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Moment of silence at the TD Garden

Apr 26, 2013|

The Celtics honored the victims of the Boston Marathon bombings with a moment of silence before Game 3 against the Knicks.

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Activating guard. A motion awaits us. The countdown clock about to hit triple zeroes. Everybody is standing it felt like they were next to getting set to play game three. But the first thing it's -- we know what they're. Red Sox play. That the marathon bombings we'll watch the Bruins play at the marathon bombings but tonight for the first time. That the city would change forever the Boston Celtics return home. He sure Snow White and green handed out to the sellout crowd as they arrive tonight. And needless to say it becomes quite a visual with the green white dotted throughout the building everybody already stating in anticipation of a game -- about the -- -- Paladino itself a public address announcer. As we remember at the event. That took place over the past week and a half near Boston but joined Eddie Paladino. At this time. We ask everyone to please stand. And join the Celtics -- Austin community. -- I moment of silence. As we remember the terrible tragedy. That struck our city at the Boston Marathon. Yes eleven days ago. Thank you. Tonight. We join together to remember the four victims who lost their lives. As well. Bystanders. Who were injured in the blast. As a community. We also staying united. To celebrate all of the first responders. Who ran into action without hesitation. Here countless acts of terrorism. And -- was it. We. Backs people off to talk about sports being an escape from the real world but it's nights like this you've become the proudest to spend your life in sports he has whittled that leave it where. Life in its fourth. You. That's Kate's new Yorker myself starting lineup opening tag team three next summer -- WEEI Celtics radio network.

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