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Christopher Price, WEEI.com, joins Mustard and Johnson to talk Patriots Draft 2013

Apr 27, 2013|

Mustard & Johnson are reporting live from Foxboro where Christopher Price helps them break down the Patriots draft picks.

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Know he's -- -- guys sports center. A student Jones and the teachers and -- preacher are here for you can't. Media and sports Saturday with a mushroom Johnson on the WEEI Sports Radio network came WEEI. Guns go. Plus Josh do live from Gillette Stadium on this beautiful Saturday morning pictures yet to pick in the fourth round three more in the seventh they forty made. Four picks three of those on the defensive side of the football in rounds two and three you know they surrendered that. First round draft pick number 29 overall what Minnesota Vikings on Thursday night much to the chagrin of my partner Larry Johnson who stayed up to 1128. And that -- were you able to go to sleep were you just tossing and turning the rest of the night when I was going through my different dropped publications on night trying to for Europe they would draft in the second round. And that must been a frustrating experience but here too. Give us the lowdown on what's happening -- Paul -- patriots is that WEEI dot com zone Christopher prices. Good morning Chris and happy draft. Good morning to you guys this is one of if not the best offseason activities for football fans football writers at the very exciting week and it's a fun weekend. Because we all get to -- GM but we'll get to say. This dial it here and we think disguise -- figured why did this guy slides so it's. It's a lot of fun to how many people lying exactly yeah yeah exactly yeah this smokescreen to come out and RR -- quite legendary this weekend but it's it is it's a great week and it's a fun week in particular thought but did you. Like it better when it was more on Saturday that the like the first for the fourth and then little little -- over the Sunday I you know like a battery you'll like it better on a three day. I did like it better but I understand why he decided to move it in a prime time when seven -- you can get seven million people the toot -- to me -- two -- three and a half hour show. EO the NFL has done a fantastic job. At making these offseason events must see TV whether it's the schedule released whether it's free agency or whether it's the draft. In this is just another part of that -- -- were able to kind of stretch it out over three days and I I did I like to Judy's better but I can understand why but he did what did you lean more towards. One. TV coverage. NFL network over ESPN. At the manatee I'd like NFL network I will see this in my colleagues note that I am no fan of the leniency in councils -- I don't think he need to do that I think it's a little bit gimmicky hum but other than that I really like with the uniform network is doing I think when it comes to draft stuff and you're looking at. The major TV outlets. I think Mike Mayo -- is attributed to part of his approach of I'll also say this to -- patriots fan. He's very tight with Belichick is -- you go back and you look it is history and he was the first guy to link for example back in 2000 Jerod -- to the patriots he was the first guy that I can remember. That link Chandler Jones to the patriots so he knows Belichick he noses approach he knows what he likes he knows -- he doesn't like it's a more often than not he's the guy you want. I think he is and I'm reading. Various articles recently when Tim McCarver announces retirement as much as people don't like carp -- read and it. Colony analysts -- baseball game late seventies early eighties it's a lot. Now with them York where the Mets and maybe got a little tired activate 72 when it was time for. Maybe animal bombed by the -- -- as being this generations football version of Tim McCarver a -- yeah he looks at the game much more complex -- He sees the entire field he doesn't under platitudes and cliches sometimes it might be a little too technical. On the Thursday night game but for the draft these capsules per unit he has -- only hander mr. stand -- Bosnia. I think authority must pick up a remote cause at least -- Finally opera everybody you are on I'll. Let this guy that guy. I'm -- and I looked like he can attack in Iraq in what. -- I'll look like they're talking points and light it -- On the -- -- -- were the X. I think the watching he has been for some reason. Much like the network I just out of sheer force of habit. I always Toomey in years PM Thursday night like whether I like prime time let's face it the NFL made billions by going to ride but the prize to one extent the -- Like moment. -- Noah can't stand them arms them on the back back back back -- and -- is that dinosaurs. At us that's what I like about us LL go. Premise how's it purposes -- that -- I thought it was in 1983 other than that that's an animal all -- species beginning to need Europe and -- this week. We'd -- the great draft -- -- have to look at. Just the history of the drafted how it's evolved. But also the behind the scenes stuff it's still goes on and in terms of Egypt's talking GMs in the process paprika process. For