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Mustard & Johnson discuss who's to blame for the Celtics and Bruins slipping at the end of their seasons

Apr 27, 2013|

Mustard & Johnson place some blame on the coaches as the Bruins and Celtics are having tough finishes to their seasons. The guys discuss the coaches and their future here in Boston.

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That would do we didn't know I thought we start out that way we just couldn't make shots and they could either for a while and then they started to -- and again I just thought the second quarter of whatever reason we got so frustrated what our offense. We let up defensively. And then that's when they stretched. The day. Doc Rivers salty and exponent when he won his sixth on -- in the second quarter for all intents and purposes putting the team away. Quarter temperatures sixteen point halftime lead and almost years between the game with -- Boston Marathon tragedy heroes turned to boos. The team in green and white pathetic performance that it went so oh don't. Give the impression -- He wrestlers and you know I don't look at herald's -- were -- they were booed going into the according to people were there were booed as they were. Making your way into the locker room last night are you protecting -- desert area. I would they deserve to be Larry you know what they they're big debate in my opinion I hit it all right okay they're giving me a lot of money. The you have equipment you're not angry but I expected disappointed. I expected. A much better. Performance what it was execution or effort when you break I think they wanted to go up there way. In the -- estates and maybe they just don't have enough people to get the job now with Rondo on the shelf. But you look at that performance at home. As being one of the all time clunkers now what's interesting is that have violent patient for the patriots this year broker mass at the office. Is -- -- element stagnant would be very paying out about that ruling while ago. I don't have as much patience for the girl and I do agree. That if they do have a lot of talent management team whether -- the best team I don't know about the goaltending and the defensive struggle that but I by the way. -- we have gotten hurt in years ago it he would Marine One. He can then not like I protected -- the market move around and make up after that stuff like he does I wish they had in ten years ago when you. He worked the price of admission just watching him I think he's the greatest players you know people. At 41 idea I think -- you're teammate -- wrap up a little bit just watching him -- wonderful beautiful I was focusing or month or week as it is. And there are a lot of things going on right now do you realize that. Grow into playing the capitals tonight the rats aren't playing that -- it dumps they had at night outing last night -- as to -- Brian that's out except playing tomorrow and and the NFL draft is going on while that's all import -- that's why we're here. Actress prize will be after 11 o'clock. Query. Whole list of questions. He was asked for opera it's like why can't wrap up Wednesday. But but you know with their their post season. As the round -- regular watch the games we watched. Larry the Celtics are about you go now and when he and other animal we know that it -- -- gains and in the question is. Is it time to just. Not that'll like acts of Rand currency weak and that bothered. Kevin Garnett Paul years. Opt for all there great effort and and -- contribution to this franchise to championship legacy in the history everything else. You might be. It's all oh it's it's -- It's it's going to be image you know he's right debated or bring about it is that it got to have a a PH the other issue an. -- -- averaged almost every show ever Sharma him every day you would -- them so yes Lego rock out but an amazing thing it is but. I had yet to have a degree and in -- exit from MIT. To figure wrote all the different. Nuances for the in the front office work with the NBA you can't just discuss. Waving a guy you trade a guy are so when you say I understand your question and I agree with you -- hopefully it won't be discussed tomorrow. That they don't know managed a win I don't know how well I do I think they're gonna win tomorrow no. Because I don't think it's just predicated on for. If you said earlier I think the effort is in the spirit is willing right spot up just doesn't wanna cooperate to cap right it is -- and you don't let -- -- up yet. An in game three the ultimate cliche in the NBA's team -- here now know who you always come out here. With guns a blazing. It's it's that's the problem all hands on deck that the idea the problem right you use it. Your summing it up if there was a game. To make a statement where okay. That was last -- it just didn't happen. And it is never happen in the NBA we know what's happened in baseball happens frequently in hockey released relatively more frequently you to come down come back from all -- down. Never happen in the NBA just don't see like what can -- -- better ball movement from home with him again -- -- execution of your -- Crumble you know if you wanted to paint a Rosie is possible best case scenario picture here. It would be well at the ocean that's went down. They would stayed in the game. But you know how many people I'm playing in the MBA right now because that's -- ground yeah. Except the fact that he clients and it's a shot from fifty feet away. That is a great player right let's get back to the phone 617. 