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Mustard & Johnson discuss the Celtics collapse to the Knicks last night

Apr 27, 2013|

Mustard & Johnson start this Saturday's show discussing the Celtic's game 3 loss to the Knicks last night at the Boston Garden. The Celtics seem to be down and out in this playoff series. Can they come back to beat the Knicks and move on in the Playoffs?

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California. -- have some time. You know. But I listen you're down 30 it it's a simple message when -- you -- win the next. I mean without. You know it's simple. And that's where it starts. No team in the history of the National Basketball Association has ever come back. From a Oreo deficit to win a series I -- happen in baseball like it's it's something in the back in my mind you'll find. Something in New York something I. I don't remember where you have a brown bag in the lockout. Maybe Mike can can help asylum -- my memory is that they get older my memory does fade a little bit but you know what really you know what volatility -- finished first second we know what happens in hockey. But believe it or not we know this it's never happened in the NB AA and based on what we saw last night Larry. How could they possibly pull off a Red Sox with -- against the Yankees hope for is it is in any. Is there any realm of possibilities any hope at all. Well I think the the the in -- to that question is it is you answered how that when you -- tying the age factor. And number two if you don't have the right. Players are Rasheed Wallace at ball don't lie on the the does that that the parks for him and a look at the park score. In your point god has zero assists Avery Bradley was playing at zero. Assess Felton on the other -- head to hand. Also comments dealing with the likes of Tyson Chandler. Kenya and -- This just they have to make an interview in the team -- of all the way to shoot it I -- from public want to ball's going and what is that here's the it's true confessions that you -- before the break that you know you have broken down Rutgers game film. Okay the company's future confession I was wrong. About me Ron knows injuries some power and other. -- enhancing. Itself the office we wraps it -- -- about this were going in Iran needs -- remember we're in we've both said. I'm not gonna what you and they in in I don't mind but I did okay in saying -- to that degree -- -- -- I -- -- you -- to. A hall of fame point I'm not -- fame and all stop -- god now all of a sudden you don't album. I does that matter I thought that Lechler who was on yesterday on and they outspoken knowledge -- some -- -- -- When you get to a seven game playoff series in -- playing the same team. Well if it's an experienced team after while they know -- cents. They know what place you're gonna run. If what they can anticipate. What a great wink. Will be able to create that now if you'll be able to create off of a place. Sometimes just instinctive absolute right they don't have that now right and you know and I was at fault because the way they were moving -- ball on midway through the season could remember -- -- went down and he 41 or forty -- -- about eight or nine straight or something -- in general and they what what 143 something like that and everything seemed to be calming particularly on offense and even on defense. Avery Bradley was the new savior in town. He was doing -- at both ends of -- toward gaining confidence. And Jeff -- of course was having a spectacular offensive outputs because what he Rhonda really didn't get along and Rondo was stifling and somehow. And you know -- let's just get this up there where where do you blaming. I I don't know where that came from would tell me what you're talking about just. Some people will blame no hope that he should have names OK I haven't heard that I've heard callers I haven't heard any radio people saying it. You blaming I think the only thing it changes in I don't know what the financial situation was with the clinic at west. Who ended up going to the pacers he's a terrific player for them -- they -- had him. Instead of pass the problem with with Ian -- nova financial. Situation -- -- -- tied up in. Is that they've got a lot of -- mean Jason Terry has played 35 minutes fourteen points to recess. But he might make it if he makes a lot of turnovers in each of the catalog -- jags got a lot of guys. -- he's OK but he's not somebody who's it gonna come in and give you lift when you -- Well Larry this week as you well -- and we basically tests that it is. Is really eight point partly you don't have. A great week are particularly in the post -- look what happened couples last year when there rose went down they were forget they were the favorites in the east. Going in there with a number one seed last year they lose they are rose. And an and they become a shell of themselves and I would attribute to tobacco that this dilemma I'm running tough because like his update -- is predicated on defense right. Let's see how Oklahoma -- to Westbrook went down. That's going to be if I mean really if I don't know why people don't understand that when -- -- you'll have gained like -- you can't even get in the eighties right. It's about the point you can't get -- related and different all right here's the difference. When Westbrook goes down now obviously -- Casey is no longer going to be the favorite in the west San Antonio -- that take that now to what they did last -- completely dismantled the lakers in Europe for that well I don't know -- do you check lest I -- check but the lakers best player -- exactly but -- but see it's. Can kick your clothing I better than people expect them the stock market wanted to payments revoke Casey and just contrasting it with the Celtics Westbrook goes down. All is not lost they still have a pretty good player. Who knows how to how to -- -- score and that's it they kept the -- and obviously got to get a much hello Jeff Green Paul Pierce or Kevin Garnett. Apparently are not -- to compensate for the loss of wrong or. Is -- -- department payers though and he's captain turnover and I understand that makes a lot of drives me crazy. But the guy is doing everything he played 41 minutes last night sometimes he's got to bring the ball off Jamaica -- point guide. He's sometimes he's guiding Camilla Anthony who by the way is really underrated I think I I just don't think we give him enough. Credit 'cause he was a pain in the neck for the longest time that Denver and the like but yeah he's he's physically you know very beverage crosses. Mrs. last year the -- -- the bronze coming now. -- season I think misses are criminals coming out he started play a little more physically playing below the line now. He's trying to take it in the past he's not settling for the jump shot he went -- a couple of emea one shot for a quantum -- should -- got a lot yeah it was so ridiculous right have been erected and allowing you ever made that shot. So not let me ask you this do you blame -- No because I look at it this way over the course where he's been nine years Boston. The guy if he is the best coach in the NBA he certainly in the -- story -- -- can blame for one year one injury. The guy has the unique thing about it is. Use Kevin Garnett is my -- Kevin Garnett easily -- wrote off the science last year. He the end of his next contract we make in nineteen when he billion. It's he can play another couple years for this hour why he won the play with Doc Rivers. I mean that's the ultimate test right -- a guy like that. Who. You know really had to be initially persuaded to come here but it was all kinds of hesitation. -- on the Boston Boston had a bad reputation Doc Rivers. Completely turning around for Kevin Garnett the wing where he was willing to come back after his contract was over a couple years at a huge discount. We know he understands the game we he also understands personalities that have a problem -- well ticket numbers stand in line. I would blame -- rumors what I will. If you if you -- come up. -- -- -- You'd have to -- that's in a -- If you -- you you that would be the if ultimately it is it is team. And perhaps he should work a little bit harder. Went on to win now maybe he thought that he re Bradley. Could fill -- that just it will. Or you know OP we need to start recording everybody because -- for every -- the flavor of a mom right we need on -- all right tenacious defender. He's come back down -- a little -- I tell myself that it's not that easy but of all the fourteenth. The Celtics have one team that I would have a lot of problems wing or getting angry. Because I think they'd be giving it. I thought last night with the first time a long time that I actually saw them -- on the power. Some of them well. Remember -- just don't see that with a Celtic and -- -- been on the discussions morning in the papers about how would you compare last night's no show. Wins the game six performance or lack -- against -- in the heat where we're so wrapped that series game. -- number six implement all -- that -- -- in the right by the way Howard Rihanna mark right now the Celtics -- you know was gonna get the ball that's the problem they don't -- that just I think you're right with the desperately Ron is so great -- right. What's scary a problem on as the superstar is. He's not I'm uptight about scoring. Which he doesn't have to score at all to enjoy the game he looked like the nuances of the -- right and that's scary when you get a guy like that who doesn't. That score forty points a game. He makes everybody better with you like a lot -- when you watch him play. When he needs to -- -- -- three he -- but I think he gets just as much enjoyment from a dying from a three to a great pass. You're able to take off your green tinted goggles this last year lots of -- You finally you forgave him let's committing any ticket activity he has -- the decision now -- our show regulars at the Portland which one we're gonna take a break in GO UT think about when no art about an hour break. -- -- Yeah 797. Or the practice I just -- actually. Chew over. Here's the price who really knows something about this 2013. Trapped right football part of act. He's going to be in a little bit later problem until you wanna talk about that Celtic analytical performance it's a lot less that's excellent seven. 