not only top picks but the the rest the league was really fascinating look if anyone's parents institute. I highly recommend what you know it's funny human kidney -- great quarterbacks came out in 1980 degrees in certainly no way in Reno and Tony. -- was even in that trap in 1983 let's forget. Last year's draft was a spectacular. Obviously with a two great quarterback top that -- both at such fantastic rookie years. That's like going back in the early part of our conversation Chris this year was decidedly in comparison the last years ago on. Sexy so -- what's the take away from the strap on the back there's just a lot of big guys playing offense and defense line trap. It's a good year to be you know offensive -- a minority if you're a team that in the market for -- -- offensive lineman or. A quick defense of faculty that suit this is a good draft if if you got to protect. You know -- -- no. Delete skill position players who separated themselves from the group to the extent we you can point them and -- That's the guy we need to move up to get you noted there -- no. I was joking with some of my colleagues here and -- there's there's no. -- ornaments in the industry noted there's there's no one's gonna sell a lot of season tickets you know. You know you usually with a first round pick you get the wide receiver you get to do you get. Big sack machine you get that the running back in it slap his space on the -- and the departure news it look here's the guy it was going to be. The -- Player for you know the next generation there's -- -- those guys in this draft. That being said. This is a great draft for. Football birds for our offer for for stat guy look at what are -- prefer parks drop these guys are cornered I don't I mean I honestly believe both offensive lineman. Those guys or cornerstones of a franchise now on the road -- -- -- got to build. An office of -- on again no and we skill position guys mr. out. But there are a lot of guys in this draft program review -- covers it. Also a charge of the game has changed the passing game now I mean one running going back in the first fourth round. So you get these big -- -- Lyman and got cornerbacks what he's trying to do either trying to protect the -- stop. Yeah or get pass rushes which Chandler Jones doing during the off season -- Adobe's please tell me he's working. Yet -- is working out -- you know working he's what I understand he'd been back here in the offseason program work I think. You know if you wanna talk about some of the guys at one of the guys beat -- last night. I think will be able provides them all but it depth at that position. -- some technology. Law is a little small but he has some potential versatility Belichick. About the practically double double positions former defense back you know you can do a lot of things he might be one of those guys drafted for -- Courtesy going to be guys stepped in this year. Beacons and practicing Dotson is going to be guys that can impact for eagle on that -- really fast by them by the way you look at team account numbers and -- single game or single quietly. We're just looking at the description of them. Looks like sort of hybrid between their two. Optics last night our job yet exactly love you know -- the trees here more often enough around -- the more you can do for a and did you know if you complete with -- -- in the dirt you can play you know standing up after the after the drop coverage. These are all -- And I think that they are going to do their due diligence when it comes to. Finding history of playing into it but I also think they're going to be able uses for. A US trade mallet. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I think in ideal that all that's happened this weekend panel that will -- that I think -- between now training camp because when you look at. The situation as it's -- You figures for five years but that's gonna reach the end of that contract. You -- play into at least forty he's going to be -- your not gonna have. Ryan mallet -- here for. 345 years you know it just it would exit now I think what you need to -- -- without a pot to invest. You need to be that there's a draft in the third. Let's get what's coming next year yet that you only get a second 2014. IDB's quarterback ratings of the -- -- In the one thing particularly for that the couple -- them. Except there's a lot of really averaged report where you can sell right now but team. -- -- Error you know about the cat's out of the question exactly after the I've got what you guys who. Will come relatively -- for the next two years with the young guy who passed out. You look at that paper and a guy who had character questions coming out. But is now -- in the patriot system for two years prove himself to be high character guy but it is adamant that he's he's very genuine. In his desire to burn things round off the field. And so I think you could sell a lot of teams that India right now so far man they certainly -- them out there long enough shock that they. Make a trade forms. And expect them develop the last week. About this but once I wrote the packet that -- did he is -- your dealer and this is this is probably the best to deal because the quarterback situation being what it is out there. He's really rough and I think. On paper the most logical tree or right now with the weather that's gonna take place between now -- I don't know but. You know again I'll reiterate the fact remains the most treatable chip on this roster looking to get more. Poignant now. -- I believe -- there's. There's. There's. We're real continue to dissect and analyze what happened yesterday with a patriots looking a little bit to today. As far as their fourth and 37 round selections are concerned we'll also take your telephone calls have some questions for Christopher price he the happy to take those 617779. 