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Daily Planet for Friday April 26th

Apr 26, 2013|

On this edition of the planet, Mikey talks Red Sox, Bruins, Celtics-Knicks and doggie doors.

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I'm no going to handle problems doing. He's somewhere on the -- -- my game -- stood there a planet -- do -- high -- of them sound with your. Welcome everybody to the daily planet the radio segment in Boston where it's been discovered through research that more people get their information from this one program in this particular segment. Then any other program during this time slot of its kind on this Rio station. We have stories for you from all over the world we begin with. At Fenway Park in Boston and behold my friends be holed the beauty. Of the baseball boys of Boston banging there. Big booming bats and brilliant biting breaking balls of Buchholz and -- big blows of people who wrote this. How will put that and I -- fired. Ortiz went three for four -- -- home run and two RBIs yes table last night boosting his average up fifty. As a Red Sox beat the Astros seven it to Ortiz who also scored three runs is eleven for twenty with five runs batted in since returning last weekend. A Red Sox ten and three of their last thirteen. They've taken the eight series openers that they've played this year for the first time. In their team history clay buckles five at all. Allowed two runs six hits in seven -- two thirds innings with ten strikeouts and two walks and yet is -- -- rate rose from point nine to one point 19. Couple double plays again tonight it -- to the overall efficiency but. So I just think it's -- maturing as a -- overall. Sox -- of the giant Bulger in the patent in the lead department to took two game lead while. Only Atlanta has a bigger -- baseball tonight the game at 710 it can be heard on all the Red Sox radio network stations and in Boston on AM. 852 causeway street week ago. For last night's activity the bees back on track officially with the shot out went for Tuukka Rask -- store on his head. Not just between a price for even when he got home. After the -- nothing when Dennis Seidenberg and Daniel hi he scored the second period -- Karen arrest the Bruins win despite being outshot thirty to 24. -- play with some emotion and -- -- some you know some -- desire determination and. That's close right there close Haitian recognize the voice. -- -- Canadians tiger's 61 point losses two games remaining -- -- is only one. We -- -- headquarters in New York where Roger Goodell can walk around the error of a rich lawyer whose daddy was rich and as expensive Cologne wafting entity subservient nostrils of brown -- subordinates. In order reports last night stories that I gleaned from last night's situation this pats traded a first round pick number point nine Minnesota real bunch up -- They got more picks than Peyton Manning has on the sideline. The first round was three feet. Yeah a lot of being giant linemen gold in the first rounds up. Eric -- of central Michigan goes first. For seven picks were all alignment for an offense three on defense and none of the teams. I'm making the first 32 selections went for -- oh not even Minnesota which had 31 round picks. The all American linebackers poor performance at notre Dame's loss to Alabama national championship might have been a factor still there might have been affected too. Like how much to fake girlfriend hoax might have cost them. In a big macho scenario. Like the NFL draft. TD garden the jumbled north station where you can park for less than forty bucks for every single game. Celtics -- their backs to the wall. Well technically they're not what against the wall but it's a must win but actually it's not a -- it's a must when they could lose it went for a but it we are coming from this. Game three tonight. Immediately following the planet Mikey show on 93 point seven of them in Boston and the Celtics radio network as well Selz knicks -- There's just sharp cricket child. A lot of pressure involved. Agreed if we're basketball school or start the dolphins. And pass the ball we're gonna struggles toward. -- -- -- Opportunity to advisable to get better about bass -- comes up big for change. Chicago. The windy city. Were passing gas in the street is really no big deal with the bulls are at least right now. They're two games to one against Brooklyn after a three point win last night as cash Taj Gibson says. We understand any NBA playoffs. It's all about will. We understand and it's an MBA playoffs is all about will. Milwaukee Wisconsin where the official state ailment is a bad case of beer nuts that he went up three games to none is this even fair. Or is this -- The heat won 66. Games this year the bucks won 38 were lucky to get that many. Milwaukee fans they would be -- be throwing up. If it weren't for the fact of people would Milwaukee make it their business not to throw up the U wanna throw up listen to this. Once you've broken out to a simple -- -- the moment among fellow who continue to ride that momentum. Showed. That's king James Memphis Tennessee with the late king of rock and Roy. All once went eighteen days about a BM the grizzled -- put the big -- Monica represent -- not no question about that last night. And from the no doubt category. Either Derek Jeter's banging Gwen Stefani recently general Douglas MacArthur you decide he says no doubt. He won't be back on the field in 2013 I will return. That was discovered the Jeter has a small crack in his ankle which was trying to -- of course. In a related story to lead -- her of a mile chase also had a small cracked. Marlborough Massachusetts come to a charity roast where yours truly will be the rose. Gigi says stone Fiore will be here comedians Steve Russo Greg -- It's to benefit nonprofit group dedicated putting people in need back to work go to employment options dot org. For tickets dateline Weatherford Texas. Breaking and entering still illegal would you do it doggy style yeah that's right a woman in Weatherford Texas learning the hard way. When she allegedly got naked. Broke into -- home through the families doggie door. And went straight into the bathtub. Sara Elizabeth Soto was found sitting in the -- A man living at the home heard -- running around about 1:45 AM Tuesday call the -- -- initial search of his home revealed that the doggie door was busted. And a black dress was on the ground outside. So she took off the dressed to go through the doggy door. And a police arrived they found 25 year old several Elizabeth Soto was still in the bathtub. She maintained that she entered the home to use the phone. But the important bathroom. Escort -- British Columbia a town council NBC contemplating new laws to regulate the use of mascots in an attempt to prevent a local smoke shop. From using a giant -- to promote itself. Ever since the ball warehouse opened in as square mall British Columbia in December the owner Ryan places promoting his we'd friendly where's. With the help of Barney. Bought me a giant fluffy blue collar -- which sleepy guys in the Stoner smirk on his face. Everybody has one. Said Ryan plays the owner I'm try to get into the 21 century like McDonald's. The stated history Kevin James the mall cop 48 years old. James John James Audubon these famous of course repeating birds. He was born in seventy to 85 he's been dead -- long long time I personally don't paint birds I flipped them. I guess it was 71 today. Bobby ride down well. Okay. Copyright bill that miserable. Freak separately warrant is that it would better Carol Burnett is eighty today. -- -- Wilson's birthday to he died at the age of 48 in 1948. -- born in 19100. He's the holder of the Major League record for RBIs in one season with a 101 of the guys who drank beer in between at bats. And still hit 56 home runs despite being only five point six. The state history John Wilkes -- killed when union soldiers tracked him down -- -- a farm twelve days after he assassinated president Abraham Lincoln. And on Tuesday. At 27. Years ago 1986. There was eight nuclear explosion at Chernobyl. That is the same day that Ronald married Maria Shriver in an attempt. To break the record for the square is joined newlyweds. In history of mankind. The daily planet's brought -- you by a Mikey Adam's hair Doctor Who is he worries doctor Robert Leonard of course look younger feel younger get your hair back call. 1800. Get here the planet is next.

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