77979837. -- Johnson returns -- from Foxboro and. It is great shots. -- -- Very well on the security spirit. You have been here and have an experience but -- play and understand oceanographer. Hoses coming up a little bit together. These cartoons. It did not back. We messed up it made -- You know pretended. Might be the worst loss in me Kevin Garnett error of course championship there -- some Rourke performances. Taken the lakers to limit in that 2010. Tied with the heat last year to and they in the 2012. Eastern Conference finals lead in the fourth quarter. But last night certainly not one -- -- the call by name videotape very very ranking or perform I can't map I really can't I we know what. They were doing when they did it we all buy into it. Even got that coming back they -- obviously didn't come moment Rondo going down but. He's right now when he said these -- shot deceptive one play when -- cut for the middle for a bombing. It is way up the knicks get the ball affect on the other entering a tree and you tested here. A Ross Perot sucking sound as -- left the building but you know the problem is it was it was more than just that but. Right from the get go to miss layups. It was it was four XQ -- Chalk it up -- to. War effort was like they did contrite without it's scary that's just that's the scary part about it wasn't like they just didn't show up there was no emotion there was no effort -- could not -- -- about the heroes from the the Boston Marathon tragedies there. You'd think that after losing two games. And MSG can come -- game -- always -- game. That teams in any playoff series particularly in the NBA usually only come out of the gate quickly. You couldn't think of what he could come up with the worst start. Then what the Celtics came up with last night by the way hear people say it over an old. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Hopefully that long ago really great effort like just to make you know people feel better and that. You cannot put that weight of responsibility. On any one player or team that tragic situation. Where all wish we could make it better. Which you that the -- can't go out fear and instinct it you know. If you lose the game and you left the entire. City now that that's who might have a weight of responsibility about it which is quickly. I thought tennis and -- in many entity. Marconi like job past 1112 days covering this tragic story. Fantastic coverage in and I -- Again this peripheral continued their generosity of people giving will continue. In I hope it's not a story that we -- of quickly I think we need to be more or. In his one I think -- name his moment but in the view Jerry and then John had on yesterday it was fantastic different ages who identified. The terrorists in Ito line that he said that are never ever forget miserable -- you know you know with this guy. He says because everybody else was having a good time but him now double and that ships docked in my mind is that everybody else. Was having a great time. -- him so kudos to them kudos to the city to the NFL for the NFL draft taking a moment in acknowledges in truth he was there. I don't want it to be a story articles await court we need to be more aware of my question is how quickly with the Celtics go away is it I don't know how you can he see that if its effort or execution credit. It's one thing if it's more of them that that I don't know what do you could do to stop the bleeding there was ever game they needed to win it was last night. Let's talk about it with Charlie in the car's first up with mustard and John good morning Kelly. Hello guys you have a great show are you always count thank you sir you're a man of impeccable taste. Well thank you so much they had like they are very bad for that game I would think that the game. And did you get your money back afterwards. The product -- your money back afterwards when they're now likely not to -- that relevant at all. What that show network prior record the atmosphere there would you know and apple the halftime -- You're an outbreak it's great that whole thing with great but the whole thing. Suck and that he says is true what would that gain with some wide open shots that they could even make what would have taken place that they kept. Ray and being part that's because they look so slow and -- -- now here's an. Here's the problem but the reality. Factor. It wasn't about the money he took an okay he took a pay cut to call it wicked new dual. In May may be in hindsight you look back -- you give Ray Allen credit the thing that's an American enviable winning it. While he went to yet he wanted to win you know they looked at the future and he saw Miami's obviously a much better choice. Right -- other singer I would really like this see what you got -- effect. What really think kindly. If you're going to be here it is the year they will blow it up and tried to get from young legs and here. You know the problem at the NBA is exactly. The question you're asking. Tom how do you blow it up in Audi you -- repair work is usually don't forget that it Salinger going down. Didn't help any I thought he wasn't a great. Inside rebounder. Very few guys know how to do that know how to anticipate where the ball canopy and then going after. It's not an excuse I'm just saying that they had some you know. About balls it was another offensive force that they could have you used down the stretch he was that a great player but he could've helped. But I I think it's a fair question to ask because my next year of living getting Rondo back. That's the question are you confident that this team can come back can be a factor if they have -- next well I think. Charlie does -- the key question. Do you blow it up. Or do you think they're Rondo will be the silver bullet that and Solingen to a lesser degree. Of those two guys return does that mean the Celtics can return to their. Former powerful self in the Eastern Conference to take a break 617779. 79370. A blow it up or somehow try to keep it intact Celtics. -- a big one on the up parquet floor last night and we shall see. What happens on Sunday but it looks at this point is no team has ever come back from a three nothing deficit in history the NBA. It's pretty much over on causeway street 6177797937. -- Johnson returns from Foxboro coming up.

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