7937. Mustard and Johnson live from the draft from Sports Radio WEEI. But you know they have bad news. You know no matter what game you're always just you know arms involved but in my heart that there. You know not really you know there's an awful that they that are battling you know a lot of you know -- the American public outrage -- -- -- It. As Jamie Collins. First patriot pick for the second overall in the second round. Can play both offense and and outside linebacker. Where else do you like about this actress that he does -- the versatility I think that that appeals to them I think he's also. -- -- They think there is kind of this is one of my least -- after -- tremendous -- in the agency editing easier -- to also. Doesn't necessarily. Need to be an impact player as a rookie need to be nice but I think when you look at. You know some of the other guys beat up. You know you you -- -- you can see Logan lines stepping into this defense and getting some significant -- as you can see Aaron Dobson if he progresses we Putin told. Stepping into that profits and being an X receiver that they need for timing Collins has tremendous athletic that would. Right there which the perfect segue. Let's face the line -- incorporate this team -- it's pretty strong so I mean he doesn't have the burden of coming in have to perform. From day one on the other hand. You look at this kid from Marshall Aaron Dobson and we know you've been covering for the last ten years wide receiver is the is the shortstop. For the patriots have threats like can't find good shortstop patriots have not been able to find group wide receivers is this guy. Finally is getting in this decade long drives though except for maybe ailment. I it's it's interesting when you look at that that -- point I think that if you're looking at the Achilles heel when it comes to drafting developing we talked about defense of Mexico also -- -- wide receivers. The -- went through such. A fallow period when it comes to -- -- what would want to put it comes to what because they were able the get through it really -- it wide receivers. Through your early part of it takes tenure we know through through the draft with a was Deion Branch whether it was David Givens you know they were able to find these guys. In draft the development term remedies really grew wide receivers. For whatever reason elastic you have worked I think -- couple things in play there for -- never go all the I think one I think that they've never and that's just the way the operate you know but he are pushed all the -- that little table on Michael. Example. I will say this Dobson is the biggest wide receiver that they drafted. Since -- re 63 over 200 pounds he's the biggest wide receiver that they drafted I don't know that represents. A philosophy change they're gonna do with the -- -- -- that he liked it good speed not it'll -- high end speed but he's got good speed I will say this too. They've been looking for that X receiver people looking for that guy that they fought Brandon Lloyd who's going to be last year bigger guy. Who is not an elite speed guy but can still do a good job getting separation from defense to back -- trying to look at physical. This is a guy who has all of those qualities there's YouTube video up there. Today people leading market in check that one yet that at one -- against east Carolina. Was amazed -- I was out -- -- I talked to a high school coach last night. And he said physically. And I know it's it's it's it's -- a strategies that physically the way he plays the way he approaches the game. His style please skill set reminds him an awful lot of impossible. The bigger. Physical guy plot not -- again I am not agree that the guy but but but but a guy who has argued a bigger guy with them separate and wrestled the -- -- -- -- so did make it good. I think adding I think -- -- that a couple. There we cleanup they would it's you know you'll what you'll you'll want to hot but adding if you talk to patriots fans out there. The word -- now the -- and just run over into the rated just. -- just yeah and we've heard enough of that and you know upside in value but. But thinking about this wide receiver position not only have they been unable. Not to draft the -- wide receiver in this if settlements the best of that crew over the last ten years that. That's saying a whole heck of a lot. And in some of these free agents that committed just been not been able to adapt to the system what makes this system so difficult for seemingly. Above average wide receivers commuter -- -- one of the great quarterbacks of all time. Because they don't really. Run a traditional office