. And which -- closer and Hannah Bailey. -- closer -- -- Bailey who took -- Dilemma now with the bullpen. Well David -- -- they'd vacancy but future but I think. The date aren't built and opened political world which you know -- -- -- And they basically it's probably going to be donate and they all -- you know. RR -- couldn't get a legal. And I think there's a lot more of these guys could well open game there. I'm not an okay adaptable but by committee. About what was supposed to do. That the that the problems about -- and medical. Community. I don't -- -- -- the negative. I mean whether it's yeah well he made the cold on skills -- Let -- -- on the contract Obey says that's also the blood and told to do it and I now. I -- Skype and very professional and and -- no. I don't wanna see that you made as strong rule limiting. And they don't want to -- -- ball not long trade. You don't want to -- I believe there -- -- cable holding game and leverage and that one if all of them on the they'll take. But I'll I'll treat them -- with the same respect. The problem those managers would love to have. Last question Pedro Martinez. -- party likes -- here for so. Athletes from. He ain't right out all. Day Jordan's Furniture. How why and how fun was that for you LL EK and I'm sure you wanted a bed in the clubhouse at some point he. -- -- Record of rooting interest being -- and I know obviously affiliated to actually do that. But I enjoyed it homage good good -- they also admired. -- -- -- -- -- it's a great human being and and various -- first and be around and now. I mean married I never lets say you're going to be -- -- on -- -- and I never know what my goal. Envelope saints. I get the -- obviously. Doing that. Meadow a lot more from me and him and I guess they can mildly funny. Well I'm glad I'm glad -- came -- -- they're not the people involved it could continue to see me -- And content on the stand I don't flopped on yen you know and I'd like -- I'd like big big moves and and -- about it you all all contribute to me. Then it'll make doing something on the trance we'll see. All right thank you for joining us Peter oversell happy that you're back in Boston and your part of this Red Sox organization and I think I speak for everybody here you one of our favorites and thank you. Followed the pleasure always a pleasure to be back in Boston and also talking. And I served in -- I -- to attack -- and all right thank you. Take a quick rates and are here Debbie -- every. He'll he's able to go to any one of three pitches in 32 counts or. In a two strike situation and it's. -- hitters can't sit on anyone approach. -- to finish a guy often. He's done such a great job of that that 32 count when it doesn't give them. Any and is not afraid to go before county uses an entire count when needed. But so we've seen some of his better sliders in those two situations. Pat Ryan -- there. John -- on nine -- You know Brian -- -- -- -- today you know I'm not blame it on the back at our in his previous starts but I have to just say past -- They saw in the nationally. Suck even -- the American. Cell. It's kind of hard and aids and -- out and when it's playing these teams that -- at the bottom of the there'll. Mean right. It's nice note that. -- Eight -- eight Major League Baseball and has been at the schedule by it it's just. Not take any different and as and number 3 starter which I -- being. At the number of force by that. We need to see. Him get his it is first but also. You know just seeing other guys contribute. Like even rocks -- on earth or -- Ayman veteran Mike and first four hit game in his career. On ten strikeouts against -- you know I got the run support -- two point 63. Run support his first four outings I David Ortiz continues to hit well coming off that injury will middle Brooks I'm a little bit down on I gotta tell you. Let you know he's. He's keep that things don't like that with the without long ball also Jacoby -- Mary. Listen guys in contract years mr. -- ports -- -- and you know he's he's playing. His balls for now he getting his 200 career stolen -- -- player and it's accessory to reach that milestone he leads the majors with eleven stolen bases and happily it's. -- eight. I -- this seventeen games this year Mike Napoli has only had I need heat and again. And in a majority. Of the twelve. Got multiple hits. And we just talked later Martinez talked about the -- chemistry and an about the work. Saying that when he showed up in spring -- the first thing he noticed was saying that guys are ready to work. They got there early ready to work and are ready to play the shape inhaler. They they they they were ready for the Steve ready to put that miserable 2012 behind them. He also notice that chemistry. Act that. They had eighteen camaraderie and I think that that that it doesn't matter team chemistry doesn't matter you just heard it in 1904. Based on pitching team chemistry it would. You know between parents and animal are telling -- I think fine. You're losing. Having signed a winning of course you have to have the talent on the team. By justice Pedro Martinez say that they will work they came to camp ready to work. And they were all having line that's what year hitting the phone calls me a call from its you're. Richer and BB. -- what are we would you want on an Orioles and you hate me you must hate me me. I don't want it but I'll. It's only blind -- There you know like you -- now what I gonna be. I'm really impressed the Sox pitcher I'm. Anybody but the Yankees after Orioles and I don't care. But I really trust -- like you're just talking about the work ethic. You know and over the course well received and we shall see like like to set you know -- -- just everybody dorm room. That's relation to it but. I -- -- -- -- -- -- -- action in the power power players and me and you know issues -- get this yet. It is good to see why it Martinez tell us that it was good for baseball that it's all about Red Sox and the Yankees anymore. And I think. That good for baseball does not old Tampa -- stepped up. You know went to the World Series in 2000 anyplace you know if you wanna tackle -- -- Orioles quickly you know with the Boston -- ancient but thanks for Colin and and you know is that being -- out with the Orioles look what they did last year -- won an apple. I -- wind on that bullpen. It was not one starter rotation last year it earned