77979372. Hartford Connecticut we go Michael you're next. -- and -- Michael good morning Michael. You know watching that game last night it was just a feeling that itself over and it sort had a feeling nostalgia. Rondo screaming at LeBron. And I know some people might think that's kinda hokey but Egypt's sort of exudes self confidence to really calendar talent this super start -- I like the way Rondo went after Humphries and a lot of people jumped all over from -- everything but. I just it is this so tight right now they can't even pick a fight. And -- said that. Jeff Green sort of a mystery but I remember having like a big memory -- Jackie McMullen saying that that's it is sort of ammo will it all along was that at the player he always. One. -- that thing at the time -- a three year contract in this is the type of player that you want to build your future around. He's like their reluctance. -- it but I tell you that Miami game. I sat there watching shots off the collapse. Slashing through the middle. Unbelievable. And then the next couple looking teaches float so on I don't know. How you can light a match on that this guy I am sympathetic to its -- surgery and I give all the credit in the world for a going back out there but I still think you got to go back to I don't know exactly somebody column remind me of why they could not procure west. He went to Indiana instead they were in a position there are any offered what he could. But they offered -- more money and he went there. It's awful and he at the time and maybe so we can correct my memory I thought he wanted to go to that franchise for there was particular reason why he chose the franchise with more than just money it might have been a -- audience a better show I can wait no I just know he's played some really good offer them and we don't everybody's looking for Ron looking for a gun at. In years. In them -- you may be other people to chip and images that Terri is just not doing it. I don't know what happened to. It into that the point that situation but it is not getting any. Any production the opposition and all our top Bradley. I played 33 minutes last night and you know he had. To appoint god at least that you weren't -- limit the man park. Thank god it. Not have any necessity like part of the act is what I'm an incompletion. A point guard at best he's the 11 and a half while figure pulpit area -- and then you complain -- from me be when -- -- Down maybe you should realize that. You need a -- or. More conventional -- -- a natural point -- gonna do -- last 7-Eleven and get one well there's the question I mean if you're at any in any changes been resting on his 2007. Morals 20072000. -- like -- treaty made. In July 2000 laden 2007. In Garnett in an Allen here increase the Big Three. Terrific will produce the championship EPA could produce the -- that's not -- -- but now time Larry. We have to say that the -- is all we have seen enough. Father time has asserted himself and you blame -- more than -- capsule that happen if it again if -- if you want me to point a finger at one guy. I would have to say it in helmets and fired needs. But in retrospect I'm just as guilty as I said I bought the team look better without Rondo I wasn't thinking playoffs. Shame on me for not doing that but -- he means more. We're not finding away to replace Rondo with a point guard. Equity at least bring the ball up and create something particularly in the post season 617. 7797937. -- and Johnson live from Foxborough will continue with your calls Christopher price at eleven. -- some good NFL draft luck coming your way -- Sports Radio WB yeah. You know it's remove hundreds of vehicles until this. Office. -- Record day hasn't really been there pretty much the whole series -- when we got to go on tour. Oh. Two birds not -- office it's been going on new ball has totaled some it's a most. So that's -- Paul Pierce tried to -- sum up what. May be a too little too late scenario for your Boston Celtics who came in game three last night and just submitted. A terrible performance. Came -- the game at the home team coming back after losing two games on the road really should comment. We have all guns ablaze and did not happen last night they were down by sixteen at the -- lost by fourteen but really that games out of hand early in it was just. Never a feeling out and about you -- I never had the feeling that they were. Gonna be able to mount any kind of comeback it was insurmountable really. From midway through the second New York were shooting like -- oh in every time the Celtics did anything. New York court respond with Tom I'm on the leave a bull. Shots in now. -- -- was there which is for it if they're -- that you look for -- team goes down again who's there. -- off but that set by -- time they have left on the clock like they have a lot of trouble wearing a follow up. And -- about like. Eight or nine seconds left again -- are a lot of time last -- -- topics at a take green Turks some shoddy it is heat that up into the crowd at like 12 left on the clock I mean it pitches. They're not getting into this that they're not really. Able to run and that threat of more on talking at the fifth spot. Of people claim that they did need Rondo is idiocy while we both hit it right and we subscribe to it's that we can callers I've what does that dogmatic about all that aren't quite hot and all of that number -- Among more than I am right but not that I was abused term dogmatic. I I fell in while I was seduced by that fourteen and Marie coaster it was the start. Only you would go on that correctly you're right 'cause I don't go as selection goes in a variety of forms where if you wanna. Take in the gutters you always do that's why -- brought what happens when there were commend you I was. Shall we say tees that that you prefer that are you like out there are only now that I didn't. I I I was sold a bill good bank you know look at. That somehow or another no one's soul of the mean just watching when my guys. That's how Coco Crisp everything which. Either really passing the ball making the extra -- they're really and they work and and where are doing that went about ninety straight it was I think seven in a row and they were fourteen and three you can find numbers -- if I'm wrong. But in in an though is that you know certainly like if those people credit there were many out there who did manage to nutrients and the moment. Look at the playoffs. And they could see that that scenario. We hear all that crisp passing in that wonderful app where play. Would go right now on the through without a creator -- said I'm talking about basketball career can nervous. Are our partners they don't do my best friend they don't have that they don't have that creative. And it is so plain. And so obvious probably. Now as far as leaning the enemy for not coming up but the other. For a pack up like a point cut I don't know what's out there. I don't know would make -- inactive when it. Yes I'm not that likes the performer I'm just not that cork this that. The ruling mean people like that I just I don't VO. Comfortable with that yet I think after you know. I think to be honest with your protected doing great now a replica of Francona twos and so -- I think it just quickly moving get rid of people they have a bad. Season two to me use and I think a lot more fun obstacle to -- department after the players and I am not pricey plane and its Meehan going you know of the fire right back in that direction is saying. -- -- -- On the other again this complex issue there's no right or wrong. But you know -- also talk radio and you want them aside and it. If I had to choose by says okay which guys more responsible for the -- -- Celtics being down 03 in the eighties doctrine which -- Right but I think we both agrees to -- Mike Ian O'Neal the lakers back I literally took a sledgehammer. And refused to listen to anybody in what the team in the position. Where he did not get -- it is the plate cohesive -- He I would intimately couldn't get -- off it was eat. That's the guy I would blame I don't really blame them but now they know higher I I agree. I'm right you're kidding no no don't blame you knew exactly what you're getting with the into. You knew exactly are blaming him because he refused to now. It -- I have in my agreement if you -- -- I agree with the guy that hired -- and to think that's a perfect case in point. Where you got somebody in -- -- who. I think -- the optimum of coaching is to be able -- take whatever group who have. In John Schulte was great with that in in in if you have to change -- -- little bit because not you have different personnel. You're capable of doing that I don't think you know toying with quick capable. And you know his his says system right and that's the only one he cared about in his case get rid of our photographers apartment is there a Doc Rivers philosophy it's etched in stone it's come down from mount Sinai. No there's not. I think dark place with a nice balance I think you want defense. And he wants to push the ball. Tom. And obviously he wants our offensive production but I think it's a nice balance than any of them on a lot of turnovers I think docket right now in the middle but he's the guy that you want on your -- out -- -- -- so -- he has shown nothing to -- Two. I feel that from the -- it took that watches them last night. He's trying to push every button you -- -- but I don't know what you can push when is nothing responding on the button right. Premiere and up Burton general of the got to read this team it's not I go about doing and -- -- all -- -- it and what do you project for an effort tomorrow. You know what. In in the NBA. You know come down from back from 03 down it went series it's never -- game out of tournaments -- -- or did you see the best legitimacy last night like this do you look report. Are you gonna have a Kevin -- law are. Okay well don't let us win one game because we win one game watch out we also what happened in 04 I don't I don't think that's gonna happen this time around. Will they just ride off into the sunset. And in that I don't know I which I would I would think it's like you had put. Money on it that the Nixon you know when the series wrap up the series with more talk while that would you don't Christopher price coming up in the 11 o'clock hours we break down the NFL draft we're live from Gillette Stadium it state for eight. Of the draft -- Celtics -- are without extra and they are one a game away from getting eliminated. Patriots. Couple picks left. They have actually for all -- -- and 37 -- can I finish which you like the -- excited about the liberal members. I don't have no idea -- -- -- I can't say it but they're beat Iowa or else -- now I'm not going to experts. 79837. We will get back to your calls governor.

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