falsely that view there's there's there's certain elements to this offense that are difficult to pick up and are difficult to. Tootsie when it when you're talking let me get a transition from college to pro. In learning some of the new wants is that you need to pick up on in the pro game specifically and very complex very complicated offense like this for you went to a lot of guys can't do. -- we we know we -- we've seen these guys -- just operate this office operate. Breakneck pace vehicle so fast if you don't pick up on it you want left by the side of the road in and I think that's -- -- from some of these wide receivers. You know Taylor Price the first guy to come right mind right all right company author Olympic years ago a guy who just you gotta be late because graduation thing it was just costly work and play catch up. He just never got on the same page for the office I think when you look at Dobson -- of -- at last it was very interesting he praised Dobson smarts. Up and down. Very impressed that's cry by by his intelligence level in what he can bring to the field army you -- he told a story about being able to talk to them. And then having to recall what another guy did on the play Ian. -- his is his recall level. For not only his own position before positions across the board was very impressive Belichick was very impressed by his -- -- I think that figured into. Their dispute while there's a precedent. And I know it's it's easy to make these connections but two to Marcia receivers did pretty. -- for this franchise back and you know obviously Troy did it -- resilience with intelligence. And eventually that -- that athletic talent came to before but it really. Troy was a fifteen year veteran because he really understood how to play -- a football player exact Randy Moss besides the great talent. Easily integrated himself into the system early on which -- -- you were surprised that or Ochocinco. Or avoid to a lesser extent could not do exactly it it's it's a tough. Program be in you can really in my experience you can tell fairly early on if a guy gets it. Even a rookie year you know you -- -- guys who you can see you can see you coming here who really understand the system really pick it up like like Welker so welcome the spring 2007. Working with -- -- -- You knew that there could be something especially when you saw boss. Working with a south and back in 2000 Newsom could be special court all the back to 2002. Would Dion branch you know David Givens you could identify these guys very quickly and I think won't go very quickly when I want to dobbs. Well it isn't and also their offense operate in such ways it. Each play has extensions. You -- options like it's not like just they run out when he and then write about an outside line up. It's -- know you have to see if the cornerback is coming up -- and you. That -- that are going out -- all of Cordova post -- so it's like it's different extensions. On each play depending on what. The defense is giving Brady knows that in as a receiver you have to know that exactly it's -- -- right. Luckily it's on you was the receiver to know that because you can meet New Hampshire the Brady knows the situation you know what reading knows. What he wants in that situation is on the receiver to identify the coverage and meet you adjustments according to be rubber trees here but you don't -- again they'll specifically go whip. Like you said -- don't know go to ten yards and you know dude -- to a -- yeah it's a very different kind of system it's it's a very complex system. And again we've seen it -- necessarily you know. It's it's tough to pick up with -- None of it is not just earning a hundred pass plays. It's like running 300 Cutler in the 100 and then there are options off of what the defense is giving you. In Brady knows that so he's expecting you to make this -- eat but he's making. In the other thing too it's really important they move guys every office but the two more year. In other places routes to Morgan expect the worst of these all you look at guys. Like there Hernandez who earlier in the Tennessee land and at that spot in the field. You know a lot of offense to mr. market yesterday that it good lineup -- -- tight -- -- -- one -- -- got. In you know there's no crossover there. They -- guys here in misses the to a lot to line up a lot of different places. In captain of the rebel -- you up so quickly update on. Social problem. But the forum rock you is is working his way back in really -- that that's a new one because we don't we needed information there have been. Really all that were coming tournament. But let's let buttered and it's you know it is the stories about you know I think -- in the Earl talked. He has he keep working his way back in there's the question is whether he's going to be able ago the spraying. Com but he supposedly going to be ready for him once. When you talk a tight ends. I really wanna see it now. Why is the Ballard is evil QB contributor because is -- in between those two he's a little bit more gronkowski. And in his style like you undrafted guy at Ohio State -- -- -- name for himself against -- patriots out of how -- -- a couple of years ago caught some passes. Really fascinated to see him in the