and I mean. In naming its plan to look at the bullpen and you look at the -- and you look at the -- the -- even stated that no one thought he was gonna get after the start again of course Adam Jones. They're winning on defense there went on the ball and Jim Johnson had a great year as their clothes hair and Harry -- I think they -- a lot of our. Honestly you have to agree that is -- -- our hearts and it had in the past. Yeah Iraq camaraderie over a 162 games. Right and you -- I don't like each other you don't wanna be around it can be really early and actually and on top. You know I just think that -- a long way to winning notes those games on the road in the West Coast you wait you can't win. You know I struggled McNeal at the plate in -- guys to pick up that. I disliked chemistry of the Red Sox. A lot of chemistry the Orioles and it's good for baseball to decedent anarchy. You know you're getting out winning some baseball game and you know yeah. But a lot of excitement in baseball answers to your health taking the Yankees organized seem to -- You know maybe yeah. It this year but. -- didn't -- so what was the -- are here to it. Upbeat about the Federer came last year for eight. My wife got her first trip to sunlight and you know just what a wonderful ballpark just great to come out there. That should just those wonderful so. And hockey -- initially -- great but yeah there are real and the like -- -- -- Aging parent take a break you we have Jessica are here in studio she's gonna join us after the -- -- and it tackle Jason -- -- go over the patriots. And opting out trading out of that first round giving up their twenty ninth pick in the first round talk about who they got in its current whether or not that was a good movement activities I'm Laura. At coming up next hour and Jessica Jessica Marion this year will be backed to -- I did not -- Was it -- the -- yeah. -- why now how uncomfortable I did not pick is on. -- right we have these lovely the talented beautiful she's -- this year. This year yes my name is the governor and a she's my best friend and a and a well round. Scott that's not the Comcast sports at welcomed as. Yankee everything looks and sounds like it's going OK so far as far as I can tell nothing's broken yet nothing's on fire. So far I think you're doing all right yet and I'm. You know. It's funny done Dennis just needed at its very heart goes. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Can. It was -- Me al-Qaeda. This is how -- it is the question is -- it's legit. -- crap effort to male anatomy at least thirty times already had that pretty much however well I am. Celtics. It's not. Hamas guy. Play want to say I think golf app talking about. So much at. -- -- air and I think it was it was nice to see. You know -- as a mention of Larry at the begin now. -- and -- But it was the Greek god. Just I don't bring it actually relate to you know you. Don't know that you are -- on the shoulder is getting mixed -- -- beyond. Mike now. -- tech today is -- it -- not like I don't know are lunatic here is. You know when it comes to sports if you don't have passed and you have any. Jack that's might. Boy in race and lost and loved the eighteenth of the it's not LTX up that I -- Captain -- any gains or knife or weeks a rat was. -- -- my father while the app on the islands and was traded. And -- -- right -- now when you say a bunch of crazy stuff we know it's coming from coming from a plane apparently. Suggest you -- the Red Sox the caller I heat in Bedford has waiting so patiently. You're so -- he -- not only talked to keep its tactic chests and you must -- right. Oh boy this is a tree RUS yeah I. -- -- ISL until a hundred pounds and it. Have. -- intimidated. I'm not intimidated all I Jenny you're actually talking real sports I I'm loving. I he's shocked and mean I. I only on -- alleging he -- Welcome the knuckle heads that you work with on that it didn't work on that station I'm surprised you haven't talked about here. Crummy -- -- for anything it's wonderful. -- -- -- next week or anything like his -- Men and -- now. Anyway I think that world you know. Sort of floating here. That Syria early so you know ought to mean -- they seem unbelievable. But it again and again and again the names Lester and -- You know have to be on among them in fact earlier. And after spring season. People were picking the most important players. To perform this year. And bomb Lester spoke colts were number one -- two always Ellsbury was three in usually will middle Brooks was four. So we got three out of four anyway doing -- thing. Yeah star. So anyway I think it Dempster this performance a particularly all the strikeouts in getting out of camps. Really maybe he's -- number two starter of one of the first to get her. Your mind. Maybe wouldn't meet ya know I am but also from. Let's go on to the next thing then. Lackey Lackey starts tomorrow. How important and what do you expect from him. Again is substantial there. Starter it's if it's something comfortable colts are Lester. Well we just got to get Lackey right first in that. That spot just to see how he can do now we'll see how that. Tightness in how that cramped -- and that arm that makes me a little nervous not obviously with a guy coming off of Tommy John surgery could've been a lot worse so let's get. Let's get on Sunday and see how he goes and then we can maybe pushing up the ranks them but they need him to do well because of seven is as we know he was the first option. To be in that Sox rotation should one guy go down and now they had to. Ship him and his strange attitude to the talk itself let's get Lackey settled Bert tomorrow and see how he does that baton and maybe you. If he's doing well and we can think about put them somewhere else but right now if you go to that fifth spot that would be. Awesome for. Corrects obviously yeah I mean -- at that's -- any team's fifth spot drain and quickly before we take a break. There's no chance dancers moving up it it's an -- to. Me. Story is what's wrong with it. But you don't want you don't -- buckled line. I -- anything to acting as I lacked heat of at least thirteen EXE. After this injury. If you can stay healthy I'm nineteen. Not that happy after the braid beat a hole. The -- ranking doubles this was was was junk apps it would get be back at jet pilot test.

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