system -- -- enough of them. To claim him you know from the giants in just it looked off rehab to better. I wanna see him whispering what. Well he made a great to a great catches in the regular season couple years ago the regular season game the giants came back in one year. And catch over the middle that set them up for a the next pass in the end -- both work. Excellent catches for a tight end bacon you know obviously with two great tight ends it's going to be a -- for him to find its place but not a -- election. And if I recall the giants were a little blind sided by that. They were there were Tom Coughlin was not exactly thrilled by the idea of -- Jake Ballard and I think that speaks to. He's imports and not only as a giant but you know what he can bring to the field I think they'd be viewed him. As a real -- as ours are real as a real resources real asset. On that team and again I wanna see how he fits. Here knowing again he's disease game is more gronkowski and Hernandez because quite frankly and it has more slot which Robert did and real tight -- -- more -- what's -- supposed to rock -- The bigger more physical more more predicted guys. Coming up -- take -- break. -- bill Belichick's fascination. -- all things at Rutgers University that's coming up but missed the priced property act this year. Noble calls well got a question work. When doing the right. That's next. I -- that that the Robin. It's the it only. It went the opposite. And there are. Six. 793. Democrats to reprise every it must adult life -- statement which radio guys. The good football player good programs and under production on most for a performance in the draft. Smart. And productive. It's been very consistent them well coached. Those techniques -- instinctive player. Says he's so a lot of corruption. It's tough to tackle. Bill Belichick act waxing rhapsodic easily built -- you know. About one of his favorite universities. And positions from the university quarterback. There pick overall New England Patriots electing -- eleven under one pound. Well. -- hand that aren't enough a mere eight X later. Picking when Bryant's teammates in the backfield the wrong mormons you from Rutgers six the 188. I. At the start of the rate Christopher price -- economic -- And more. All everybody's. All the people who are gorge right now they -- I. I promise -- wrap your finger right now. There's a lot of why actors why the fascination is statistically it's it's. Me -- these guys guys he's got his. College coaches you know it in years ago it was you know nick -- and in. Pat Hill and Kirk turned to the guys who worked with him in Cleveland and -- he cultivated relationships with those guys and -- would go back to lean on -- Nick -- and say -- it will tell me about this kid from Alabama you know can play at this level. End you know and went to was -- a few weeks we saw the same thing too -- it was you guys to be drafted. He developed a relationship for years ago ratio at Rutgers his son walked on the football team I believe was one that -- and Belichick who's known assistant here. He gets these guys he gets Schiavo he gets Urban Meyer. There's two or three other names out there are guys who didn't necessarily work form but caught his eyes college coaches. He's developed relationships with these guys so that's why we're starting to see this pipeline in in the case of she -- and Rutgers. It started a few hours ago week that look forty we sought to -- under -- here we saw Alex Sylvester we hear. In its gonna continue because you know he knows if he goes back to Rutgers they're going to give him. The street story on the rise you know is opposed to some other college who is maybe going to artificially pump the tires on a prospect he said last night. The it is who we asked about this last night and it is important to be able to sit down these guys and talk to him when -- come -- watch film but I think when. A friend of is like this year -- like Urban Meyer can vote for Oregon. In what he was able to do one the only days the collar trouble I think that's a lot because you know. What the average fan is thinking when they go with -- picks back to back -- Playing in the secondary but they condemn them according to -- them reporting having a great rookie year quarter and then just from. -- form part of the quarterback making nice adjustment to a statement. They're going to be more about these two -- Exactly what's this -- talked about potentially. As rookies. Line it is probably going to be reasons that. We can be competing. Right now. -- -- Exactly yet its roster and -- -- Yeah. I personally and play. You. That's good. That's his role as the you know basically they're very similar skills. But. Their bigger eyes. Com in those guys were going to be playing that position concede the other guy Hartman who is. Watching. Washington apartment yet on what -- that would. And you know a clip for the -- And Iran are optimistic. That the -- -- talking to. Andy Houston turn that. They. Expect and that's. I think you aren't exactly mean if you look at for a guy who might consider beach in his draft and plaster. But he models that. Year this guy right this is the guy in the situation he right now. He's probably going to be talked about. Playing now. Look at that situation. With army. Will. -- defense of the -- -- -- both these guys and initially. But were gonna see how. Fast second though there's some part there. I think it ended last year bird would note very competitive. In all of those guys -- back. That it -- now Whipple -- Or. Write about the it's for me I think he spent all the offseason talk about well -- Tuesday ago went to impact them. But it really fast but the secondary and this was a group I think the success. Last year. Problem Egypt but sigh I think a year -- these guys -- -- there is starting corners. We are willing to like quarter in the two safeties -- Gregory. Meat -- and Wilson were strong safety rule. In. According to the freeze -- Looked -- the good competitive group and now they've got some depth there well. Past -- rules in figures in the Olympics because. It's the immediately but he positioned to be out there so he -- that counts. The first thing your wheels came here why. Exactly it's out of the question is whether or not that with its decision but there's. Board the fact that. There for a couple hours. Mean. I think that. Look for a guy who can be accurate and it's -- You'll be veteran presence in. The division at Rutgers -- -- That he was very reticent ago when asked about. All but it appears that you did. This year. We. Steam by -- for -- -- Experience like for. The controls that some -- Rutgers. The oval in my memories are Rodney. -- one that that's exactly use. You know. Where word that the become the animals. Roam. The league. The past and it's again he's over thirties. Opel but in terms of being leader being the -- to be a well known group that acts. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But relying on him to be toward some of these direct traffic and act as quickly and they are. The two. I'm. Like yeah those guys of the fact that there's the northeastern the fact that I've played football eastern. -- now. And -- You know it. But the fact it now these proposals for. Years ago I'd. Him -- with these guys tempering it because. Talked to a couple guys at mine who coached -- -- all play. The best case scenario banquet with arms that is he used what might equate these couple -- ago. And retail and -- quit. Overpowering -- political will for -- -- belly. But but. The interior pass -- and he. -- were there will for. All of the these chemicals. Thirtieth yet but I think. The best similar or greater yet you can draw and we talked about the Rutgers -- in the best interest. I think if you looked at Kelly. Got which got a couple years I think that there's the play once. Again tempering what Mike -- brought for a couple years ago. I. It's. So why I was so good teasing last. Re going to last very accurate terms that we're going to find out how Bristol. Chris -- an -- and talk about the NFL draft any questions I submitted earlier you -- -- if you agree or use my. At that date to was filed what's sexy and -- it when it was. It is equities so get back in the apparently. I shop at him and we'll explain why army combat yeah that's that's good philosophy ready situation into it and that's an apple blogger Christopher prices which radio ability. That very play you know -- history. It is stated it very. -- candidate and it is. You know respect towards you know I'm gonna come -- and it doesn't -- holidays really you know if it's true that can do it is I think waded into a dozen -- Not so -- great. Austin Johnson Sports Radio WEEI. Live from Gillette Stadium here in Foxborough Massachusetts. We await the patriots next election -- comes in round number -- what actually happened to our two new known yet they'll kick off -- kick off the fourth round at noon and then it's going to be provided the only country. -- it being. Treated at the seventh after that so it's going to be. It's always these weekends are always hurry up and we are typically hurry up and wait so it's. It is like that the past. Eleven it is but it's like -- culture comes afterwards some heat in. Seventh -- -- -- -- very very good players. Accused of murdering this as an uncle -- on other than that. You know appropriately fall's world and we're gonna put about on the field and you know they went out and -- we're at much higher. Like like he ever comes out and just say hey that's not the equipment that. You don't it's fun I went back and looked at his post draft press conference for 2000. When he drafted -- robbery. -- he came not in he says the you know we like -- we like it -- make up we like you know that the effectiveness you know he's he's really improved his decision making over the course last few years and you know. We have to fight for Joba Brian -- but we're gonna put him out there to see how we does news article from there it was funny afterward they'll ask questions about -- That's what about other guys exactly right did you draft a quarterback in the sixth round that that brings veto it -- to another point though that I think every year the go after report. Whether it's a late round guy or someone is an undrafted free agent -- I think they're gonna do it cuts out because you never know governor you never know even if it's -- -- camp arm. That they bring in here to help out you know regardless of the situation around right now we talked about that before. I think they're gonna get a guy I'd like to Penn State guys glowing. Who says you know who's there who work with bill O'Brien last year -- and really from real familiarity obviously. With a Patriots offense as a result. Children free music -- duke -- I think might be you're attracted to them locally around with the requirement from our new coach that they are out with that was rough I would say this. I'm really intrigued by Eugene mean you'll pick up that the bill's main thing didn't reach formal little bit -- state -- Florida State did. I if they are that guy I am not saying he's going to be the guy but he is most likely the guy who would be. If things fall properly the next helicopter. It used physical skills that. -- -- go to Atlanta bigger that it will deputy about the sixth for a little bit bigger but he's got the speed he's got a good decision making you look at the scouting report that they had a aren't happening coming out of Nevada. You match -- with the team mean you'll now granted capita got a great situation -- only coach I don't know distinct between it's going to be you know -- buffalo but I think. If there is a guy who is going to be the next read options star Eugene annualized real. Is that where the NFL is going we still obviously known is Tom Brady here it is it is the Peyton Manning. In Denver in the pocket quarterbacks the Aaron Rodgers to sign the contract made in the highest paid. Player in the history the NFL these guys -- pocket quarterbacks and Roger's obviously a little bit more. Mobility those guys but are they is that the future of the national football. I think we are starting to move in that direction I don't think it's going to be the future but it think. 510 years down the road -- gonna see more teams run some sort of modified version of that I think that I don't watch. Three years down the road. Is is -- football from Texas you know I think it -- -- yeah and and I think he's going to be. The guy who is going to be able to take it to the next level ya gonna be the guy you're going to be looking for quarterback who can do that you can run the read option to a lot of the same things like applicant -- But also has the -- -- I think he used that guy to be able to take quarterbacking into the 21 century as a result it's obvious who were in -- it was nineteen. But I think you've shown in the off in his brief college career to be to be looked at as the guys who could do. But in an accident that like the tree. Like if they not caring these guys are yet again that that the Chrysler RG three and a knee problems before he came -- the national for that a lot of people using that knee injury it's. Actually -- -- That you have to find it like it that you have to find a happy medium between the right thing. I think we're looking at these young guys we're looking at -- RG three Russell Wilson. Again opening up -- -- local property. You're gonna have to find that the team -- of -- two point we gonna find someone who's gonna have a bit more mobility. In the traditional pocket popular 119 announcement. And now it's six quarterbacks on the roster. It's six quarterbacks on the roster cultures he really I really want. I'm not routine can be protected them for year to right now. Now the department trying to get into. Right to -- we did this last year it called widgets but. There were lots of circuits that -- well organized money. The jets are not the jets -- just. It did they are -- Mets beat me some good -- like some of the stuff that the developers in their starting got a steal back -- -- the Revis treat. They got rid of their most treatable chip equipment ballot being between treatable chip yeah I think which jets in which they got more form. But I think in retrospect now at the sign that it look were moving in to direct mr. -- but I think it would have been better served by going off at the open where. First Dave but I think it -- and good -- I think your aggressive how. Were you rooting for the patriots if honey badger. Just wanna say. -- areas and I'm which you want something that you want I think nobody know this story -- -- as a reporter yes yes are we as a football or exactly the report goes for the story and I think that would have been a great story. I think however. I don't think he would have signaling that because just on the surface I can -- -- he's he's a lecture. He's not a port guy he's not a part of please go round for future -- -- punt returner he's slot corner. He's not a guy who's gonna play. More than 60%. No way he's not a -- he's not a court got you on economic or nucleus I think right now is in could evolve but the rate that could well. An attempt -- -- certificate thing will definitely -- attempt yet -- in depth but I think -- a budget but also yeah ran out I'd I'd be disappointed but it I think at this point. -- offers you more about you in less distraction. -- -- -- -- the more breaks -- might as well as Chris since I. Got to see what happens tomorrow for the future our future hosted. -- -- -- 797. Prices here we act with all things. -- -- -- -- till 1 o'clock it will continue while other draft coverage like Gillette Stadium on Sports Radio yeah.

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